Stalker Recap 10/29/14: Season 1 Episode 5 “The Haunting”

Stalker Recap 10/29/14: Season 1 Episode 5 “The Haunting”

Tonight on CBS Stalker starring Dylan McDermott continues with an all new Wednesday October 29, season 1 episode 5 called, “The Haunting.” On tonight’s episode Eerie disturbances in a haunted house are investigated by the team members, who spend Halloween night at a costume party searching for a perpetrator long thought to be dead.

On the last episode, Beth and Jack investigated an attack by a stalker who preyed on his victims’ phobias. Meanwhile, Beth learned a friend was seeing someone who, unbeknownst to both women, had ties to her. Did you watch the last episode? If you missed it, we have a full and detailed recap right here for you.

On tonight’s episode while investigating a series of eerie threats, the TAU team discovers the victim’s house has a creepy history and is believed to be haunted. When the danger turns deadly, the team spends Halloween night searching a wild costume party looking for a perpetrator long believed to be dead.

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Lori, a college girl, looks at costumes on racks and her friend is there suggesting candy stripers or sexy maids. She wants sexy costumes, her friend Annie not so much. The clerk says they close in 15. Lori goes to try on her costume and it looks like someone is watching her. Someone starts to come through the dressing room curtain and she says she’s in there. She calls out for her friend Annie but doesn’t get an answer. She tries on her outfit then goes to show her BFF.

Lori looks in the mirror and something bounces up to her. She picks it up. It’s a ball. She looks back and sees a clown behind her. She throws the ball to the clown. He catches it and she says – nice outfit. He bounces the ball back to her and she sends it back and says enough. He throws it back to her again and she asks if she knows him. He shrugs behind his mask and she asks if it’s Bobby.

He holds out his hand for the ball and she throws it to him. He throws the ball at high velocity and it smashes the mirror. She ducks out of the way. She calls out for Annie. She runs through the shop and the crown grabs her. She fights off the guy and goes running. She finds the clerk and Annie and the clerk checks the dressing room but the clown gear is on the floor and the guy is gone.

She holds Annie and cries asking why he’s doing this. Perry gets a call from his hacker friend who says he has info on Beth for him. He says her real name is Michelle Webber and says once he pays him, he’ll send the file. He tells Perry he thinks it’s exactly what he’s looking for. He sighs happily. Jack comes in and Janice raises her eyebrow at him. He says morning and she pours coffee near him.

She says they never talked about the other night and he says he thought they did. She says he’s being weird and he agrees and says sorry. She says she understands that he wants to keep work and personal separate. He says his personal life is always a screw up. She asks why he came to LA. He doesn’t answer and then she asks who Beth is talking to. Ben walks over and says a college kid that got attacked by a clown. Janice says she hates clowns.

Lori tells Beth she dated Bobby, a senior, then cut it off. Annie says the guy is an entitled rich kid with a big ego but Lori says he parties too much and says there’s something not quite right about him. Annie says he’s bipolar and has mommy issues. Annie says he broke into their house – she says they moved into a haunted house and Lori says Bobby was just trying to scare them. She thinks he’s either trying to punish her or get her back.

Beth fills in her team and says to check into Bobby and bring him in for questioning. Both Ben and Jack volunteer so she sends them together. They bring Bobby in who says he was in the library and they checked his alibi. Jack asks who the clown could have been and he and Ben are having issues because they keep talking over each other. Jack tells him to go ahead and says he won’t interrupt. Ben shows him a video that his friend Max posted of him tormenting her at the costume shop.

They also have Max who decided to scare her on his behalf. Bobby says Max saw her in the store and decided to do him a solid by messing with her. Bobby says he did what guys do when they get dumped. He says he left her a few messages but says he didn’t break into her house and would never hurt her. He says he just wants her back. Lori refuses to press charges. She says Max is a jerk but doesn’t need to go to jail. Annie tells her to do it but Lori says to let it go.

Lori says the whole thing will blow up on campus and it will be her fault. Amanda pushes her to press charges and Beth tells her this type of behavior escalates. Lori says she can’t let this incident define her college years. Amanda leaves since the girl won’t budge on this but says to call if she changes her mind.  Beth tells her she sees this all the time and says it is about taking care of herself, not punishing Bobby. She thanks Beth and tells her this is over. She leaves. Annie is clearly not happy.

Annie and Lori are at home later talking about party prep. They make jokes about living in a haunted house. Looks like someone is watching from outside. Later, when the girls are in bed, a floor board creaks and wakes up Lori. She turns on her light as her bedroom door creaks open. She goes to see what’s up. She steps out into the hall then looks downstairs and calls for Annie.

There’s a creak as she heads down the stairs. The lights suddenly go out downstairs and she says – that’s not funny Annie. She continues on down in the dark. The party lights are clicked on and she says it’s not funny. She asks where she is but then the front door opens and the person leaves. Annie calls out from upstairs and comes down. Lori tells her to call 911 and says someone was in the house. Annie points to the wall where it looks like red paint – the large letters read “get out.” Very Amityville…

Beth and Jack are there with the cops and they describe the incident. Annie thinks it was Bobby but Beth says he and his buddies have an alibi. Jack asks about the house’s story and Annie says a guy killed his wife then killed himself and their ghosts are supposed to haunt the place. He goes to poke around. He notices a door cracked open. It leads down to the cellar.

He clicks on his flashlight and goes down. He sees the usual basement junk and then a large metal cabinet. There’s nothing in that. He slides the cabinet out of the way and sees a weird bottle. Ben explains it’s a voodoo type artifact. Beth says it could have been there for a long time. Janice shows them what they found. It’s on and there are several posts about the house.

The house was bought in 2003 by a carpenter and his wife. He cheated with a co-ed and the wife hung herself in the basement, then he hung himself too. Jack asks if there are any police records and Ben says he requested the paper records. It was foreclosed on and then has been a rental since then. Louis Atwood lived there before – he’s a professor of occult studies.

Beth sends them out and Jack asks to roll with Ben to bond with him. Beth wishes him luck. Jack asks if he believes in the occult stuff and Ben says it’s more of a tradition about bonding with the universe. Jack apologizes to him about overrunning him yesterday and Ben asks if he wanted to come to avoid Janice since they hooked up. Jack takes that in stride. At Atwood’s house, they see a protective charm on the house made of bones.

There’s no answer so they head around back. Ben peeks inside and says no one is home. Jack opens the door and says it was unlocked. Ben says they have no probable cause but Jack says he can hear probable cause. They head in. There are a bunch of creepy masks as well as files on Lori and Annie. Jack looks further into the house and they hear a dripping noise.

There’s blood dropping into the sink from a chicken strung up to bleed out over the sink. A guy grabs Ben and Jack puts him down then asks if Ben is okay. He pins the struggling guy by his head as Ben recovers and stands back up. They bring him in. He says he was home all last night and he says he has files on the girls because they are renting the house.

There was a student he stabbed with a knife but he says it was ritual bloodletting and he was helping her. He says the girls are in danger in the house and he’s trying to help them. Jack asks why he moved out of the house. He says he heard a noise one night and then on the landing, saw a specter. He says the ghost reached out for him and he was terrified. He says the girls need protected.
[10:38:40 PM] Rachel Rowan: Turns out Atwood isn’t obsessed with the girls, but the house. Amanda tells them she can hold him for a while but says they have to find something else. Amanda confronts Jack about breaking into Atwood’s house. She tells him he needs to leave town or she’ll tell Beth what he did in NYC and says he’ll lose his badge. She says he can’t see his son and he tells her that the child will know one day that she kept them apart. She reiterates her threat.

At a Halloween party, a guy ties on a mask and goes in with the other costumed guests. Jack lurks behind a tree watching his son trick or treat. She gets a call and sends her son to get candy on his own. A couple of bullies take his candy bag and Jack steps in and makes them give it back and tells them to leave before he calls the cops. The boy thanks him then gives him some candy. Jack takes it and thanks him. Amanda calls for Ethan and Jack walks away quickly.

Amanda says they’re done and he agrees to go home. They head off. Jack gets a call and Beth tells him Atwood made bail and isn’t at home. Jack says he’ll head to Lori’s. The masked guy is at Lori’s and heads down into the basement. He pulls off his mask – it’s Atwood – and spreads some white dust around on the floor then starts some sort of ritual. He’s grabbed from behind by someone and choked. He slumps down to the floor.

under dressed. She, Jack and other cops start to check out guests. Jack breaks off from her and says he’ll look around. Annie sees Beth and asks where Lori is. She asks to help her find her and Annie agrees. Janice shows Ben all the stuff from Atwood’s house and says he always talks about a shadow figure he saw there. He says the figure disappeared into thin air.

She wonders if he was hallucinating, deluded or something else. They haven’t gotten the old case files yet and Ben says he’ll call someone he knows to move it along. Beth sees a guy in a creepy old dude mask. He follows her as she explores the house. She yanks him into a hall and pulls the mask off. It’s Perry. He says Annie invited him and asks if she’s working. She tells him he needs to leave and says he’s there with friends and asks if she’s okay.

She goes to walk away and he says – nice to see you Michelle. She asks what he said and he says – nice to see you as well – and asks what she thinks he said. She says she’s a cop and it will never be nice to see her. He apologizes and calls her lieutenant. Lori tells out to people to stay out of the upstairs and sees a guy on the floor. She says he can’t pass out up there then nudges him. He starts to sit up and then grabs her. It’s Max.

He says he’s sorry about scaring her and tells her Bobby loves her. He heads back down. Ben calls Jack and says the urban legend was right about the wife, wrong about the husband. Lori goes into her room and a guy comes in wearing a mask and startles her. He pulls it off and he’s Bobby who tells her he would never hurt her because he loves her. He’s tipsy and goes in her bathroom to hurl. She asks if he’s okay.

Jack finds Beth and tells her Greg Miner didn’t kill himself. He was institutionalized, released then vanished. They head up to find Lori. She hears Bobby gagging and then a thump. She opens the bathroom door and the guy in the mask is there. She tells Bobby he drinks too much then sees him down on the floor. She screams as the guy hauls her away. Jack and Lori bust into the room and he tells them – he took her.

Bobby tells them the guy was waiting in the bathroom. He says he was throwing up and the guy hit him. She shows him a photo of Atwood and he says no but says yes to a pic of Miner. Jack wonders where the guy would go. He says the guy was obsessed with the house because of his wife. He says he sees anyone in the house as a threat to his dead wife. They go down into the basement. Jack remembers that Miner was a contractor.

Beth asks what he’s thinking and he says there’s drywall on one wall instead of stone. He grabs an ax and chops the wall. Beth peeks in and sees he’s built himself a creepy little room. She says they have to get in so he chops up a large space in the wall. They head in and check the bed where they find a dead Atwood. They hear a creak and Jack spots a grate. He pulls it out and finds Lori who’s still alive.

Beth goes to get a medic and Jack is alone down there. He looks at photos on the walls of Miner’s dead wife. He hears a noise and then Miner busts through the drywall and tackles him. Jack fights back and when the guy grabs an ax to go for him, he shoots him in the shoulder. He breaks down crying as they cuff him. He’s taken out strapped to a gurney and restrained.

Lori is horrified to hear there was a guy living in her house and she says it really was haunted. Bobby comes out and apologizes. Beth says she has to go to the hospital. He offers to go along but Lori says you don’t love someone by scaring them and trying to ruin their life. She tells him to go away and never bother her again or she’ll do whatever it takes to see him locked up.

Beth says Bobby crossed a line and Jack says you can cross back and asks if people get second chances. She says second chances have to be earned. Jack is at his spartan house when the doorbell rings. He goes to answer. It’s Janice. She tells him trick or treat and he says it’s not a good idea. She says it’s not a booty call. She says he needs a friend more than sex and offers a six pack.

Beth goes through her usual night time ritual with the drapes and windows. She opens a drawer and takes out a photo album. She looks at photos of herself as a child and a young woman. Perry reads her file online that he was sent about a fire that killed an entire family and left one daughter alive. Beth calls a San Francisco institute to confirm a specific prisoner is still in custody. She’s told he’s still there and she asks if there have been any visitors and they tell her no.