Star-Crossed RECAP 4/28/14: Season 1 Episode 11 “Give Me a Torch”

Star-Crossed RECAP 4/28/14: Season 1 Episode 11 “Give Me a Torch”

Tonight on the CW Star-Crossed returns for another new episode. In “Give Me a Torch,” Pregnancy rumors swirl around Taylor, and a misinformed Vartan kidnaps Emery. Meanwhile, Vega asks Teri to find the Iksen’s key; Roman and Castor testify about the spaceship crash; and Eric and Julia share a moment.

On last week’s episode a hurricane suddenly hit the town and everyone was trapped inside the school in “Star-Crossed” episode 10. Teri (Chelsea Gilligan) drugged Roman (Matt Lanter), which left him very paranoid and very angry. While drugged he said some very hurtful things to Emery (Aimee Teegarden) that altered their relationship. Taylor (Natalie Hall) convinced Drake (Greg Finley) that they should go public as a couple. However, when Grayson (Grey Damon) overheard the couple talking, he blackmailed Drake into breaking up with Taylor. Meanwhile, Julia (Malese Jow) turned to Emery for help after Eva (guest star Stephanie Jacobsen) threatened her.  Did you watch last week’s episode?  If you missed it we have a full and detailed recap, right here for your enjoyment.

On tonight’s episode Sophia (Brina Palencia) suspects Taylor (Natalie Hall) is pregnant with Drake’s (Greg Finley) baby. Sophia tells Emery (Aimee Teegarden) and the two research Atrian pregnancies. Vartan (guest star Marcus Hester) stumbles upon the information and mistakenly believes Emery is pregnant, so he kidnaps her. Vega (guest star Merle Dandridge) tasks Teri (Chelsea Gilligan) with finding the Iksen’s key, which they need to complete the Suvek. Meanwhile, Roman (Matt Lanter) and Castor (Johnathan Schreach) testify before the Hwatab about the day the spaceship crashed. Also, Eric (Jesse Luken) shares a nice moment with Julia (Malese Jow). Michael Katleman directed the episode written by Marc Halsey & Jay Faerber (#111).

Tonight’s episode is going to be exciting for sure and you won’t want to miss it. We’ll be recapping it right here for you as well. Tune in at 8 PM EST to the CW for the latest episode of STAR-CROSSED and in the meantime hit up the comments and tell us your thoughts on this new show!

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Emery gets out of her car at school and sees all the happy couples embracing. She sees the signs for the Winter Bash dance. She runs into Roman and it’s very awkward. She tells him every year kids come up with odd ways to ask each other to the dance and he says that explains Frosty by the water fountain. She asks how the Sector is and he reminds her she’s the one who broke up with him and tells her to have fun at the dance. Julia asks her about why she dumped him after he leaves and tells her she needs a Roman “holiday.” Julia tells her she has to go to the dance because she’s been tapped to sing. Eric comes by and asks Julia to go to the dance. She says yes, he smooches her and heads off. Emery admires his direct approach.

Teri comes up to Roman and asks if he’s going to keep freezing her out. He’s mad about her drugging him and tells her if she wants his trust, she can tell him what the Trags are building. She says he can’t afford to lose any more friends. Drake comes up and he tells him he hasn’t found out anything more about the Suvec. Drake thinks his Mom is working with the Trags and Roman’s worried she won’t testify to support him about Castor crashing the ship. Drake says she’ll be there.

Taylor smiles at Drake who blows her off. She goes off to her car and cries. Sophia comes up and knocks on her car window. She’s brought Taylor a beautiful flower and asks her to the winter dance. Sophia looks at Taylor and she’s crying blue tears. Sophia is in shock because she knows what this means. She marches off to Emery and says she has to tell her something because she needs someone she can trust. She tells her it’s about Taylor.

Roman tells the elders that Castor crashed their ship and when he found out the truth, Castor tried to have him crated. Saroya isn’t there to testify and Castor says he’s just lashing out because he told the Sector about Roman and the human. He tells them that Castor stole the flight recorder from him and probably has destroyed it. He tells them that Castor wants to end the integration program and is more dangerous than the Trags. They tell Roman that he has no proof and he asks if his word as Nox’s son doesn’t mean anything but they remind him he deceived him about his relationship with Emery. They tell Roman they will investigate and Castor will stay in charge for now.

Grayson tells the new Red Hawks that he doesn’t want to destroy the integration program, only the Trags. He says he has an informant and tells them to be patient. Vartan shows up and tells Grayson he’s the Red Hawk captain in these parts and Grayson tells him these are new Red Hawks and says they’re not after eliminating all Atrians. Vartan says they need to go after the race traitor Emery. Grayson tells him to stay away from Emery. He tells him that would undermine what he’s trying to do and Vartan tells him he’s making a big mistake.

Drake follows his Mom Saroyan. She heads into a storage container and he grabs the door and sneaks in behind her. He sees a device and then Saroya snags him and pulls him behind a crate. He asks why she didn’t testify against Castor and why she’s building the Suvec. She says she had to build it to protect them against Vega and he tells her when she’s done, Vega will kill her. She tells him to trust her.

Emery pulls Taylor aside at the diner and she thinks she wants to talk to her about kissing Sophia. Emery tells her it’s about Drake and that she knows she’s not the only one going through an Atrian break up. Emery tells her that Sophia was telling her that her tears were glowing. Taylor asks if she has an Atrian STD but Emery clarifies and tells Taylor that she’s pregnant.

Drake comes and tells Roman that Saroya is helping build the Suvec. A guy runs into Roman and he checks his backpack and sees the guy threw a grenade into it. He yells for people to get clear and throws it into a dumpser. No one is hurt, but alarms go off all through the Sector.

Emery and Taylor look at scary internet photos of pregnant Atrians and Emery tells her only she and Sophia know about the baby. Sophia brings her a plate of food and Taylor says she’s hungry. Sophia tells her she’ll be thirsty and that she’ll be extra sensitive to salt. Emery tells her they need to keep it secret because of the Red Hawks.

Vega tells Teri the Suvec is almost complete and Teri wants to know what will happen next. Vega tells her to be patient and Teri reminds her she was the one that got all the ingredients for it. Vega says they need a key that the Atrian leader has. She tells her to find out where Castor keeps it and steal it from her. Teri gets mad and says she’s not an errand girl but Vega tells her to do it.

Lukas asks Emery to the winter dance and says he can’t let her miss it or go dateless. She agrees. Eric comes in and Emery asks if he’s seen Grayson. He says he doesn’t talk to Grayson anymore because he restarted the Red Hawks and is recruiting at school. Eric says he wants nothing to do with him. Drake and Roman come in and Emery asks Drake what happened and if that’s blood on his shirt. Sophia comes over and says Taylor wants to need. Drake asks if Taylor is okay and she says she is.

Vartan is lurking at the restaurant and goes to their table once they leave. He sees that the girls were surfing Atrian pregnancy websites.

Back at the Sector, Teri sneaks into Castor’s pod. There are three girls there who ask if she’s come to join them. Castor comes in and tells the girls to leave him with Teri. He asks her if Vega sent her to poison him. She tells him he has a lot of shiny things for a leader and he tells her the object was a gift from a consort. He offers her a position working for him and says he wouldn’t make the mistake her mother is of wasting her talents. He tells her to leave.

Drake recaps for Roman that Castor is trying to kill him and Vega is trying to annihilate all humans. He asks who they should go after first and Roman says both. They talk about the grenade that was in Roman’s backpack and wonder if they can use those to blow up the Suvec.

Maia tries to talk to Castor about Roman and begs him to help him find his way instead of hurting him. She’s stalling him so Drake and Roman can search for the grenades. They find a ventilation fan that doesn’t look like part of the pod and pull it back. They find a ton of explosives – enough to blow up the whole sector – and the key Teri needs. She hides out of sight and spots it when the guys are stealing the contraband grenades.

Drake and Roman agree they’ll plant the explosives to blow up the Suvec and head to the dance as an alibi. Drake says that plan won’t work if Castor takes him out first and Roman says they need to be careful.

Emery asks Taylor if she’s going to tell Drake about the baby. Taylor says that she really liked Drake and that she doesn’t even mind the idea she’s pregnant with a baby that might kill her. She tells her that sex with an alien is amazing and Emery admits she and Roman never got that far. She asks what they were doing in the supply closet and she says just hanging out. Emery tells her that Drake asked about her and that maybe he cares about her. Taylor asks if their Atrian exes will be at the dance and Emery says she should talk to Drake.

Roman talks to his crew about Teri. His consorts want to know why he let her go. Teri is watching on a hidden camera, but she doesn’t know that Castor knows the camera is there. He brags about Teri and says her mom isn’t using her well – says she’s intelligent – knowing she’ll eat up every word.

Emery comes to talk to Grayson about the new Red Hawks and he reassures her and tells her that they are only opposed to the Trags. She asks how he knows about them and then tells him she has no info for him since she and Roman broke up. He’s pleased to hear that news.

The consorts leave and Roman’s secret door creaks. He goes to look inside and isn’t pleased by what he sees.

Vartan comes to see Grayson and tells him that Emery is pregnant with an Atrian baby. He tells him she was researching human-Atrian pregnancies online. Grayson says it’s not possible but Vartan is certain and calls her a race mixer and says that’s how they will colonize and take over. He says this is the proof they need to let people see. Grayson grabs him and tells him to stay away from Emery and threatens him. Vartan leaves angry.

At the Sector, Castor stops Roman and tells him he knows he has something that belongs to him. Uh-oh. Castor tells him he can’t steal from him and get away with it and says he knows about the explosives he took. He tells Roman he’s naïve just like Nox and says look where that got him. Roman says the same goes for him.

Castor demands that he give the grenades back. Roman takes off running and Castor chases him down. He grabs the backpack away from Roman and finds crushed up soda cans in it. Meanwhile Drake plants the grenades around the Suvec and takes off. Castor is startled by a loud explosion.

At the Winter Bash, everyone is dancing. Emery and Lukas show up. They greet Julia and Lukas heads off to correct the bad music situation. Eric tells Julia he’s going to be outside drinking with his buddies and will see her later. She says he’ll miss her song and he tells her he’s heard her practice plenty. Julia isn’t thrilled. Julia tells her to wish her luck and goes to warm up. Sophia walks in and Taylor comes over and tells her she’s sorry for not answering her about being her date to the dance. Sophia says she just wants to be there for her. Taylor asks why and Sophia tells her she’s hot even if she’s knocked up. Sophia says she’ll stop being so nice once Taylor gets giant. Taylor laughs.

Grayson comes up to Emery and asks if she’s pregnant. He tells her Vartan told him. She tells him it’s none of his business, but she’s not. She tells him asking her that doesn’t help convince her that the new Red Hawks are different. Emery grabs Sophia and tells her they need to keep Taylor out of the spotlight because of the Red Hawks. But then she’s literally on stage in a spotlight.

Vega laments the loss of the Suvec and says it’s Castor. Teri tells her it wasn’t Castor but her mother insults her and won’t hear her. She tells her she failed her and tells the Trags to arm up because they are going after Castor tonight.

Drake and Roman walk in and Taylor is distracted momentarily. She introduces Julia who’s going to sing. She hands her the mic and heads off stage. The music starts up and Julia nervously starts singing. She’s struggling badly and then stops altogether. But then Eric is there and starts singing with her. They turn it into a duet. The crowd loves it. Julia loses her nerves somewhat and does a better job. Roman catches Emery’s eye and smiles.

Vartan sneaks up on Emery with a knife and tells her to come with him or he’ll slice her open right there. He drags her outside and he tells her she’s an abomination. She tells him she’s not pregnant and he says he has a doctor that will tell him the truth. He tells her to shut up and tells her that Grayson isn’t part of this because he’s not militant enough. Grayson comes out and punches Vartan but he attacks back. He tells Grayson there is a war going on and beats Grayson. Vartan says Boy Scouts won’t win the war but then the other Red Hawks are there and pull Vartan off. Grayson tells him those are his Boy Scouts.

Eric tells Julia he was outside with his boys when he realized he wanted to be with her. Drake and Roman wonder if Vega has Castor’s head on a pike yet. Taylor tells Drake she needs to talk to him and Roman walks off. She tells Drake she’s pregnant but doesn’t need anything from him. She says she just wanted him to know. She tells him that it’s been hard getting over him but this helps.

The police are there and take Vartan away in cuffs. Grayson tells Emery he’s sorry about him. He tells her Vartan won’t be bothering anyone for a long time. He tells her that he had nothing to do with the new Red Hawks and she says she believes him. He asks if she wants a ride home but she asks him to go back inside and dance instead.

Castor walks through the Sector when the Trags attack him. They shoot him in the shoulder and then pursue him. He runs and tries to hide but they are hot on his heels. Teri finds him and tells him to come with her. He follows her through a closed door and the Trags just miss him.

Roman tells Drake it will be all right and says he can handle Taylor’s pregnancy after all they accomplished today. He tells him to go find Taylor. Drake says it won’t work and Roman tells him that he doesn’t regret being with Emery. He tells him to go find his girl but then Roman sees Emery dancing with Emery and pulls a face and stares. Grayson tells her the goals of the new Red Hawks and she says she just wants the Atrians to be free. She says if that’s his vision, she’s willing to help.

Drake finds Taylor and tells her had to break up with her because of a bad situation but he always wanted to be with her. She asks what she’s going to do about the baby and he says he’ll be there for her. She asks what happens when he has to go back to the Sector. She cries glowing tears and tells him she’s on her own out here. He promises to figure something out and kisses her.

Grayson tells the Red Hawks that he’s told them that information is important to their cause and they have a new person to help. Roman watches from behind a wall as Emery introduces herself and says she’s there to help the new Red Hawks.

Teri treats Castor’s injury and takes the toxins out. He asks what will happen if Vega finds out she helped him and she tells him to let her worry about it. He asks why she’s helping him but she doesn’t answer. He looks at the necklace he’s wearing. Curious…

Maia tells Roman that she was able to get the Elders to search Castor’s pod and they found the explosives. She says he was ousted as ruler. Roman tells her they destroyed the Suvec and the Trags can’t hurt anyone soon. But what they don’t know is that Saroya insulated the Suvec against sabotage and it’s still intact and nearly complete. She and Vega take off the damaged panels and look at the Suvec hidden inside that’s still safe. Vega says in a few days they’ll introduce it to the world.