Supernatural RECAP 2/4/14: Season 9 Episode 13 “The Purge”

Supernatural RECAP 2/4/14: Season 9 Episode 13 “The Purge”

SUPERNATURAL continues on the CW tonight with a new episode called, “The Purge.”  On tonight’s episode Sam and Dean go undercover at a Spa.  Did you watch the last episode season 9 episode 11?  We did and we recapped it right here for you.

On last week’s show after finding out that Garth (guest star DJ Qualls) was in the hospital, Sam (Jared Padalecki) and Dean (Jensen Ackles) went to check on him. Still carrying the guilt over Kevin, Dean laid into Garth about disappearing and demanded to know where he had been. Garth made an excuse and then hightailed it away from the guys.  Confused as to why Garth would run from them, Sam and Dean did some investigating and were stunned by what they found.

On tonight’s episode Sam and Dean investigate recent murders where the victims were hundreds of pounds lighter after their deaths. Suspecting witches, the two go undercover at a fancy day spa that all of the victims had attended for weight loss. While Sam is hired as a fitness instructor, Dean takes kitchen duty. After Dean swipes some tainted food and passes out, the guys realize someone is drugging the guests and literally sucking all of the fat out of them until they die.

Tonight’s episode looks like it is going to be great and you won’t want to miss it, so be sure to tune in for our live coverage of CW’s Supernatural at 9:00 PM EST! While you wait for our recap hit the comments and let us know what you thought of the last episode?

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In Minnesota, there’s an eating contest and one competitor is told no chipmunking. The ref declares a winner and the other contestant says he cheated. He says he saw him sneak a hot dog into his pocket and he says it’s not a hot dog. The big guy gets his trophy and $1,000 check. Afterward, he looks at the trophy and eats another hot dog when he hears a noise. He looks out his window but sees nothing. Suddenly there’s something in his back seat and it attacks from behind. His body (once huge) shrinks down to almost nothing.

Dean tells Sam he was up watching Rudy and Unforgiven after research on Metatron and the Mark of Cain. He tells him about the hot dog death. The guy went from 300 pounds to 90 and they agree to investigate. Sam asks if Dean is okay about what he said about them not being brothers and Dean says he doesn’t break that easy. Sam says he was just being honest.

They look at the coroner’s report on the big eater. The cop tells them he suffered massive organ damage like it was all sucked right out of him. She tells the brothers she’s stumped. They ask if Wayne had any enemies and she tells them about Slim Jim, another competitive eater. She says it’s a big deal out there and they even train for events. She says that Wayne has won three major events and that he was the only one that Slim Jim couldn’t beat. She says they have witnesses placing Slim Jim elsewhere when Wayne died though.

The Winchesters head to see Slim Jim who is eating to train as they talk. They asks how well he knew Wayne and he says the guy was a weasel and a cheat. He has some witchy looking stuff and he says his old lady is a gypsy who makes him good luck charms. He tells them not to call her a gypsy to her face because it’s reductive. Sam asks to use the bathroom and he points him to one and says his wife is in the shower in the other.

So of course Sam goes into their bedroom where he can hear the shower. He looks at a wedding photo on the dresser and sees a spell pouch on the night stand.

Dean asks Slim Jim about the eating when Sam comes in and says they have to go – he took the pouch. Dean gives them their number and they split quickly. They check out the bag and find one of Wayne’s hairs. Sam does some research and says it’s a hex bag.

There’s a knock at their door and they gun up before they open it – it’s the gypsy wife and she asks for her pouch back. She tells them she loved Wayne. She says she had been having an affair with Wayne for years. Dean asks how she could love the giant guy when she’s married to the tiny guy. Dean makes a cushion for the pushin’ joke.

Sam asks why she put a curse on Wayne and she says it was a blessing so he could win and they were going to take the money, get her a quickie divorce and run off to Orlando. She says Wayne called her his Princess Jasmine.

A woman is working out and reading a bridal magazine. Her alarm goes off and she gets off the bike. She’s a bit on the chunky side. She steps up onto the scale and sees that it says 180 pounds. She’s heartbroken because she gained weight. She hears a noise and looks around the gym. She steps back onto the scale. We see a hand grab a weight off the rack and then she’s knocked over the head with it. She sees something poking out of her stomach and then she screams as she sees the numbers on the scale plummet as her fat and life are sucked out of her! Paranormal killer liposuction!!

The Winchesters are at the new murder scene and they ask the cop what she used to weigh and he says 165 pounds. Dean says it was probably 180 since women lie about their weight. They ask about the sheriff and are told she took the rest of the week off. Dean sees a mark on the victim’s stomach that’s raised and burned looking. They wonder if it’s a suction mark.

Dean tells Sam to go to the morgue because he’s weird around girls. Dean talks to the girl that runs the gym and she says that she slipped the victim the key to lock up because she had a date to get to. She feels so guilty about it and when she reaches for a tissue, Dean sees a similar mark on her back like the victim had.

Sam comes in and says that he found the same suction mark and he says the hot trainer at Rolls (instead of Curves) had the same mark. Dean says that she clammed up about the mark but he found out she had been to Canyon Valley Spa recently. They watch a video ad for the spa. It’s a fat farm that says they guarantee weight loss with no surgery or extreme dieting or intense workout. Sam asks how far away the spa is and the boys head out.

They tell the duo in the ad that they are personal trainers and were inspired by their ad. Dean acts all crazy macho like he thinks a trainer would. Sam says they have a passion for fitness and helping people. The lady is from Peru and the guy says he was her first client and she cured him of his fatness. He does some crazy karate moves and freaks the brothers out. They tell them that they are hiring but only have one trainer position open. They give Sam the job as the trainer and stick Dean in food service.

Dean bitches about wearing a hair net and tells Sam he likes his shorts. The other food service guy tells Dean to get back to work. Sam goes off to his Ashtanga Yoga class. A woman comes in for a cupping section and is told that it will leave a little suction mark. The spa lady says that all the celebrities do it and it takes out toxins. The woman starts to nod off and the spa chick puts the candle cups on her. Once she’s out good the spa chick opens her mouth and this long suction tube comes out of it. She attaches it to the client’s back and you can see stuff suctioning up through a tube and down her throat.

Back in the kitchen, Dean checks his phone and gets in trouble for not cleaning. He tells the other guy that he’s starving and complains about the food. He says he’s not eating it. He gives Dean a giant bowl of pudding and tells him to scoop it up. It’s the last tasty thing they get before they start dieting. Dean tastes it and then shoves a container of it in his pocket.

Sam leads the yoga class and is overtaxing the chubbier clients. He walks around and sees the mark on the back of a heavy set guy. He sees other marks on other people as well.

Dean eats the pudding but then gets woozy. Everything is blurry and he can’t focus. He tries to stand and falls over.

Sam tells the class they did a good job and then sees the sheriff there being wheeled out in a wheelchair. She recognizes him and calls him Agent Fraley. The guy who runs the spa freaks at the word agent. Dean calls Sam all drunk sounding and says he needs his help. He says he’s by the sweet potatoes then he passes out. Sam heads off at a run and goes to the kitchen and then down the stairs to the basement. He tries different doors and calls for Dean. He finally gets a muted response and finds him collapsed on the floor. He tells him he was drugged by the salted caramel pudding. He tells Dean to stay there which is good because he can’t move anyway.

In the kitchen, Sam finds the chef and asks if he made the pudding. He slams the guy up against the wall and asks what extra he put in. He says supplements. They’re supposed to be metabolism boosting. Dean looks at the pill and says they’re roofies. Sam is shocked that his brother knows what they look like. Dean guzzles Red Bull and tries to wake up. They go to find the sheriff who tells them she’s been on a two year waiting list to get in. She tells them she lost 10 pounds in one day and doesn’t care how it happened.

She admits her husband left her because she was chunky and loved food. They tell her that her husband was a dick and she says it’s true. She says she ate her pain and just wanted to feel pretty again. She says the Spa is making her feel good. She asks why they are there and they admit they’re investigating and think there is a connection to the Spa. She shows them her suction mark and says it’s from cupping. She says she slept through the whole thing. She ate pudding before the session.

The guy tells her the new guys aren’t personal trainers – he shows her their box of IDs and she’s not worried that they’re FBI but that they are hunters. He shows her the photo of Wayne and she panics. He tells her that he’ll take care of it and for her to get rid of the evidence. She goes to the fridge and opens up a container of fat stuff but Dean is there and pulls a gun on her and tells her to talk. She tells him she’s a Peruvian fat sucker. She says she doesn’t kill – she says she’s just a parasite and would never hurt anyone. She says she and Larry help people lose weight while she feeds.

She tells him she didn’t do the kills. She says it was Alonzo – her brother – who runs the cafeteria. Larry goes to confront Alonzo about eating Wayne. He tells him that there are hunters there and Alonzo says it’s his fault for starving him. Larry says he won’t let him destroy what he and his sister Marissa have built. He says to leave or he’ll make him. Sam hears signs of a struggle in the kitchen and finds Larry dead with a chunk missing from his neck!

[10:19:47 PM] Rachel Rowan: Sam and Dean talk to a crying Marissa who explains that she tried to show her brother a better way. She says you can only eat enough to get by to coexist with humans. She says that he almost killed a client so she stuck him in the kitchen and only fed him fat from jars. She says the more she deprived him the hungrier he got. She’s in tears over her dead husband. She tells them she thinks Alonzo is probably in the basement somewhere.

The Winchesters consult and she says they are on her side. They tell her if she is, she needs to tell them how to kill Alonzo. They head to the basement but the lights won’t come on. Dean finds them flashlights and they head down. They see blood on the stairs. They try doors but most are locked. Finally one is unlocked and they go in. They see a door marked Private and open it. Dean sees cleaning supplies and empty jars of fatty people goo.

Sam finds a guy with his throat ripped out and then goes into a room where he checks a closet. When he turns, Alonzo knocks a bookshelf onto him. Sam tells him that Marissa turned on him and that he’s too monstrous even for her. He attacks Sam and they brawl. Sam is knocked down and Alonzo brings out his sucker tongue when Dean pounces and cuts the tongue off killing the guy. The tongue wiggles on the floor for a few seconds. Ick…

The cops are at the Spa bagging up bodies. Sam finds the Marissa sitting and looking forlorn. Sam tells her that he told the Sheriff there was a psycho killer on the loose. She says she lost her whole family in a day and Sam says he’s sorry. Dean pulls him off for a confab. He wants to kill off Marissa once the cops clean out. Sam says she saved their butts and Dean says they are monster killers. He says a hunter could have killed him when he had Gadriel in him and asks if he deserved to die. They agree to ship her back to Peru.

Dean has a drink and broods. Sam says he’s headed to bed. Dean tells him that he saved his hide today and at the church and at the hospital. He says he may not think things through but does what he does because it’s the right thing and that he would do the same thing again. Sam says that’s the problem. He says that he thinks he’s Sam’s savior and that he thinks he’s doing more good than bad but he’s not. He reminds him that Kevin is dead, Crowley is loose and the angels are still running amok.

He asks Dean what’s good about this and Dean says they are fighting the good fight together. Sam says he saved him for selfish reasons and that he was ready to die. He says Dean saved him because he can’t be alone. Dean hits back and says if the situation was reversed Sam would do the same thing. Sam says he wouldn’t – that he would have let him die. Ouch… Sam walks away and Dean looks devastated.

The End!