Stalker Recap 11/12/14: Season 1 Episode 7 “Fanatic”

Stalker Recap 11/12/14: Season 1 Episode 7 “Fanatic”

Tonight on CBS Stalker starring Dylan McDermott continues with an all new Wednesday November 12, season 1 episode 7 called, “Fanatic.” On tonight’s episode the team investigates an obsessed fan when an actress (AnnaLynne McCord) is terrorized in her home. Meanwhile, Beth [Maggie Q] receives a disturbing letter, and Perry [Erik Stocklin] gains more access into her life.

On the last episode, after a series of alarming occurrences befall a wealthy philanthropist, the TAU investigated her beleaguered ex-husband and his much younger girlfriend. Meanwhile, Amanda threatened to reveal Jack’s dark past. Did you watch the last episode? If you missed it, we have a full and detailed recap right here for you.

On tonight’s episode as per the CBS synopsis, “the Threat Assessment Unit investigates the home of a young actress after she is frightened by an obsessed fan. Meanwhile, Beth receives an unsettling personal letter and Perry gains more access into her life.”

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#Stalker starts now. An actress chats on her phone as she goes out for a soak alone in her hot tub. She gets off her phone and starts running lines while she enjoys the spa. Someone is watching. She hears music start from inside her house and calls out for Emily to see if she’s still there. She goes inside and looks around. There’s a lasagne in the oven and she says yummy then calls again to her sister. She sees candles lit on the table and two place settings.

She asks Emily where she is. No answer. She hears a noise then the floor creaking and goes to investigate. Someone is behind her sneaking up on her as she walks down the hall. She sees rose petals on her bed and carpet then hears another creak and turns. She goes back the way she came and a guy grabs her. She screams and locks herself in her room but he gets in. She runs for the closet and then into her panic room. She sets off her loud security alarm. She sees him run out on the cameras.

Beth asks Tracy how it’s going with Brody and jokes about cradle robbing. Tracy says he’s legal and Beth asks when she can meet him and Tracy says when hell freezes over. Tracy says it’s hot, no strings fun. She asks if Brody is cool with that and Tracy says he’s a child and is fine. Tracy sends her off in mock annoyance and Beth goes to work. She greats Belle who tells her Jack is looking for her. She sees a card in a red envelope and opens it.

It’s a condolence card with a clipping in it. Jack comes and tells her about Nina Preston, the actress and her home invasion. He asks about the card but she says it’s nothing and they go. At the scene, there is press everywhere and they discuss she’s very popular and has a huge fan base. Jack yanks one photog down off the wall and says to get lost.

Janice tells them they’re looking for Heather Miller – a delusional fan that had been stalking her and just got out of the nuthouse. Beth goes to talk to Nina and her sister while Jack goes with Janice. She says Nina didn’t get a look at the attacker and Ben shows them the panic room and says the cameras didn’t see the face. The attacker was wearing a burn victim mask. Janice says it’s something from the show – Savage Shore – that Nina is on.

Ben is shocked and she asks if he watches The Good Wife. Jack asks Emily where she was last night and she says she left about six. She says she started helping her sister after her last stalker. She’s Nina’s only employee. He asks who would know all that stuff about Nina and she says anyone on the internet. Nina says she couldn’t tell if it was a man or woman because of the mask and is worried it was the nutty girl. She says she hasn’t heard from her.

She says it’s her fourth stalker in three years so she doesn’t go out anymore. She says she’s not crying a river since she came looking for fame but says she should be safe in her own home. They have access to her email but there are thousands. Ben says she has a huge amount of social media followers plus the paparazzi. Nina says her TV character is in love with a disfigured man and it’s very Beauty and the Beast. Jack says the scene was textbook romance and looks like an incompetent suitor.

Jack says it’s not about sex but love and that he may be a virgin. Beth make a call about the creepy card she got and asks them to check into whether the guy could have sent it – the guy she’s scared of. Janice says Heather is there. She asks if Nina is okay and if someone is stalking her. Heather says she’s an enthusiastic fan of Nina’s but not a stalker.

Heather says she has not been in contact with her but they note she’s been on the boards. She says she was at home watching a Savage Shore marathon and she asks them to tell Nina that she asked about her. Beth says Heather seems to want to be her friend not a lover. Ben says one pap is a real skeezer – it’s the guy Jack pulled off the wall. They agree to bring him in. The stalker is watching an episode of Savage Shore. He acts out Paul’s part from the episode.

They have the pap in the interrogation room and tell him they think he’s stalking Nina since his divorce. He says it’s his job and they ask if it’s turned into a fixation. He says Nina is a cash cow and he has debt from his divorce. Beth asks how he gets all the best shots and he says he has a source that says where she will be. Jack asks for the source but he doesn’t want to give it up. He says TMZ has eyes everywhere and can’t give up his source. He asks for a lawyer.

Tracy tells Brody he’s in and out of her life like a booty call. She says he’s her little private toy and he says he likes that. She puts in her pin to open her phone and he watches closely. He says he likes her but she says it’s light and fun and he agrees. They start up again but she says she has to go to work. He rolls off her with a sigh and she goes to the shower. She asks him to join but he says he needs to go.

He invites her to see Chinatown the next night and she goes to shower. He grabs her phone and keys the pin number in. He gets Beth’s address and phone number from her contacts. Janice tells them Eddie, the pap, has been wiring 10% of his photo fees to his source. Janice traces the bank account of the source and she shows them it’s the sister Emily.

They go to talk to her. Emily says Eddie would have gotten the shots another way. This way, she gets the money and her sister gets the publicity. She says she chose Eddie specifically. Beth asks if she resents her sister and Emily says she knows nothing. Emily says Nina was gifted and everything comes easy to her. Beth says she gets it. Emily says she took the job because Nina needed her help. She says she left her life in Ohio behind to help her and says the money is her way to get back to that life.

Nina screams at her sister about this later and asks how she could do this. Emily tells her she had a good job and a life in Ohio but came to help her. Nina says she needs to leave and Emily goes. She tells her it’s all about her all the time, so that’s just great. She storms out. She goes to take out the trash on her way out and then goes to her car. She sees her tires have been slashed and a guy asks if she needs help. She says she’ll call triple A. The guy says he has a jack and can help.

He opens his trunk and grabs the tire iron. He asks if she was coming from Nina’s house and he says he gets it that she wouldn’t say for privacy reasons. She asks if he lives around there and he says he’s visiting someone. She asks what he wants and he says he wants her to be nicer to Nina and says he can’t let her get away with what she did to Nina. She runs from him calling for Nina and is struck by a car. The driver gets out and screams for help as the guy runs off.

Jack comes to see Emily at the hospital. She’s battered but alive. She says she’d never seen him before and offers a description. He says he’ll send a sketch artist. She says she deserves this after what she did to Nina but he says no one does. Nina is there and Beth says they will put her sister under protection. Nina tells her they had a bad fight. Beth asks why she works for her and Beth says she needed her there and Beth says it can be tough with sisters. Beth says she knows Emily loves her.

Perry shows up to Beth’s and heads inside. Turns out Tracy had her alarm code so he got that too. He shuts down her alarm and goes poking through her stuff. He listens to her iPod, tries out her lip gloss and dances around her place. He looks through her photo album, pokes at case files and sniffs her perfume. He runs his face over the clothes in her closet and sees a box on the closet shelf. He opens it and sees a childhood photo and a teddy bear. He rolls around on her bed too. Creepy.

Ben shows them the sketch of the guy from Emily and says it doesn’t match the paps. Janice shows them that the attack at the house was straight out of an episode. So was the attack on Emily with the tire iron. He’s reenacting scenes from Paul’s point of view. Jack says Nina’s character is in love with Paul despite his deformity.

Nina’s stalker is leaving for the day. He lives with his mom and she nags him and then chews him out. He tells her he’s sorry and she tells him to take his pills. He pockets them instead of taking them and she says she loves him. He leaves. The officers find an email that sounds it could be their guy. He says he could be her Paul. The guy is Robert Dalton and lives in El Segundo.

Sure enough, it’s the guy. They go see his mom and she says Robbie is a good guy. They tell her he was fired a month ago and has been lying. Jack goes to the guy’s garage room and finds all sorts of proof that he’s their guy. He notices a burn victim mask lying there. Beth comes in and he shows it to her. They boot up his computer and see Nina’s twitter feed.

They see that Nina was tweeting about Emily being hurt and calling the stalker a creep. They worry her calling him a creep could trigger an attack. She’s at the hospital then decides to go for coffee. She gets on the elevator with her publicist and he asks for a statement. She doesn’t want to make one. Some people get off the elevator then Robbie is there. He presses stop on the elevator and says he’s sorry about attacking Emily. But then he knocks Reed down, her PR guy, and tells her he’s Paul.

He says she’s his Lily and he loves her. She maces him in the eyes and turns the elevator back on. She knees him and tells him to get off her. She bangs on the elevator doors and calls for help. When they finally open, she runs out. They haul Robbie in to TAU. He says he just wanted to talk to her about Emily. He says he just wanted to hurt Emily, not kill her. She says he can tell Emily resents Nina and says he can protect her.

He says Nina wrote to him and they had long talks about how they would be together and had a future. Robbie’s mom says someone must have provoked him. She says he’s a dreamer and gets moody if he forgets his meds, but he’s not dangerous. They tell her he has delusional disorder and has been ID’d positively by both victims. Beth says he has to be processed then will go to the psychiatric ward for diagnosis and treatment and then will be charged for his crimes. His mom is in shock that he will go to prison.

Nina calls and tells Janice she hired private security. Ben has Robbie’s computer and says he wasn’t lying. It does appear that Nina was writing back to him. Beth says it sounds almost like a parent writing to her child. They wonder if his mom was trying to protect him from being hurt. The emails were sent from a library a mile from their house. Janice says she fed his delusion. Ben pulls up the mom, Nancy, and sees she has a record for assault when she attacked a schoolmate of her son’s she says was bullying him.

They try to contact Nina – she’s on set. Jack calls her private detail. Ben says Nancy signed up for a studio tour earlier. The security guy says he’ll keep an eye out and goes to look around. Nancy sneaks up on him and stabs him then goes for Nina’s trailer. Nina is fixing tea when the door opens. She asks Nancy if she can help her and she lies and says she’s there for wardrobe. She tells her to take what she needs from the back and Nancy goes into the other room.

She grabs a couple of dresses then tells her she’s very pretty. Nancy says not as pretty as on the show, but pretty enough. She says she knows why her boy fell for her. She says it’s her fault for reading the letters. She says she didn’t know the lengths he would go to to be with her. Nancy says she hurt her little boy and says he’ll be better off with her gone. She throws her hot tea in the woman’s eyes but Nancy manages to slice her arm. She runs out with Nancy behind her with the knife.

Nina hides under another trailer. Jack and the cops pull up but they are a ways away from the trailer. Nina sees her security guy is down and then runs to the sound stage. Nancy goes in too. Jack gets to the trailer and sees the blood. They check the trailer and see evidence of a struggle but no Nancy and no Nina. Beth tells them this way and they follow the blood. They find the security guy still alive. They press on.

Nina runs through the sound stage then stops and hides. Nancy looks all over for her and runs past her and then off. Nina hears the door open and creeps out. Nancy snuck back up on her. They grapple for the knife. Jack and Beth hear the noise and Beth tackles Nancy just before she stabs Nina. Nancy says Robbie is her special son and just needs help. Beth says he’ll get help and so will Nancy. She’s hauled off in cuffs. A black and white drops Emily off to see her sister. They hug tight and both are crying.

Jack watches Beth closely as she watches the girls. She turns and sees him watching her. Back at TAU, Jack tells Janice he’ll walk out with her. He asks about Beth’s back story and she says she doesn’t know. She says she googled her but there was nothing on her. Janice says she’s private and doesn’t use social media and Jack says something happened to Beth. Janice agrees. She asks if he needs to know the specifics and Jack says he guesses not.

Beth gets a call back from the facility who tell her that the prisoner didn’t send the card. She’s at home and notices her perfume is out of place. Jack goes home and googles Beth based on the clipping he saw. Beth shows the card to Tracy and says it’s the kind of thing Ray would do but they said he didn’t send it. Tracy reminds her what she said about her ex – that he couldn’t hurt her again unless she let him.

Beth said the case got her thinking about what happened to her sister in a really long time. She says she liked that she hadn’t thought about it. She asks if that makes her bad but Tracy says it makes her human. Tracy gets a call and says she’ll reschedule with Brody. She says she can’t come because Beth needs her tonight. He says he gets it and asks if she’s okay. She says she’ll make it up to him. He’s lurking nearby and watching them at Tracy’s bar. He sees them hug and smiles creepily.