Stalker Recap – Jack Reveals Secret: Season 1 Episode 6 “Love is a Battlefield”

Stalker Recap - Jack Reveals Secret: Season 1 Episode 6 “Love is a Battlefield”

Tonight on CBS Stalker starring Dylan McDermott continues with an all new Wednesday November 5, season 1 episode 6 called, “Love is a Battlefield.” On tonight’s episode a succession of disturbing incidents befall a wealthy philanthropist, causing the team to investigate her former husband and his younger girlfriend. Elsewhere, Amanda [Elisabeth Röhm] threatens to expose Jack’s [Dylan McDermott] dark past.

On the last episode, while investigated a series of eerie threats, the TAU team discovered the victim’s house had a creepy history and was believed to be haunted. When the danger turned deadly, the team spent Halloween night searching a wild costume party looking for a perpetrator long believed to be dead. Did you watch the last episode? If you missed it, we have a full and detailed recap right here for you.

On tonight’s episode as per the CBS synopsis, “after a series of alarming occurrences befall a wealthy philanthropist, the TAU investigates her beleaguered ex-husband and his much younger girlfriend. Meanwhile, Amanda threatens to reveal Jack’s dark past.”

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A man talks about an art exhibit during a dinner party. They congratulate Andrea for the success of her fundraiser and she thanks Walt who toasted her. They all toast smugly and then the lights flicker. They jokingly ask if Andrea paid her bills and she sends Robin to check the breaker. Then the lights come back on and then they flicker again. Her dog starts barking and she goes to check on Roxy.

The little dog barks and barks and the old Roberta Flack standard comes on – The first time ever I saw your face. The lights go out and flow in the dark letters are everywhere calling her a greedy bitch. Andrea is shocked and says “he” was in her house. Jack is out for a morning run and happens to end up by his baby mama’s and catches a glimpse of Ethan who comes over to talk to him.

Jack says his name is Wesley and then Ethan tells him he fixed the problem with the bullies. He tells him that his mom’s BF Trent is taking him to school since his mom is in court. Jack jogs off and Trent tells him not to talk to strangers but Ethan says he’s not a stranger – he lives around here. Trent stares with suspicion.

Jack meets the others at Andrea’s house. He has a restraining order for her ex-husband and then go inside and see the glowing letters of rage. Janice says Andrea runs a non-profit and is independently wealthy. Her hubby is Kenneth Brown and he cheated on her so she cleaned him out in the divorce and then he struggled financially because of the real estate market.

Andrea tells Beth that her ex was bugging her to borrow money and then tried to strangle her one night. She says they were married for 15 years and loved each other. She says they grew apart and he started cheating with younger women. Andrea says she got what was agreed to in the pre-nup but he’s trying to harass her and make a mockery of her.

Jack asks about the song that played and she says that was their song. Andrea says she doesn’t care if he hates her, she just wants him out of her life. Andrea says he resents her, has a temper and won’t stop. Robin, her assistant, tells Janice that she’s worked for Andrea a few months and says she knows Kenneth does have a bad temper. Jack says the lights are controlled by a switch in the garage and he found security cameras for them to get footage from.

They head to see Kenneth and his GF Melissa says he was home all night. She wasn’t with him but says she trust him. Melissa says his ex is crazy and Kenneth says she took all this money. Melissa also says that Andrea has been harassing them. Kenneth says he’s not stalking her and didn’t break into her house. Melissa says he’s telling the truth. He says Andrea is mean and many other people also hate her.

They ask about the Roberta Flack song and he tells his young GF that she’s a singer. Janice asks about the song and Kenneth says it was their song and Melissa says they don’t have a song but he says they will get one. He says he wants Andrea gone from his life and is not stalking her.  The security footage shows a guy in a mask.

Kenneth made $27 million and Andrea’s pre-nup said if he cheated, she got 90% and the judge added 5% onto that. Beth says it sounds like revenge stalking and Janice wonders why he would do that. Janice says life has a soundtrack and Ben says his doesn’t, then admits to listening to The Carpenters on the way in to work. Jack was rocking Pearl Jam and Janice was doing Stevie Nicks. Beth says it’s a Pat Benatar kind of day.

Andrea gets a package and tells Robin to read the card. The card says not to be greedy and threatens the wrath of good. In the box is her beloved dog, slaughtered and bloody. She screams no, no, no. Andrea comes into TAU to report the incident. She’s horrified and says Kenneth loved the dog and even kept her on weekends until Melissa moved in and said no more.

Janice reads off the note and says it’s from Colossians and is all about the wrath of God coming down on her for “worshiping things of this world.” Melissa’s dad was a pastor and didn’t like Roxy the dog so now they’re thinking it may be the GF that is stalking Andrea. Amanda pokes her head in and asks to speak to Jack. She pulls him into a private room and slaps him.

She says she knows he was at her house and says he spooked Ethan. She says he will never be a father to Ethan and the child will never know him. She says she’s going to tell Beth and she reminds him that he slept with a key witness. He says he did it to the creep would go to prison and she says that’s not the point. She tells him she warned him and she leaves.

Melissa comes down to TAU upset that she’s been called in. Beth says they found a 5150 on her where she broke into an ex’s house with a knife. She says she was in a bad place then and made some stupid choices. Beth tells her someone killed Andrea’s dog last night and she says she was home with Kenneth last night. Melissa says the dog was old and probably just died. Melissa starts freaking out and tells them to leave her alone then threatens to get a lawyer.

Andrea walks to her car in the parking deck, texting as she goes. He gets an uneasy feelings and then rushes towards her car. She beeps the locks and hops in but someone is there and tanks her out of the car and punches her in the face. The person straddles her and she struggles with her attacked but then someone spots her and calls out and the person runs off, gets in a car and squeals out of the lot.

Beth comes to talk to Andrea at the hospital and she says she has to go because she has a fundraiser this afternoon. Andrea tells her to stop them and Beth says they don’t have enough evidence. Andrea says he attacked her and killed her dog but Beth says so far no evidence links Kenneth to either crime. Trent finds Jack and says he knows about him and Amanda.

Trent says he guesses he was the guy that screwed with her in New York. Trent tells him to stay away from Amanda and her son. Then he asks Jack if he’s Ethan’s father. Trent says he just needs to know what he’s getting himself into and tells him he cares about Amanda. Jack tells him not to worry about him and says he’s not a problem for him then walks off.

Ben places surveillance video from the first attack. There is something on the left wrist – there’s the watch – a 1978 Rolex of a specific make. Janice says it’s worth about $35k. Kenneth got possession in the divorce of a watch. They call Beth to let her know and she heads to their house. She and Janice hear Melissa crying and she tells them Kenneth left.

Melissa shows them a video of Andrea and Kenneth having sex out by her pool. They show her a photo of the watch the attacker wore and she says it’s Kenneth’s and they need to talk to him. Beth says now is the time to tell anything she’s been holding back. Melissa goes and gives them a bag she says she found in Kenneth’s trunk the day after the dog was killed.

She says she thought she loved Kenneth but says he was so angry that she was terrified. Beth tells Janice to call Jack to meet them at the museum fundraiser. We see Andrea working the crowd at the party. Kenneth watches through the blinds. She heads upstairs and he follows at a discreet distance. She goes into a hallway and then unlocks a door. He’s there behind her. She goes inside the room.

The cops show up and fan out across the reception area. Beth asks Robin where Andrea is and she says she went to the kitchen upstairs. We see Andrea in the kitchen and then she hears a door close behind her. She calls out for Robin. It’s Kenneth and he says he needs to talk to her. She says she’s calling the police and asks why she sent the video and dragged Melissa into this.

Jack busts in and knocks Kenneth down just as their confrontation starts to get physical. Beth cuffs Kenneth while Jack checks on Andrea. As Kenneth is hauled away, Jack asks Andrea why she sent the video and asks if she was trying to provoke him. She says he attacked her and killed her dog. She says it happened once two months ago but says they’re not sleeping together as a thing.

Jack notices something off as Andrea is led away. There’s a poster for an artist and the font looks like the graffiti in Andrea’s house. They have Kenneth in interrogation and he says he was just trying to reason with Andrea. He’s in shock when he hears that Roxy is dead and she shows him the bloody shirt that was in his trunk. It has his monogram too. He says he was with clients last night.

She says they saw his Rolex in the video. He offers up names of people who can alibi him. Janice confirms it and he can’t be the one that attacked. Ben researches the artist who goes by Inc but who’s real name is Damon Edmonds. He says he’s a graffiti artist. Beth sees he has an assault arrest and he has a website that offers “massage” services.

They wonder if he’s Andrea’s boy toy. They bring him in and he says Andrea is a friend. Beth asks about his watch – the Rolex – he’s wearing. Beth says maybe when the favors stopped, he attacked her. Beth says they have a video of the attack and Beth says the watch is a fake and says no one gives a $35k watch to a piece of tail. She tells him to tell her why he attacked her.

Jack talks them through it. Kenneth loved the dog and has an alibi for the garage attack. Jack looks at their sex tape and they see that he left his shirt at her house. Beth comes in and says that Andrea paid Damon to attack her in the garage. It’s false victimization. They agree she’s totally nuts for doing all this and even killed her own dog.

Melissa shows up to Andrea’s and tells her she’s done with Kenneth and tells her she didn’t know he was married when they started up. Andrea says she’s been waiting a long time for the apology then invites her in but knocks the girl out with the gun she’s got in her hand. Melissa wakes up on the floor tied up and sees Andrea sitting there with a gun.

Andrea says she’s glad she’s awake because this won’t work if she’s passed out. Andrea rants that Melissa took him from her. She says once Kenneth gets out of jail, she’ll have him all to herself and says that she’ll make him a great man all over again. Andrea says she’s going to tell them she hid in her house waiting to attack her like she did her ex. She says she and Kenneth have been stalking her.

Melissa says no one will believe it but Andrea says she’s been working on this plan a long time. She says there is nothing worse than a divorced woman with a lot of time and money on her hands. Andrea tells Melissa she attacked her and smashes a framed photo on her own head. She says they fought and begins to tear up her place.

Jack and Beth pull up and see Melissa’s car. Andrea tells Melissa she’s going to untie her and she’s going to walk toward her. She tells Melissa it will all be over in a moment but then they hear a noise. She goes downstairs to see what’s going on. Jack hears Melissa whimpering and goes that way. He sees her tied up but then Andrea is also there with the gun to her head.

Jack tells her to put the gun down and says she got what she wanted. He says Kenneth is in jail. She says he cheated and he says that’s what men do. She asks if he’s cheated and he says he has. Beth asks him to explain why men do that. He says he’s weak and makes bad decisions and ruins everything worthwhile. He says he’s broken and can’t be fixed. He walks closer to Andrea as he talks.

She tells them that Kenneth can be fixed once Melissa is gone. Jack knocks the gun away from her and subdues her. Melissa cries as Beth unties her. Later, Janice comes to talk to Beth who tells her she doesn’t want to hear her say anything like sorry or I should have seen this. She tells Janice to go home, have a glass of wine and listen to Stevie Nicks.

Ben is packing up when he sees a CD. Jack tells him it’s from him and it’s Pearl Jam. He says there’s nothing wrong with The Carpenters but he should check out another decade. Jack goes into Beth’s office and comments on her long hours. She asks what he wants and he says he has a problem with Deputy DA Amanda Taylor.

He closes the door and sits. He tells her that they had a relationship back in New York and she got pregnant and had their child. He says he denied the child was his for years and says he was a horrible person back then. He says they had a complicated on and off relationship. He says she transferred to LA to get away from him and then he followed.

She asks if that’s all and he says he made other mistakes that could jeopardize his career. She tells him to fix it and he says he doesn’t know where to begin. She tells him the truth seems to be working for him. She tells him to fix it and says she doesn’t want to lose him because he’s good. She goes back to her report and he leaves.

Jack waits for Amanda and asks her for a minute. She says she has a meeting with Beth in the morning. He tells her his father died three months ago. He says he wasn’t a good guy and neither is he. She says she’s sorry for his loss but he doesn’t concern her. She admits his dad did a bad job raising him. He begs her and says he can change his life and says if she’ll let him stay in LA, he’ll stay away from Ethan.

He says one day she’ll see that he’s different. He says change brings change and admits he hasn’t been a good father but maybe one day he could be. He says maybe she can pick up the phone to call him when she needs a sitter. She says that won’t happen and he says he has to stay anyway because he has nowhere else to go. She says she doesn’t know. He thanks her for listening and says that’s all he can hope for. He walks away.