Star-Crossed RECAP 4/14/14: Season 1 Episode 9 “Some Consequence Yet Hanging in the Stars”

Star-Crossed RECAP 4/14/14: Season 1 Episode 9 “Some Consequence Yet Hanging in the Stars”

Tonight on the CW Star-Crossed returns for another new episode.  In  “Some Consequence Yet Hanging in the Stars,” Roman disagrees with Emily about whether he can trust his Uncle Castor, but he gets an unexpected reaction from Castor when he asks about their spaceship crash. Meanwhile, Grayson tries to recall the events of the night he blacked out; Taylor throws a party in order to spend more time with Drake; and Teri makes a dangerous decision.

On last week’s episode Roman (Matt Lanter) invited Emery (Aimee Teegarden) inside the sector to celebrate Dinaskyu, an Atrian holiday that celebrated the family. Emery asked Sophia (Brina Palencia) for tips on how to impress her mother (guest star Susan Walters Ashby). Vega (guest star Merle Dandridge) told Drake (Greg Finley) that with Zoe missing, they tapped him to be their new undercover operative, which meant he would be leaving town and getting his markings removed. When Roman went to Vega and asked her to reconsider sending Drake away, she offered him a way out. Meanwhile, Eva (guest star Stephanie Jacobson) approached Julia (Malese Jow) with an offer. When Julia refused, Eva took her mission to a dangerous place. Finally, Grayson (Gray Damon) confronted Emery about her feelings for Roman. Michael Zinberg directed the episode written by Brian Studler (#108).  Did you watch last week’s episode?  We did and we recapped it right here for you.

On tonight’s episode Roman (Matt Lanter) argues with Emery (Aimee Teegarden) about whether he can trust his uncle Castor (Johnathon Schaech). However, when Roman asks his uncle about the day their spaceship crashed, Castor’s reaction is far from what he expected. Meanwhile, Grayson (Grey Damon) tries to remember what happened the night he blacked out, and Taylor (Natalie Hall) throws a “meteor shower” party to spend more time with Drake (Greg Finley). Still unable to deny her feelings for Roman, Teri makes a decision that puts her in grave danger. Zetna Fuentes directed the episode written by Samantha Stratton (#109).

Tonight’s episode is going to be exciting for sure and you won’t want to miss it. We’ll be recapping it right here for you as well. Tune in at 8 PM EST to the CW for the latest episode of STAR-CROSSED and in the meantime hit up the comments and tell us your thoughts on this new show!

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Grayson designs an invitation for Taylor’s meteor shower party on his tablet. Sophia compliments his work and Taylor comes over to chat with them and asks Sophia to invite the other Atrians to her party. Taylor is especially eager for her to ask Drake to come. Roman watches the video data from the drive Emery gave him while sitting in her car with her. She asks if he’s okay and he says no. He tells her he’s glad she picked it up and he says that someone wanted to expose Castor and that he caused the ship to crash. He’s having trouble reconciling this video with how Castor has been acting lately. He says he’s going to talk to him. They hold hands and she makes him promise to be careful and to talk to him in a public place. He tells her he will be stealthy and kisses her. She says she thought their biggest problem was hiding their relationship and he says he’s happy he’s in her life. The make-out session intensifies…

Drake walks with his mom Saroya and talks about the good old days but others are glaring at her and she says “they” are coming for her. Castor tells Roman that what he saw was true. He says he was trying to stop a mutiny and that the pilots were disobeying Nox’s direct orders. He says that Saroya struggled with him because she was determined to land on Earth when Nox wanted to land on an unpopulated planet and crashed the ship. Castor says he is trying to protect his people and that they need to stay unified and focus on the real enemy – the Trags.

The people point and say she’s the one who crashed the ship. Saroya says that “he” is sending out assassins and tells Drake that they are not safe there. She pulls him away. Next day, Roman fills Emery in on this and she says she’s not sure he’s told the whole truth. Emery asks how well he really knows Castor. She asks about Castor’s past as a Trag but Roman says he’s not anymore. She encourages him to talk to Saroya to get the truth and he tells her she just doesn’t understand his people.

Taylor and Drake strip and make-out in a locker room. Their clothes are everywhere and they are rolling naked on a table. She asks him about something he did and if it’s an Atrian thing. He says it’s a Drake thing. She says she likes it and he says she’s not so bad. She asks if he’s coming to her meteor shower party and he begs off. He says he has a thing and she asks since when is the social life in the Sector so hot. He promises her it’s not another girl and she asks him to let her in and he says – my life is my life. She’s not happy but then he says he’s sorry he can’t make it and kisses her and leaves.

Grayson tells Drake he knows about him and Roman dragging him out of the party. Drake says he was trying to drive off in Zoe’s car and they dragged him out so he didn’t kill himself. He says Grayson should be thanking them for keeping him out of trouble. Grayson asks why he did it and he says he owed him a favor for the whole Red Hawk thing.

Roman comes to see Saroya and she tackles him and puts a knife to his throat. She says she knows why he’s there. Drake pulls his mom off of Roman and she tells him Nox would be ashamed of him. She tells him she left the flight recorder at his pod. She says Castor disobeyed orders and caused the crash. She asks why she would turn it over to Nox if it would implicate her. Drake lays into Roman for accusing his mom and Roman defends Castor and says he just wants to keep Trags like him under control. Next day, Emery asks Roman about the bandage on his neck and he tells her what went down with Saroya. Now he’s starting to believe Castor was lying.

He says he needs to go to the Council of Elders and tells him but she thinks it can be dangerous. He tells her not to worry and promises to meet her later to watch the meteor shower. Saroya covers the windows and tells Drake that Castor will send assassins to kill them. He promises to protect her. There is banging on the door to their pod. They pull knives and open the door, but it’s just Teri. She’s there to summon them to talk to Vega.

At the bar, Emery helps Taylor set up for the party and sees she’s upset. She asks why and Taylor starts to admit it’s about a boy, but then stops and changes the subject. Grayson comes up and asks to talk to Taylor in private. Emery tells her she’ll finish the set up. Taylor asks why he’s being cold to Emery and he asks her if she’s heard from Zoe. He asks isn’t that strange since they’re besties. She tells him Drake tracked Zoe down for her and he found out her family was evicted and she’s embarrassed. He tells her he doesn’t think that’s what happened and asks for her help. She says she can help for a little while before the party.

Saroya and Drake come to see Vega. Vega tells her she could have avoided eight years in the crate if she had joined the Trags. Vega also reveals that Drake is a Trag. Saroya isn’t happy and asks what she wants. Vega says she’s the one who got her out of the crate. She says they need her because she is their best engineer and she needs her to build a suveck. Saroya says she doesn’t want war with the humans and asks why she would do it. Vega promises to protect her and says she would rather go back to the crate than help the Trags. Turns out she and Vega were former besties gone bad.

Sophia asks Roman to go to the party but he says he has to see the council. Saroya asks Drake why he joined the Trags and he says he’s just playing along. She says she raised him better and he says she didn’t raise him at all since she was gone. He stomps out. Roman finds only Castor in the council area and lies to cover and says he’s worried about Saroya being back. He goes to leave but his uncle calls for a guard and they shut the door and lock Roman in.

Roman asks again where the council is and Castor says he sent them away because he knew Roman was going to tell them about the flight recording. He asks his nephew where it is and he tells Castor that he knows what he did. Castor says the tough news is that they had to land on Earth because it was inhabitable. Nox didn’t want to land there because it was peopled but Castor says they wouldn’t have found another suitable planet. Castor says he did what he had to do to save the Atrians. He says he didn’t count on Saroya fighting him. Roman blames him for the Atrians that died on landing day and Castor says he saved the other ones. Roman slaps Castor and his uncle’s guard pulls a weapon on him.

Emery asks Sophia where Roman is and she says he went to the council. Emery admits to her that she’s with Roman and Sophia is cool with it. She asks Sophia for a favor. Meanwhile Grayson and Taylor are waiting on the ferry to find out more about what happened the night of the fund raiser. He thinks he lost time and it was the night Zoe went missing. Taylor says Drake has seen her and he asks why she believes him and how well she knows Drake. She asks why he would lie.

Sophia sneaks Emery in to the Sector and she thanks her. She pulls the head over her head and walks in undetected. She tries to figure out where Roman is as she wanders around. She keeps her head down and then sees Castor come out of a room. She observes and sees him with an armed guard then he goes back into the room. Roman tells Castor the truth will come out that he’s a liar and a murderer and Castor says that may be true, but he’s the best hope the Atrians have. Castor says they can’t keep trying to integrate or dominate the humans and instead need to become a sovereign nation with Castor as their leader. He says he won’t kill Roman but will turn him over to the human guard with a weapon so he’ll be sent to the crate like Castor did to Saroya years ago.

Teri tells Drake he should have taken Vega’s offer so they wouldn’t have to be looking over their shoulder. Emery comes to their pod and tells them that Roman is in trouble because Castor knows about the recording. Drake says he has to help and he and his mom take off. Saroya tells Emery to stay put and safe but as soon as they are gone, she asks Teri to help her act as back-up.

Grayson drives with Taylor to retrace his steps. He says he remembers being scared of Drake that night. Taylor says he’s talking crazy. She tells him she’s done and is going to her party. He tells her to go and insists he doesn’t trust Drake and needs to figure this out.

Castor threatens Roman and tells him to hand over the recorder or face the crate. They open the door to take him to the human guard and find one of their guys knocked out. Saroya, Drake and Roman fight them off but Castor holds a weapon on them and tells Saroya “it’s been a while.”

Teri and Emery see Castor and henchmen walk Saroya, Roman and Drake down an alley. Emery walks straight up to Castor and tells him she came for them and has the recorder. She says if he lets them go, she’ll get it for him. He pulls the weapon and tells her to take him to it now. She brings him into a pod and says she hid it.

Vega comes out holding it and asks if this is what Castor is looking for. She says it proves what a snake he is and he says it’s none of her business. She tells him to release his hostages and he accedes. Vega hands over the recorder and he smiles. He tells Roman this is only the beginning. He and his henchmen go. Vega tells Saroya she’s trapped in the Sector with a hit on her and that as of tomorrow, since she’s anti-Trag, she’s on her own.

Taylor’s party is raging. Teens are drinking and dancing around and in the pool when Sophia arrives. Taylor pulls Sophia into the hot tub to dance and kicks the guys out. Then they sit and Taylor tells her she has all the romantic stuff to get people into the mood and the problem is involving stupid boys. She asks who needs them and Sophia takes this as an invitation and kisses her. Taylor is stunned and tells her she’s not into girl on girl and is into someone else. She tells Sophia she’s sorry.

Roman says he has to get Emery out of the Sector but then pulls Drake aside and apologizes for doubting Saroya. He thanks him for coming to save him and Drake says he should thank her since she saved them all from crating. Emery thanks Teri but she says she didn’t do it for her. Roman tells Emery he wants to show her something before they go.

Grayson walks around on the road near where they had stopped and then down an incline. He looks all around and then kneels down and has a flashback to the car wreck and Drake holding Zoe by the throat and telling Roman they should kill her. Taylor sits sad after the party when Drake shows up. She asks why he always looks like he’s come from a fight. She tells him she wants more than sex with him but knows he doesn’t want more than that. He reveals that his mom was in prison and just got out and it’s been harder than he thought. He tells her what they have is not just sex and it’s hard for him to trust people because he’s been on his own for so long. He asks her for time to let him learn how to be with her. She tells him about the stuff Grayson has been saying and she asks if Drake is a good guy. He tells her that he’s not but she makes him want to be better. He kisses her gently. He points up at the meteor shower and they watch it together.

Grayson finds Drake and tells him he knows he killed Zoe. Grayson says he had this memory tickling his brain so he went back to the levee and it all came back. The crash, the fight, Roman and Drake and then he remembered Zoe on the ground with his hands on her neck. Drake asks what he wants and Grayson tells him he’ll let him know.

Roman and Emery sit high up on a pod pile and watch the meteor shower. She asks what he’ll do about Castor since they don’t have the recorder anymore. He says he can still go to the council – he thinks they will trust him and this will discredit Castor as a leader. He tells Emery he should have listened to her because she’s part of his world now and he wants to protect her. They kiss as the meteors speed by. Then they see a video of them kissing up on the screen and Castor’s face is there saying that Roman has taken up with a human and has changed his priorities. Roman and Emery are stunned. Teri watches this visibly upset. She asks Vega why she didn’t just take Castor out and she says she needs him alive for now. Saroya comes in and tells Vega she needs her. She says she will build the Suveck if they will promise to protect her and Drake. Teri asks her mom what it is and she says it’s the last weapon they will ever need against the humans.