Sons of Anarchy Recap “The Separation of Crows”: Season 7 Episode 8 – Another Box For Jax

Sons of Anarchy Recap “The Separation of Crows”: Season 7 Episode 8 - Another Box For Jax

Tonight on FX Kurt Sutter‘s Sons Of Anarchy starring Charlie Hunnam continues with an all new Tuesday October 28, season 7 episode 8 called, “The Separation of Crows.” On tonight’s episode A traitor is suspected as SAMCRO searches for a missing member.

On last week’s episode in order to undermine a powerful club enemy Samcro made an unlikely partnership. Written by Gladys Rodriguez & Josh Botana & Kurt Sutter; directed by Paris Barclay. Did you watch the last episode? If you missed it, we have a full and detailed recap, right here for you.

On tonight’s episode With the search for a missing member at a standstill, focus shifts to flushing out an internal rat. Written by Peter Elkoff & John Barcheski & Kurt Sutter; directed by Charles Murray.

Tonight’s episode looks like it is going to be great and you won’t want to miss it, so be sure to tune in for our live coverage of FX’s Sons Of Anarchy season 7 episode 8 at 10 PM EST!

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Jax sits on the roof as the sun comes up. He’s stressing in a big way. Gemma takes care of Loutreesha at the cabin and Nero hangs. Wendy comes in and finds Abel awake and coloring. A really cool instrumental version of All Along the Watchtower plays behind all this. In jail, Juice tells the guard to tell the CPO he’s ready to talk. Bobby sits with a bandage over his gouged out eye in a locked room. Moses brings him food and he tells the guy the club won’t give them shit so they should just kill him. Moses says – due process – and goes. Unser sits and smokes.

Chibs finds Jax and tells him Happy and Rat are on the way back and will look for Tyler. He sits and Jax asks how he could not see this coming. He says he’s out of his depth. Chibs says this isn’t on him but Jax says it is for underestimating August. He says the guy is smarter than him and has zero vulnerabilities – no family, no one close to him. He says he knows how tight the club is and how to push their buttons. He says he knows how much he loves his guys.

Chibs tells him they need him focused and strong. He rattles off West, Diosa, Colette, Bobby. Chibs says Bobby knows the risks and says we all do but are all still there. Jax reminds him some of them are still there. He says he can’t risk anyone else but Chibs says he can’t cave now and all their recent actions will have been for nothing. He asks him why they started this and Jax says for Tara. Chibs says the brutality done to his family isn’t finished.

He says August is part of this now and the Sons have a duty, a mission, and need their goddamned leader. Jax stands and says – I love you Filip. Chibs says – I love you too, Jackson. He claps a hand on the younger man’s shoulder then leaves him to think. Jax stares out over the water mulling things over. Jax head back downstairs and Tig says Montez is at the cabin with Gemma. They also tell him Quinn is with Wendy and the boys and Tacoma with Lyla. They sit down to talk. Tyler is there and tells them Moses is a Blackwater grad and former special ops.

Tyler says August wants the pastor and his family and Moses said he’s going to cut parts off Bobby the longer he makes him wait. Tyler says his guys are looking for Bobby too. Jax thanks him and Tyler says he’s with him but doesn’t know how much longer he can play double agent. Tyler says they have a kill squad and will figure out what he’s doing. Jax says he’s in or out. Tyler says he’ll let him know what they found out and goes. Tig says he heard from Coletti but Jax says not today.

They agree they need to find out who ratted them out to Lin and says that will help. He tells them to bring Coletti there. Happy makes the call. Unser asks Wendy why Gemma is at the cabin and she says she’s safe but that’s all she knows. Unser tells her that he thinks Juice is playing something for Jax in jail or else he’d be dead. Quinn drops Brooke off and goes out front to stand guard. Brooke asks if the school called and says they’re sending Abel home.

Brooke says it’s got to be Jax or Gemma, a legal guardian, and Wendy goes to let them know. Moses brings a chair in and sits down in front of Bobby. He asks if he ever served but says he already knows the answer. He lights a smoke and says he knows he was in, but never deployed and was in the Reserves. He says they’re at war and the eye was about expediting a solution. He says he doesn’t know Bobby and never will and if he kills him it won’t be personal, but in service of his commander.

Bobby says that’s a line of bullshit and asks if that makes him feel like less of a bad guy. He says he’s a thug, not a soldier, just like the rest of them. Moses says they grabbed him because he’s the one with brains and reason. Bobby says if he was smarter, he wouldn’t be sitting there talking to him. Moses says Jax will spin his wheels trying to find him then he’ll have to take off another body part which will break Jax. He says he can save Jax remorse and himself pain by just telling him where the body is.

He says they’ve narrowed it down to four construction sites but says digging them all up could call attention. Bobby reminds him taking his eye didn’t make him talk. Moses says he knows they like to ride and he can take his clutch hand. Bobby says someone wearing a reaper will cut his heart out at some point. Moses says if he gives him the location, he may be the one who gets to hold the knife. He leaves Bobby to think but the man just laughs and looks at the page with the construction sites on it.

Coletti asks where they last saw O’Leary and they tell him Selma. He says the guy has been MIA for a couple of weeks. He says his mom is off the grid since she got a marriage license a couple of years ago. She’s married to Carl Egan who was an arms dealer for the militia. He has a compound outside of Lockford. He shows Jax a Google Earth map of the site and he tells Coletti it’s good work. Chibs pays the guy. He asks them to tell Bobby to get some more money to Precious for inhalers. They promise to.

Jax tells them it’s time to take a ride. Gemma brings Loutreesha a smoke and tells her it will help. She tells her to eat a banana and drink some water too. She tells Grant to change the sheets too and he thanks her for the help. She says he must be important for Jax to have sent her there. Loutreesha asks Gemma if she thinks she’s a bad mom but Gemma says we all fall down but it’s about how you get up. She tells her that Grant is a good man and that’s what makes it hard.

She says knowing her weakness has driven him to violence eats her up. Gemma says that’s what family does, what you need. Loutreesha says impulses can cause more chaos. The phone rings and Gemma tells her why we did it is what matters. Nero tells Gemma that Wendy is on the phone. She tells Loutreesha to focus on getting well and says that’s how she’ll help her boy. The MC rolls up outside the militia compound. They look around and notice it’s quiet. Happy says it’s too quiet.

Then automatic weapon fire breaks out and Jax says he just wants to talk about Gib O’Leary and says they have no beef with them. A dirt bike pulls up and it’s Denny. His mom Renee yells at him to get out and they hold him at gun point and tell Carl and Renee they just want to talk. Carl insists they let him go first but Renee comes out and tells Carl to put down the gun or she’ll cut him in his sleep. He does and she calls Denny over to her. They push him toward her and he apologizes.

Carl starts to slap Denny and Tig puts a bullet in the wall by the jerk’s head and tells him to try hitting him again. They ask about Gib and she says that Gib’s real dad is in the club and called last week to tell her that he was dead and that he had to hide the body. She says she was upset that she couldn’t give him a proper burial. She says she told her baby daddy she was going to tell the cops and she thought Jax and them were here to keep her quiet so they opened fire on them.

Jax asks who Gib’s dad was and she says it’s Jury White. That throws him for a loop. Rat Boy tells her that Gib was a friend of his and they did boot camp together. She tells him she’s sorry and Jax asks her not to tell Jury they were there. He says he wants to pay his respects in person. She agrees since she never talks to him. She says she’s sorry for the hostile welcome and he gives her condolences. They walk off and Jax thanks Ray Boy for quick thinking.

They get a call that they haven’t find Bobby. They realize that it had to be Jury since he knew where they were storing the Chinese guns. Jax tells Tig to call and get Jury and his VP to meet them halfway to counsel him on how to handle the Triads. Chibs asks what he’s going to do and Jax says he’s going to find out if the rat is wearing a reaper. They ride.

Gemma and Wendy come to get Abel at school and Ms Harrison (aka Courtney Love!) asks to speak to Gemma alone. She asks if she talked to the head of the school and the shrink. Gemma says Abel stood up to a bully and Harrison says Abel hit another kid with a metal lunchbox unprovoked. Gemma says she wants teacher, shrinks and assholes to stop judging her grandson and Harrison says that aggression is what he’s imitating. Gemma says she hopes she’s the one that gets his with a lunchbox.

The guys pull over for a pee and Jax gets the update that Juice is putting things in motion at the jail. They roll out again. Juice meets with Althea and Unser. He asks for protection after his bail hearing and says he’ll tell them who killed Eli and Tara. Althea says she knows it’s the Chinese and he says she doesn’t know shit. He’s trying to cut a deal and offers names and murder weapons. He says Chris Dun is one and he’ll give the other name and weapon when he gets the deal.

He tells Althea she has until tomorrow morning. Juice demands to go and they send him back to his cell. Althea asks Unser what the hell that was. She asks why he’s not asking for a plea bargain or reduced sentence. Unser explains that Jax must need Juice in Ad Seg to get to Lin – he says this is Juice trying to pay for his sins to the MC. He says he can buy his way back in SAMCRO by killing “the chink.” Althea says if Gemma ID’s Dun, she has to put him in Ad Seg so they can put Charming first.

Unser admits Juice likely does know who did the killings and Althea says she’s going to reach out to Patterson. They leave. Wendy and Gemma bring Abel back to the house. She says she’s going to change and Nero will take her back to the cabin. Abel asks for milk and Nero goes to fix it for him. Gemma comes into her room and sees that her birds are loose. She curses. She sees blood on her bed and pulls back the covers. Her precious birds have been murdered and she hears Wendy cry out.

There is a stuffed animal with a knife in it and writing on the wall that says “No son is safe.” Brooke comes in with the baby and Wendy hustles them out of her room. Gemma cries and tells Nero they killed her birds. She sobs into his shoulder. Althea tells Unser that Patterson will move Juice to Ad Seg for 48 hours then once the info is corroborated, he’ll get protection for the length of his stay. Althea says this could close out Tara’s murder but he says something doesn’t fit. She asks if he’s too close.

Unser says maybe. Althea says she hopes he stays on after they shut the book on this. She tells him she likes having him there and says he’s a good cop. He says his only other hobby is waiting to die. He says he’s going to go check on Eglee and see if she needs anything. He leaves. Jax and the others pull up to meet Jury and his VP. Jax hugs him and they greet Gaines too. Jury asks about Bobby and he says he has no word yet. Jury says shit is coming apart in Charming and Jax agrees they’ve had setbacks.

Jax tells him someone gave them up to Lin including the location of their Chinese guns and says that’s why West and the Diosa girls are slaughtered. He pretty much accuses Jury of ratting and then says he knows Gibby was his son. Jury says he didn’t raise Gib, rarely saw him and says they were just getting to know him. He says none of his guys knew he was his son and no one knew about it. Jury says he wanted him dead over Gibby but says he didn’t tell Lin shit. Jax does not believe him.

Jury asks him what now and asks if he’s going to blow him away without a mayhem vote and Jax says he betrayed the patch. Jury tells him he had a chance to be good for the MC but has turned into everything his dad hated and the reason he checked out. Jury says he was the only one JT trusted at the end. He says he was just a friend and a safe ear. He says Jax’s dad couldn’t live with what the club had become but didn’t want to take it down.

He says his dad wrote a book that would have destroyed the Sons and took apart his family. Jax says Clay sabotaged his bike but Jury says John knew his bike and would have known if it was tampered with. Jax asks if he’s saying his dad ran into the semi on purpose. Jury says it may have been his way of letting his family and club survive but Jax said his dad wouldn’t have killed himself. Jury says it’s bets JT never saw what SAMCRO did to him. Jax knocks him down then shoots him dead and Gaines freaks.

Jax lies and tells the others that Jury admitted he’s the one who ratted them to the Chinese and Gaines asks what they’re talking about. Jax tells his guys to fill him in. Gaines is furious and Chibs holds him back. He says Jax is going to pay for being out of control but then they get a call from Quinn about what happened at the house and roll out leaving Gaines with his dead leader.

The Sons speed back to Charming at top speed zooming around cars and into oncoming lanes. Everyone waits at the house. Abel sits with Gemma and she asks why he hit the kid at school. He says he doesn’t like him. Gemma says he hurt him real bad and he says it was an accident. She asks if he understands what an accident is and he asks if she does. They hear the bikes pull up. Jax and the others come inside. He comes over to Abel and asks if he had a rough day. Abel nods.

Jax goes to look around the house. He goes first to the boys’ room and curses. The other guys come in with him to look around, Nero too. Nero says they must have come in when they went to get Abel from school. He says they must have been watching the house. He asks Nero to step out and he does but tells him he’s staying the night and bringing in extra guys. He closes the doors. Chibs tells Jax they’re running out of time for Bobby.

Jax says to set a meet for him to give the location and document but not Grant and Loutreesha. They go to set it up for him. Jax stays in his sons’ room alone. He closes his eyes and puts his head on his hands. Moses comes back in to talk to Bobby and picks up the location list. He tells Bobby his crew hasn’t called. Bobby sighs and tells him to suck his big white dick. Moses tells him good for him but then a guy comes in and says they got a call.

Moses tells him Jax reached out but thought the terms were negotiable. They hold Bobby down as he struggles and Moses takes a knife and hacks on his hand while he screams. Jax and Chibs are back on the roof smoking. Chibs says Tyler told Moses the offer but they haven’t heard back yet. Chibs asks if there’s anything he needs to tell him about what went down with Jury but Jax says he knows it. Chibs tells him he needs to be careful with the Redwood war so he doesn’t make other charters nervous.

Jax reminds him he told him to stay on point so he did and says Jury is part of it. Chibs says it was the way it went down. He says there will be questions about the rights and wrongs of the method. Jax sits and says it was self-defense. Chibs says to Indian Hills, it looks more like murder. Jax asks Chibs what it looked like to him and Chibs says it looked very complicated and they just need to be prepared for some heat. Jax insists that he’s ready. Chibs sits with him and asks if he’s sure and Jax says – yeah.

They smoke in silence for a while. Nero tells Wendy he found another buyer for his share of Diosa and says he’s going to his uncles as soon as he can clean up things in Stockton and get things set up for Lucius’ care down there. She asks if Gemma knows and he says she does. He also says he wants Wendy, Gemma and the boys come with him. Wendy says Jax will never let the boys go away but Nero asks, after today, how can he let them stay. Wendy takes this in silently.

Holy moley! Did Nero set that scene up? Did he kill her birds and murder an innocent teddy bear to try and scare Jax into letting them leave town with him? It kind of makes sense if Nero thinks they’re all going to end up like the Diosa girls with the path Jax is on. Gemma is in the yard burying her beloved birds. All Along the Watchtower plays again, this time a more rocking version. Unser plays Scrabble with Eglee in her hospital room.

Juice waits in his cell and plays with a cockroach that he then squishes juicily in his fist. He stares at the bug goo. Tig comes up to the roof with another box for Jax. He sets it down and says it’s from Moses. Jax looks at it unhappily before looking away altogether. The other guys stare at it with concern. No one opens it.