Star-Crossed RECAP 4/21/14: Season 1 Episode 10 “What Storm is This That Blows So”


Tonight on the CW Star-Crossed returns for another new episode. In “What Storm is This That Blows So,” A hurricane traps everyone inside the school. Meanwhile, Teri drugs Roman, who says hurtful things to Emery; Taylor wants to go public with her relationship with Drake, but Grayson blackmails Drake into breaking up with her; and Julia asks Emery for help after being threatened by Eva.

On last week’s episode Roman disagreed with Emily about whether he could trust his Uncle Castor, but he got an unexpected reaction from Castor when he asked about their spaceship crash. Meanwhile, Grayson tried to recall the events of the night he blacked out; Taylor threw a party in order to spend more time with Drake; and Teri made a dangerous decision.  Did you watch last week’s episode.  We did and we have a full and detailed recap, right here for you.

On tonight’s episode a hurricane suddenly hits the town and everyone is trapped inside the school in “Star-Crossed” episode 10, “What Storm Is This That Blows So.” Teri (Chelsea Gilligan) drugs Roman (Matt Lanter), which leaves him very paranoid and very angry. While drugged he says some very hurtful things to Emery (Aimee Teegarden) that alter their relationship. Taylor (Natalie Hall) convinces Drake (Greg Finley) that they should go public as a couple. However, when Grayson (Grey Damon) overhears the couple talking, he blackmails Drake into breaking up with Taylor. Meanwhile, Julia (Malese Jow) turns to Emery for help after Eva (guest star Stephanie Jacobsen) threatens her.

Tonight’s episode is going to be exciting for sure and you won’t want to miss it. We’ll be recapping it right here for you as well. Tune in at 8 PM EST to the CW for the latest episode of STAR-CROSSED and in the meantime hit up the comments and tell us your thoughts on this new show!

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On the crashed Atrian mothership, a guard sees one guard down and then sees Teri. He asks her what she’s doing there. She kisses him and knocks him out with a drugged kiss. She tells him sweet dreams and then sits down at a control panel. She pulls up a menu, clicks some options and then dials a phone device and says – it’s done.

Roman complains to Drake that Castor has cost him trust of his people by publicly announcing his relationship with Emery. They see Teri giving orders to some Atrians disguised as humans and Roman asks if the Trags are targeting Emery. He tells her to stay away from Emery. Emery finds him in the hall and they head to the supply closet while Teri watches them go.

She worries that Castor will put an end to integration efforts and he says he can take care of it. Julia knocks on the door and tells them they can come out since everyone knows about them already. One of the guards recorded the video that Castor played and a couple of guys ask Roman if he likes Grayson’s sloppy seconds and then tell Emery she’ll get with anyone.

Taylor steps up and insults the guys and they take off in shame. She tells Emery and Roman she thinks what they’re doing is brave. Drake watches this but then walks away. She says she’s glad Emery is leading the way on this. Emery and Roman hold hands and walk down the hall. Grayson approaches Drake and tells him he’s ready to collect on his blackmail over knowing what happened to Zoe. Drake tells him that Roman is innocent but Grayson says Drake isn’t. Grayson asks about the Atrian radicals but Drake gives him no answer. Grayson threatens to tell the cops about Zoe and walks away.

Eric bad mouths Roman and Emery having babies with flippers and Julia calls him out. He insists he was joking. Ms Benton tells Julia she needs to speak to her in private. Sophia and Roman share a look and then Teri is there digging in her purse. Sophia tells Roman she can’t believe Castor did this to him. Teri knocks Emery’s tray over and when Roman bends to pick it up, she dumps something in his drink.

Roman drinks his beverage and Teri eats her apple watching with interest.

Julia comes into Ms Benton’s room and Mr Burke – her sneaky colleague – is there. Benton tells her they got the Cyper but it didn’t work. He says they gave it to a leukemia patient and the Cyper killed them. They think there is another ingredient – a catalyzing agent – and want more of her blood. She refuses to help them and they threaten her parents. She reluctantly lets Burke take her blood.

Gloria tells Emery and Roman she supports them but says they need to be careful especially about the Red Hawks. Roman gets very snippy with her and he’s having vision problems from whatever Teri gave him. Gloria gets a call and she tells them the school is on lock down because there is a hurricane coming. Roman is not feeling well.

News of the hurricane is perplexing meteorologists because it has come out of nowhere. Wonder if Teri did something with the ship to cause it? Benton tells Burke she has to wrangle the students in the cafeteria and he says he can’t get out and wants to use her lab to process Julia’s blood. They split up and she tells him to keep her posted.

Lukas is concerned about the hurricane and says they never have them this time of year and especially not without notice. He wants to do some research and Sophia offers to help him. They head off. Benton gives instructions to the students on how to stay safe. Drake tells Roman what Grayson is threatening and Roman tells Drake they should have just killed Zoe. He tells Drake he thinks Teri is up to something.

Grayson approaches Emery and tells her that Roman can’t be trusted. He says it’s not safe to be around him and says he’s keeping secrets from her. Roman comes up and shoves him and goes all aggro on Grayson until Drake pulls him off. Grayson tells Emery that proves he’s dangerous. She asks what’s going on and he says he has to find Teri.

Taylor finds Drake in the hall and asks him to go to an empty classroom. She tells him with Emery and Roman out of the closet, they could be too. He’s not so sure and says it’s not a good day. She asks him to find her later and he agrees. Grayson peeks around the corner and spies on them.

Teri lurks outside the lab where Burke is working with Julia’s blood. Drake finds her and asks what she did to Roman. He tells her he knows she drugged him and thinks it’s because she’s jealous. She denies it and he asks what the Trags are up to. She reminds him he’s not a Trag anymore and walks away.

Burke works in the lab when Benton comes in because he texted her. He says he thinks it’s Atrian blood catalyzing it and says he needs a lot of Atrian blood to test it. He says he needs to drain one. She tells him there are seven Atrians stuck in the school because of the storm and tells him to pick one.

The hurricane is wreaking havoc outside. Inside, Drake lifts weights in the gym. Grayson comes in and asks if Taylor knows she’s sleeping with the guy that killed her best friend. Drake tells him not to tell her and then caves in and tells him about the Trags. He says that Zoe was one of them. He asks Drake to give him a name of someone who knows the Trags’ plan. He says he doesn’t know but Grayson says he has until the end of the day to get him a name. He also says he’ll tell the cops and Taylor about Zoe unless Drake breaks up with her.

Roman finds Emery and she asks why he’s looking for Teri. He’s all sweaty and confused and paranoid and says he thinks something is going to happen to her. She pulls him into their supply closet and tells him to tell her what’s going on. He kisses her hard and tells her he wants her so bad. She pushes him away and tells him to slow down and cool off but he’s going crazy. She leaves him there.

Eric finds Emery but is looking for Julia. He says he said something stupid and now she’s avoiding him and he’s worried. She finds Julia sitting against a wall, upset and holding her arm. Emery asks if it’s a needle mark and asks what’s going on. Julia says she can’t tell her and then makes her swear to keep it between them. She tells her about Benton searching for information about Cyper.

She thinks Benton and Burke are close to knowing it has to be mixed with Atrian blood. She tells Emery they were threatening her parents and Emery says they can fix it. Julia asks how.

Taylor sits filing her nails in the cafeteria when Drake approaches. She asks him to come to the next big dance with her. He says he can’t do this. He tells her that he doesn’t want to be with her anymore. He says after seeing what Roman and Emery are dealing with he just can’t do it. He tells her it’s over. Taylor says some things are worth fighting for. He says they are but them as a couple aren’t worth fighting for. He walks away. She’s hurt.

Lukas and Sophia look at where the storm formed and how it’s moving. It started right above the Atrian ship. He asks her if the ship could have formed it and she tells him the ship has gravity generators. She wonders if it was a malfunction and he asks who would intentionally start a hurricane. Some people break into a secured area. They take canisters and some stuff from a high voltage area. They break into another area with an arc welder.

Teri walks the halls at school and Roman is hot on her heels but struggling to keep up. Emery finds him and tells him she needs his help with Julia. She tries to tell him about Benton and the Cyper and he goes into a panic. He gets mad and tells her this is all her fault and says helping her comes at a cost. He tells her he gave up being a leader for her. He says picking her is always the wrong choice and Emery says she never asked him to do that. He tells her that she’s his weakness. She tells him fine but to pull himself together before he hurts someone else. He runs off after Teri who is actually lurking nearby smiling.

Julia sits studying when Benton comes looking for her. Emery is nearby when the lights go out. Benton tells everyone not to panic – that the generators will kick in soon. Emery tells Julia that Roman can’t help them because he’s going through something. Emery suggests trying to contaminate the blood sample Burke has before it’s too late. While it’s still dark, they sneak out of the lunch room.

Roman is in the closet in a drug-addled swirl. Teri comes in and pulls off his shirt and kisses him. First he pushes her away but then drugs and lust take over and he kisses her back but he’s seeing Emery part of the time. His vision clears and he sees it’s Teri and pushes her away but Teri’s shirt is off and then Emery comes in. He tries to tell Emery that he didn’t want it and she stalks out. Teri tells him he can have her but he tells her he doesn’t want her and says that all she wants is power and that with Emery he’s who he wants to be.

Roman runs up the stairs and Drake stops him. He chokes him and then Drake tells him Teri drugged him with Tatall. Roman says he has to protect Emery and Drake says he’s in no condition. He promises to watch out for Emery for him and tells him to stay in the stairway and ride it out.

The girls come into the lab looking for the blood sample. They hear a noise and hide and then Teri comes in. They watch as she breaks a glass and takes some stuff out of a cabinet. But then Burke is there and he uses ether to knock her out. He lays her on a table and starts a line to collect her blood. He whistles creepily as he works. The girls stay hidden and watch.

Grayson looks out the window. Eric finds him and says that Brock is in the cafeteria recruiting to start a new Red Hawks and says it’s Grayson’s idea. Grayson says he was going to talk to him about it – he tells him he’s got an inside source and there’s a new group called the Trags they need to focus on. Eric says the last time he was a Red Hawk he almost ended up in jail. Grayson says they can’t trust the Atrians. Eric reminds him that his mother is in jail for thinking like this. Grayson tells him that the threat his real and he can’t stop him.

The girls try to figure out how to save Teri but they’re scared of Burke. He gets a call and leaves the room for a better signal. They run over to Teri, unhook her and sit her up. They are dragging her out when Burke comes back in. They are caught. He asks if they’re leaving and they demand he let them go. They throw something at the window and the storm winds blow in and while he’s distracted they run out with Teri but Burke is hot on their heels. Julia calls out for help and Roman is there. He attacks Burke and beats him to a pulp. Emery has to stop him before he kills the guy. She gets him calmed down finally.

Lukas wants to tell Gloria what they found so they can shut down the ship. Sophia asks what if an Atrian did it on purpose. He says all the Atrians are in the Sector except for the seven. He asks if one of the seven is trying to hurt humans. She tells him if this comes out, the integration program will be ended. She begs him to wait and says the storm is dying down and asks him to wait and not report it if it continues to calm down.

Julia calls her mom to check in. Benton comes in and threatens Julia and Julia says she’s not going to help her anymore. Gloria comes in and tells Benton that she and Burke are going to be arrested for attacking and threatening students and for being a security threat. Teri thanks Roman for saving her and he tells her that he almost beat a man to death because she drugged him. She tells him it’s wearing off and he’s back to being boring Roman. He tells her he was wrong to ever think they were friends.

Teri heads back into the lab and loads up on whatever she was trying to steal before. Drake tells Grayson he dumped Taylor but Grayson still demands a name. Drake tells him that he was a Trag but isn’t anymore but can get him information. Grayson asks how he knows Drake is not a Trag anymore and Drake says if he was, Grayson wouldn’t be alive right now. He walks off.

Lukas and Sophia come into the cafeteria as the storm is blowing over. She thanks him for not telling anyone about the ship causing the storm. He’s concerned about one of the seven being a terrorist and he says that means the danger isn’t over. She sees Sophia crying and goes to her. She asks what’s wrong and Taylor looks at Drake and then asks Sophia if she thinks that she’s a girl worth fighting for. Sophia says she’s the kind of girl people go to war for. Taylor steps close and kisses her on the mouth. Drake watches unhappily and Sophia smiles, entranced, as Taylor walks away. She touches her lips where Taylor kissed her.

Eric races to catch up with Julia. He tells her what he said was dumb about Roman and Emery. He says he knows the paranoia about the Atrians is wrong and he knows he used to be that way and doesn’t want to be anymore. He tells her she’s the kindest person he’s ever met and she steps close and kisses him. She surprised him and he says for a nice girl she doesn’t kiss like one and then he kisses her.

Roman tells Emery that Teri drugged him with a substance that takes away your control and inhibitions. He tells her he never would have done or said any of those thoughtless things. He asks her to believe and forgive him. She says nothing sounds crazy after today. She says the drug wouldn’t change how he really feels. He tells her there’s nothing between him and Teri and she says that she’s been thinking about what he said and it’s all true.

She says she knows she makes it harder for him to be trusted by his people. She tells him that he was right despite the drugs. She says she doesn’t want to be his weakness and that they shouldn’t be together. He asks her not to say that and says they can get through this. She says someday maybe the world will change but now this is how it has to be. He tells her he won’t let her go and she says she’ll make that choice for both of them. She kisses him one last time and walks away. He’s crushed.

Back in the Sector, Sophia finds Roman and tells him what she and Lukas found out about the ship probably starting the storm. She asks if he thinks the Trags did it but he wonders why they would have done it. But then he recalls Teri talking with the closeted Trags and thanks Sophia for telling him.

Grayson leads a new Red Hawk meeting and tells them about the Trags. One guy shouts they should burn the Sector down and Grayson says no – that they have to be smarter. He says he has an informant and rather than going after all Atrians they are going to focus on the terrorist Atrians – the Trags.

Drake and Roman look down on the stuff Teri and the Trags are smuggling in and wonder what it’s for. Drake tells him that Vega wanted his mom to build a device called a Suvec – which means blast or flash – that was to set off the final war with the humans. Drake and Roman suspect the storm was a cover for them to sneak in the components they need to build it. They agree they have to stop it before it’s complete.