Sons of Anarchy Recap 11/11/14: Season 7 Episode 10 “Faith and Despondency”


Tonight on FX Kurt Sutter‘s Sons Of Anarchy starring Charlie Hunnam continues with an all new Tuesday November 11, season 7 episode 10 called, “Faith and Despondency.” On tonight’s episode, love is in the air for SAMCRO.

On last week’s episode the club dealt with heartache internally and conflict with the organization at large. Written by Mike Daniels & Roberto Patino & Kurt Sutter; directed by Peter Weller. Did you watch the last episode? If you missed it, we have a full and detailed recap, right here for you.

On tonight’s episode as per the FX synopsis, “love is in the air for Samcro members but death wins the day. Written by Kem Nunn & Gladys Rodriquez & Kurt Sutter; directed by Paris Barclay.”

Tonight’s episode looks like it is going to be great and you won’t want to miss it, so be sure to tune in for our live coverage of FX’s Sons Of Anarchy season 7 episode 10 at 10 PM EST!

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Jack falls into his bed with Winsome. Gemma is face down with Nero on top of her and she stares dully forward as he does his business. Tig is doing his “lady” friend Venus and Althea is riding Chibs. Rat Boy is getting some and so is Happy. The whole MC is busy getting laid. Wendy even broke out her vibrator. Tully is doing some guy who does not look happy at all. Jax finishes up then starts to cry.

Winsome asks if she did something wrong and he says no. She tells him she heard what happened to his wife and tells him sorry. She gets up to leave and he touches her back and asks where she’s going. She says she thought he wanted her to leave but he asks her to stay and even says please. She lies back down with him and cuddles up. He holds her hand and they start kissing again and he puts his arm around her. He tells her this is nice.

In the morning, Nero asks how the crew is holding up and Jax says it’s brutal – that they all leaned on Bobby. He says he’s not sure what SAMCRO looks like without him. Nero says he tried to talk to him a few times and says he’s serious about selling his piece. Jax says he knows but says he can’t buy him out. Nero says he talked to Alvarez and he has the cash and then Oso will run the Stockton house.

Jax asks if he did the deal behind his back but Nero says he was just exploring options and nothing is set in stone. He tells time they both know it’s time he got the farm. He says he won’t drop out and will stick around to make sure the transition works. Winsome says she has to go to Red Woody. Jax tells her where some stuff is and she takes Jax’s hand sweetly before she goes.

Nero says she seems to be adjusting to life indoors and Jax says she’s smart and seems stable. Jax says he’s okay with Alvarez he’s just not ready to lose Nero. He says he loves Gemma and will be around but is hoping Gemma and the boys will spend time with him at the farm. He says it’s quiet and safe and will be a nice spot for them to get away.

Rat says goodbye to his woman and says he didn’t know Jax was here. Jax says he couldn’t sleep and has crashed there the last couple of nights. Rat asks if he’s heard more about August but Jax says he’s still in country. Rat says he’s meeting TO at the fireside. Jax tells Rat to head out when Winsome comes in with a box. She asks if those are the records.

He thanks her for helping out but she says she doesn’t know what she’s doing. She says she likes the girls and is going to get a place with a couple of them before they all get gunned down by Chinese gangsters. He smiles and thanks her for “hanging out” with him. She says anytime and he kisses her. She says she doesn’t know much about this but can tell he’s in pain.

She says she knows it’s hard to look past the shit we do and says she’s lost track of the people she’s hurt and disappointed but he’s been kind to her. She says he kept his word when a lot of people don’t. She says he’s a decent guy and hopes he sees that about himself. He leaves. Venus finds Tig in the morning and asks if he’s off to new adventures. He’s drinking straight liquor and tells her he’s headed to Stockton.

She kisses him and asks if she’ll see him later. Tig says he’s not sure and Venus asks if he’s okay. He tells her it’s fine and kisses her cheek then goes but it’s clearly not good this morning when it was great last night. She’s hurt and then touches her face where he did and feels the stubble on her cheeks. She sits down and broods.

Gemma tells Abel to eat fast and Wendy asks what happened to his face. He says Tommy scratched him and Wendy says she’ll trim his nails. Grant tries to get Loutreesha to eat and she says she will. Quinn comes in and says it’s a go. Loutreesha asks when they can go home and Montez says they’ll know by the end of the day.

Grant says they can’t just wait to see if someone will kill them and Happy says they’ll bring them home when it’s safe. Gemma drops Abel off at school and Harrison comes to walk him in. She asks what happened to his eye and he says it was his little brother. Gemma drives off and Harrison asks if an adult or someone else did this to him, he should tell her.

Abel asks if they’d be in trouble with the police and she says yes and with the school. She walks him inside. Tully meets with Jax and asks if he found out why they put Juice in solitary. Jax says no only that Jerry took the deal to the DA. Tully says he’s working on getting the right guys on to take care of the other matter. Jax says he’s meeting with Otis and Tully says he just got out of the joint and is solid.

He says Leland isn’t happy about the management shift. Jax says he’ll help them adjust so long as he makes sure Juice gets to Lin. Tully also tells him that he’s going to keep that little Puerto Rican close so no one breaks his heart and Jax says Juice could use a little loving. Moses and crew walk out of one of August construction offices when an SUV rolls up. It’s Tyler and he asks what he needs.

Moses says he knows Loutreesha made a statement and got a lawyer. Moses says he has to talk to the pastor’s family about changing their statements. He tells Tyler to find out where Jax is keeping them. Moses says his closeness and the one niners closeness to the MC is bothersome and Tyler says they’re with August, not Jax. Moses tells him to prove it.

Tyler tells him there’s a guy that runs their support crew – TO. He says he probably knows. Moses asks if he’s a Grim Bastard. Tyler says he’ll track him down and let him know what he finds out but Moses says they’re going to do it together. Tyler has no choice but to ride along. At school, Abel goes into the bathroom and looks at the scratch on his face. He goes into a stall and locks himself in.

He takes off his shirt and hangs it up then sits on the toilet and opens his lunchbox. Inside, he has a thermos, a fruit roll up and a fork. He wipes his nose then takes the fork and looks at it carefully. Holy cow, what is that kid up to? Jax and the others roll up to meet Otis and he introduces Chibs, Tig and Happy. They head around back and Jax says he talked to Tully. Otis says Leland is late.

He shows Jax he has a bunch of guys and says most don’t give a shit about the management change. One of the guys calls Tig a tranny humper and asks if he thinks people think he doesn’t know he sucks dick. Tig steps forward but Chibs stops him. Tig comes over and demands an apology. The guy calls him an ass raping freak and Tig shoots him in the crotch. Otis calls everyone down but one guy pulls.

Jax shoots the guy in the head and Otis says the next one that pulls gets the same from him. The idiot he shot in the crotch tells them that Leland is on the way to kill that bitch cop. Happy steps on the guy’s crotch and tells him to answer when Jax asks what’s up. The guy says he’s going to kill Eglee because he knows Tully is setting Leland up for killing her n&^*% partner. Jax curses and says he has to go.

They put a bullet in crotch guy’s head and Chibs calls Rat who is meeting with another guy. Tyler points TO out to Moses and then Moses rolls up. Rat has just walked out to tell him he has to go when Moses’ guys grab him and TO. Tyler says he’s SAMCRO and tries to play it cool acting like it was a coincidence.

Leland walks into the hospital carrying flowers. He sets them down and looks through some magazines until the doctors come out of some secure doors. He takes a seat and looks around. Jax and the others ride furiously for the hospital. They speed around cars. A doctor goes into the secured area and Leland slips in behind him. He heads down the hall looking like he should be there.

He tosses the flowers down and pulls a gun out of the gift bag and heads into a room. He sees the bed is empty but hears water running. He thinks she’s in the shower. He goes in and closes the door behind him. He sneaks into the bathroom and Unser is there, puts a gun to his head and tells him to toss the gun. Instead, he grapples with Unser who shoots him several times. He’s hurt too and slumps down.

The cops are in the hospital room and Unser tells Althea he had no time to call it in but moved Eglee to another room. He says he got an anonymous heads up. Althea thinks he’s protecting the MC but he says this was a clean kill. They ask Althea to step in but she tells Unser his anonymous friends are waiting in the lobby and says they’ll talk later.

Unser comes out and tells Jax that Eglee is okay and says he puts three bullets in Leland. Chibs says the guy was scum then leaves to take a call. Unser tells him he had no kills on the job and tells him this is out of hand. Unser says Eglee didn’t ID anyone and Unser asks if there are more coming. Jax says no, Leland was the end of it and thanks Unser. He says he owes him.

Chibs says Wendy called to say that he has to come to Abel’s school and she doesn’t know what’s going on. He says child services were called and he has to show up. Chibs says they’ll handle black and tells him to go take care of his family. Jax leaves. Chibs sends Happy with Jax and Tig rolls with him. TO and Rat are tied up and Moses tells him that he faces what Bobby did if he doesn’t cooperate.

Moses asks where the pastor’s son and wife are. They don’t answer and the beating starts. TO curses. Tyler watches this uncomfortably. Juice gets a package from Tully delivered by a guard. He opens it and sees it’s a book of poems and some petroleum jelly. He says “holy shit” knowing what’s waiting for him if Tully gets his hands on him.

Gemma is at the school and is in an office. She sees Jax and gestures to him and says they won’t tell her anything. Mildred, the vice-principal introduces Treal from child services, an investigator and sends for Harrison, Abel’s teacher. They won’t tell Jax anything. Harrison comes in with Abel and Jax asks what’s going on. Harrison tells Abel to show his dad. He pulls up his sleeve and there is a horrible wound there.

Jax asks who did it and Harrison tells him to tell the truth – that it’s safe. Abel says it was Grandma. Jax looks over at his mom who is stunned. Later, Moses comes back in to see Rat and TO. He has a grapefruit spoon and says it’s a great tool for taking out an eye. He asks who’s first. Tyler stands there looking and TO says he can’t let the psycho take his eye. He tells Moses he knows where they are.

He says it’s a cabin and the whole charter is probably there. TO says he’ll write it down. Moses tells TO that he’s disappointed that a brother was the first to cave. Tyler asks if they’re good and Moses says he’ll let him know when they get there. Tyler follows Moses out. Wendy tells Jax she dressed Abel for school and there was no injury. Jax asks why he lies and says he knew Gemma would be in trouble.

Gemma says Abel has been quiet and distant and Nero says it may be about Tara. He says maybe Abel thinks Gemma is replacing Tara and Wendy says he needs to talk to someone. Gemma says he doesn’t need a shrink and Jax says he needs something if he’s willing to do this to himself. Nero agrees he needs a counselor. Jax says Gemma can’t be alone with him because child services is involved now.

He says they have to follow protocol or else the kids could be taken by the state. He asks Wendy to come home with him and help and says he’s taking the kids back to his house. She agrees. Gemma is floored. Jax tells his mom he’s sorry and she says it’s okay. He kisses her on the head and leaves. Wendy says she’ll pack their stuff and bring the kids by after school lets out. He thanks her.

Wendy goes to Gemma and holds her to comfort her. Moses and the others follow the map to the cabin. St the holding cell, Tyler comes in with another guy. Tyler shoots the other guy and frees them. He says he’s sorry it got so messy. Rat and TO roll out with him. Moses and the others pull up to the Nazi’s farmhouse. They wonder if TO was lying. They get out of the cars.

They surround the house and Moses says to clear it. They walk around and poke into a back shed. No one seems to be around. Some guys walk through the house and they tell Moses it’s all clear. They hear a phone ring in the RV in the yard. They all sneak up on it as the ringing stops. One guy opens the door and then the camper blows up taking out a bunch of his crew.

Then the Aryans, Jax and the others storm out and start firing on them with automatic weapons. There are even guys up on the roof shooting down. They slaughter them all but Moses manages to stand. Jax hands his gun to Tig and walks over and tries to stand. Chibs takes his gun. Moses tells Jax – good for him. Jax rips the guy’s eye out. Then Chibs cuts off most of his fingers while Moses screams. The guy lies there whimpering. Jax glares at him. Moses looks up at him, one eyeball hanging by its nerves and Jax puts two in his head, finishing him off. Karma is a bitch, baby!

Abel asks if Wendy is his first mommy because he came out of her tummy. Jax says yes. He asks if that’s why Grandma killed his other mommy, so his first mommy could be here with him. Jax is absolutely shocked into silence!