Suits Recap 8/6/14: Season 4 Episode 8 “Exposure”

Suits Recap 8/6/14: Season 4 Episode 8 “Exposure”

SUITS returns to the USA network tonight with an all new episode called, “Exposure.” On this evening’s episode, Mike and Rachel work closely with one another while Jessica and Harvey try to outmaneuver Sean Cahill.

On the last episode Rachel brought disturbing news while Mike was still reeling from the aftermath of the battle for Gillis Industries. Feeling Harvey was his only friend left, Mike made a rash decision; elsewhere, Jessica asked Louis to pick his own reward after his victory for the firm. Did you watch the last episode? If you missed it we have a full and detailed recap, right here for you.

On tonight’s episode Rachel Mike and Rachel work closely with one another while Jessica and Harvey try to outmaneuver Sean Cahill. Elsewhere, Louis tries to hide evidence for the sake of his career.

Tonight’s episode looks like it is going to be great and you won’t want to miss it, so be sure to tune in for our live coverage of USA Network’s “Suits” at 9:00 PM EST! While you wait for our recap hit the comments and let us know how excited you are for another episode of Suits tonight. In the meantime, check out a sneak peek video of tonight’s episode below.

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Mike lies in bed staring up at the ceiling. Rachel wakes up on the sofa. Mike hears knocking at the door and goes to find room service with a cart. Donna brings Rachel some coffee and tells her she can borrow from her closet but then Rachel tells her Mike is coming back to work today. Donna tells her to suck it up and just report to Harvey as usual. She advises her to give Mike space but Rachel says she wants to grab him and tells him she loves him. Donna says to leave it alone and it will work out like it should. Rachel says she can’t know that.

Donna tells her she slept with Harvey. Rachel is floored. Donna says it was just once after he left the DA’s office. She said she might have tried a relationship with Harvey but he wasn’t ready so she just took the job at the firm. She tells Rachel everything worked out the way it was supposed to. Jessica shows up at the same time Harvey shows up.

She calls him the most selfish man in the world and then asks why he’s there so early. He tells her she should sleep in once and a while. He says he has work to do n the Schmooklinsberg brief. She tells him she’s taking his name off the wall. He tells Jessica to stop giving him the inquisition and she sys she knows he’s there because it’s Mikes first day back. He plays dumb.

Louis is hiding the damning document deep in the file room and he tells Katrina this is a fresh start and he never wants to hear about it again. Sean is there, calls them Bonnie and Clyde and serves Jessica for files on the Gillis Industries takeover. She tells Harvey it’s a search warrant, not a subpoena. Jessica says to have it that way. She tells him to go see Norma to be taken up to the file floor.

Harvey says he can go look for the ark of the covenant while they go down to the courthouse to find it. They tell Sean good luck finding the documents before Bonnie and Clyde get his warrant shot down. Donna welcomes Mike back and calls him sailor. He says Harvey’s office hasn’t changed a bit as he browses through Harvey’s vinyl collection.

Donna takes him to his new desk. She tells him he’s already a pain in the ass and he’s only been there five minutes. She shows him his office and he’s floored. He thanks her because he knows she wrangled it for him. She says he has work to do and says the partners have lined up work for him since he’s the boy wonder. He thanks her for not bringing up Rachel and she says it’s between the two of them.

Katrina finds Mike in the kitchen and they hassle each other good naturedly. She tells him that Louis had to make sacrifices to bring him back. She says he wanted to reignite things with Sheila but picked getting Mike back over modifying his work schedule to work on his relationship. She says she wanted him to then slips him a tiny hug and welcomes him back.

At the courthouse, Bonnie, Clyde and Sean greet the judge and Sean tries to defend himself for going around the judge that should have signed off on it. He asks Sean why he went around him and he says he had to get it quick before they destroy evidence. The judge cancels the warrant and says they’ll have a full hearing and he better have more than innuendo.

Jessica tells Harvey that Sean won’t stop. He says they should just give him what he wants and says they have nothing to hide. She says the witch hunt is about Cahill thinking they colluded with Mike. She tells him now that Mike is back, he needs to definitely collude with that fraud and get them out of the mess they’re now in.

Harvey comes to see Mike and tells him the office is a step up and tells him it’s his old office. He tells him to check the top left drawer and Harvey says it was his idea to give him the office and says it’s good to have him back where he belongs. He tells Mike to figure out a way to get Cahill off their backs. Mike says to just give him the files and Harvey tells him the cop anecdote Jessica shared.

Mike asks how Jessice feels about him coming back. Harvey says to beat Cahill then ask that again. Louis is in Harvey’s office and says he knows that he’s courting Mike. Louis wanted Mike to have his old office but Henderson got it. Harvey says Henderson thinks Louis thinks he’s a god and begged for his old office. Louis buys it and goes to see Mike.

He tells him the prodigal son has returned. Mike thanks him for bringing him back and offers him anything in repayment. Louis says he doesn’t owe him and shouldn’t offer to repay him again. Louis tells him to drop everything and Mike tells him he’s working on Cahill. Louis says they have to fight him and tells him to forget what he wanted. Louis is in full freak out mode and tells him to get to work.

Louis goes to Katrina and tells her that Cahill wants the files that will show that he moved the money. He asks her to cover his tracks while he tries to go undo what happened. They get to work. Louis goes to see Charles and tells him he needs to give him the money back. He tells him Cahill is on to them and Charles says he still has time to submit it to the IRS.

Charles says all they’ll find is that Louis embezzled but Louis blows up at him. Charles tells him to draw up the paperwork again and get Harvey to sign it instead of him. Louis says he can’t frame Harvey for a felony but Charles says the deal is staying in place with someone’s name on it. Uh-oh.

Rachel comes to see Mike and flirts a bit. He tells her he’s busy and doesn’t want to have it out with her now. She says she’s there to work with him on the Cahill case but he doesn’t want her. She says she’s Harvey’s associate now and he says Harvey didn’t mention it. He tells her it’s a bad idea and she says he can’t act disappointed that she works there too.

She apologizes as he stomps out to go get some air. Cahill finds Mike at the bagel stand out front. He tells Mike to play Let’s Make a Deal and Mike says he’s not interested. Mike walks away but Cahill says sooner or later he’ll get the files but Mike can give the up voluntarily and says any files with his name on it will just say anonymous former employee. Mike says he has nothing to hide.

Cahill asks if Harvey is footing the bill for his room at the Soho Grande then tells him to order the Cobb Salad. Mike goes to see Harvey and says he was propositioned by a blonde. Cahill. Mike thinks Cahill has been following them without authorization. Mike goes to get a list of all authorized SEC follow orders.

Katrina goes to see Louis and says she buried it deeper and added a stack of similar looking documents. She asks what happened with Charles and he tells her that he offered to let him pin it on Harvey but he says he won’t. Louis tells her she did a good job but if they find that file, he’s going to prison. Katrina says they need to help Harvey win the motion and he agrees. They get to work.

Donna chews Rachel out for getting in Mike’s face. She asks why she’s doing this again and Donna says she couldn’t even make it through one day. Donna says just because it’s hard doesn’t mean you can’t do it. Rachel says she and Mike aren’t like Donna and Harvey and Donna takes offense that she brought up her secret. Rachel says she has to fight to win Mike back.

Mike is in the bullpen looking at his old cubicle when Rachel comes in and asks if he missed it. She tells him she lied about Harvey assigning her to the case. She says she did it because he left there home and came there. She tells him she’s so sorry. Mike tells her to leave him alone because when he looks at her, he just sees him. He yells at her and asks why it had to be him.

Mike says he doesn’t need her apologies. He says he just needs that image out of his head. He walks off. Cahill is in court and Mike comes in and Harvey asks if he got it. He says he didn’t but has a back up plan. He has a fake list of the SEC authorized stalking list. Harvey tells Cahill that he has a list of authorized surveillance and says that will make his evidence disallowed.

He falls for it and says that he is withdrawing his request but says Logan Sanders is requesting the files in exchange for immunity. The judge says pending verification of the signature, they have to release the files ASAP. Cahill gets in their faces with an “I told you so.” Louis brings Mike some info on stopping Cahill but Mike tells him what Logan pulled.

Louis is relieved because the files with Logan in them have nothing to do with him and so he’s in the clear. He dances into Katrina’s office and tells her he’s happy. He says that they’re sending the files, but not his files. He tells her Logan signed a deal but it doesn’t include the document that would nail him. He tells her to take the rest of the day off and splurge. She thanks him.

Jessica comes to see Mike about Logan’s deal. She says he should have never cut him loose and that he only did it for Mike. Harvey says he doesn’t want a lecture. He says he’s happy to fight with her over which clients they keep. Mike comes in and says they need to stop fighting Cahill. He says he wants all the files so they should give him ALL the files. Uh-oh. Louis won’t like that at all.

At the hotel, there’s a knock on Mike’s door. It’s Rachel. He asks why she’s there and she says she wants to get the image out of his head. She says it will never completely be gone. She says she has an image of him with Tess and she got over it. He tells her she knew what it would do to him and did it anyway and she says it was a mistake. She wants him to decide if he loves her more than he hates what she did.

Rachel says to tell her if it’s over or not and if not, to come home. She’s teary and leaves. Mike looks thoughtful. Harvey and Sean are at the judge’s chambers. Harvey tells the judge they are handing over all the files but wants the court to catalog all the papers to make sure Cahill doesn’t add anything. Harvey also files a malicious persecution lawsuit.

The judge says he can’t stop Harvey from handing over the files and asks Cahill if he wants to proceed under the threat of malicious prosecution and he decides to go for it. Jessica tells Mike that it was a good idea and that Cahill went for it. He thanks her for taking him back and she says she didn’t want to. She reminds him Cahill was a problem they wouldn’t have if not for him.

Jessica asks Mike why he came back. Mike says it doesn’t matter why, but says he’s staying because this is where he belongs. Katrina comes to see Louis and he tells her that he’s going to see Sheila but she breaks the news that Harvey is handing over all the documents because he thinks we have nothing to hide. Louis says it’s a matter of time before he’s marched out in handcuffs.

Katrina has a new document and says it clears it up. Louis says it’s forgery and she says it’s less of a crime than what he did. She says Cahill is looking for dirt on Mike and Harvey not him. She says he has to decide now because they’re turning over the files in the morning. Mike comes to see Louis who looks green around the gills but he tells Mike he’s okay.

Harvey calls to Donna and asks if the file transfer is ready and he hands her some work and she says it’s been a long day and says she has a date. Harvey caves and wishes her a good night and tells her to use protection but she yells at him to stop. He reminds her she gives him shit when he goes out with someone. Mike comes in and tells Harvey that he thinks Louis did something wrong.

He says Louis was ready to help then ecstatic when he found out that only their files were going. Mike says he thinks Louis may have cut an illegal deal with Charles. Harvey says Louis wouldn’t do it but Mike says he was desperate to keep Mike away from Charles. They wonder what he could have done. Donna comes in and Harvey says he has to figure out what the hell Louis did. Donna tells Miek to go home.

Harvey goes looking for Louis. He’s not in his office. Mike goes to leave but then walks away from the elevator. Louis is in Mike’s office looking for him but he’s not there. Mike is in Rachel’s office. He smiles at her and gives her a nod indicating they should leave. Louis comes to Jessica. He tells her he made a huge mistake.