Sons of Anarchy Recap – Jax Walks: “Greensleeves” Season 7 Episode 7

Sons of Anarchy Recap - Jax Walks: “Greensleeves” Season 7 Episode 7

Tonight on FX Kurt Sutter‘s Sons Of Anarchy starring Charlie Hunnam continues with an all new Tuesday October 21, season 7 episode 7 called, “Greensleeves.” On tonight’s episode SAMCRO forges an unlikely partnership in order to undermine a powerful enemy.

On last week’s episode alliances haven’t been looking stable and Jax took advantage of the situation in order to settle his score. Jax told Nero that he was sorry and knew how much had landed on him and how hard it had been. He told Nero they’ve got his back, for real. Did you watch the last episode? If you missed it, we have a full and detailed recap right here for you.

On tonight’s episode in order to undermine a powerful club enemy Samcro makes an unlikely partnership. Written by Gladys Rodriguez & Josh Botana & Kurt Sutter; directed by Paris Barclay.

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Juice stands facing Jax who hands him back his jacket. Juice tells him he’s sorry. Chibs turns away from them. Juice gets on his bike and rids away. He van pulls out after him. The each come over and touch the graffiti that is a memorial to JT. Bobby and Jax clasp shoulders. Wendy tells Gemma she took Abel to school and says he seems more distant every day but Gemma says he’ll be fine.

Gemma is stressed out and Wendy asks what’s going on. She asks Wendy if she’s seen Jax then tells her they have Juice. Wendy asks how and they wonder if he spilled the beans on the two of them. Gemma says this shit with Juice is on her, not Wendy. She tells her if she wants to split, she gets it but Wendy says she’s done running. She tells her she’s there and Gemma says okay.

Gemma says she knows how hard she’s trying and says the kids do too. She kisses her on the head and tells her she’ll be at the TM. Wendy asks what Jax will do to them if Juice told and she says she doesn’t know and that’s what scares her. Juice pulls up to a cop shop, fires at some motorcycle cops and takes off. They pull out after him and then a black and white joins the chase. Juice speeds away, going faster and faster with a determined look on his face.

Unser is at Red Woody where they’re shooting a school themed porno. Jax and the other guys come in and Unser asks to talk to him. He says Eglee is awake and she talked to him. She told him who was there when they were ambushed and he says she’s not going to finger them. Jax asks if he’s sure and Unser says she won’t as long as the AB isn’t after her.

Jax says she’s not and Unser asks for his word. He gives it and Unser says he’ll make sure her memory stays vague about the MC. Jax asks if he had to talk her into this position but Unser says she went to high school with Jax and just wants the best for Charming. Jax says, for the record, they had nothing to do with that and says he always liked her.

Unser says he gets it and asks if he’s had any word on Juice. Jax says he’s still on the loose as far as he knows. We see Juice speeding down the road with cops behind and a roadblock ahead. He stops before the roadblock and the van pulls up behind the cop cars and one of the bikers watches this go down. The cops tell Juice to get off his bike and put up his hands. He does and they grab him off the bike arrest him.

Tig talks to Rat Boy and gives him instructions to head to Piedmont. He tells Jax CHP has Juice and that’s the first step. Jax says it’s a big risk but Chibs says the MC is all he wants. Bobby says Juice did have plenty of chances to run. Tully is going to set Juice up so he can kill Lin and if he doesn’t, Tully will kill him. Quinn says they have a place for the pastor’s body – they did – under Pope’s building.

Jax agrees that’s good. Chibs says Tyler is set to move but the Mayans aren’t. Jax says he saw this coming and says he hoped they could end Lin without severing ties with August. Bobby says they’re hoping to hear from Coletti about the guy Jury knew to figure out how he disappeared and maybe shed some light. Jax says he knew they would be head to head with August at some point anyway.

Jax says this is more than just a street beef because August has political sway and lots of money to buy intel. Jax says that’s why they need to handle him with leverage, not blood. Jax says they are all at risk. Chibs says they know it. Bobby says the upside is the Niners and Mayans will be with them and those are important relationships.

Jax tells them their loyalty and faith in him over the last few weeks has been important to him since his vengeance was personal but they all allowed him to bring it here. He says he knows he’s asking for more than the patch requires and says he will never be able to repay this debt. He tells them they are his family and that he loves them all. Chibs says yeah – he loves him too. They adjourn.

Unser tells Jax he just heard from Althea that Juice was arrested. Jax asks why he shot at cops and Unser says he doesn’t know because he’s gone mute since the arrest. Chibs says maybe it’s for the best and the boy will get his head on straight while he’s inside. Unser doesn’t seem to buy this attitude. Gemma is at the MC working when Chucky comes in.

He hands her cigarettes and she thanks him. She lights up and he tells her she can talk to him even though he’s some kind of mascot the guys think is a joke. He says he’s a good listener. The low rider pulls up – Nero is there. She stubs out her smoke and tells Chucky he’s not a joke. She gives him a smooch on the head and he looks happy.

Nero says he went to Diosa and then asks if she’s heard more on Juice. She says no and asks if he’s seen Jax. He says he’s headed to Red Woody now but wanted to talk to her first. He says it’s time for him to make a decision about what’s next and right. He says he tried to get back to running his crew again and says it made him feel vital. She says he is but he says not on the street, he’s not anymore.

He says he almost got himself killed over the Chinese deal. He says he’s thinking of buying a farm and is going to sell Jax his share of the business. He says he’s going to take Lucius and go. He asks her to go and she says she can’t leave her family. He tells her she can bring the boys and they can be a family. She says there is too much shit going on and that she can’t win.

Nero says he knows and tells her he’s putting more stuff on top of her. He says after the last few days, he knows. He tells her to think about it a little before she says no. He tells her to think about all the bad shit that’s happened here. He says they deserve something better. She asks if they do. He says he has serious love for her and she tells him she loves him too. She promises to think about it.

He thanks her, says he’ll see her later and kisses her goodbye. He drives off as Unser comes up. She asks if he’s heard anything and he says Juice was arrested for firing shots at CHP. She’s stunned and he says they put him in county. She asks if Juice said anything to Jax and he says he doesn’t know but he thinks the guys are using Juice for something.

Unser says he needs a few days to find a place to park his trailer but she asks him not to go. She says she’s sorry for what she said. She hugs him tight and says she can’t let anyone else leave her. The guys head to the Piedmont Church. Grant comes out and tells them his mom is in no condition to talk to them.

He says his mom signed it but Jax says August is going to suck every dime out of the place and level it to build condos. They offer help. Grant says she’s starting to bend and Chibs asks about putting her in detox. Her son says no and Jax says they can help with that too. Jax tells Loutreesha that August killed her son and she asks how he knows.

He tells her they’ve been watching him and they saw his guys bury a body at Pope Construction. Grant asks if they dug it up and Happy offers to show her a photo. Loutreesha asks what they want and he says to stop August before he destroys what’s left of both their families. Jax tells her his wife was murdered a few weeks ago and she’s shocked.

They tell them to tell the truth about August threatening she and her husband to sign the deal, it shows there’s a motive for murder and the body can then be enough to get August to back off. He tells them to make the statement and leave that with the death photos with a third part that will turn it over. Loutreesha tells Grant to tell him and he says someone has been blackmailing them with photos of his step-father with young men and them in the background.

She says she doesn’t think the statement is enough to hold back August if this news comes out. They tell Jax they have no more money to pay the blackmailer so it’s bound to come out. Jax says they can take care of the blackmailer if they help them with with August and they tell him the PO Box the guy uses in Oakland and that he’s a pimp that goes by Greensleeves.

Jax offers to let her stay at a cabin they have and says his mom can help her detox and get her well. He says she’s done it with some of his guys. Loutreesha tells her son she’s sorry she brought the pastor into his life and he says it’s okay. She agrees to make the statement and they leave her with some writing paper. Jax tells Grant that his mom needs to sign it then he’ll sign it as witness.

They also give him some smack to help his mom regulate for the day and then says he’ll have his mom meet them at the cabin. Grant asks Jax if he believes in God and he tells Grant it’s important that he does and sends him back to his mom. Jax tells Chibs to call Nero and see if he knows the pimp. They come back out and he tells Rat Boy and Montez to take the mother and son up to the cabin.

He also tells Rat to tell Gemma to go up to the cabin. He asks what if she says no and says she can be difficult. He asks if he’s scared of his mom and Happy says they all are. Jax says to tell her it’s mother-son shit. They roll out to meet Nero and hear that Jimmy is on Lancer. Nero asks Jax what they want with Greensleeves and he says they need to talk to him about someone he’s blackmailing.

Nero says he’s Adam Greenblat and hustles on Michigan. He says he can ID the guy and Nero says when it’s done, he needs 10 minutes to talk Diosa stuff. Juice is put in a cell and asks why he’s in isolation. He asks why he’s not in GP. They leave him there. Nero pulls up and parks near a Hummer where a guy is talking to some girls. He points him out to Jax and asks if he needs him but Jax says they got it.

Nero says he’s there but will hang back. He pulls around the corner. Winsome, a hooker, complains to Greensleeves about a guy that hurt her but then he hurts her and says it makes her stronger and the Irani guy is paying to make her stronger. He says she’s special and the other girls can’t handle it. He calls her the Winsome, lose none and asks who puts the o in ho and she smiles and says she does.

He tells her no more talk about refusing customers. He tells her she’s precious and she says she’s sorry. Jax pulls up and asks if he knows where he can find Adam Greenblat. He says he doesn’t know him then Chibs asks about a pastor named Haddem. He tells them to get on their scooters and get off his block. They punch Adam and his girls jump on him.

He hops in his Hummer, hits one of their bikes and almost runs Nero down to pull out. They chase down Winsome who’s terrified. Jax says they won’t hurt her and Nero says she might like to clean up and work in a better environment. They tell her they need some information from Greensleeves but she says he’ll cut her lips off.

She asks what’s their offer and Jax says they can get her off the street and more money. Nero flashes the Diosa Escorts card. She says she’s not the girl who you take to the opera then suck your cock. She asks if he’d be her pimp but Jax says her employer and says no one would hurt her. Chibs asks where they can find the Jew pimp and Nero says she can leave now and never work the street again.

She says she thinks the Jew thing is BS and says he has a foreskin that almost reaches his knees. They laugh. Jax says he’ll keep an eye out for that. He calls her sweetheart and asks where they can find him. We see Greensleeves at his place on the phone when the bikers kick the door in. He grabs up a hooker and puts a knife to her throat.

Jax says he wants the phone with the pastor on it and asks if he thinks he cares about one of his whores. The pimp goes for a weapon and they shoot him non-fatally. They pick him up and Jax demands the phone. Chibs goes to where he says the phone is, finds it and checks it. The guy asks if that skank Winsome ratted him out. He tells Jax he’s going to find and kill him.

Jax asks doesn’t his religion have something against tattoos and suicide. Adam says he doesn’t care if he can be buried with his family or not. Jax yanks him up and shoves him hard so the guy goes halfway through the window and is impaled on a large piece of glass and dies. Chibs tells him that was a sloppy piece of suicide. Jax says it worked since he’s dead. Chibs asks about the hooker and Jax says she was too stoned to remember anything.

Jax and Nero talk while Winsome smokes in Nero’s car. Jax thanks him for helping and Nero says he needs him to buy him out. Jax asks why and Nero asks why he thinks. Jax says he knows he’s not dealing with things well but Nero says it’s his gut telling him to talk away. Jax says it’s going to be business as usual soon. Nero says he’s heard that before – a few times.

Nero asks if he needs a lift and he says he’ll wait for the flat bed. Nero says he’s going to take the girl to Diosa. Jax tells Winsome he’ll see her later as Nero gets in the car. She asks Nero if he’s a gangster and he says he doesn’t think so. Chibs is checking out Jax’s bike and tells him Tyler will meet them there in 10 minutes. Bobby and Tig are at the Pope Construction site and break in with shovels.

Happy and Rat come for Gemma and tell her Jax wants her at the cabin. She refuses to go and they tell her it’s a mother-son thing then say he was clear she has to go. They tell her she has to go. She asks how long she’ll be there and they tell her they don’t know and she says she needs to pick up some things at her house. She grabs her purse and looks thoughtful. Unser pulls up as she’s escorted to the SUV. He looks curious.

Jax gives Tyler the statement from Loutreesha to take it to August. He says to tell him to meet them with no force or it will go to the DA. They also tell Tyler they can’t break him away just yet and Tyler agrees but says he hopes he doesn’t kill the messenger. At her house, Gemma gets a gun out of her hat box and loads it. Thomas is in his playpen making happy noises as she starts to panic.

Quinn gags from the stench as he cuts open the bag with the preacher’s body in it. Tig calls him an amateur. They toss the Pope Construction sign into the grave and snap pics to send to Tyler so he can show August. Wendy comes in – she had to pick up Abel since he was shoving some other kid. She asks Brooke why the guys are there and she says they’re there for Gemma but won’t tell her anything.

Gemma picks up Thomas and hugs him and says she misses him. She says she has to tell him but says he’s the only one that really needs to know. Gemma says accidents happen – for love and reasons we just can’t understand. She says killing his mommy was an accident and she didn’t want to do it and didn’t mean to do it. She says she loved his mom so much. Abel stands in the doorway and overhears her confession to his baby brother.

Gemma packs a bag when Wendy comes in and asks why they’re taking her to the cabin. She says Jax wants her there but Wendy says Jax won’t hurt her. Gemma says it depends on what Juice told him. Wendy asks what that means but then Happy is there and says they have to go. Gemma kisses Thomas, hands her to Wendy and whispers to her to have Nero come to the cabin. She nods.

Alvarez asks Nero why he wants out and Nero reminds him his brown ass was locked in a closet two days ago. Alvarez asks if Jax is okay with him selling his share of Diosa and he says it will be a chance for them to bond. He asks for $300k with half down and Alvarez says he’ll bring it to the table. He leaves and Nero locks the door behind him.

His phone rings and it’s Wendy. He asks what for and curses then heads out saying he knows where it’s at. Unser comes with the flatbed to pick up the bike and says Wendy called and said Gemma was upset and freaked out about going to the cabin. Jax says nothing is going on and they wonder what Happy said to her. Unser asks if she’ll be safe up there and Jax says she’ll be fine.

Unser says okay and heads out with the broken bike. Jax thanks him as Tig tries to pet Unser’s head and he slaps his hand away. Tig tells Jax that Tyler confirmed August will be at the meet and Jax says they’re almost there. Bobby takes off in the shitty wagon. At the cabin, Montez tells Gemma – in the bedroom. She asks for water. She gets out her gun and stashes it.

She comes out and goes to the bedroom looking cagey. She opens the door and sees Loutreesha and Grant. She asks who this is and Ray says it’s a mother and son, the family problem she’s there to help. She sighs, noticeably relieved. Jax and the others roll past the Mayans who join the convoy of bikes. Alvarez pulls up beside Jax and they ride on.

Bobby sings as he drives the wagon followed by the van. A black van roars past hm then pulls in front of him forcing Bobby into a sign and off the road. He goes crashing down a hill and curses, but is alive. He sees August and curses again and tries to grab for his phone while he repeats – shit, shit, shit. Jax and the Mayans wait in the dark. It’s late. Chibs says he’ll call Tyler.

Wendy checks on the sleeping boys and turns off the lamp. Abel opens his eyes. At the shop, Unser and Chuckie watch the guys unload Jax’s bike. Juice sits in his cell and another prisoner is brought to the cell with him. Harlan tells him to relax and says he’s a friend of Tully’s. They both sit. Nero shows up to the cabin and pounds on the door. They ask why he’s there. He asks where’s Gemma.

She comes out of the bedroom and tells the guys she asked him to come. They ask if Jax knows and she says they kidnapped her to help a junkie and says she needed another junkie to do it. She hugs Nero. Alvarez asks Jax what he wants to do – they’re an hour late. A car approaches and parks. A guy gets out and says his name is Moses and says he’s the head of August’s security.

He lays down a box and says the reply to his request is in the package. He tells Jax he admires his level of camaraderie. He says he can see how brotherhood is important to all of them. He tells them to have a good evening and walks away. Jax approaches the box and they all gather round. He opens it up and sees Bobby’s patches. There is something else in the box that Jax pulls out.

First is a tablet showing a video of Bobby screaming and with a bloody face while something (we don’t see what) is done to him. Next Jax pulls out a small container with Bobby’s eyeball in it. Jax is visibly distraught. The others are also rocked. Jax walks into the darkness alone.