Selena Gomez To Testify Against Justin Bieber and Reveal His Ugly Secrets (PHOTO)

Selena Gomez To Testify Against Justin Bieber and Reveal His Ugly Secrets (PHOTO)

Selena Gomez and Justin Bieber may have a weird on/off relationship going on but the last thing that she ever wanted to do is to be forced to turn on him. It’s one thing if it’s her choice but totally a different story when someone else is looking for the bad stuff in her explanations. Unfortunately she really won’t have much of a choice because attorney’s in not one but two assault cases that have been filed against Biebs want to here what she has to say, under oath of course.

According to the April 21st print edition of Life & Style magazine Selena has been subpoenaed to testify because quite frankly, she probably understands how Bieber’s brain works better than anyone else. At this point in the game he comes across like an entitled, obnoxious kid that fully expects to get away with anything and everything. Selena can testify about Biebs dislike of the paparazzi in general and also those sparring lessons that he had from Mike Tyson. Even if she doesn’t intentionally throw Biebs under the bus it’s pretty likely that at least part of her testimony will be a damning experience.

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  • ivan

    Can always depend on this site to smear Justin as the worse behaving celebrity in history who should love the paps that bring back the pics used against him in gossip sites.