Stalker Recap – Beth’s Stalker Revs Up: Season 1 Episode 10 “A Cry For Help”

Stalker Recap - Beth's Stalker Revs Up: Season 1 Episode 10 "A Cry For Help"

Tonight on CBS Stalker starring Dylan McDermott continues with an all new Wednesday December 3, season 1 episode 10 called, “A Cry For Help,” and we have your weekly recap below! On tonight’s episode, the team tries to find a connection between two seemingly random victims in a bid to catch an elusive stalker.

On the last episode, a psychiatrist believed he was being stalked by a suicidal patient, but the TAU unravels a tangled mystery exposing the suspect and the great lengths he had undertaken to terrorize his victim. Also, Beth’s private investigation into her own stalker lead to a stunning revelation. Did you watch the last episode? If you missed it, we have a full and detailed recap right here for you.

On tonight’s episode as per the CBS synopsis, “after a series of harrowing attacks befall two seemingly random victims, the TAU desperately searches for a connection between them before the elusive stalker strikes again.”

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At a bus parking lot, a driver listens to the radio and does some paperwork when he hears a noise. He turns his radio off and hears the banging again. He puts down his clip board and goes to investigate. He hears more noise and walks to the back of the bus. Then there’s the sound of footsteps running across the top of the bus. He calls out for the person to come down. He heads deeper into the bus yard and someone jumps bus to bus over his head. He hears more sounds.

He runs bus to bus then hides but the assailant is there and beats him with a flashlight. A security guard calls out and the attacker runs away. It looks like a woman. Tracy comes to Beth’s and Beth says they need to talk. She says she saw her with Brody last night. Tracy says she would have introduced him. Beth says his name is Perry Whitely and he’s a college student. She tells Tracy that she was assigned to investigate him and he’s shown inappropriate interest in her.

Tracy asks if he was getting close to her to get to Beth. She shows Tracy the pictures she took of Perry’s dorm walls. Tracy is horrified and asks what’s wrong with her. Beth says she’s a strong woman and nothing is wrong. Tracy asks if he got her alarm code from her phone and Beth says likely. She tells her she didn’t tell him anything but Beth says he got the info on her family some other way. She tells her to keep contact to a minimum and not tip Perry off.

Beth tells her she’s sorry and hugs her friend. At TAU, the bus driver is there and he looks bad. He says his attacker was a woman and he says she’s been stalking him for about two months. He says the guys at work teased him. The guy says she was wearing a hat but thinks it’s Nora, a regular rider. He says she’s hot for him and Janice asks him to explain. He says she makes at eyes at him in the mirror and then one day she dropped her purse then touched him when she picked it up.

He says she fondled him. Jack asks how and the guy says – she grabbed my junk. He says she rode the bus all day long and then when he drove back to the bus yard, they had sex. He says she asked for his number and he gave her a fake one. He says the sex was way too rough for him. He says she slapped and pinched him during sex. He says the attacker was the same size as Nora. Ben comes in and says he found Nora’s work address and Jack and Janice prepare to go out.

Janice comes to check on Beth and says she’s never late and asks if she’s okay. She says she is. Janice leaves with Jack. They head to the dry cleaner. Jack rings the bell. He calls out that’s LAPD. No one comes out so they head to the back. Nora comes out angry and she says they came to talk about Henry White. They ask what happened to her hand and she says she burned it on a steam iron. They ask where she was last night.

Nora calls Henry a fat ass and Jack says they know about the sex. She says Henry changed his routes and she hasn’t been back on the bus. She says Leon, her co-worker, can verify that she was at work last night. Henry is brushing his teeth when he hears a thumping sound. He hears sound from behind a door. He tries to open the door, but it’s locked. His attacked leaps on his back and hits him. He cries out for help. The woman uses a nail gun to nail his hands to his headboard while straddling him.

Next day, they’re at Henry’s. Jack notices the woman nailed the door shut and use the window to get in and out. Looks like he survived. Janice wonders why his hands and Jack says it makes him feel helpless plus he’ll have scars that people will ask him about which will bring it all back to him. They recovered some prints and then ask why she was targeting Henry. They go talk to him at the hospital. He tells them he saw her face but it wasn’t Nora. He says he doesn’t know her name, but she rides the bus.

He says she never seemed to have a specific stop, but rode all over the city. He asks why she did this and Jack says they’ll find out. Jack says Henry has never been married and everyone seemed to like her. Janice says exposing her face in the second attack was a brazen thing to do. Ben says he’s waiting on security footage from Henry’s bus. Danielle goes for a haircut and says to do something drastic. The hair dresser suggests blonde and Danielle agrees.

Ben says he found the stalker on the footage. Jack looks at it and says she was stalking him overtly from where Henry could see her. They put out a BOLO on her. The hair dresser closes up the shop when she hears a blower click on. She goes to see what it is and sees a hair dryer on the floor. She picks it up and starts to leave. She sees something in a mirror that startles her. She notices Danielle and asks why she’s there. She says her name isn’t Danielle and she attacks the woman.

Jack tells Beth about the hair stylist attack and Beth says she may be a serial. He asks Beth if she’s okay and says she seems distracted. She says she’s all good. Perry comes to see Tracy at work. He says he left her some messages and she says it’s been crazy busy. He says he’s been thinking about her and misses her. He asks her out tonight but she says she’s covering for a manager tonight and has a morning shift as well. She says she’ll call him later.

The hair dresser ID’s the photo of the stalker and says she was leaving the salon when she attacked her, ripped off her clothes, strapped her to the chair, threw chemicals in her eyes and cut all her hair off. She says the attacker said she was going to give her a new look. They ask if she knows Henry. The girl looks down and seems off but her hubby says that’s enough. Beth says she thinks Sophia is lying and knows Henry.

Beth sees Tracy and goes to her. Janice doesn’t know who Tracy is and says maybe a friend. Jack asks if Beth has a friend. Tracy tells Beth that she thinks Perry knows. She says she needs to stay with her and starts to call to get a patrol car. Ben says Cory James showed up on a missing person’s report. Ben asks who that is and she says it’s a friend. Beth talks to Cory’s mom and Jack says she’s wanted for questioning. She says she hasn’t seen her for two months.

She says she quit her job and has basically disappeared. She says a friend died of a drug overdose and took it hard. The mom says Cory took up karate in 10th grade and totally changed her appearance. Jack asks if they can see her bedroom. Jack looks at a yearbook and sees a photo marked out. He asks if they can keep it to try and help her. Sophia and Henry went to school with both of her victims. They wonder if something bad happened in high school.

Janice says it may have been a traumatic event and Beth says it may be rape trauma. Jack says rape victims usually go for the genitals. They bring in Sophia and tell her she’s being stalked by someone from high school. The show her the yearbook page. They tell Sophia they know she knows Henry. Beth says she knows them both but Sophia denies it and says they never met. They push on her some more but she won’t admit to knowing them.

Beth goes to talk to Henry and Jack says Henry denies knowing Sophia. Beth says Sophia told them that Henry raped Cory in high school. He says it’s a lie and says it was Chris, Sophia’s husband. We see Chris at the bar flirting with a newly blonde Cory who he doesn’t recognize.

Beth tells Ben to ping Scott’s phone. Jack tells Henry to tell him everything that happened. Beth comes and tells Sophia she knows Scott raped Cory. They tell her the statute of limitations has expired so no one can be punished. She says she and Scott were hot and heavy in high school but when he went of to college, things cooled off. She says they were at a party and Cory and Meg were flirting with Scott. Henry says there were all in awe of him.

Sophia says Scott and Meg were making out and he groped her. She says Meg says no but he kept going. Henry says he held Cory down while he did it. Sophia says she didn’t know what to do because she loved Scott so much and still does. They tell them that’s why Cory went after her eyes and Henry’s hands – because he held her down and Sophia watched. Outside the bar, Scott says he knows exactly who Cory is and says he remembers giving it good to her and her little friend.

He grabs her in a choke hold. She tells him Meg OD’d because of him and proceeds to kick his ass. Janice says she hates that Henry and Sophia get to walk. Janice tells Beth if she needs anything to do with whatever is going on. Beth says nothing is going on. Janice says she cares about her even though they don’t have a real personal relationship. Beth says it’s sweet, but she’s fine. Janice asks her to let her in so she can help. She leaves.

Ben says he found Scott’s phone near the Botanical Gardens – the scene of the original crime. Cory is dunking him under water while he chokes. He asks her to stop and she says that’s what she said that night. She pulls out scissors and goes for his junk. She says he took something from her and now she’s going to take something from him so he can never do this again. Scott tells her he’s sorry and begs her to stop. She tells him Meg is dead.

He knocks her off of him and then the police cars pull up. The cops tell Cory to let him go. She shoves him at them and goes running. Beth gives chase. She calls out to Cory and tells her it’s over. She says they know about Meg and what happened to them. Cory goes at her with martial arts and Beth says she doesn’t want to fight her. Cory attacks but Beth is super good at martial arts too and soon it’s a karate chick fight.

Beth subdues her and Cory starts sobbing. They cuff her and haul her away. Scott says she’s lying because he never raped anyone and says she and Meg were into it. He says they would do anything to get into the cool crowd. He says she’s crazy. Jack says they have witnesses that can corroborate his story. He says Sophia is one of them. He tells them he’s the victim here. Scott says there’s nothing can do and says the statute of limitations ran out years ago.

Cory says she gave them every opportunity to apologize but says not one of them recognized her and said – sorry. Beth says she gets it. Cory says Meg is dead because of them. Cory says she didn’t go to the police back then because she was scared what her mom would thinks since she was out past curfew, drinking. She says Meg is dead because of her too. Beth tells her this was a serious trauma. Cory says she took karate so she wouldn’t be a victim gain.

Cory says after Meg died, she tried to file a police report but they wouldn’t let her because of how long it had been. Beth says there are consequences for her actions. Cory asks if Scott will get to go free and asks where the justice is in that. Ben brings Beth an envelope from SID. She smiles. Beth tells Cory there’s something she wants her to see. Ben takes her into the room where she can watch the interrogation.

Beth tells Scott they collected his DNA at the scene and says his DNA matched the rape of a 15 year old girl that was raped after a baseball game. She tells Scott he’s done and that they’ve got him. Cory cries and smiles. Ben tells Jack and Janice that this case sucks. Ben says this case is too gray and Janice agrees. Jack and Ben walk out together but Janice stays to do some paperwork. She looks over at Beth in her office.

Tracy gets a call from Beth who says she’s on the way with take out. Tracy says she’s on the way with take out. Perry walks up on Beth and offers to help her with her bags. He says you always stop her for dinner and even quotes her special order. She asks why he’s following her and he says she knows – he’s obsessive and has a sever personality disorder bordering on psychopathic. She says he needs help then he asks how Tracy is. She says he’ll never see her again.

He says Tracy was sad and tragic like her. She tells him to get away and he asks if she’s going to hit him again. He says no one has treated him like that. He asks if he reminds her of Ray and says the guy did a real number on her – killing her whole family. He asks if it ever gets better and calls her Michelle. He tells her he wants to know then asks if she wants to hit him. He says people are watching and she says they won’t always be. He tells her he can’t wait.

He walks away and she starts crying. Janice packs up her stuff to go then sees a very upset Beth standing there. She asks what it is and Beth says she messed up and needs her help. Janice tells her she’s got it. They go into Beth’s office to talk.

The End!