Sons of Anarchy Poor ‘Little Lambs’ Detailed Recap: Season 7 Episode 4

Sons of Anarchy Poor 'Little Lambs' Detailed Recap: Season 7 Episode 4

Tonight on FX Kurt Sutter‘s Sons Of Anarchy starring Charlie Hunnam returns with an all new Tuesday September 30, season 7 episode 4 called, “Poor Little Lambs.” On tonight’s episode an old favor causes trouble with an ally.

On last week’s episode SAMCRO exploited an opportunity to secure an important alliance. Jax met with August and told him that they needed to trust each other. August told Jax the difference between him and Pope is Pope was the smartest and he’s the deadliest. He then told Jax not to cross him because he’ll have no remorse about killing him or any of the sons. Meanwhile, Gemma tried to help Sandy when her dad was freaking out on her, Ken called Gemma a whore queen and hit her. Later Jax took care of Ken and punched him around a bit as a payback to what he did to Gemma. Did you watch the last episode? If you missed it, we have a full and detailed recap right here for you.

On tonight’s episode a past effort to help one ally leads to trouble with another.  Jax will be getting closer to finding Juice.

Tonight’s episode looks like it is going to be great and you won’t want to miss it, so be sure to tune in for our live coverage of FX’s Sons Of Anarchy season 7 episode 4 at 10 PM EST!

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Tully and Jax meet at the jail to talk heroin. Tully says he has some territory issues and refers him to a guy who manages his street work. Jax says it has to be soon and Tully makes a call – he says he bought the room and there are no cameras on. Gemma drops off Abel for hist first day. Mrs Harrison tells her to stay in the car during car line to make it quicker. Other parents honk at her and she goes back to the honking woman. She apologizes and says it’s her first time and tells her if she honks again she’s going to shove her coffee cup up her ass. She walks off.

Gemma pulls away and Mrs Harrison says Grandma’s kind of crazy. The girls clean up and Nero thanks  them for pitching in. Colette asks if Lyla is doing porn full time and he tells her she’s behind the camera. He says Kiki is good at the door and Colette says she’s dumb but says she’ll help her. She asks if Jax is coming in and he says every day. She asks if he’s doing okay and Nero says he’s doing what a guy would do whose wife was murdered.

He heads out. Gemma says she’s going to take Wendy’s lead on the private school and says she doesn’t get it. She never sent Jax or Thomas to any of that shit and says it feels lazy dropping your kids off to strangers. She says she knows it’s what “she” wants – she’s talking to the ghost of Tara. She says maybe Abel will be a doctor like her when he grows up but says Thomas is like Jax.

Juice listens to the shower and says it’s not fair what happened – that he was trying to do right by the club. There’s a knock and he lets Wendy and Unser in. They ask who he’s talking to and if there’s someone in the shower. He strips and goes to get in leaving them in his room. Unser says this won’t end well and Wendy says she’ll take the morning shift. Juice has guns out and they wonder what he’s thinking.

Jax tells the guy they’re meeting Leland, Tully’s guy, and Happy says he’s an AB lifer. He says they’ll get the street rate and be able to dump the heroim. Lyla tells them Tyler is there and says they can use the bar since they are in post all day. Tyler tells Jax that three of Lin’s spas got hit and Jax asks if it was him. Tyler says it wasn’t. August needs a signature from his preacher partner and can’t find him.

They ask why everyone is disappearing and they can use the wife’s signature if they can find her since she has power of attorney. They ask him to find Loutreesha in Piedmont or Montclair and says paler faces are more helpful. Tyler says to leave his scarier guys home so he doesn’t scare the white folks. He leaves and Tig says it’s a small world – that’s the guy they killed. They need to turn up the wife so August doesn’t keep looking for the preacher.

Jax says they have to go dig up the preacher and ask him. The guys dig up the bodies and gag from the stench. The other smoke and joke. They get down to his face and Jax says it’s the right guy. They tell Rat Boy to dig out the phone. He says this is probably getting Tig hard but then covers and says this is hard. The phone is wet but Tig says he’ll charge it and see if he can salvage anything. They tell Rat Boy the hole won’t fill itself and he says “that’s what he says.” Tig tells him – that’s funny, honey.

Jax comes to the brothel and Montez says he’s with Gemma today. He says West is at the warehouse. Colette offers him a smile but he walks away and goes to see his mom. He tells her it’s looking good. She says she’s going to ditch the blinds and hang drapes. He says a good massage can be loud. She touches his face and asks if he’s good. He says he’s fine. She tells him Brooke has Thomas and Abel is at school. He asks for Nero and she says Colette (aka mommy fetish) says he’ll be back in a couple of hours.

Jax says if he had a mommy fetish he’d hook up with a psycho dominatrix and says he doesn’t want to hear this from her again. He tells her to tell Nero that Juice is around. She asks why he’d care but he won’t share past that. He tells Montez to stick with his mom and goes to get a hug from Colette. She says she’s sorry and he thanks her for helping out. She asks to see him later but he won’t commit. She tells him she hopes so and he leaves.

Gemma glares at Colette who pours herself a drink. She comes to sit by the woman and tells her to be careful with her son. She tells Gemma they’re just friends but Gemma says he needs more than a friend but not complicate his life anymore than it is. Colette asks how she could do that and Gemma says – by making him think too much. Kiki comes up and says the calculator is giving her the wrong answer and Colette says that’s not a problem here.

Althea gets word that Haas has been beaten severely and is dropping all the charges. Tig shows Jax some dirty video on the preacher’s phone featuring Venus. Jax says to find Venus and Tig says he knows where she is. Jax asks if he should be worried about that. Nero comes in and tells Gemma the massage room looks nice. He asks where she’s been and she says catching up on work at TM. He closes the door and says he knows things are upside down because of Tara.

He says it’s okay if she needs to be far away but wants to know it’s not about them. He asks if there’s anything he needs to know about and she reassures him. The cops come in and he tells her to call his lawyer in case they’re there for him. Althea tells him Haas isn’t pressing charges. He asks why she came with back up to share that. She says someone beat him, broke his jaw, ribs and tuned him up good. Nero asks if she thinks it’s him.

Althea introduces herself to Gemma who says her parents must have been hoping she was going to come out black. Althea asks for Jax and Gemma calls her sista and says they’ll let her know. She tells her people she also wants to talk to Chibs. The guys find Venus and tell her they’re looking for the preacher and his family because they may be in danger. Venus asks why they have his phone. Tig calls her baby to distract her and asks where they meet.

She says they once met at an apartment in an area code below her station and then mentions a lake house where there were family photos on Lake Ansa. Jax asks for the address and Tig says please. Venus tells them she’ll help because she’s find of them all. They all play nice and she says she has a lonesome dove waiting on her but says he’s usually swift. She says they can send Alexander up in five to retrieve the address. Tig smiles as she goes and Jax asks if there is something they need to know.

Tig say they’re friends and have things in common. Bobby says he can think of one thing and you can tell he’s thinking – junk! Gemma makes tea when Nero comes in and asks her what happened to Haas. She says she doesn’t know and he tells her not to lie. She says she didn’t want to involve him. He asks if it was Jax and she says he did it to protect him. Nero says that’s a lie. He tells her that Jax is unchained and is looking for any excuse to rage.

Nero says it gets to a point where you’re doing it not for revenge but because it feels good. He takes a moment to compose himself and she tells him Jax was looking for him and wanted him to know that Juice was around and seemed concerned. She asks what’s up with him and Juice. Nero gives her a blank look and she tells him that’s proof there are some things they just can’t share. She kisses him and goes.

The guys head to the lake house from the address Venus gave them. Jax tells Rat to wait out front. Bobby and Tig take the back. Chibs and Jax knock on the front and ring the bell. It looks like no one is home. Bobby opens the back foor and Chibs knocks the glass out and opens the front. They all head in and converge. They hear a door and footsteps. They go to investigate. They hear the floorboards. There’s a shot and Tig is down from a gut shot. A car pulls out through the garage door and Rat runs the car off the drive into the lake.

Jax pulls a gun on the guy and says leave us alone. It’s Grant and he says his mom is in the back seat. Jax dives in and goes down to the car that has sunk under the water. Chibs curses and also heads in. Jax has her and they help them all out of the water. Loutreesha says she’s cold and they notice fresh track marks. Grant says her demons get the best of her. He asks if August sent them to look for them. He says it’s all the preacher’s fault.

They haul them all back into the house. Bobby asks Jax if he remembers when their only problem was  which Mayan to kill and Jax says it was a simpler time and Bobby says – simpler men. They sit Loutreesha and her son on the couch. Grant says Pope helped them years ago and Grant says August wants to build low income housing on church property. She says August will force her to sign off and he’ll use the project to launder money and they’ll never build the houses.

Jax tells them they can’t stop what Haddem started. He says he found them in an hour and August could find them just as fast. Loutreesha agrees to sign it. Bobby tells them they will send someone to pick her up, take her to Oakland and bring her back safely. Bobby tells Grant that their contact is going to bring his mom a little smack to keep her even. Chibs says he’s got Tig’s bleeding under control but says he needs monitoring. Jax tells him to call Venus about taking care of him.

Jax tells Rat to stay there with them until Tyler comes but to tell him to make it clear she’ll sign but nothing can happen to them. He says they’ll take Tig back to Scoops where they have medical supplies. Chibs loads Tig into the van and they mount up to leave. They roll out. Althea calls Unser and says they’re putting out an APB on Juice all over the Northwest. He thanks her for letting her know. They hang up and he tells Wendy and Juice and then they decide they have to get him out now.

Wendy says she’ll call Gemma. She goes to Colette and tells her she needs to ditch her bodyguard. Colette says she’ll keep him busy and Gemma thanks her. She tells her she’ll be good for Jax and Colette says thanks but she’s not in the marriage market. She goes to distract Montez. The guys roll by on ttheir bikes and the unis waiting on them load up to catch up with them. They’re meeting Tully’s guy Leland. The sheriff pulls up a car and they wonder who the other guys are. Eglee tells Cane this is bad.

One of Leland’s guy shouts “cops” and shoots Cane through the window then when Eglee runs they gun her down too. Chibs tells them they’re craxy. They’re at a Mexican stand off. They tell Leland they didn’t know about the cops and say that they all have to get out of here in case they called it in. Everybody splits. Eglee is still moving on the ground – maybe she was in a vest… Unser meets Althea at the shooting site. They load up Cane into the coroner’s van and Eglee into the ambulance.

She tells Unser that Eglee is alive for now. He asks who it was and she says she doesn’t know because they didn’t call it in. She says it looks like an ambush. She says Charming is a bad place and Unser says nothing. Gemma comes to see Juice. She tells him she’s packing a bag and is driving him to her Dad’s place herself. She says if he stays either the MC or cops will find him and Jax will kill him. Juice says he doesn’t want to die but he doesn’t like being alone. He says he’s not good on his own.

He cries and says his head gets really loud and shit doesn’t make sense – nothing syncs up. He says he gets lost in the details of nothing. He says nothing can pull him out when he gets like this. He sits and Wendy comforts and calms him. She tells him he wont be alone. He cries while she rocks him and tells him it will be okay. Jax screams in frustration shocking Venus who is tending to Tig. He says he’ll reach out to Tully tomorrow and try to explain this. Bobby says they’ll all be talking to him inside if Eglee or Cane called it in.

They tell Jax they’re going to need help if this unravels. Ray Boy says Althea is downstairs to talk toJax. The guys head down except for Tig and Venus who says she’s got him. Tig calls her baby and tells her to get out now. She says he’s a dear friend and will take care of him then boops his chin. He smiles and asks where she came from. She calls him sweet and says she was born a man but her true genesis was later when she was stirred by the gods of love and transformed into an angel whose sole purpose is to bring light to the shadows and joy to lost souls.

She touches Tig’s chests and he touches her face sweetly. He pulls her close, then closer and leans up to kiss her. OMG!! They both moan. He deepens the kiss. Althea asks if they did this. They tell her no and that they like Eglee. They tell her they’ll keep their eyes open. They ask about Haas. Chibs starts to deny it but Jax says he beats and extorts his own daughter and he made sure it won’t happen again. While they talk, a van pulls up in front of Scoops.

The guy breaks the window with a rock then throws in a grenade. They all go scrambling and Chibs throws himself on top of Althea to protect her. She’s stunned at what happened. Police and fire show up to work the scene at Scoops. Jax and the crew sit outside. They help Tig to the van. Venus is with him. Althea asks Chibs if he knows the guy and she says she thinks it was one of Lin’s.

She asks if the Chinese killed Tara then asked if the club retaliated. Chibs says he doesn’t know anything but she says an ice cream shop on Main Street blew up and it could have been full of kids. He asks to drive her home then says please. She relents. At Diosa Norte, some Chinese come in and are greeted politely and offered drinks. Colette siles and pours. The guys look around.

Happy tells Jax it was straight up retaliation and Bobby says someone sold them out to Lin. Jax tells Happy to check on the guns. We see a cell phone ringing in an empty warehouse. Boxes are open and West is dead shoved in an empty box. Nero pulls up and freaks. They tell him it was Chinese. He gets a call from Tom who says Lin appreciates him getting them all together He tells Nero what happens at DN will imapct him but is meant for the Sons. Colette hears and curses.

Nero tells them they’re at Diosa and all the guys go scrambling to ride over. Eglee fights for her life at the hospital. Venus rides in the van with Tig stroking and comforting him. In the car, Althea pulls her hair down and touches Chibs’ hand. He squeezes her fingers tight. Juice picks up his gun and makes sure Wendy doesn’t see him pack it in his stuff. Gemma also has a gun and screws on a silenceer. She pauses before putting it in her bag and seems to debate taking it but then does.

The guys get to the club and find their girls have been slaughtered – all gunned down. Jax looks for Colette and finds her dead behind the bar. The guys are stunned as they walk through the carnage. Bobby touches Kiki’s hair. Nero is distraught, Jax simply looks murderous.