Stalker Recap Skinhead Stalker: Season 1 Episode 8 “Skin”

Stalker Recap Skinhead Stalker: Season 1 Episode 8 "Skin"

Tonight on CBS Stalker starring Dylan McDermott continues with an all new Wednesday November 19, season 1 episode 8 called, “Skin.” On tonight’s episode, a father’s dark past surfaces when his family is terrorized and his home is vandalized.

On the last episode, the Threat Assessment Unit investigated the home of a young actress after she was frightened by an obsessed fan. Meanwhile, Beth received an unsettling personal letter and Perry gained more access into her life. Did you watch the last episode? If you missed it, we have a full and detailed recap right here for you.

On tonight’s episode as per the CBS synopsis, “when a man’s quiet suburban neighborhood and home are vandalized and his family is terrorized, he is forced to reveal his nefarious past to secure protection from the TAU.”

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Time for #Stalker. There’s a family friendly event going on and one guy says he had a window busted out but nothing taken. They hear motorcycles and see some bikers roll up on their block party. The bikers glare at them and then roll away. The guy tells his son Landon and wife they need to go home. They leave. Inside, he looks out the window and his wife asks what’s going on. He tells her he can’t talk about it now but continues to look outside nervously.

That night, his wife reads a story to Landon. The guy is in the shower. He hears a scream and turns off the water and calls to Christina. He hears men shouting and she calls for him – Mark. He runs out and sees that Nazi has been spray painted onto their house and a cross is burning in their yard. The neighbors are all there and they see the tattoos his clothes normally keep hidden. They are all very white power and such.

Amanda is in Beth’s office when Jack sticks his head in and says the Richardsons are on their way up. Beth explains to Amanda that the hubby is a former skinhead who married a Latina and now their family is being stalked by skinheads. Beth tells Jack to interview the husband and she’ll take the wife. She says it’s hard for guys like that to reform and Amanda agrees with a pointed look at Jack.

Mark says the stalkers aren’t from his former gang. He says he changed his name and moved away. Jack sees the hate tattoo on his knuckles and he says he’s getting his tats lasered off. Christina says Mark told her the gang has been following him for weeks. Beth says gangs often won’t cross certain boundaries. Ben tells Janice about the skinhead and tells her that his brother was attacked by neo-Nazis in high school.

Mark says the gang likely feels betrayed. He says in a gang like that you spend all your time being angry. Jack asks what changed him and he says meeting Christina. His wife tells Beth that Mark learned his hate from his dad but she thinks he’s really changed and wants to be a better man, but this is taking a toll on them. She asks Beth for help. Mark asks who Christina is talking to and he says his boss. He’s concerned Beth won’t be helpful because she’s a minority and his past.

Janice tells them that neo-Nazis run the gamut from political to organized crime to small time petty violent. She says many of them are coordinated and educated. She says skinheads are professional stalkers that recruit loner teens. Jack says Mark seems to have gone to great lengths to change his life. Ben asks if you can change embedded bigotry and Jack says he does. Ben scoffs.

Beth sets Ben to researching local AB type gangs. Mark lies in bed that night awake while Christina sleeps. He hears a door open and the TV clicking on. He gets up and goes to the living room. He has a baseball bat in his hand. He looks around and clicks off the TV. Landon is there and he asks if he’s okay. Landon says he couldn’t sleep and wanted to watch TV. Mark offers to let him sleep with them. Mark sees a shadow and sends Landon to his mom.

Mark goes to look around some more and then his phone rings. He takes the call and a man tells him it’s been a long time. Mark asks who it is and the guy says he can get to them whenever they want. Mark says they called the cops and the guy says they won’t make it there in time. Christina comes and tells him someone is outside. Mark sees a laser target on both Landon and Christina. He tells Mark to pick between his wife and half breed kid. The man tells Mark he owns him.

The window cracks as a brick is thrown through it. They all go ducking to the ground. Next day, cops are everywhere talking to the neighbors and the Richardsons. Mark says he thinks it was Chad Hewitt, a guy he thought was still in prison. Janice says they’ve talked to the neighbors but Christina says they all hate them now. Janice says stalkers try to isolate and terrorize you. Janice says if they wanted them dead, they would be.

Ben says Hewitt just got out of jail and started a new political organization. Mark says he recruited Hewitt, taught him loyalty and how to fight and that he’s nothing without family. Janice takes a call and says Ben and Beth are going to find Hewitt. Jack looks around and says the neighbor’s house has a security camera. They go to knock on the door of that house. A woman answers and they ask if they saw anything. The black and Asian neighbors aren’t very sympathetic.

None of the neighbors want to hand over the security footage. One tells Janice to get a warrant and another says he’ll look through it himself. Ben and Beth head to talk to Hewitt who is having a party at his nice house. There are neck tattoos on most of the guests and inflammatory flags. Hewitt tells them there are no skinheads. He says they are white separatists. Beth asks if he called Mark Richards. Hewitt sends his GF’s kid away to talk to them.

Beth asks again but Hewitt says they are non-violent and political. He tells Ben that he hasn’t seen Mark in a while. He says Mark recruited him and was a true skinhead. He says he made him believe and he was a proud soldier. Beth says Mark has moved on and maybe he has too. Hewitt says he went to prison for Mark and Ben says he put a man in a coma. Hewitt says his beliefs have integrity and gets mad when Ben calls him a skinhead.

He calls them colorful and asks Beth and Ben if he told them to go back to where they came from, would it hurt their feelings. Beth tells Hewitt this is his only warning and to stay away from Mark and his family. Ben tells him his neck tattoo is enough to judge him. They go and Beth tells Ben he did well. Beth says she doesn’t think the group wants revenge and thinks it’s personal between Hewitt and Mark. Jack says Mark said something about family.

He says Mark rejected everything he taught Hewitt to value by marrying outside his race and having a mixed race child. Jack says he thinks Hewitt wants Mark back into the AB. Beth says they need to get an injunction against Hewitt. Detective Wilkes comes in and says he’s been on a task force observing him and tells them he’s building an army and keeps the violent and non-violent apart. He doesn’t want them to spook Hewitt because they are trying to get a bigger bust.

Beth gets angry and he goes away annoyed. Christina watches Landon play while she talks on the phone. She sees Landon run after a ball into the woods. A guy has the ball – it’s Hewitt. He asks if he’s looking for the ball. Christina notices Landon is gone and hangs up on her call. She calls out for Landon. He’s in the bushes and sees the man’s tattoo and says his dad has one and says it’s bad.

Hewitt says it’s a symbol of strength. He asks Landon is he likes motorcycles and says to tell his dad he wants to come ride one. Christina comes over and Hewitt tells her she should be more careful because society is full of unsavory people. She tells him to leave them alone and he doffs his cap at her and tells her to take care not to leave her son alone.

Beth tells Mark about the protective order and he says if he can talk to Hewitt it can help. Jack says it will feed the obsession. Wilkes is there and says he doesn’t think it’s a good idea. Beth cautions him and Mark says he can’t sit around and do nothing. Wilkes says LAPD is investigating Hewitt and he could help put them away. Mark says that would mark him for life. Mark says he blames him and Wilkes says he does. Jack tells Mark to trust them and tells Wilkes to back off.

Mark tells Christina that she needs to take Landon to her sister’s. Landon and a friend are playing with a toy and need a tool to fix it. Landon and his buddy go into the shed out back and he looks into a toolbox and finds a pipe bomb. The kid finds a screwdriver and they walk out. The shed explodes and they run outside. The kids are okay. Mark is furious.

Hewitt works on his motorcycle in his garage when he hears some noise. He looks around and then stands and calls out. He goes into another part of his workshop and looks around in the dark. Mark is there waiting on him when he comes back in. He punches him in the face and Hewitt smiles at him. He tells him he just met his son and Mark strikes him a few more times. Hewitt says he knew Mark hadn’t changed and Mark tells him to leave his family alone and beats him good.

Hewitt says he knew the real Mark was still in there. Next say, Beth tells Jack that Mark went after Hewitt then turned himself in. Jack says the pipe bomb was very amateur and the trigger failed so that’s why no one was hurt. Mark tells them Hewitt placed the bomb but Beth says they can’t prove it. She tells him he could face assault charges for what he did to Hewitt and tells him Christina is worried. Mark says it won’t end until one of them is dead because that’s how ‘they’ operate.

Beth tells him to be smarter than that because his family depends on him. Amanda says Hewitt declined to press charges. Jack says it’s good she’s talking to him and she says she can keep it professional if he can. He tells her Trent Wilkes isn’t and she tells him to drop it. He thanks her for letting him stay in LA. Beth says it seemed sloppy to bobby trap Mark’s house. Ben tells them they got the warrant and have security footage.

They have a license plate for a car that belongs to Mark. Wilkes says they have no evidence against Hewitt other than his car on the footage. Ben comes and says two skinheads just came and confessed to driving Hewitt’s car and attacking the Richardsons. Beth says she can break him and goes in to talk to him. She asks how he got into the life and he says Mark was very persuasive and Beth asks if he still wants Mark in the gang. He says he does and she asks why he tried to kill him.

Hewitt says a bomb is the act of a coward and says he would never do it. Beth asks if Mark quitting the life made him doubt his beliefs. He says he doesn’t doubt his pure blood family. She says he went to jail and Mark left him behind. He calls her a sub-race and says that’s typical. Beth says Mark abandoned him to be with a woman from a sub-race. She says he’s a scared little kid who got his ass kicked and without Mark, he’s a scared kid again.

He says he’s sure as hell smarter than Mark and a HAB. Wilkes says this puts them back to square one. Beth comes out and Hewitt glares at them. Ben speaks to him in Spanish and tells Hewitt to learn Spanish if he wants to live in LA. Hewitt goes after him and they arrest him for threatening an officer. That will get him four years. Jack wonders who set the bomb since it wasn’t likely Mark. They think it was someone from the neighborhood and wonder if someone got revenge once they found out he was a former skinhead.

Beth tells Wilkes and Jack to go work it. He doesn’t want to work with Wilkes but Beth makes him go. Mark is home alone and ends a call with Christina. The lights go out and he looks for a flashlight and checks the fuse box. Nothing works – the power is just plain out. He goes looking around the house and hears a noise. He sees a door to outside partially open then he’s knocked down by his Asian neighbor who has a baseball bat. The guy knocks him out then takes a box cutter to one of Mark’s Nazi tattoos.

Jack talks to Beth and she tells him Howard Granger, the neighbor, was attacked by a gang in a hate crime. Wilkes says Mark is gone and Jack tells Beth to send some units. They go to look around more closely. They head over to Howard’s house. Wilkes sees someone moving around inside. Wilkes tells Jack to go cover the back as he heads inside. He calls out that it’s the police. He hears a guy groaning and Jack also notices blood. He pulls his gun and opens the door.

He sees Mark bound up on the floor with cuts all over him. Wilkes goes room to room in the main house and Jack looks around the garage. He sees the bomb making components on the guy’s workshop table. Wilkes doesn’t see Howard creeping but hears a noise and goes to look in other rooms. Howard attacks him and they struggle for the gun. He knocks Wilkes down and they grapple. He demands to know why Wilkes is protecting him. Jack is there and has his gun out and tells him to get off Wilkes.

Howard says they all deserve to die and says – he’s not better than me. He drops the box cutter and surrenders. Wilkes was cut but says it’s not deep. Jack heads outside when uniformed cars show up. Mark watches as Howard is arrested and taken away. Christina and Landon are brought back by the police. Amanda shows up to check on Wilkes. She hugs him and looks over at Jack and offers him a small smile for saving her honey.

Beth goes to talk to Ben later that night at the office. She tells him he did a really good job today. She tells him good night and leaves. She goes home and checks her mail and takes a package inside. She goes through her lock and security alarm ritual. Wilkes and Amanda have a glass of wine and he tells her Mark has agreed to work with them to put Hewitt away for good. She asks if he’s okay and he says he has pain pills and the wound isn’t too bad.

He tells her he knows she and Jack have a past she doesn’t want to talk about but says Ethan has a right to see his father. She asks if Jack told him that and he says no, but it’s true. She agrees it is true. She also says it’s complicated. Than lurks behind a book shelf listening. Beth opens her package and sees it’s a teddy bear. She goes to her bedroom and pulls down her box of childhood memorabilia. She sees the bear she was sent is almost identical to the one she had when she was a kid and starts to freak out a little.