Stalker Recap – Beth Finds Her Stalker: Season 1 Episode 9 “Crazy for You”

Stalker Recap - Beth Finds Her Stalker: Season 1 Episode 9 "Crazy for You"

Tonight on CBS Stalker starring Dylan McDermott continues with an all new Wednesday November 26, season 1 episode 9 called, “Crazy for You,” and we have your weekly recap below! On tonight’s episode, a psychiatrist suspects a suicidal patient is stalking him, and the team unearths a tangled mystery involving the suspect. Meanwhile, Beth [Maggie Q] makes a shocking discovery about her own stalker.

On the last episode, when a man’s quiet suburban neighborhood and home are vandalized and his family is terrorized, he is forced to reveal his nefarious past to secure protection from the TAU. Did you watch the last episode? If you missed it, we have a full and detailed recap right here for you.

On tonight’s episode as per the CBS synopsis, “a psychiatrist believes he is being stalked by a suicidal patient, but the TAU unravels a tangled mystery exposing the suspect and the great lengths he has undertaken to terrorize his victim. Also, Beth’s private investigation into her own stalker leads to a stunning revelation.”

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A man is with his therapist. He talks to him about his feelings and noting patterns. The doc tells him he thinks they’re cracking away at his anxiety. The patient leaves. The light for a waiting patient clicks on and the doc goes thinking it was his last patient Phillip, but he’s not there. He clicks off the light and goes back into his office. The light comes on again. He goes back to the waiting area and asks who’s out there. He doesn’t see anyone again. He looks out into the hallway. He misses a shadow behind him.

He goes back into the waiting room and closes the door. He hears a noise and then looks into his office. He goes in and looks around. He sees something out of order on his desk and goes to check. He turns his chair around and sees a blue box with a white bow on it. He sets the box on his desk and unties the ribbon. He opens it and sees something that upsets him greatly. He looks around.

Beth takes the bear to show Tracy. She’s concerned especially after the mystery sympathy card. She says she thinks someone is in her house. She says she has her locks changed and her security password changed. She asks Tracy where she keeps the phone and she says in her phone but it’s password protected. Tracy asks if Ray is still locked up and she says she is.

Tracy suggest having her team investigate but Beth says they don’t know. “Brody” calls Tracy who tells him she can’t talk now. She ends the call. Beth asks how it is with Brody and she says it is what it is. Beth asks if Brody has access to her phone and Tracy asks if she’s kidding. Tracy tells her she needs to talk to a professional about this because it’s scary stuff.

Brody smiles creepily after the call and looks at an article he has tacked to his wall that Beth wrote about getting into the mind of a stalker. Perry looks at his wall of crazy – comic style sketches of he and Beth. At work, Beth comes in and Janice says Dr Adam Lewis there because he’s being harassed by a patient. She tells Janice to work it and she asks Beth if she’s okay. She tells her to run point and use Ben.

Ben looks at the panties that were in the box and Adam says there is a patient he thinks has been fixated on him for a while. He says it was a simple crush and she was flirting with him then started dressing for their sessions. He says he created boundaries but she wouldn’t keep them. He says his wife Vanessa and he were on vacation last week and the woman was chatting with his wife.

He says his wife was upset about it and thought there might be more to it because they were having marital problems. Ben asks why he would keep seeing the patient and Adam says transference isn’t unusual in psychotherapy. Janice asks if he’s terminated her as a patient but he says he came to them instead. They demand the woman’s name and he finally says Claudia Burke.

He says she’s a paranoid schizophrenic with auditory hallucinations. Ben watches a video she made saying she wrote a song for him. She’s talking to herself and is acting really nutty. She says she loves him then talks to someone else that’s not there in anger. She says he may love her too. She cries and says – please Dr Lewis, love me too.

Jack is there and asks about it and Ben fills him in. Janice comes for the address and asks Jack to ride along. Ben is angry that she took Jack instead of him. They head to Claudia’s house and knock on the door. The door is unlocked and Janice says they can justify it as a wellness check. They head inside and call out her name. They look around cautiously.

They hear some TV type noise from deeper in the house. They see a woman sitting stock still and call her name. It’s a mannequin with a similar hair style. Jack says he’ll check upstairs. He calls out to her as he heads up. He looks room to room and finds one room full of a pile of random stuff then sees another mannequin dressed as a man with a hat.

Janice continues to check downstairs and finds a full family of mannequins sitting at a table like they are having dinner. She sees a shed out back and goes to investigate it. Jack finds a photo of Adam upstairs. Janice finds a car on in the garage and lots of smoke. She calls out for Jack and tries to pull the girl out of the car. Jack is there too and he opens up the doors. Janice says she’s alive.

Jack picks her up and carries her out and tells Janice to call an ambulance. Beth goes to see Deputy Chief Diane Kindrick and tells her about the card and teddy bear. She asks if she ran forensics on them but she says she didn’t want to waste resources. Diane says that’s nonsense. She asks who else knows her real identity and she says just one friend here and the guy who’s locked up.

Diane tells her it could be a whole new threat since most TAU officers are stalked at one point or another. She tells Beth to run forensics on the items ASAP. Claudia wakes to find Janice there in the hospital and is upset to be handcuffed to the bed. Janice says she had a close call and Claudia asks what she’s talking about.

Claudia says she was home and was about to start cooking because everyone was hungry. She tells her the names and Janice asks where these people are. Janice says she met them and Claudia asks if she was in her house spying on her. Janice says she found her in the garage. She says she didn’t go in the garage but Janice says she found a note she left for Dr Lewis saying she was going to kill herself.

Claudia admits she did follow him but says he told her to stop and she did. She says she was being good. She says she was home and argued with a neighbor and says you can check with them. She tells Claudia she writes everything by hand and never uses a computer but then talks to someone who’s not there. She asks the last thing she remembers.

Claudia says she was talking to Jesus when someone snuck up behind her and attacked. There are bruises on her wrists and she tells Janice she’s usually only attacked verbally. Jack goes to see Adam and says the bruises suggest someone else hurt her and she has an alibi for when the gift was snuck into his office. Jack says she’s a perfect pawn since she’s unstable.

Jack asks isn’t losing a patient to suicide one of the worst outcomes. He says he thinks someone else is stalking him and asks if he has a disgruntled patient or anyone that was in group with her. He says she was never in group. Adam says you are looking for someone with a narcissistic syndrome that thinks he ruined their life.

Ben pulls up a yelp for therapists type site and says all of Adam’s reviews are positive except for one angry poster – Shelly Walker – who says he’s going to lose someone to suicide. They ask if she was a patient of his but he doesn’t want to reveal she’s a patient. He caves and says he saw her for a few months over a year ago about her drinking problem.

They wonder if Claudia and Shelly overlapped but he says they were not with him at the same time. He says Shelly had codependency issues and says she was going into rehab the last time he saw her. Jack and Ben go to Shelly’s house. Ben says he’s got this and Jack tells him there is no power struggle. He brings up Jack sleeping with Janice. Jack asks if he’s jealous.

Shelly’s hubby says he went to rehab, not Shelly and says she was angry that he wouldn’t drink with her after that. He says they are broken up and also tells them she hated Dr Lewis. Vanessa, Adam’s wife, asks if his stalker is going to go Glenn Close fatal attraction on him and he says he can’t talk about his work. They hear a noise and he says someone is downstairs.

He tells her to call 911 but her cell is downstairs and the phone is off the hook. He pulls out a gun – she didn’t know he had one. And he goes down to check out the noise. He creeps down the stairs. He goes into the kitchen and then sees someone. He hold sup his gun and goes closer and realizes it was just a lamp. He hears a door open and close and goes toward the noise. A shadow passes behind him. He sees someone and fires. It was a mirror. He shot his wife’s image and she cries and says he could have killed her.

Jack and Janice go to their house to talk to them. They think Shelly is escalating. They tell Adam there is no sign of forced entry and he says he set the alarm but Vanessa says she doesn’t remember. His wife is fuzzy and he says he gave her a sedative. She reminds him he tried to shoot her. Janice says they need to check into a hotel for now.

Janice thinks she’s attacking aspects of his life – first professional, now personal. Beth gives the tech the evidence to run. Jack comes in and asks to talk. He asks what case that was and she says it’s nothing. He says he’s checking in and asks how she is. She says she’s fine and asks why. He says she’s usually a micro manager but isn’t today. She says it’s delegation.

Janice comes and says they found Shelly Walker at a sober living house. Jack leaves after Janice since Beth is done talking. Shelly shows them her chip and says she’s been sober for a year. They ask where she was and says she was at a late AA meeting. She says her husband was lying and that she did go to rehab. She says he’s a control freak who sabotaged her.

She says when she was in rehab he bought booze in a soda cup to try and trick her into boozing. She says he hated that she stopped drinking. Jack says Jason is likely still drinking and could have blamed the therapist for taking his drinking partner away. They meet Ben there and he says the guy is gone but left his laptop. Jack finds a liquor bottle in the trash and a photo of Shelly on the fridge.

They look at his camera and find a bunch of photos of Dr Lewis going back eight months. Ben says Jason was writing the nasty reviews on the doctor. They think Jason may be targeting Vanessa, the wife next. We see Vanessa at the hotel. She turns on some music and goes to take a shower. Jason enters the hotel room. She hears a noise and calls out thinking it’s Ryan.

She keeps on with her shower. He walks into the bathroom and opens the shower. She gasps and then smiles and calls him Bill. He asks how much time they have and she says Adam is at work as usual. He strips off his shirt and gets in the shower with her. Janice and Jack head to the hotel and up to the room. They knock on the door. Vanessa finally answers but doesn’t want to let them in the room.

They tell her they found her husband’s stalker and they tell her it’s not Shelly it’s the husband and he may be targeting her. She lets them in and they tell her they tried to call. Jack notices two wine glasses out and Janice says the man’s name is Jason Walker. She doesn’t recognize the name but then they show her a photo and she says it’s Bill.

Adam finishes up with a patient and shows her out. He’s packing to leave for the day when someone grabs him from behind. Vanessa says she met Bill/Jason doing volunteer work. She says he was handsome and flirted with her. She says she never cheated on Adam before but he pursued her and she was flattered and her marriage was at a low point.

They ask if she slept with him at her house and she says they did. They explain that gave him access to her alarm code and keys. She says she told him about the woman Claudia that followed them on vacation. Jack tells her that Jason wanted to hurt Adam. We see the doctor tied to a chair and Jason holds a gun on him. He forces Adam to take a hand full of pills.

He makes him drink to wash them down. He asks what he gave him and he says some sleeping pills he took from his wife while he was having sex with her. He takes his belt off and puts it over his neck. He tells Adam the suicide rate for doctors is very high. He sets it up so when the doctor falls asleep, he’ll tip forward and choke to death.

Janice calls Ben and says to send a uni to Adam’s office. Adam tells them the police know who he is and Jason tells him that Vanessa is really good in bed – passionate and hungry. He says everyone will now he killed himself because he was a failure as a shrink and a husband. He starts to fall asleep and tips forward and the belt tightens around his neck.

They met Ben at the doc’s office and he says Jason’s car is in the lot too. They open the door and then Jack asks Janice how she wants to play it. Janice flicks the patient waiting light on. Jason answers with the gun behind his back. Jason says he’s not there and she says she can wait and sits with a magazine. He tells her she needs to leave and comes out with his gun but Jack is there with a gun to his head.

They go in and find Adam who is still breathing. They call for an ambulance. Later, Jason is dragged out in cuffs and arrested. Vanessa shows up and runs to get into the ambulance with her hubby. She’s distraught. Beth sees Ben, Jack and Janice come back in. She tells them Adam is awake and with his life. Jack offers to buy drinks all around. All but Beth agree to go.

Jack comes back in to check on Beth and she says she has work to catch up on. She asks what it is and tells him he’s hovering. She says she had a really hard day. He says she can always talk to him. She thanks him and says she’ll keep it in mind but says not tonight, she has something to do. He says she just agreed to future drinks and says he’ll hold her to it. She says she bets he will.

She leaves and goes to Tracy’s bar. She sees her talking to Perry and figures out what’s going on. Beth picks the lock at Perry’s place and goes inside. She sees the stalker wall and all the sketches of her at work and of him choking her in bed. She is understandably alarmed.