So You Think You Can Dance Live Recap – 4 Dancers Eliminated: Season 11 Episode 10 “Top 14 Perform + Eliminations”

So You Think You Can Dance Live Recap - 4 Dancers Eliminated: Season 11 Episode 10 “Top 14 Perform + Eliminations”

Tonight on FOX, SO YOU THINK YOU CAN DANCE continues with a new episode. On tonight’s episode the Top 14 dancers perform, but four contestants are eliminated. Christina Applegate is the guest judge. Also: Academy of Villains perform.

On the last episode of SO YOU THINK YOU CAN DANCE, the top 16 finalists perform for the nation again, before learning which dancers would be ending their journeys. Nigel said that America hadn’t made it easy and it will be even worse next week as we narrow down the competition. In the end, Brooklyn and Marcquet were sent home. Did you watch the last episode? If you missed it we have a full and detailed recap, right here for you.

On tonight’s show this season’s Top 14 finalists perform for the nation again before learning which dancers will be ending their journeys. Tune in to see if your favorites make the cut and who is sent home, as well as a performance by a winning dance crew

A new episode of So You Think You Can Dance Season 11 airs tonight at 8PM and you don’t want to miss it. Celeb Dirty Laundry will be live blogging the show each week, so don’t forget to come back to this spot at 8PM EST for our live recap!

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Tonight on SYTYCD things are about to get totally shaken up because 4 people are going home. It’s time to weed the cast down to only 10 and tonight will do just that. Stacey Tookey choreographed a gorgeous opening to the show. Last Moment by Christophe Beck was an amazing contemporary piece that made everyone look amazing. As usual my eyes went right to Ricky and kind of stayed there. It’s hard to ignore this guy and even if he’s in the very back you can’t help but watch him. As for tonight’s judging panel, Christina Applegate is joining Nigel Lythgoe and Mary Murphy to help break down what unfolds on the stage.

Tonight the bottom 6 dancers from last week will have to dance for their lives with only two being saved. Emilio and Bridget are up first with a Ray Leeper jazz piece. Emilio’s character is on a mission from hell, looking for a soul to sell. They dance to Avicii’s Long Road to Hell and the audience loved it. Nigel thought it was fun and that Emilio was fabulous in it. He also thought Bridget was up to high for it. Christina is blown away by Emilio each week and she thinks he’s climbing the ranks.

Rudy and Tanisha are doing a Mandy Moore contemporary piece that is a story of seduction. It’s set to Celine Dion’s Seduces Me and they were amazing. Tanisha is quickly emerging as the girl to beat. She is a ballroom girl by definition but in practice this girl does every single thing extremely well. Rudy matched her completely too with great partnering. He is getting stronger each week and I think being paired together is really helping these two. Christina stood up for both of them when it was her time to speak. She thinks Rudy was dancing through closed eyes he was so connected to her. Mary just keeps screaming about how sexy and amazing these two are. Nigel tells Tanisha that he has never seen anything like some of her moves tonight.

Jacque and Zack pulled a Paso out of the hat. It’s actually a vampire paso that leaves them battling. I wasn’t thrilled with this but Mary is the pro and she sure was. Nigel also agreed that they were fabulous. Christina thought there presentation in this was just cool because the music and costuming didn’t over power them.

Emily and Teddy are doing a cat and mouse style Broadway routine. Teddy wants attention and has to work for it- and he does. He is what I’m really noticing here. Nigel says that his thighs hurt just watching it and it wasn’t as strong as it could have been. Christina also thought they could have been stronger  but aside for some baubles they were still good. Mary loves this style but also thought it went downhill.

Kessica and Casey are a new couple this week and they are doing a Travis wall routine. It’s about having a person in life that centers you. Like Real People Do was absolutely gorgeous. Total standing ovation and they just seemed to float. Christina tells them that their intention was absolutely clear and they felt every note of the music. Mary points out that this is a new partnership and already the chemistry is tremendous. Nigel tells them they were both beautiful and magical to watch.

Carly and Serge drew a quickstep out of the hat. In other words, uh-oh. This dance is often the kiss of death. Mary explains the dance a bit more and she thinks that these two coped well with the style. Nigel liked that they made full use of the stage and enjoyed themselves. Christina encouraged them to go and research different eras when they are given older dances because it’ll help.

The last couple of the night is Valerie and Ricky doing a witch doctor hip hop routine. She portrays a doll that he brings to life. The music- turn Down For What. The costumes- Valerie has the best doll costume ever complete with striped tights and extra stuffing. The choreography- asdfjkl;. Unreal. Ricky is just looking all kinds of mad scientist meets witch doctor good and the isolation’s here were sick. Nigel thinks they were both great and so in character. Nigel also thinks Ricky might be one of the best technical dancers ever to dance on the SYTYCD stage. Christina says that she could watch this routine all night and Mary agrees that it was by far the best thing of the night.

The top 7 girls are doing a strong group piece choreographed by Mandy Moore. It’s all about formation and knowing where they are in the music. The music is Evanescence’s My Immortal and wow does this work. The formation really is everything and they keep it together so what you have is the feeling of one big fluid movement and lots of floating fabric from their dresses. It’s just stunning and if even one of the seven messed up the spell would have been broken. It seems to me that the girls are doing a great job of adjusting to different styles this season. You used to be able to pick out stronger styles for each dancer. Now they seem strong in everything.

I’m so glad that SYTYCD is incorporating dance crews in this season. Sure there was a mostly invisible battle for them to get our attention but at least they have it. Academy of Villains takes the stage tonight in glow in the dark clothes that help to punctuate the stops, freezes and isolation’s.

Next up, the top 7 guys performing a piece by Travis Wall. They are supposed to be the lost creatures of the sea- complete with a basket toss. The music is Beck’s Wave and the effect is just as stunning as the ladies piece. The guys seemed to levitate and Emilio’s toss was massive. Absolutely seamless and the guys seem pretty choked up over what they just pulled off together. As Mary says, it was memorable and smart. Nigel said it felt like he was actually underwater and at peace. Christina loves judging on the show because she gets to experience things like this right here.

After a great show it’s time for the bad news, 4 dancers will be leaving and the bottom 6 from last night are all back onstage awaiting their fate. Jessica and Casey are both safe. That means Serge, Teddy, carly and Emily will be leaving tonight.

The all-star pairings this season will be Rudy with Jenna, Jacque with Chenon, Zack is with Amy, Bridget is dancing with Brandon, Ricky will be with Lauren, Tanisha is with Ryan, Emilio is with Jasmine. Also Valerie is with Aday, Casey is with Katherine and Jessica is partnering with Twitch.  Tune in next week as the top ten dancers will be taking the stage to compete on SYTYCD!