Justin Bieber Hooks-Up With Selena Gomez’s Friends – See Which Ones

Justin Bieber Hooks-Up With Selena Gomez's Friends - See Which Ones

Is anyone really surprised to learn that while reconciling with Selena Gomez, Justin Bieber was banging her new friends? My guess is no. Selena may have been the only one surprised to go through Biebs phone and find dirty texts from Kylie Jenner that were sent during Coachella. Then there was that earlier date that Biebs had with Kendall Jenner. According to the May 19th print edition of Life & Style magazine Selena has gone above and beyond to cut ties with everyone that has betrayed her.

The thing is, she’s not exactly sure of who else should be included on that list. She recently patched up her friendship with Taylor Swift at the Met Gala because well, it’s pretty obvious that Taylor hates Justin. It’s a pretty safe bet that she hasn’t laid a finger on him, but what about Selena’s other friends? Justin has proven that not only is he a cheat but that her friends are fair game so honestly, anything goes. Selena is tip toeing through this situation because she realizes that learning the truth could be absolutely crushing. At the same time she needs to figure out who has betrayed her in order to make sure that her circle is tightened up.

How many of Selena’s so-called-friends do you think that Justin really hooked up with? Do you think that he really is that smooth or is it more like these girls are too drunk or high to exercise better judgment? Do you think that Selena has finally learned her lesson and will stay away from him? Tell us your thoughts in the comments below!