Sister Wives RECAP 1/26/14: “Browns in Crisis”

Sister Wives RECAP 1/26/14: “Browns in Crisis”

TLC’s reality show SISTER WIVES returns tonight with a new episode.  Tonight’s episode is called, “Browns in Crisis,” and on tonight’s show Truely becomes seriously ill and requires immediate hospitalization, which puts Mariah’s farewell party on the back burner.  Did you watch last week’s episode?  We did and we have the recap to get you caught up, right here.

On last week’s episode it’s a Brown family first when the wives took a road trip to San Francisco without Kody! The wives decided to work on their relationships by going dress shopping for their commitment celebration. And with the women gone, Kody was home alone with 17 kids.

On tonight’s episode the Browns get a scare when Truely falls ill but are told she just has the flu. While preparing for Mariah’s going away party, Truely’s health worsens and Christine learns that she has a deteriorating condition and needs to be hospitalized immediately.

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Mariah is having her farewell/birthday party. She’ll be leaving to go to college soon and her parents want to throw her a proper goodbye. For Kody that means an elaborate party. He especially was excited about the cake he personally designed for Mariah but neither he nor and of his wives were happy about the price tag that came along with it. 8,500 was just too much for a cake. Kody had to downsize his dream to get his wives sign off.

Besides Mariah’s party, everyone has been pretty worried about Truely lately. They think she might have developed the flu and Christine has to keep a close eye on her.

For Mariah’s birthday party/going away party, her parents have decided to get her a car. Mariah was excited when they told her. Who wouldn’t when they even get to pick out their own car? Kody slimmed Mariah’s options down to two cars and the three of them (Meri included) went to go see them together while Christine ended up taking her daughter to the emergency room.

Such a drastic step came up after Truely had gone cross eyed that morning and Christine felt she needed to take her to the family doctor. The doctor on the other hand told her to rush to the emergency room within moments of hearing she went cross eyed. Apparently that was dangerous sign. At the hospital, Christine was warned that her daughter could be suffering from kidney failure. She texted the family but Kody didn’t get the message. He had just returned with Mariah and Meri. The trip had tired him out and he was taking a nap when word came in from Christine. Robyn had to wake him up and tell him.

Kody rushed to the hospital where he and Christine were met with some grim news. The doctors told them Truelie was suffering from acute kidney failure. They think she got over dehydrated when she was going through the flu. Now the doctors don’t want to start someone so young on dialysis but they may have to if the medication they gave her doesn’t kick in.

Back at the houses, the whole family is worried and they prayed for Truely. Because of the situation Meri felt they shouldn’t take Kody away from the hospital right now. They had originally planned to drive up with Mariah to school but she told them he should stay. Mariah had to say goodbye to her siblings that night because they were leaving early the next morning.

Kody had to tell Mariah a rushed goodbye in the morning before he returned to the hospital. Christine had told him the medication wasn’t working on their daughter. It was supposed to have made Truely urinate and it didn’t work. The doctor tried it twice and both times it didn’t work. The doctors had to put her on dialysis.

Mariah and Meri left on their own. The drop off was fun for the both of them. They were able to laugh despite the tense situation back home and yet it was still bittersweet for Meri. Mariah is her only child and she’s going to miss her.

Another piece of sad news is that the dialysis isn’t working either. It’s not taking out as much as it’s putting in and Truely isn’t looking so well. Christine noticed how she had gotten puffy. Truely also appeared to have been giving up. She only 3 and she was tired so Kody tried to make a game out of it. He created a potty game hoping to entice Truley to urinate on her own. That seemed to rouse her but for how long?

They had been in the hospital for 9 days when the dialysis finally started to work. The doctors were actual surprised about how well Truely was taking to dialysis. Her older sister was worried it might be false hop and instead Truely really was getting back to her old self. The 3 year old was allowed to return home where she did not have to continue dialysis. She was skinner but in good spirits.

On celebration of her return, Kody threw a princess themed tea party. Her parents on the other time are going to need more time to get over their hospital stay. Back when they were waiting for sign of improvements, one of the nurses had warned them about their situation. She told them in cases normally like this the kids tended not to leave the hospital. So it’s going to be while for them to adjust and in the meantime they’re going to appreciate their kids more. Christine has already promised herself she’s going to spend as much time as she can with all her kids.