Supernatural RECAP 1/14/14: Season 9 Episode 10 “Road Trip”

Supernatural RECAP 1/14/14: Season 9 Episode 10 “Road Trip”

SUPERNATURAL continues on the CW tonight with a new episode called, “Road Trip.”  On tonight’s episode Dean’s best chance of saving Same lies with Crowley.  Did you watch the last episode season 9 episode 9?  We did and we recapped it right here for you.

On last week’s show after a massive angel slaughter occured, Sam (Jared Padalecki) and Dean (Jensen Ackles) arrived at the scene to investigate and were surprised to run into Castiel (Misha Collins). While investigating, Castiel was captured and tortured. Meanwhile, Dean questioned Ezekiel’s demanded and wondered if it might be time to tell Sam the truth.

On tonight’s show Dean (Jensen Ackles) is devastated after Kevin’s death and vows to find the angel that killed him, not only to free Sam (Jared Padalecki), but to seek revenge. Castiel (Misha Collins) arrives at the bunker and suggests they try to separate Sam’s brain from the angel’s so they can talk to Sam and have him expel Gadreel. However, there’s one small problem: the only person who knows how to do that is Crowley (Mark Sheppard).

Tonight’s episode looks like it is going to be great and you won’t want to miss it, so be sure to tune in for our live coverage of CW’s Supernatural at 9:00 PM EST! While you wait for our recap hit the comments and let us know what you thought of the last episode?

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Dean burns Kevin’s body and watches the flames. Back at the bunker afterward he flips out and breaks a bunch of stuff.

Backstage at a concert, a rock star is getting last minute notes before the show and finds Sam/Galadriel waiting for him. He says he’s enjoying being a rock God rather than an Angel. This was the guy that tortured Galdriel while he was imprisoned. Turns out Galadriel had a BF that he tortured as well. He wastes no time in wasting the angel for good with one of the special knives.

Dean is packing up weapons when Kas comes in. He says he came as soon as he could get there and asks what’s wrong with Dean. He tells him about Sam and Kevin. Kas questions why he would let an angel possess his brother. Dean wants to track Sam down and Kas asks who it is inside Sam but Dean doesn’t know. Kas reminds him if he kills the angel, he kills Sam too.

Dean says he was stupid and Kas says he was for the right reasons. Kas says that Sam is strong and would fight and cast him out if he knew he was being possessed. Dean says he’s in the dark and doesn’t know how they can clue him in. Kas tells him that demons can bypass an angel possession and talk to the host. They go talk to Crowley.

He turns down their offer of blood and asks for a massage from Kevin. Dean tells him that Kevin is dead. Crowley agrees to help but only if they take him on a field trip so he can stretch his legs. He says he can’t teach them to crack open an angel but can do it for them. Sam took Dean’s car but Kas says he has a car nearby that “mysteriously” stopped. Dean doesn’t want to to enlist his help but then agrees.

The three walk to the car, gas can in hand – Kas doesn’t understand gasoline. A woman feeding her dog notices them. Kas threatens to kill Crowley if he betrays them. Crowley calls shotgun but Dean sends them both to the back where they bicker. They head off with rap music blaring and hydraulics on the car bouncing them around.

Metatron meets Galadriel at the bar to get the angel tablets. He asks why he didn’t also kill Dean and he says he wasn’t given the name. Galdrield confirms he killed Kevin and Metatron says there will be no more prophets. Metatron chides him for not taking initiative and taking out Dean. He gives him another name Alexander Sarver and he asks how many more he’ll have to kill. Metatron tells him to stop asking questions and obey if he wants to be second in command and restore his name in heaven.

The lady with the dog has a dog bowl full of blood (guess she killed her pooch) and uses it to call Abadon to tell her she saw Crowley.

Crowley, Dean and Kas wait at a business office. Crowley tells them it’s a cover facility for an NSA listening organization and that he planted someone there – Cecily. She asks why he’s there with Dean and then tells him that Kastiel is hotter than she imagined. She fills him in on how Kas had his grace taken and was left human until he cut the throat of another angel and stole his grace.

She tells him she has a satellite tuned on angel radio. He asks about hell and she says that no one there gives a damn. She tells him Abadon isn’t really the boss and most are waiting to see if he or she comes out on top. He asks about the cuffs and she confirms that he needs the key. He asks her to trace Dean’s car. He tells her it’s nice that she’s loyal and she demurs and he asks if she’s playing both sides and she asks wouldn’t he.

Crowley comes down with a location and says Sam is in Pennsylvania. They head off. Galadriel comes to Sarver’s house and is surprised to see it’s actually his old angel buddy Abner who thought Galadriel was dead. A little girl runs out and calls Abner “Daddy” and he introduces them. He tells Galadriel to come back in a few hours to talk.

He does and he tells Galadriel that the guy was a wife beater but once he took him over his family is better off. He tells him he works in tech support which is like answering prayers except that it works. They talk about being locked up in heaven’s prison together and Galadriel tells him he killed their torturer. Abner tells him to let go of the old hates and be happy with the aftermath of the fall. He says he loves his family and is loved in return. He tells Galadriel that the key to happiness is getting the one thing you want and never letting it go. He says the price is worth paying.

The three amigos show up to where Dean’s car is in time to catch Galadriel/Sam washing up after killing his friend Abner. Galadriel tells him he shouldn’t have come and Dean says he killed Kevin and took his brother and Galadriel reminds him he let him live. Galadriel knocks Dean down but then Kas knocks out Galadriel.

Abadon shows up to see Cecily because she called to tell her that Crowley was there but she isn’t happy Cecily helped him and kills her as punishment.

The guys have Galadriel locked down and Kas says that Sam’s body is mostly healed. Kas asks who he is and Galadriel refuses to tell him. Crowley tells him that if he doesn’t help out that he’ll torment him. Galadriel tells him to go ahead and kill Sam. Galadriel tells him he has Sam in a dream and he thinks he’s working a case about ghouls and cheerleaders. Dean asks why he’s doing this and Galadriel admits that he’s doing what he has to do.

Dean says he is too and then tells Crowley to go to work on him. He shoves a steel rod into Sam’s brain while he screams and resists. Dean and Kas wait outside while Crowley works on him. He sticks rod after rod into Sam’s brain. Dean is struggling because he still thinks it’s Sam. Crowley calls for them to come in and tells them that he’s knocked out Galadriel.

He turns a rod and Galadriel recites his name. Crowley says it’s his name and Kas says he’s been in prison since the dawn of time for allowing Lucifer into the guardian. Crowley calls him a celebrity and Kas says that demons, hell and corruption of man are all Galadriel’s fault for being weak. He grabs Sam’s body and shakes it saying he ruined the universe.

Crowley tells them that it’s taking a long time because it’s complicated. Galadriel comes to and tells Dean he’ll never find his brother – he says he can sit in that chair forever and has endured much worse and has all the time in the world. Dean calls for plan B and tells Kas to possess him. Kas says he can’t go in without permission. Crowley tells him he can – as a demon he doesn’t need an invitation.

Crowley says he can burrow in and wake Sam up. Dean isn’t happy and Crowley says he’ll work fast – if the angel finds him there he’ll kill him. They agree to free Crowley if he can free Sam. Kas burns off Sam’s anti-demon tattoo. Dean tells him to tell Sam “Poughkeepsie” and says it’s their safety word. Crowley hops out of his body and into Sam’s as Galadriel says “I will destroy you” and Crowley says “eat me.” It’s on!

Crowley finds Sam reading at a table in the bunker. Sam panics and calls for Dean until Crowley says Poughkeepsie.  He tells him the real Dean sent him and that he’s being possessed by an angel. To prove it, he shoots him and Sam sees he wasn’t shot. Crowley tells him he’s seen everything that Galadriel has and he just needs to remember. Sam does and asks if he kills Kevin. Crowley tells him Galadriel did and that he needs to take control and cast that punk ass holy roller out. Suddenly Galadriel is there and Crowley says bollocks.

Crowley calls Galadriel a chump and he says he’s going to be a hero and lead the angels back into heaven. He begins to give the demon a beat down to end all beat downs. Sam steps in and is being beaten too. Crowley shouts at him to take control and cast him out. Galadriel says if he leaves he might die. Sam whacks him in the head, knocks him down and casts him out. The white light pours out as he goes.
[11:45:44 PM] Rachel Rowan: Back at the bar, the bartender asks if Metatron is waiting on someone. He says he’s late and then every glass in the bar breaks and the bartender says yes and the white light soars into him. Galadriel’s back.  Metatron asks if it was Winchester trouble. Crowley shoots out of Sam and he comes to. They see lights outside the window of the warehouse and it’s Abadon and some cronies. Crowley tells them to go out the back. They head out and Dean tells him they’re not square and he’ll kill him if he sees him. Crowley says I love you too. The guys leave and Abadon comes in.

She demands that her henchmen bring her Crowley’s head but they don’t. He tells her demons aren’t that obedient. He addresses the other demons and says he knows they missed their loving king and says that Abadon is strong and he understands why they would buy her line of crap. He tells them Daddy’s home and Abadon says hell is hers.

She challenges him and he says it’s not a fight but a campaign for hearts and minds. He tells her the demons have a choice to follow the world’s angriest ginger or him with all the entrails they can eat and a virgin a piece. He tells them to think about it and vote Crowley then blinks out of there.

Kas gives Sam a healing treatment and says they’ll have to do it in stages and it will take time to get him better. Sam tells Dean he’s pissed for lying to him again and says he should have let him die – he says he was ready to go and Dean says he wasn’t. Kas watches uncomfortably.

Sam is upset about Kevin but Dean says that blood is on his hands and he’ll be the one to burn for it. He pledges to find and kill Galadriel. He tells Sam that he’s poison and that everyone near him gets killed. Dean says that he tries to think he helps more people than he hurts but isn’t sure and says he can’t drag anyone else down with him anymore. Sam tells him to go and says he won’t stop him. Dean goes.