Sons of Anarchy “Some Strange Eruption” Detailed Recap: Season 7 Episode 5

Sons of Anarchy “Some Strange Eruption” Detailed Recap: Season 7 Episode 5

Tonight on FX Kurt Sutter‘s Sons Of Anarchy starring Charlie Hunnam continues with an all new Tuesday October 7, season 7 episode 5 called, “Some Strange Eruption.” On tonight’s episode a betrayal leads to violence at the Stockton Ports.

On last week’s episode a past effort to help one ally lead to trouble with another. Jax was getting closer to finding Juice. Tigs was shot and Venus takes care of him – even planting a big kiss on the lips. Meanwhile, the sons are shocked when they find that all the girls are slaughtered at the club. Did you watch the last episode? If you missed it, we have a full and detailed recap right here for you.

On tonight’s episode looking for the source of a betrayal leads to violence at the Stockton Ports.

Tonight’s episode looks like it is going to be great and you won’t want to miss it, so be sure to tune in for our live coverage of FX’s Sons Of Anarchy season 7 episode 5 at 10 PM EST!

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Jax sits smoking in the wreckage of the brothel. Dead bodies and blood are all around him. Happy makes a call. Bobby says everyone is coming to Red Woody and they’re going to lock it down. They also have to send someone to pick up West’s body. Nero is in the kitchen when Jack finds him. He asks Jax why this happened. Jax says to ask the Chinese but Nero demands to know what the MC did to prompt this. Jax says nothing justifies what happened here. Bobby says they need to call it in and Jax says he will but tells the others to go. Bobby says to call before he leaves so he doesn’t ride alone.

Nero says he’ll let Barosky know and the Stockton girls. Gemma is getting ready to take Juice to her dad’s when Happy calls. She says she’s on her way. She tells Juice there’s drama at Diosa and says – whores will be whores. She tells him they will leave in the morning. She offers him smokes and sleeping pills and tells him to get some rest. She takes off. Juice pops a pill.

Chibs is at Althea’s – she’s in the shower. He gets the call and curses. He asks if it was all of them. Althea takes the joint from his hand and takes a toke as he says he’ll be there. He tells her he has to go. He puts on his pants and says she should get dressed too. She immediately looks concerned. Now in uniform, Althea walks through Diosa making notes as the CSUs take photos. She asks Unser if this was the Chinese. She says it’s the worse massacre ever and it was when she first started.

She tells Unser to decide which side of the table he’s on. She goes to talk to Jax. He says Lyla usually opens up. She says she knows he won’t give them any information. She says there is a room of slaughtered innocents and he says he’s aware of that. She says she’s been doing this a long time with MCs worse than his and knows how to work around the outlaw code.

She says the Feds and her bosses are going to be up her ass. She says he needs to bend with her – she says she doesn’t care how the intel is delivered, none of them will walk away whole. She walks out. Jax flicks his lighter off and on, open and shut and says nothing. Nero is watched by the Chinese as he heads in to see Barosky. He finds the door shut and Barosky says they’re not open.

Barosky says he knows – the police were already here. Nero tells him the Chinese did it and Barosky says that makes sense and says the chinks are camped out. Tom comes in and tells Nero that Lin needs to talk to him. Barosky says it’s not his war and heads to the back to cut meat. They push Nero into a seat.

At Red Woody, the girls are crying, the men are drinking. Gemma comes in and takes Thomas from Wendy. She says Abel wants to know why he can’t go to school and Gemma says to stay close to Abel today but says later they have to slip out and deal with Juice. Lyla comes crying to Gemma who hugs and comforts her. She asks who would do something like this. She sobs and asks why it keeps happening and why people keep dying.

Jax comes in and goes to Chibs and Bobby. They tell him Quinn and Montez are the only ones not there and that the guns are all gone. He asks about the other charters and they tell him they all know. Wendy comes up to Jax and he thanks her for helping out. She asks him to talk to Abel because he’s scared. He goes to find his oldest son. Chucky is with him and Jax thanks him. Chucky says they’re his family.

Jax sits with his son and he asks if he’s okay. Abel asks when he can go home and Jax says soon. He asks if someone died and Jax says some friends got hurt. Abel asks if he takes care of all these people and Jax says he does. He says it’s his job to keep them safe. He kisses Abel on the head then walks off. He thanks Wendy and says she’s doing great with him. She nods.

Lin comes in and he tells Nero this is getting tedious. Lin asks why he’s telling him he should trust Jax. He says he’s a liar and has been raping him and trying to take over his territory. He says Jax is the one that took his guns and shot up his massage parlor. He says his guns were being guarded by the MC. Nero says if that’s true, Jax has been lying to them both.

Lin tells Nero to deliver Jax to him today or he’ll die. He also tells him that security is not tight at the cripple home and shows him a photo. Nero lunges at him but Tom holds him at gunpoint. Lin tells him to save his anger for Jax and says this is all his fault. Nero looks at the photo and stews as the Chinese drive away.

Tig tells Jax they have some Tacoma guys helping and Rogue River is sending more. Happy says they are covering funeral expenses for the girls and Colette and Jax agrees. Jax tells them that the Sheriffs have no proof but she likely suspects it’s Chinese. They tell him August called and Jax says their assault on Lin was air tight which means someone gave up the location of the guns. Bobby says that SAMCRO and Indian Hills were the only ones that knew and Jax says Barosky knew.

Tig asks how they payback Lin and Jax says they need to smoke him out since he will be off the grid. They decide to go to Barosky’s and he tells Bobby to have Nero meet him here. Gemma pulls Jax aside and says she has to go to her dad’s nursing home since he took a turn for the worst. He says he doesn’t like it but she says she’ll take Unser. Wendy says she’s got the boys and Jax tells his mom to check in often.

Tig tells Jax that Althea is there. She asks to talk to Chibs and he asks for a moment. Jax tells him to talk to her then meet them at Barosky’s. Althea tells Chibs she knows his call was about Diosa and he says they had nothing to do with it. She asks who floated into Morado and just murdered 16 people randomly. He says she needs to lay low while they make sure it doesn’t happen again. She says the DA and Feds are all over this.

Chibs says he thought they had an understanding. He asks if she wants more money. She says she only takes the money because she has to work with the bad guys and it makes them feel like she trusts them. Chibs asks about last night and asks if that was about building trust. She asks what it was for him. He says he can’t give her anything and she knows that. He says he doesn’t want her hurt either.

He says he’ll talk to Jax and they’ll try throw something her way so she has a win. He promises her no more dead bodies. She says she can’t lay low and calls him Filip. He says he gets it and tells her has to go. She kisses him before he leaves. She tells him to be safe. He says aye.

Juice sticks his head out of the motel room and pulls up his hoodie. He walks out front and down the side to the vending machine. He gets a candy bar and then sees a newspaper box with a headline about the Diosa massacre. He buys a paper and then sees an Asian guy. The guy says hey and Juice runs to his room and closes the door. The guy follows him and bangs on the door. Juice watches him walk away.

He sits on the bed and reads the newspaper. The club rides to Barosky’s place and parks out back. Nero comes out and punches Jax in the face. They tussle and Barosky comes out and tells them to break this shit up.

Inside, Nero calms down and tells Jax he knows he’s been lying to his face. He says he had nothing to do with Lin when he was stealing his guns and shooting up his shop and that’s why all their girls are dead. He says now Lin is ready to kill him because he vouched for Jax and says he’s also threatening to kill his boy. He shows him the photo. He says all this is on Jax. He tells Nero that the Chinese killed Tara. Nero says he doesn’t know it but Jax says Gemma saw them and ID’d them at the party.

He says Lin ordered the hit on his wife. Nero curses. Jax says he did lie to him and he’s sorry but says he’s going to destroy Lin and nothing can stop that. Jax tells him he has to decide what side of the fight he wants to land on. Nero tucks the photo in his pocket and says he’s tired of the fight. Bobby comes and says someone gave up the location of the guns to Lin.

He tells Barosky they were the only ones who knew. Barosky says he has a night guy that patrols it/ He says to see Desmond – a guy who owns a pawn shop and sells stuff that cops take from crime scenes. Jax says he knows Nero has to do what’s best for his family but would appreciate a heads up once Nero decides. He thanks Nero and goes.

Gemma tells Unser she told Jax she had to go check on her dad and asks him to ride with her to get Juice out of town. Brooke says to come see Abel and they find him guarding his brother with a hammer. He says he has to protect him. He slams the hammer in the wall and says he wants to go home now. His brother starts crying and he tells Tommy he’s sorry. Wendy scoops up the baby and Gemma takes the hammer and scoops up Abel.

Barosky and the guys go to see Desmond. He asks if there’s a problem and Jax says a warehouse he was supposed to be watching got jacked and one of his crew got hit. Des says it didn’t happen on his patrol. Barosky asks if he saw anything or said anything. He asks when he made his last drive by. He says 5:30. Jax hits the guy and says he’s trying to jog his memory.

Barosky says he pays him a lot of money. Tig says to pull his pants down and he’s going to shove a flute up his ass. They hold the guy and Barosky says to grease it up a little but Tig says he doesn’t want him to enjoy it. Des says someone called and offered him 2k to avoid the warehouse last night. He says he got a call on his personal number.

Barosky accuses him of lying. He says he’s not and Barosky puts a bullet in his head. He calls him a greedy shithead and Jax says he guesses they’re done talking. Barosky tells them sorry and says it’s tough to find people you can trust these days. Rat Boy kisses Brooke and Unser says she seems nice. Rat says she’s cool.

Unser asks what happened and Rat says someone gunned down all their whores. Unser says he gets that and asks who but Rat says he doesn’t know. He asks where Jax went and says they need to check in with him before he leaves with Gemma. Wendy asks Unser who he thinks did it and he says it was a long list.

Wendy tells him that when she was with Nero the other day, a Chinese guy stopped them and accused the MC of stealing his guns. She asks if that had something to do with it. He says he doesn’t know but thanks her for telling him. Nero shows up at Red Woody and asks to talk to Gemma. He tells her Jax told him about the Chinese and what she saw. She says she was afraid to tell him and says Jax didn’t want anyone to know.

Nero says a lot of people are getting killed and he’s trying to keep the peace while Jax is out waging war. Gemma says she’s sorry and he says he is too. He says the war has come to Charming and it’s going to get a whole lot bloodier. Jax shows up and asks if everything is okay. Gemma says she and Unser are heading out. He tells his mom to be careful and she says she will.

Nero tells Jax they need to talk and he agrees. Juice lies in bed while someone pounds on the door. He rolls off the bed as the Asian guy opens the door. The guy comes in the room and looks around. He peeks his head in the bathroom and Juice slams him in the face knocking him out the curses. The guy comes to and tries to run. Juice shoots him before he can make it out the door. He tells the guy not to look at him – he did with his eyes open – and blows his face away. He’s clearly over the edge.

Ryu calls and tells Bobby that Lin will meet them. Tig says Barosky wants another 5k to provide extra firepower. Chibs comes in and says they’re all set. Jax says let’s go make a deal. Nero is with Lin and says he’s connected to Jax through his mom and Lin says pussy can’t get in the way of what they do. Nero says Jax has told him his plan – he’s going to call and try to set up a meet at the port.

He says he’s going to tell him he’s going to give his heroin back as a gesture of goodwill. He says a bunch of guys from the MC and other charters are going to take him out. Lin says he already got the call. Nero tells him to bring everyone he’s got – he says he’ll need an army.

Gemma knocks on the door and tells Juice it’s her and Unser. He lets them in and she sees the blood. Juice says the guy saw him. He asks if the Chinese did the Diosa job. He tells Gemma this is their fault. Unser says the guy has master keys – he says he works for the hotel – not Lin. Juice has dumped the body in the tub. Unser curses.

Unser asks Gemma why Juice is scared of the Chinese and what he meant by saying – we did this. Gemma tells Unser the Chinese killed Tara. She says she saw them leaving the house that night. He asks who she saw and she says it doesn’t matter. Unser says he’ll go renew the room and says they need to clean this up and sneak the body out.

Gemma thanks him and he asks if she’s okay to take Juice. She says it has to be done Juice comes out ready to roll and tells Gemma – let’s go. He looks at Unser and thanks him. They leave. Althea gets a call from Unser. He tells her the Chinese hit Diosa in retaliation. He says the MC is convinced the Chinese killed Tara. She asks how he knows it and he says reliable source.

He tells her to put a tail on Lin and his known associates. He says he thinks something is going down at Stockton Port. She says she has to know who told him and he says it’s not important and that if she doesn’t do this, they’ll be zipping up more body bags.

Lin and his people pull up to the ports. The MC guys wait. The Chinese come in hot with guns out and tell them all to get against the wall. Jax asks what this is and Lin wants to know where his heroin is. Jax says it’s in the warehouse. Lin gives orders and they fire into the warehouse door with automatic guns. They pull up the doors and see a small bag sitting there. Lin tells them to open it.

They grab the bag and come back out and Lin sees his heroin. Lin says he’s short and Jax says he gave some to Marks who is running the Niners. Jax says Marks ordered all the hits and Chibs says he’s going to swallow them all up. He says he has Tyler and the other Niners in his corner. Jax tries to talk him down and says if he’s lying he can kill them both – he and Chibs.

Lin asks where Padilla is and he says he never showed up at Diosa. Tom asks if he thinks Nero is lying or Jax. Lin tells them to take the two bikers and they load them up into their cars. They are leaving the port when a white van pulls out to follow. Juice sleeps as Gemma drives. She head the opposite way from where she said they were going.

Cop cars surround the Chinese and they tell them to get out of the cars and get on the ground. They unload them. Jax tells them to zip them all to the fence except Lin. The cops do as he says. Guyer says they can’t drop here and Jax tells the cops he can take care of this. Lin tells Jax he’s making a mistake and Jax says not as big a mistake as him killing his wife.

Lin asks what he’s talking about. Jax says he wanted to kill him slower. Lin tells him he’s an idiot and had nothing to do with his old lady. Jax says he told Nero to have him bring all his men so he can wipe them all out. He says they will be a dirty Oakland memory. He takes off his jacket and tells Lin first it’s the two of them. Lin shrugs off his jacket and they fight.

Chibs says they have no time for this. Althea tells Chibs Stockton PD is on the way with SWAT. Chibs curses and tells them the real cops are on the way. Chibs and Bobby pull him off and says they have to go. He says they could have eyes on them and says they’ll get him on the inside. They roll out. Lin asks what the hell that was.

Stockton PD comes up with lights blaring and the dirty cops hold the Chinese as if they just made a legit bust. Lin curses. The MC rides in the night. Gemma drives on a curvy road out in the sticks. She reaches back into her bag and pulls out her gun with the silencer on it. She tucks it out of sight, but handy. Wendy tucks the boys into bed.

Nero smiles as his son plays with the girls. Wendy sits with a sleepy Tommy beside Nero. Althea calls Unser and thanks him for the lead. She says she got Lin and his crew on gun and drug charges. He says he’s here to help and we see him cleaning up Juice’s mess. The MC rolls through Oakland and by one of Lin’s places. They gun down the guys outside without ever slowing their roll.

Juice wakes up and asks Gemma where they are. She says they have a ways to go and tells him to go back to sleep. He sees a sign and asks why they’re in Salt Springs instead of heading North. She says Jax was worried about her traveling and sent Rogue River to meet her so she changed plans. She says it’s okay and they’re going to meet a friend of Nero’s – a former coyote who can sneak him into Mexico.

Juice asks if he’s meeting them in the middle of nowhere and she says the parking lot at Walmart would have been obvious. He asks if she remembers Darvany. He says he killed her – it wasn’t an overdose. She asks why and he says it was on Jax’s order. He says that’s what you do when someone is a threat. He says when he almost OD’d at Diosa, Nero tried to help him and he told him the truth about it. He says that’s why the club wants him dead – for betraying their king.

Gemma tells him she’s sorry and he says he is too because he knows that’s why she’s lying to him. He says Nero would never help him. She tries to pull her gun and they struggle for it. The SUV runs off the road and crashes. Gemma gets out and runs and Juice has the gun – he shoots near her and tells her to stop. She says she didn’t know if she was going to kill him or not. She says she didn’t know what to do.

She says she didn’t know what to do and begs him not to kill her. She calls him sweetheart. She cries and begs him not to do it.