Stephen Colbert Named David Letterman’s Replacement – Hired as CBS “Late Show”

Stephen Colbert Named David Letterman's Replacement - Hired as CBS "Late Show"

Well, that was fast! Only one week after David Letterman confirmed to his live audience that he felt it was time to move on and depart the late night talk show that he has hosted on CBS for the past 20 years, a replacement has been named. Yesterday Stephen Colbert was rumored to be the top choice for the network and sure enough it has just broken that he has landed the late night gig.

Colbert is no stranger to the talk show format and many seem to believe he is a great choice as the new host for “Late Show” as he is extremely inventive and well-respected across the board by everyone in the genre itself. He also has an interviewing style somewhat similar to Letterman’s in that he doesn’t stick to the script. Colbert kind of goes with the flow and lets the conversation with his guests lead the interview rather than sticking to the question and answer format.

He also knows the value of social networking and gets that it’s a necessary tool for any late night host these days. How do you think that Colbert will do going head to head with Jimmy Fallon? There is kind of an expectation that Fallon will continue to crush the competition regardless of who is hosting. Letterman was successful because, well, he’s Letterman. Will Colbert fare as well? He obviously has a great built in audience that will no doubt follow him to CBS. Do you think the network got it right? Is Colbert the best choice for the job? Tell us your thoughts in the comments below!

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