Suits Detailed Recap: Season 4 Episode 9 “Gone”

Suits Detailed Recap: Season 4 Episode 9 “Gone”

SUITS returns to the USA network tonight with an all new episode called, “Gone.” On this evening’s episode, professional and personal secrets are unearthed when Sean begins a round of depositions as the SEC investigation comes to a head.

On the last episode Rachel Mike and Rachel worked closely with one another while Jessica and Harvey tried to outmaneuver Sean Cahill. Elsewhere, Louis tried to hide evidence for the sake of his career. Did you watch the last episode? If you missed it we have a full and detailed recap, right here for you.

On tonight’s episode Sean begins a round of depositions for the SEC investigation, endangering the employees.

Tonight’s episode looks like it is going to be great and you won’t want to miss it, so be sure to tune in for our live coverage of USA Network’s “Suits” at 9:00 PM EST! While you wait for our recap hit the comments and let us know how excited you are for another episode of Suits tonight. In the meantime, check out a sneak peek video of tonight’s episode below.

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Harvey comes into Jessica’s office and finds Louis there. He says he didn’t do it to be a hero. He said Forstman told him to sign or the deal was off. Harvey says there’s more. Louis says he made him take a million dollars to buy his silence. Jessica curses and Harvey tells him he could have said no. Louis says if he’s that selifish, why is he there confessing?

Jessica says they’re innocent and Sean will use it to make all the accusations sticks. Jessica asks to speak to Harvey alone. He asks why she’s defending Louis and she says she’s not, she just doesn’t want him going to confess what he did to anyone. She tells Harvey as soon as this is all done, she’s firing Louis. OMG!

Mike gets out of the shower and finds Rachel fussing over him. She pulled out his parents photo album and he asks why she had it out. She says she was looking for photos of him. They talk dinner and she says she doesn’t want to go out. He says they have no food, but she ordered in burritos since he loves them. She says she had them there in case he come home. She says it’s good to have him home and he says it’s good to be home.

Donna asks Harvey what’s up and he tells her that Louis broke a law. She asks if he broke a law or was made to break a law. He rants then she reminds him that he put them all in jeopardy when he hired Mike and that Mike wouldn’t be there if Louis hadn’t brought him back. He tells her to take her woes to Jessica because she’s planning on firing Louis.

Havey finds Forstman and tells him to undo the dirty deal or he’ll report him to the SEC. He tells Harvey there was no deal, Louis just embezzled. Harvey says make the deal or he’ll turn him in for what he did 12 years ago then he reminds Harvey he did it too. Harvey tells him he did it to him, Louis and likely hundreds of others and he just needs to find them. Forstman tells him to get lost and let him finish his cigar and isn’t moved by the threat.

Louis asks Donna if she knows and she says she understands why he did it. She says she knows he had good intentions and he says he feels like shit. She says he should. She says she understands but that all the other times he messed up it was a mistake, but this time it was a choice. He says he’s not there to get her to go to Harvey, he just wants to know if he’s going to get fired.

Donna tells him to her knowledge, Harvey isn’t planning to fire him. OMG – she knows he’s getting fired and is fibbing on a technicality. Jessica finds Harvey in the file room and he reminds her this is all because of Forstman. He says he laughed in his place. Mike comes in and says he has Plan B. Mike sas they need to start deposing Cahill to screw with his time.

Harvey delivers a subpoena to depose him for his malicious prosecution claim. He says he’s starting with his boyfriend Harvey Woodall. Harvey says it’s a wrecking ball headed his way. Katrina finds Louis at a coffee cart and he tells her he told Harvey and Jessica. He says they’re working on a way out. She asks if he’s seen any mafia movies. She says Jessica is making plans to whack him.

Louis sees her wisdom and Katrina says even if he doesn’t go to prison, he’ll be fired and Louis says he’s on borrowed time. Jessica comes to tell Jeff they’re going after Woodall. She says she needs him to dig up all the dirt on him. Jeff says he needs to know why if he’s going to participate in blackmail. She says malicious prosecution claims are helped by a track record.

He tells her not to hide things from him. Jessica tells him that Harvey didn’t collude but Cahill doesn’t care and tells him to do what he has to do to get her some dirt on them. Harvey tells Mike that Cahill rolled with the punches pretty well. He says Cahill is also starting his depos and Rachel is first on the list. He tells him to prep her but Mike says it’s not a good idea. Harvey says Cahill will take Rachel apart under oath.

Donna finds Jessica in the bathroom. She says she wants to talk about Louis. Jessica says it was a choice not an accident. Donna tells her if it was Harvey she’d let him help dig out. She tells him that Louis just wants her approval and that’s why he works hard. She asks Jessica why she can’t forgive him like she did her and Harvey. Jessica reminds her she fired her before and offers to do it again.

Eric is first up for depositions with Cahill with him. Harvey says he got him fired from the US attorney’s office until he got him fired for malicious prosecution. Jessica asks him about Jim Pembrey. They have emails from him saying he doesn’t care what they have to do to get a guy, just to get him. Harvey says they pick out a target then look for evidence.

Cahill cuts off the deposition but then Woodall says that’s exactly what they do. The two stomp out angry. Jessica waits for Jeff and thanks him for getting her the Pembrey info. He says they landed the first punch but it will be brutal. Jessica says she’s going to court in the morning to try and shut it down before depos even start. She offers to order in instead of going out.

Mike quizzes Rachel to practice for her depo. He asks if she lives with Mike Ross then asks if he discusses cases with him. Then he asks about Logan Sanders and says the conversation wasn’t about business, but about her former relationship with him. Mike asks if she became involved with him again. She’s uncomfortable and says she kissed him. He asks if they slept together.

She refuses to answer and he says it’s about credibility. She says he doesn’t trust her and he says he’s doing his job. He throws down his notebook and she finally whispers tearily that she didn’t sleep with him, just kissed him and says she hates herself for it. She tells him she’s sorry and will apologize every day but doesn’t know what else to do. She tells him he means more to her than anything in the world. She says they need to move on and live their lives. Mike says that’s enough questions for tonight.

[10:07:02 PM] Rachel Rowan: Jessica finds Louis waiting in court and he tells her he read the papers and says he can help. She says she’s about to put it to bed. She tells him he’s the reason they are in jeopardy and she doesn’t want Cahill looking at his stupid face. She says he’s ruled by his emotions and that’s what got them into the mess. She sends him away. The judge tells Cahill the email makes a strong case for malicious prosecution.

Cahill says he’s the one prosecuting the case, not Woodall. Cahill tells the judge that a former SEC lawyer – Jeff – has gone to work for Jessica and is involved with her personally. She and Cahill stare him down. He asks her if she was seeing Jeff while he worked at the SEC. She nods. The judge says a relationship is not proof of conspiracy and will allow the depos to go forward.

Jessica tells Harvey no matter what, she won’t lose to that SOB. Woodall tells them it’s their turn now. Jeff finds Louis in his former office and Louis says he heard about him and Jessica in court. Louis apologizes for rejecting his offer of friendship because he thought he was trying to use him. He tells Jeff he knows about being alone and Jeff says he’s not alone.

Louis says he’s the one who made the dirty deal with Forstman. Jeff covers his shock and offers to talk to Jessica for him. Uh-oh. He didn’t know. Mike comes to see Rachel and tells her the depos are going to start with he and Harvey the next day. Mike apologizes for his aggressive questioning. He tells her he hasn’t had a full night’s sleep since she told him. She asks if he can be kinder and he says he hopes so. Rachel says she also hasn’t had a good night’s sleep since then either and he says maybe they can try tonight.

Cahill has Mike and Harvey together. Cahill accuses them of pretending to fight and says him hiring Mike back shows they were still together. Cahill asks why he would want him back and says that no other law firm got a resume from Mike which shows they were colluding. Harvey says they didn’t get a nickel and there was no collusion.

Cahill says that means someone else must have gotten the money. He says he’s going to find the money trail in the files because you can’t hide money from the SEC. Mike and Harvey aren’t happy. Cahill stomps out thanking them for their help. Jeff comes in and asks Jessica why he didn’t tell him. He says Louis thought he already knew. Jeff says she should have told him since they’re in a relationship.

She says he’s a ticking time bomb and Jeff is upset but she says she didn’t want him to have to lie in a deposition. Jeff tells her he can handle crossing lines, but not her lying to him. He asks how much trouble they’re in and she says that’s what she has to find out. Katrina shows Louis the deposition with Harvey and Mike and Louis panics. He says he’s done. He laughs bitterly.

He says he has to do something now to protect Harvey and Mike and says he has to finish what he started. Mike tells Harvey they both needed a better lawyer in the deposition. Mike says they have to keep Cahill out of the files. Mike says they have a link between Jessica and Jeff and Mike wonders how Cahill knows about them.

Jessica comes in and asks what’s up. They wonder if Cahill was illegally having Jessica or Jeff followed. Jessica goes to see Cahill. She accuses him of following Jeff and he says he was following her without authorization. She says it’s moved on from malicious prosecution to abuse of power. He tells her that he’ll get a slap on the wrist but Harvey will be in prison.

She says that’s the attitude that got Woodall fired and Cahill tells her that sending Louis Litt to confess to some bullshit won’t stop him. Mike and Harvey wait at the office stressed out. Louis comes in and asks to speak to Harvey alone. Jessica stomps in and says he went to the SEC and confessed. She tells him she’s going to fire the shit out of him when it’s done.

He says he was trying to save them and Mike asks why he’s there and Louis says he sent him home. HE says he talked to Eric Woodall. Louis says Woodall didn’t care at all and said they’re not interested in little fish like him. Mike says Woodall doesn’t seem interested in Forstmam and then Mike reminds them that Forstman wasn’t worried about the SEC – likely because he has Woodall in his pocket.

Jessica tells them to find the link between the two. Mike and Harvey consider the Forstman dilemma. Mike shows him contributions Forstman made to three Senators that then appointed Woodall to the SEC. Harvey says that’s not a direct line and Mike says they don’t need a photo of him handing Woodall money. Harvey comes in and tells them maybe Woodall took money like he did.

Louis says Cahill can get access to Woodall’s bank accounts. He says that Woodall kept him away from Cahill. Mike says Louis may be right. Louis asks Harvey has a better idea – he doesn’t. Louis says he knows he’s fired but wants to make things right. Harvey tells him to get his coat. Cahill is looking through files when Harvey, Mike and Louis come in. They hand him the document proving collusion between Louis and Forstman.

Mike says he wants him to show this to Woodall who will tell him he doesn’t care. He says Woodall got the position from Forstman. They tell him to check Woodall’s accounts. They want immunity for Louis.  Woodall comes in and seems surprised to see Louis. Cahill asks if he’s in bed with Forstman. Woodall mocks him and says he has millions – that’s why he drives a Subaru.

Woodall says the allegations are crazy and Cahill says to prove it so it’s done. Woodall says he wont dignify this with a response and reminds him that he’s his boss. Cahill asks Mike, Louis and Harvey to step out. Harvey tells Woodall he’s going to need a really good lawyer and to not call him. The guys leave.

Louis tells the guys Daniel Hardman is the best person to call since you need a criminal to defend a criminal. Louis thanks Harvey and Harvey thanks him right back. Louis heads off as Jessica glares. Mike tells Harvey he wouldn’t be back if not for Louis. Harvey says he’ll take care of it. Jessica says her mind is made up. Harvey says he has done just as bad and so has she.

Jessica says they fix shit and Harvey tells her Louis fixed shit. She tells him that Louis confessed after she told him not to. She reminds him he blew up a merger over a cat, led Mike to Forstman and then took a million dollar payout that could have put Harvey in jail. Harvey says that isn’t enough. Jessica says he never does what he says and that she’s going to do it. Harvey tells her to let him do it.

Jessica asks why him. He says he wants to tell Louis goodbye not just – you’re fired. He heads off to dirty his hands. Donna walks next to him and tells him this place is all Louis has. He says he knows and Donna says she’s coming along. They head down the hall. Louis left a letter to Harvey and Jessica saying he had to judge himself and not wait to be judged.

He says he came there right after law school and is the only place he worked or wanted to work. He says it’s his life, home and family. He says he’s ashamed to admit that he put them all at risk. He says he just wanted to play on their level but can’t excuse his actions. He says there are no two people he respects more. He says there names are on the wall for a reason and his is not for a reason. He says he refuses to put either of them in the difficult position of having to fire him so he is resigning.