Sons of Anarchy Spoilers Season 7 Premiere, Episode 2 ‘Toil and Till’ – Preview Review Sneak Peek Video

Sons of Anarchy Spoilers Season 7 Premiere, Episode 2 'Toil and Till' - Preview Review Sneak Peek Video
Another great night of Sons of Anarchy on FX!  Here is our review of the Season 7 premiere of SOA called, “Black Widower.”  Premiere episode opened with Gemma kissing and comforting her grandsons. Abel ran off.  Next we see the Sons riding on their bikes, Juice is doing push ups NAKED.

Unser gets a call while he is putting some flowers on Tara’s grave.  Jax cuts the guys throat, Wendy is busy packing her bag.  The Mayans are hanging out and when Nero comes around one hands him a beer.  Lyla is welcoming people to the Red Woody. Haha love it.

Jax is still busy with the guy who is gurgling and dying on the floor. Jax feels that he needs a swastika carved in his head and then a couple of his teeth pulled out. Not even five minutes in and we have the first dead person of the season. Because that’s how the Sons roll!

Unser picks Wendy up at rehab. Unser reminds her the plan was for ninety days. Wendy assures him she will be fine and then tells him nine days was enough due to the fact she was crawling out of her skin. Wendy then states she was worried about Abel and there is no way Gemma can take care of the boys.

DA Patterson walks up on Gemma sending her paperwork through so she can see Jax. Gemma isn’t thrilled in the least and walks away. Patterson tells the guy behind the glass to make sure she gets in before Gemma does. Patterson then proceeds to walk right on over and take the chair next to Gemma. Patterson tells Gemma she is sorry for her loss. Gemma claims she is too. One of the Sons walk over and ask Gemma if everything is alright. Gemma assures him it is and throws in a sweetheart. Patterson ask if he is protection. Gemma gets a bit disgusted and informs him that he is company because she gets a little lonely. Patterson tells her that’s understandable she has lost a lot of people close to her. Gemma agrees. Gemma ask if there are any leads on Tara’s case. Patterson tells her unfortunately no and that the one person who could help her the most refuses to talk to anyone besides his mother. Gemma points out that he found the woman he loves more than anything dead. Gemma then ask Patterson what she wants him to say. Patterson wisely stays quiet.

It’s lunch time in prison and Jax strides right up to this guy. He throws slit throat guys teeth on the table of front of him. Apparently it was all for the love of Manson. No really Manson is the guy at the table. I bet teeth don’t even rank on his top ten list of the strangest things he has ever had thrown at him. Anyway he ask Jax what’s this. Jax gets cute and says he thought they were into that they could make a necklace or something. Tully (Manson) is not even slightly amused. His face is clearly sending the message that sweet dreams are not made of this. Jax decides its time to get serious and explains he was told if he wanted a sit down he had to make the message clear. Jax points out that he did just that and the snitch will not be talking for a very long time. So with a nod of his head Tully clears the table and he and Jax have their sit down. Tully ask him what he wants. Jax just wants to clear the air and make sure all is copacetic with the AB and the SOA. Jax brings up Darby. Tully stops him right there and makes it clear that Darby was a poser and the Nords were a joke. Jax brings up Zobelle and points out he was a cancer that almost got them both killed. Tully asked he knows anything about the slaughter at Gerbers Ranch. Boy does he the stories he could tell. Nope never mind Jax lies and says he thought it was some internal bs. Jax cuts to the chase and says they both know that brown and yellow are pulling together because black has the gun trade. Yeah they sure do Jax thanks to you remember? Does the name Marks ring any bells? Tully is bobbing his head up down in agreement. Jax says the streets are going to get bloody. Tully uses a inappropriate word that I won’t use now or ever. Jax laughs like its funny. Jax tells him he can be a hater all,he wants but the point is when he gets to Stockton he needs to look for the darkest hand in the yard. Tully puts his hands on his face in a moment of thought. A guard walks over and tells Jax the DA would like to see him. Jax looks back to Tully and ask if they are good. Tully tells,him he might need a few things from him in the future and after that they are good. They shake on it. Jax leaves. Tully picks up one of the teeth. He is so going to make a craft project out of those.

Unser drops Wendy off at her house. He goes to take her bag for it but she says she is good. Wendy tells him her house is a disaster because she left in such a hurry. Wendy hugs Unser and thanks him for the lift. Unser ask if he can give her some advice. Wendy tells,him please. Unser tells her before she goes to see the boys she should go see Jax and tell,him what she wants to do because that’s the respectful way to handle it. Wendy nods her head and says ok. Unser tells,her the guys will give her all of Jax’s info. Unser tells her they are probably at the ice dream shop. Wendy thanks Unser once again. Wendy walks in her apartment without using a key. The place is spotless. A place for everything and everything in its place. The cabinets in the kitchen are full of food. She is about to open the refrigerator when juice comes out of the bathroom in just a towel. Wendy jumps back and yelps in shock. Juice says oh shit and gives her the well this is just great look.

Patterson is with Jax. She informs him that they have dick in the way of solving Tara’s murder case. She has talked to the Sons. Well all of them except Juice. He is MIA. Jax stays quiet. Patterson says she understands his pain and the reason for his silence. She tells Jax she lost a son and a nephew to gang violence. She tells she wanted them all dead instead of arrested. Bullets in the back of the head just the way they killed her boy. Patterson tells,him it’s a natural reaction to want revenge it’s a part of grieving. The only difference is in her world she knew those deadly desires would never become a reality. She tells Jax he is off the hook and free to go. Patterson kind of laughs and says she has been doing her job for over twenty years and she never has talked about her personal life with anyone on the other some of the table until today. Jax ask her why him. Patterson tells him it was a simple matter of needing a way to connect with the man who by all accounts did the right thing ten days ago and who knows the importance of family. Patterson also tells,him that more violence will end up destroying what’s left of his family. Patterson leaves.

Wendy is sitting at the table. Juice comes out and she ask why Gemma would let him stay there. Juice tells her he has a situation. Gemma told him Wendy was going to be gone a few months. Wendy tells him she is back and as much as she appreciates him cleaning her house and for some reason rearranging all her furniture he has to go. Juice tells her he can’t because he is hiding from the club. Wendy says shit. Juice tells her it’s complicated. Wendy tells him it’s simple, she lives there he doesn’t. Juice tells her they will kill him. Juice sits down across from her at the table and tells her he is sorry and that he will find another place but he needs to wait until it’s dark. Wendy is fine with that. She ask if her car is still outback that she needs to go and talk to Jax. Juice tells her it’s still there. Juice ask her to please not say anything to Jax. Wendy tells him she won’t. Wendy leaves and Juice stays sitting at the table.

Jax is driving and Gemma is riding shot gun. Jax brings up Patterson. Gemma tells him how she grilled everyone including her. Gemma then tells,him she doesn’t think they have any suspects. Jax tells her that they don’t. Jax then ask about Juice. Gemma tells him they tracked down his sister but she hasn’t seen him in years. Gemma tells him they have someone watching his apartment and the weed shop. Gemma ask him if it’s about club shit. Jax tells her yeah. Jax ask her if everything went ok with the funeral. Gemma tells him yes. Gemma tells him the service was two days ago and it was just the club and family. Gemma says it was quiet and respectful. She then tells him that Able doesn’t know what happened just that his mommy is in heaven. Jax is really quiet. Gemma tells him it’s good he is out and calls him baby. She tells him the boys need him. Jax makes a turn and Gemma ask him where he is going. Jax tells her to Scoops and that he can’t see the boys until he gets clear on what he has to do. Gemma tells him yeah ok and that she gets it. Jax reaches down and takes her hand. Jax tells her what she has done for him means a lot to him and he couldn’t do it without her and that he loves her. Gemma tells him she loves him and she is there for him for whatever he needs her to do. He lets go of her hand and puts it back on the wheel. Gemma racked with guilt looks out the window.

Tig along with Chibs and company pull up in front of Flint’s. Flint comes out and looks surprised to see everyone there. Tig makes a wisecrack about just thinking he was short when the topic of him having no legs is brought up. TO tells Flint that someone ran one of his bikers off the road and he heard it was East Dub. TO makes it clear he wants to know who it was. Chibs explains that while Jax is away the Sons will play. Tig orders a Flint to point out who did it. Flint just gives Tig shit. Chibs having clearly lost his temper points a gun right at Flints head. Chibs orders a Flints guys to put down their guns. When one doesn’t do it quick enough Chibs shoots him in his leg. Chibs turns his attention back to Flint and demands to know who was driving the Impala. Flint mocks Chibs and says he can’t understand him and the calls him Clan McDouchebag. Enough is enough and they chain his wheelchair to Bobby’s bike. Bobby takes off to give Flint what I assume will be his last ride considering his wheelchair tips and he is dragged while screaming for Bobby to stop.

Jax hasn’t even been out of the joint a good hour and he is already spitting out orders. He tells Gemma to head straight to TM and take one of the guys with her. Gemma agrees and he gives her a kiss goodbye. He goes in the ice dream shop and Gemma heads off. Gemma sees Wendy and jumps out of her car and ask Wendy if she is shitting her. Wendy tells her she just wants to get Jax’s info. Gemma tells Wendy he is out and that it’s not a good idea for her to bother him today. Wendy just wants to tell Jax she wants to help. Gemma tells her not today. The boys are back from their little trip. Wendy ask where the boys are staying. Gemma says with her. Wendy says she can just talk to Jax when he comes to see them. Wendy informs Gemma she will be staying with her now that she sublet her place to Juice. Gemma ask what Juice told her. Wendy tells her he told her he is hiding from the club and that Gemma is helping him which to Wendy is way out of character for Gemma. Gemma Jair says there has been enough death. Wendy sees Jax come out to greet the boys. They all take turns hugging him. They all notice Wendy. Chibs offers to take care of it. Jax says he has it. Jax tells him he will meet them upstairs. Jax heads over to Wendy. Gemma is right there. Jax ask her what she is doing there. Wendy says she checked out. Gemma tells Jax she called and told her to come, she says she knows she should have waisted but that she needed her help with the boys. Gemma tells him to talk to her and walks away. Wendy tells him he tells him she doesn’t care if Able ever knows she is his mother she just wants him and Thomas to be happy and healthy. Wendy ask him to please let her help. Jax tells her to work it out with Gemma. Wendy tells him ok. Jax walks away.

Oso, Nero, and Alvarez are having a little meeting of the minds. They discuss using the water to move product instead if the highway. Them they bring up Barosky and how he is just like a dirty cop. Before that discussion can really get anywhere Nero is informed that has is on his way home. Nero gets up and tells them he will go see where Jax is at. Alvarez walks with Nero and tells him they appreciate his help. Nero jokes that he is no politician but maybe he can come up,with something to keep them all whole. Alvarez lets Nero know that Oso is worried about his loyalty to the Sons. Nero tells Alvarez that they are just going to have to trust him like Alvarez does. Alvarez brings up Gemma. Nero tells him she knows how the world works. Alvarez tells Nero he didn’t answer his question. Nero says maybe he would make a good politician. Alvarez smiles. Nero hops in the car and leaves.

Jax and everyone are sitting around that bad ass table of theirs. He thanks them for helping his family. Jax ask if their alliances are in place. Bobby assures him that they are and Happy shows him his newest smiley face tat which is the equivalent of his notch in a bedpost except in this case it means he whacked someone instead of getting whacked off. Jax brings up the Grim Bastards. Chibs says Flints guy is on that. I bet. Jax informs everyone that he had a sit down with Tully. Jax thinks for now they are good with white. Bobby tells him the garage is solid, that they are taking bids to fix the clubhouse and that Diosa is picking up. Quinn lets him the porn studio is almost done and that Lyla is tracking down the girls. Quinn tells,him the name of the studio is Red Woody.

Jax goes in a rant about how he never wanted to be in charge but knew someday he would be. That he tried to get the club away from all the outlaw shit but it just hasn’t worked. Jax says he thinks it was his way of trying to undo all the bad shit he has done and all the people he hurt. Jax says it was dangerous and selfish. Jax tells them he lost the woman he loves but he won’t lose his club. Jax tells them to move forward he needs to know that there isn’t any mistrust or doubt and that they are willing to kill or die for the man sitting next to them. Chibs reassures Jax that they all are all in and he ask what he needs from them.

Juice is laying on the couch watching Animal Planet. When he hears a noise at the door. He grabs his gun and jumps up. It’s just Gemma. She wants to know what all he told Wendy. Juice says he told her they wanted him dead. Gemma says she will take care of Wendy and that he doesn’t have to leave tonight but that he has to go,soon because Jax is out. Gemma tells him she will get him enough money to get to Idaho or Montana, somewhere where there isn’t a charter. Gemma tells him once he gets there she will get him the rest of the cash he needs when eventing calms down. Gemma ask if he needs anything. Juice tells her no and then ask her how Jax is doing. Gemma tells him Jax is sad. Juice ask what she said to him and how she could just have a conversation about Tara. Gemma gets a little offensive and tells Juice she isn’t a psychopath. Depends on your definition of the word. Gemma says what happens with Tara and Roosevelt was awful. She tells him she knows how horrible what she did was but that happened because they both were protecting the club. Juice brings up the fact that Jax was turning himself in. Gemma yells,that she didn’t know that. Gemma calms down and then points out that she made choices on the truth she had and so did he. Gemma tells,him if Jax finds out he won’t just have lost his wife that he will lose his mother. Gemma says she is the only thread holding this family together. A thread that is slowly but surely starting to unravel. Gemma says it’s not about protecting her or Juice it’s about protecting Jax and his boys. Gemma tells,him keeping their truth from Jax is the right thing to do. Juice tells her he understands. Gemma tells Juice she doesn’t know why Jax wants him dead and wants to leave it that way. Gemma says she will,help,him because he helped her by giving her a truth that works. She tells him not to chat up the junkie, gives him a kiss and leaves.

Nero is having a cup of coffee in the ice cream parlor. Chucky starts to,whistle along with the music. Nero looks up at him. Chucky tells him that Gemma misses him. Nero ask if Gemma told him that. Chucky says she hardly says a word to him but every time a car pulls into TM she looks up hoping and wishing it was him. Jax comes down and he and Nero share a quick hug. Nero ask if they can talk. Chibs and Tig look on. When they are alone Nero tells,him he is sorry about Tara and if there is anything he can do to let him know. Jax tells,him he appreciates it. Nero ask if they have any leads on who did it. Jax tells them they got nothing. Nero then brigs up the talks he has been having with the Mayans and the Chinese. Nero tells him he is just trying to keep his hood together. Nero tells him that Alvarez and Lin want to get together an offer their condolences as well as assure him that they had nothing to do with what happened to Tara. Jax lets Nero know until he is confident that is the case he will be taking care of Diosa and he wants Nero to deal with Colette’s to avoid conflict. Nero agrees to it and then tells Jax they need to get the meeting together soon. Jax tells him to do it. Nero says he will set it up.

Unser walks out to greet Patterson when she shows up,at TM. He wants to know what he can do for her. She ask if he remembers her. Unser says yes that they worked the Kayhill warehouse murder together a few years back. He tells her no one is there right now. She tells,him she wants to talk with him. Patterson knows he was close to Tara and about his long history with the Sons. Patterson tells her that Althea Jerry will bee taking over as Sheriff. Patterson wants him to give her a history lesson. She wants Unsers help with the MC since a war is brewing. She wants him to be a consultant. Unser tells her his gun and badge days are flushed. Patterson lets him know that she will tell Jerry they spoke when she briefs her. Patterson leaves.

Jax is at his meeting with Lin and Alvarez. I think he has smoked what has to be his third pack of cigarettes since this show started. Jax tells them he appreciates their condolences. Talk kind of stall,for a minute so Nero tries to mediate. Nero says they have to figure out how to move forward. Jax knows him handing the gun trade of to Marks upset the balance. Jax tells them that he was so focused on getting away from the IRA that he didn’t think about blow back. Jax tells them he has a relationship with Barosky and he can help them with that and look the other way. Jax then informs them he is right with Connor Malone who runs the Irish trade and the guns they want. Lin tells Jax it’s a start. Jax invites them all to the party the Sons are throwing him so that they can meet Connor. At first Lin is uncertain he has seen how Jax handles things. Jax claims he didn’t know that was going to happen at the warehouse. Jax tells him his family and even some kids will be there. Lin ask is the escorts will be serving “snacks.” Nero smiles and tells him he can arrange that. They all agree to come. Hand shakes all around and Jax’s gets up and leaves.

TO is watching the car. Bobby thinks it could be a trap. Jax wants to find out so they grab some guns and off they go. They shoot the door open and start going from room to room. A girl takes a shot at them so they drop her and the two guys she is with. They realize to late that they killed a Reverend and the assistant Pastor of of Piedmont Grace Church. They instantly go into cover u mode. Jax shoots the one guy that is still breathing. Because why not? I mean he is already walking through the valley of the shadow of death might as well make it a jog. Jax tells his guys what to do with the bodies and then he tells TO he might need a favor from him later. TO is ok with that.

Gemma is helping Lyla stock the liquor for the party. Lyla informs Gemma that she wants to produce porn mostly because she is tired of squats and waxing. Gemma says she is tired of that as well. TMI Gemma TMI. Gemma tells Lyla she is thinking of bronzing her clit and turning it into a necklace. Lyla tells Gemma she might want to hold land that jewelry project and points out Nero to Gemma. Lyla tells Gemma Nero misses her. Lyla gives Nero a kiss on the cheek and leaves. Nero comments on them cleaning up the old shit hole. Gemma ask him of he saw Jax. Nero tells,her they talked. Nero ask her if she knows why he had to out some distance here. Gemma says yeah she gets it, the street calls he has to handle his shit. Nero says he doesn’t answer to the street right now. He is Jair trying to help the people he cars about. Gemma’s ask him how that’s going. Nero tells her he thinks they might be ok. Nero takes her hand and they touch their heads together. Nero tells Gemma he loves her. Gemma tells him she loves him. Gemma,ask him what happens now. Nero tells,her one day at a time. Gemma kind of scoffs walks over to him tells,him she hates that shit and kisses him. Lyla, Chucky, and some cute blonde all smile while they watch.

Wendy comes home with a bag of groceries and some water bottles for Juice. She sits it all on the counter. Wendy tells,him she talked to Gemma and he can stay a few days till he figures things out and that she will go and stay with Gemma. Juice tells Gemma thank you. Wendy tells him she picked him up some fresh fruit, some water and shit, and some cleaning supplies in case he gets bored. Juice tells her thanks. There is a knock at the door and it’s Unser. Wendy tells Juice he is her ride and hands him her car keys explaining Gemma thought he should have the car in case he needed to leave in a hurry. Something about this just isn’t right. Juice takes the keys. Wendy tells him she has to let Unser in so Juice takes off to hide. She lets Unser in and tells him she will be ready to go in a minute she just needs to pack a bag. Unser tells her to take her time and looks around. He comments on how clean the house is. Wendy says she got carried away. Unser heads over to the fridge. I think we all know where this is heading. Unser sees everything in the fridge in its own designated place. Unser notices the bag of groceries that suspiciously has items that are already in the fridge inside it. Unser ask he if she is bringing them and she tells him no. Wendy ask Unser to grab her coat out of the closet. Unser heads to the closet. Wendy ask him to get her long leather coat and when he takes it out it reveals Juice’s hidden bag. Just as I thought this all was a set up. Wendy wants Juice to be found. Wendy walks out and Unser closes the closet door. Unser ask her if she is set and she says yup. They head out and Unser takes one last look around before he closes the apartment door.

Jax’s party is in full swing. People are walking around with drinks there are girls in a cage dancing, girls on stage, then girls and more girls fooling around with the guys at the party. Chibs and Jax are attempting to,convince Connor to go along with their plan. Connor wants to know if marks is aware of it. Jax tells him he is in New York and when he gets back he will catch him up to speed. Chibs tells him after this he is no longer a part of it. Chibs tells him it’s a win win. Connor tells Chibs he like his wins one at a time. Nero sees them talking but gets distracted when the Chinese come in. Jax ask if they are doin this. Connor agrees to talk to them. Gemma sees all this and wonders what is going on. Introductions all around. Jax tells them to sit and they can discuss it he offers to get them some drinks. Jax then turns to Lyla and tells her to get the drinks. Connor looks nervous as he sits down.

Unser is back at Wendy’s. Unser heads right for the closet. He opens the bag and finds a Sons jacket in it. He hears a clock and then Juice tells him to get up. Unser ask him how he is doing all the while he has the gun pointed at Unser’s head.

Gemma is doing that eavesdropping walking around thing she does so well. She walks over to Dun and ask him if he would like a refill. Dun tells her no that he is good. Gemma brings up the fact the place is crawling with free pussy and porn stars that are getting paid to fill every orifice with Asian cock. Gemma ask him if he is doing that Shoaling monk thing. He laughs and says no offense but that she sounds like a mom. Gemma tells him she is at that the guest of honor is her son. Dun says it’s nice to meet her. Gemma ask him if he has a wife and kids. Dun tell her no because he didn’t expect to love this long. With that it becomes clear that Dun is going to be Gemma’s new fall guy. Gemma pats him in the back and tells him to enjoy himself. Gemma nods at Jax as she walks away.

Jax goes over to TO and tells him he is going to need that favor. TO ask what it is. Jax ask him if he sees the Chinese guy in the yellow shirt sitting at the bar. TO looks over at him. Jax tells him he needs him to follow him. Jax tells TO he needs him alive. TO wants to know what happens if he has someone with him. Jax makes that seem irrelevant all Jax is concerned with is staying off of Lin’s radar. Jax gives him a address and tells him to take him there. TO tells Jax he has to know what this is about. Jax looks at Gemma who comes over. Jax tells her to tell TO. Gemma tells feed him some lie about how the night Tara was killed she went back to the Jax’s house to get some stuff for the boys and when she got close she someone in a Mercedes waiting in the driveway. Gemma continues and says that his guy ran by the side of the house coming out the backdoor and that he threw his jacket and some other shit in the trunk of his car. She did she went real slow when they passes by and that she got a real good look at the guy that was in the house. Gemma points over at a Dun and says it was him. Gemma ends with she didn’t know Tara was inside she tells,him she left and went looking for the club. Jax tells him the Chinese killed Tara. TO is all in.

TO delivers Dun to the address he was given. Jax runs into Lin on his way out. They chit chat and Jax plays nice but his face instantly goes back to expressionless when he passes him. The usual players are with Jax. Tig, Chibs, Happy, and Bobby.

Wendy has Thomas in her arms when there is a knock at the door. She goes to see who it is. It’s Nero and he is there to see Gemma. Wendy lets him in to wait for her.

Meanwhile Gemma is washing dishes in Jax’s empty house in the dark at the very sink she tries to drowned Tara in. Speaking of Tara ,Gemma has a dialogue going with her. She tells Tara she is sorry and that she doesn’t think Wendy is trying to replace either one of them. If she had seen the way Wendy looked at Nero I bet she would rethink that statement. Gemma tells her Wendy will be good for the boys, for now. Jax opens the door and when Gemma moves you see Dun tied up and behind her.

This is where I would have loved to press the forward button but of course I can’t. So instead of just going to give you the cliff notes version of events. Jax pretty much tortures Dun he also loses a article of clothing each time he does something to him. So does Jax ironically enough.

Also we see Juice sitting watch over a tied up Unser.

Wendy feeding Thomas while Able sleeps.

Gemma comes home to a waiting Nero. She is trying her hardest not to cry and is failing horribly. Nero tries to reassure her it will all be fine. If he knew what just went down he would change his mind for sure.

Of course Jax isn’t happy with just mere torture. That’s child’s play, no what is really going to make this work for Jax is the fact he rams a fork in Duns head. Ah vengeance misguided of otherwise. Bobby was even cringing by this point. Guess none of them thought Jax had it in him. Guess they learned a thing or two over the course of the those nine minutes. Bloody awful stuff.


If you’re like me and cannot wait until next episode of Sons of Anarchy called, “Toil and Till,” we have managed to get our hands on the synopsis and a sneak peek preview, below!

On the next episode, “SAMCRO solicits help from another Charter to get a messy job done.” Written by Charles Murray & Kurt Sutter; directed by Billy Gierhart.