Sons of Anarchy Best Detailed Recap: Season 7 Episode 3 “Playing With Monsters”

Sons of Anarchy Best Detailed Recap: Season 7 Episode 3 “Playing With Monsters”

Tonight on FX Kurt Sutter‘s Sons Of Anarchy starring Charlie Hunnam returns with an all new Tuesday September 23, season 7 episode 3 called, “Playing With Monsters.” On tonight’s episode an important alliance is secured for the club.

On last week’s episode the MC solicited helped from another Charter to get a messy job done. Written by Charles Murray & Kurt Sutter; directed by Billy Gierhart. Gemma told Juice to get the hell out of dodge. She gave him a burner phone, $4300, and instructed him to go to her dad’s house until they  could figure out something more permanent. In the end, Juice returned to his apartment in Charmin despite Gemma’s advice. Did you watch the last episode? We have a full and detailed recap, right here for you.

On tonight’s episode SAMCRO exploits an opportunity to secure an important alliance.

Tonight’s episode looks like it is going to be great and you won’t want to miss it, so be sure to tune in for our live coverage of FX’s Sons Of Anarchy season 7 episode 3 at 10 PM EST! While you wait for our recap hit the comments and let us know how excited you are about the return of Sons of Anarchy.

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Lyla calls for action on the set. It’s a sci-fi prono they’re shooting with a Frankenstein feel. The guys watch with interest. Actually, it’s Skankenstein and she starts making out with her lady maker. Lyla calls cut and the guys cheer enthusiastically. It’s the first take of a Red Woody production Jax tells her she’s a genius.

Juice asks Unser if he really wants to help. He asks if he’s working with the sheriffs and Unser says that’s about Tara. Juice asks how he knows he can trust him and Unser says he should already know that. Juice says he needs a big favor. Unser says he needs one too – help finding her killer. He says he’ll help if he helps him. Juice nods.

Chuck is chatting with Abel when Gemma comes in. Nero is boxing up stuff and Gemma grabs a box but Nero says it’s too heavy. He says it’s books and carries the box. Sandy asks Gemma if she’s taking her birds but she says she can’t. She asks if the girl wants them and she says she does. Kiki tells Sandy that Ken is there again. She says her dad doesn’t like what she does until he needs money.

Nero comes back in and holds her. He clucks at the birds and she asks if he really has to leave. He says it’s temporary. He says he’ll spend more time at her place and she says everyone else is living there. He calls her grandma and says she likes a full house. She asks if things will be okay with him and Jax and he says they’ll get through it. He says he wouldn’t pull her back in if he wasn’t sure. They hug.

Tom says they went to Selma and found the house. They found one dead from a shotgun to the chest. He tells Jax they had a kilo of theirs. Jax says they put out the word that they had smack to sell. Tom says they’re going to look into it but for now the detente is in place. Jax says to let them know if they need help. Tom leaves. Chibs asks if he thinks he was lying about there being just one body.

Bobby say maybe family found them. Jax says why would they take the body but not the dope. Jax says he’s got to see Tully about moving the extra keys. Bobby says he’ll call Jury. They head out and Tig says it’s Ebony Prince. Happy asks if he’s expected and Jax says no. He tells him he’s early for the afternoon 12 Inches a Slave Shoot. He’s joking. Jax gets in the car.

August asks what Lin’s crew wanted and Jax says it’s about the Irish guns. August says they need trust and it can’t live in the same space with secrets and lies. He asks again. Jax says the same reason he’s here. He says the gun buy in Selma was ambushed and his crew is a suspect so he gave proof it wasn’t him. August says he needs the proof. Jax says it’s local peckerwoods that were caught with the H. August says he knows there are some kilos still at large.

Jax says this doesn’t work if they don’t trust each other. He asks if they’re good. August says the difference between him and Pope is Pope was the smartest and he’s the deadliest. He tells Jax not to cross him because he’ll have no remorse about killing him or any of the sons Jax gets out of the car. Jax tells his guys there’s a change of plans and says it’s a black day.

They roll up on Tyler and his crew. They hug it out and ask what’s up. Tyler tells him he’s sorry about Tara and Jax says he’s sorry his crew got hit. He asks why he’s here and Chibs says August is clamping down on them and Tyler asks if they hit the Chinese. Jax says his direction may not be the same as August and he needs to know where he stands with the One-Niners. He says Laroy sold their street to Pope and they can’t shit on their pipeline.

Jax asks what if he can keep him whole and Tyler says that’s a hard promise to sell. Jax gives them half a key and tells him to move it on his own without giving August a cut. Tyler says he did his the Chinese and they tell him it just fell off a truck. He tells them Chester Kray – one of his guys – is starting a new set of purple. He asks them to help him squash that and he’ll land with them. They slap backs on it.

Unser goes to see Althea and says he may have a lead on the murders. He says it makes sense to focus on Henry Lin’s crew. She asks why they would take on Roosevelt. He tells her about black and that the Chinese are upset about it. He says Eli was escorting Tara and may have been collateral damage. She asks for the source and he says someone reliable who owes him a favor. He says it has to be off the record for now or he’ll stop talking. He leaves.

Rat Boy curses and hops off Brooke when Wendy tries the knob. Wendy asks why the door is locked. She asks if she’s doing it in front of the baby. Brooke says he’s sleeping and Rat Boy says he’s a baby. Wendy says that’s bad judgment and goes to pick Thomas up. Rat Boy begs her not to tell Gemma. Wendy tells him not to pull Brooke into this or knock her up or anything.

Jax goes to see Barosky who says it better not come back and bite him in the ass. Tig says they need to go to Pier 19 and Jax says he’ll let Barosky know when it goes down. Jax meets Chester and some of his guys have guns. He says he know they’ve been talking to Tyler. They tell him they’re looking for someone in purple who has balls and can stand up to August.

He says Lin killed his wife and August won’t let him retaliate like he won’t let them retaliate against the Mayans. Jax says he’s looking for like-minded allies. Jax says he’d hand back the guns the Mayans took and said they’re at the Navy docks 10 minutes away and hands them a paper. He says he got the intel from an ex-cop on his payroll. Chibs says they can get in and out no problem and he’ll look like a leader.

Gemma tells Chuck she’s putting him down as an emergency contact for Abel’s school. Sandy yells stop and they come in and find Ken rifling her purse. He says he’s her dad and calls Gemma her whore queen. He slaps Gemma and Nero comes in and beats him good. Sandy cries for her daddy and says sorry. Abel sees all this. Ken tells her to shut up. Gemma picks the boy up and he says she’s hurt.

Her cheek is scraped but she says she’s fine. She says the girl’s daddy did a bad thing and Abel asks if his daddy does bad things. She says no and says his daddy is a good man. Jax waits then Chester shows up. He points out the warehouse door and they Chibs says no Mayans are keeping watch. They split up and head in to get the guns. They shot the locks off and go in. Tig comes in from one side.

Jax tells them the guns are right there and Chester says he’s not playing. He tells them to check them out. The guys go over and look in and Jax gives a nod. His crew executes Chester and his boys. Jax’ phone rings and he takes the call from his mom all nice and pleasant – a good son.

The guys come back and find the cops there taking a report on the Ken incident. Gemma is reading to Abel. Sandy called the cops because her dad told her to. Chibs checks Gemma’s cheek. Jax asks if she’s okay. She tells him she’s sorry. Chibs asks where the animal is that hit her. He asks if Abel saw it and she says not really. Jax asks if he’s okay. His son nods.

Althea is there and Jax comes in. She asks them to shut the door. Nero is in the room and Chibs is there too. She says she didn’t realize this was a family business. Jax says this is rare – they run a legit, quiet business. She says Ken is pressing assault charges. Nero says Ken smacked Gemma. Althea says Ken tells another story and says that he came by to pick up money his daughter owed him.

Althea says she’ll have a chat with Ken and let him know how complicated these things can get so he might drop it. Jax says he’d appreciate that. She tells him she’d appreciate him turning up Juan Carlos Ortiz since he’s the only member of the club they haven’t been able to talk to. Jax says he split while he was inside. Chibs says he never said where he was going.

Althea says if he doesn’t turn up, they’re going to put out an APB. Althea asks if the Chinese have a reason to hurt the club and Jax says no and he’s a big fan of their food. Althea says she hopes they can work together to keep Charming safe and profitable for everyone. Jax tells her yes ma’am. On her way out, she tells Chibs they should connect later and calls him “Scotty.”

Jax tells him the new Sheriff wants a profitable relationship and Chibs adds – and a Glaswegian humping. Nero tells them he got a call about trouble at the docks. Nero says he’s headed down there. He tells Jax to look after his mom. Jax hugs him and Nero heads out. Jax says an APB on Juice is very bad. Chibs says he’s sure he’s far, far away.

We see Juice putting on his club leathers and looking in the mirror. There’s a knock and he lets Unser in. He asks if he parked in the back and then asks if he’s sure he wants to do this. Juice says yeah and they head out. Jury gets a call from Bobby asking for intel about the guys who helped with the Chinese. He says he heard they were bragging. Jury says that’s his bad since he vouched for them.

Jury says he knew one guy named Gib O’Leary. We see Jury holding dog tags. He asks if Bobby needs anything else and he says no. He tells him to give Jax his best. Jury stares at the dog tags and looks at his shotgun. Jax goes back to Tyler and tells him that he took care of his internal problem. He says Chester is done. He says his crew is going to get nervous when word gets out but Chibs says the rest will be loyal.

They tell him to weed out the nervous and he asks how. Jax tells him to have someone he trusts put out the word that Chester is gathering people who want a change in leadership to meet in Stockton at 4 pm. Tyler agrees. Jax says they’re in this together now and asks if he gets that. Tyler says he’s good with that and says he’ll make the call to August about the renegade problem. They hug and call each other brother.

Jax watches them go and Chibs gets off a call. He tells Jax that he has to see his parole officer – doesn’t know why. Happy says it’s a bullshit check in. Jax tells him to go handle it. Nero comes into the dock and sees Barosky having the clean up done by some dirty cops looking to avoid paperwork. Oso asks how they found out where they stored their shit.

Barosky says it’s not his problem and they need extra money to cover the clean up. He tells him there is some one-niner issues going on and it’s going to get worse. He tells them there is a splinter group meeting at four pm at the Creme Club. They ask how he knows and he says he knows everything. Oso tells Nero to get a group and meet. Nero tells him it’s Mayan but Oso says it’s brown and they’re all in it.

Unser waits for Chibs at the diner. Chibs asks why he’s there. Unser tells him to sit. He says he had a friend make the call to get him there. He asks why. Juice walks to the table and sits and tells Chibs he took Unser at gunpoint. Chibs calls him a dumb bastard and Juice says he had to talk to him. Chibs says he should have run when he had the chance.

Chibs asks what he wants. Juice wants to know who voted for Mayhem and if he can earn his way back. Chibs tells him he would take his gun out and eat it. Juice asks Unser for the keys. He hands them over. Juice tells Chibs if he follows him he’ll put a round in his tires. He tells him he never meant to hurt the club and says they’re the only family he ever had. He tells Chibs he loves him and goes.

Chibs starts to go after him but Unser stops him and tells him there are a dozen cops in the place. He asks Unser where he’s going and he says he has no idea. Chibs sits back and Unser says Juice is lost. Chibs says he knows and says that’s why he has to go away. Chibs tells the guys about the conversation. They ask how he got to Unser and that Juice doesn’t know why they’re after him.

Jax tells them to contact the other charters about Juice and then tells Chibs to take an envelope to Althea. Chibs says he’ll convince her that Juice is a dead end. Jax says to get her off the Chinese trail too. Chibs agrees. Bobby says he has a name on the missing body that he gave to a bounty hunter. Lyla comes and says there are guys to see him. Jax asks what color and she says black and blacker.

Jax lights up and Bobby tells him if he wants to slow down, they get it but Jax says he’s okay. Jax sits for a moment. Gemma feeds her birds and says she thinks about where this all started and what would happen if Wendy hadn’t been such a mess and then she looks at them (the kids) and knows it was all supposed to happen. Wendy comes and asks if she’s talking to the birds. She says yeah and Wendy says Unser is there to see them.

Brooke thanks Wendy for not saying anything and tells her she loves Rat Boy. Wendy says she doesn’t. Brooke says she must have loved Jax when they were together. Wendy tells her she can’t be with him that’s what she knows. Unser tells them about Juice and Chibs. He says he covered for them and Chibs doesn’t know who was hiding Juice. He also tells them the Sheriff wants to put out an APB.

Gemma tells Wendy to drive Juice out of town to a hotel. Unser agrees to go with her since he’s a raw nerve. Tyler and Jax meet with August and tell him the rogues could strike out at the Mayans or Chinese. August says he has a big property deal and this is a bad time for a gang war. He tells them to end the rogue problem now. He gets in his limo and drives off. Jax says the war is already on and August is losing it. He and Tyler bum fists.

At the club, Chester’s ride pulls up and the Mayan’s get out and blow away all the one-niner rogues. Nero helps out. There was just a handful of the dudes and they go down in a hail of bullets. Althea meets Chibs in a parking deck. She tells him to call her Ally and he says he’s Chibs – Scottish slang for street blade. She asks how old he was when it happened. She shows him her scar on her stomach.

She says it was Easter dinner and her ex. He hands her an envelope. She looks at it and says she was expecting intel on Ortiz. He tells her finding Juice won’t help her investigation and the APB will complicate things for everyone. She says she’ll do what she can but can buy him a few days. Then he tells her they’re good with the Chinese. He tells her he’s just trying to help her do her job.

He tells her the money is a flexible rate and they’d appreciate a heads up from things coming down from above. She says she’d appreciate a heads up on ugly things coming up from below. She tells him to ride safe and hops in her SUV. Wendy and Unser bring Juice to a motel out of town. She says it’s just until he figures out where he wants to go. Unser says he has to stay put and says he’ll check him in under his name. She promises to check on him tomorrow.

There’s a knock at the door and Brooke answers. It’s Nero. She says Gemma will be home soon and offers him some cake Gemma made. He thanks her and sits. Jax helps Gemma out of the car and he thanks her for helping out. She says she likes any excuse to bake. She asks if he had a rough day and he says this will help. Some guys bust into a Chinese massage parlor. The woman says the place belongs to Henry Lin. They tell her Augustus Marks doesn’t care and beat the girls and bust the place up. Tibs is driving Chester and the other black guys around busting up Lin’s places and blaming August.

Gemma is at Ken’s place. She says she shouldn’t have gotten in his business. She says she made him a peace offering and says she made him a pineapple upside down cake. He opens the door and offers her a drink. Jax comes in behind her and kicks the shit out of the guy repeatedly. She watches for a moment then turns her back to keep an eye out.