Supernatural RECAP 4/22/14: Season 9 Episode 19 “Alex Annie Alexis Ann”

Supernatural RECAP 4/22/14: Season 9 Episode 19 “Alex Annie Alexis Ann”

SUPERNATURAL continues tonight on the CW with a brand new episode called “Alex Annie Alexis Ann” and on it Sheriff Mills tries to save a girl from a family of vampires who are using her as bait to lure in humans they can feed on.

On the last episode Metatron (Curtis Armstrong) attempted to get Castiel (Misha Collins) to join forces with him. Still furious with Metatron, Castiel (Misha Collins) refused, which sets a surprising plan in motion. Meanwhile, Sam (Jared Padalecki) and Dean (Jensen Ackles) captured Gadreel (Tahmoh Penikett).  Did you watch last week’s episode? We did and we have a full and detailed recap, right here for you.

On tonight’s episode Sheriff Mills (guest star Kim Rhodes) calls Sam (Jared Padalecki) and Dean (Jensen Ackles) after she kills a vampire who attacked a prisoner named Annie (guest star Katherine Ramdeen). They discover Annie was kidnapped by a family of vampires who use her as bait to lure in humans they can then feed on. Sheriff Mills tries to rescue Annie from her captors, but finds out the hard way that family always comes first.

Tonight’s episode looks like it is going to be great and you won’t want to miss it, so be sure to tune in for our live coverage of CW’s Supernatural at 9:00 PM EST! While you wait for our recap hit the comments and let us know what you thought of the last episode?

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A cop drags a girl down a hall and she struggles. He tells her to calm down and he tosses her in a holding room. The radio buzzes and someone says Frank (the cop) needs to come see about a possible breaking and entering in progress at the hardware store. He says he has someone in holding and no one else there. They tell him the sheriff is coming soon so the person in holding won’t be alone long. As he starts to leave, the girl begs him not to leave her.

A while later, she hears a door open and close and peeks out the window. It’s Cody and she asks how he found her. She asks if the others are with him and she tells him he can’t get her in there but he has the keys. He comes in and says the cop was in a hurry to check out that fake crime he set up. He tells her she can run and hide but they will always find her. He pops out his fangs but then Sheriff Mills cuts the guy’s head off!

The brothers pull up and Mills greets them warmly. They ask what she has and she pops her trunk and shows them the vampire parts. Sam checks the fangs and confirms it’s a vamp. He tells Dean she doesn’t need their help any more but she says there are more of them. She says she has a Jane Doe runaway who’s basically feral and the vamp was trying to get to her and the others will want her just as bad. Dean says it sounds like a nest and she says that doesn’t sound cute.

The girl doesn’t believe they’re FBI and says she knows they’re Hunters. Dean tells her she’s alive because Hunters trained the sheriff and she should be thanking them. They ask why the vamps want her and if there’s a nest. She doesn’t answer but Mills pulls them and says they have a DNA match on the girl whose name is Annie Jones – no living kin – who’s been missing eight years.

Sam says the girl has feeding scars and Dean says vamps sometimes keep human slaves that stay loyal to the vampires. Dean thinks she’s protecting the nest. They tell the girl that the vamps loved her blood not her. She says she fed by choice and insists her name is Alex. She says they are her family and she fed them when their hunts failed. They ask why she ran from the vamps and she says it was time to move on and be on her own.

Dean asks if she thinks the vamps are going to let her go. Sam tells her they have her scent and she can’t hide from them. Dean tells her she didn’t think this out well. She tells him Mills killed her brother Cody and they tell her it was because a choice she made. Dean tells her to choose herself or the vamps and they ask where the nest is.

Annie says she can’t tell because if Mama finds her, she’ll kill her. Mills watches this all with interest. They leave the girl and Mills says the creep really was her brother. They find a ticket where Annie hopped out of Nebraska and Sam works up a list of possible nest sites for them to check. Mills wonders why the girl changed her name to Alex when Annie is so close to that.

They ask if she can hold down the fort but remind her the vamps likely know where the station is and that the girl is here. Mills says she can take the girl to her cabin out of town away from the station. She can’t let any of the other cops know about the vamps. She says they aren’t ready for it. Sam tells her dead man’s blood takes vamps down like a tranquilizer and she readily accepts it.

The brothers head out to search for the nest. A woman locks up her work and is on the phone complaining that Ralph didn’t show up for work so she had to work a double. She tells the person on the phone she’ll be home soon. A guy startles her – Connor – and he asks her if she’s seen his sister. She says – did I help your shut-in little sister get away from her weird, scary ass squatter family – she says no and that she didn’t sell her a bus ticket. Connor tells her Ralph told them she sold her a ticket and admits to killing Ralph. She takes off at a run but then Mama is there and pops her fangs. The woman screams.

Mills loads Alex/Annie up and takes her out to her cabin in the woods. She tells the girl she has a lot of great memories of the cabin with her family since she was a little kid. She says it’s nicer inside than it looks from the outside. She uncuffs the girl and tells her the woods are easy to get lost in if you don’t know your way around. Alex says she’s got it and they head inside.

Mills unpacks some food stuffs while Alex prowls around. She finds a cross and tells Mills it doesn’t work on vamps. She says that’s not why she has it. Alex sees a family photo and asks where they are and Mills says they’re dead. Alex asks how they died and Mills says horrible. Mills asks if she’s tired but the girl pouts so Mills is ready to leave her to it.

The boys check out an abandoned building. Dean asks if this place is a foreclosure and says someone is squatting there. Sam notes the blackout windows. They hear a noise and go to check it out. Dean finds a guy operating a wood chipper and asks if he needs a hand. The guy turns and Dean sees a bloody hand in the chopper and says – guess not. The vamp fangs up but then Sam strikes from the side and takes him down.

They interrogate the vamp and asks how he got stuck “doing the dishes.” They ask why they targeted Ralph and Stacy and he says hunger. He tells them his family will be back soon but Dean tells him he wants to know where they are now. The guy chuckles.

Frank sits at his desk when Connor and family come into the Sheriff’s department. He asks if he can help them and they say yes. Dean and Sam torture the captive vamp and he realizes this is about Alexis (yet another name). He says he warned Mama about her – turns out she was the only one Mama didn’t turn. He complains that she’s a brat. The brother explains that she’s a moping teenager and says when the chips are down, she’ll choose them over humans every time.

He tells her that their sister was how they’ve stayed off the Hunter’s radar. They used her to tempt in creepy guys that no one would miss to keep the family fed. He calls it “getting delivery.” In a flashback, we see Alex with a guy and she tells him that her name is Ann (another name). He asks if she knows what he’s going to do to her and she says nothing. Her family comes in and eats the pervert.

Dean says – she’s your lure. The brother agrees and says she’s good at it and is as bloodthirsty as any vampire. The brothers are now worried about Mills. At the cabin, Mills looks around for the girl and so doesn’t hear Dean calling her phone. She calls outside and pokes all over. She opens the bedroom door and finds the girl asleep.

She clicks on the light and checks her and then looks around the room before coming to stand close to the girl. She covers her with a blanket and startles Alex awake. She tells her she made her a sandwich. Alex asks about her grandma and Mills tells her she’s sorry about her and Alex says she was old so it’s not a surprise. She lays back down.

Sam checks the victims’ names with the local PD and finds they work at the bus station. Mills calls Dean and tells her the vamp brothers are probably in town and there’s something she needs to know about Alex. She sees lights and tells them they just got to the cabin and tells Dean to hurry there. He doesn’t get a chance to warn her about Alex.

The guys prepare to leave but Dean takes the vamp’s head before they go. Mills calls for Alex and tells her they have to go. One of the brother’s busts through a window and grabs Alex. She calls out for Mills. The sheriff goes after them but they drag the girl to the truck and one of the brothers punches Mills and knocks her out cold.

She asks where Alex is and she says she tried to stop them. Sam says she’s lucky she’s alive. They worry about what will happen when they find the dead brother they left at the nest. She says she’s ready to go and they tell her that they don’t need her to take out the nest.

She wants to go help to save Alex but the brothers tell her she’s a honey trap and has been baiting the hook for a nest of vamps and has more blood on her hands than most monsters they kill. She asks if Alex is on their list and they tell her hunting monsters comes with harsh truths. They ask what this is about and remind her she doesn’t know the girl. She says she’s coming and if they touch Alex, they’ll have to go through her.

Alex wakes and Mama tells her she’s made a mess. She says the Hunters killed Dale and know where their home is. Alex starts to apologize but Mama shushes her and says it’s okay since she’s back now. Alex says she thought she would hurt her but Mama comes close and sits near her.

She tells her she would never hurt her – she calls her baby girl and sweet Alex – and asks why she would think that. She asks why she ran from them. Alex says she loves her but couldn’t take the blood, death and sounds of screams anymore. She says the guilt is eating her and she’d rather die than feel that way again. Mama says it’s her fault and says she should have turned her years ago.

The brothers and Mills are close by. The truck is in the driveway so they know the vamps are there. They tell her the first priority is clearing the next and Alex is second. She agrees. Mama tells Alex she put off changing her because she wanted to see her grow up. She tells Alex she can take the pain of those human feelings away so they can stay together as a family like none of this happened. She asks Alex if she would like that.

Dean and Sam come into the house with Mills between them. They creep in weapons drawn. They don’t see anyone. They wonder if they have the right place but then they hear a board creak. They continue the search and Mills breaks off from them. She hears a groan of pain and tries to find where it ‘s coming from. She heads downstairs.

Dean sees one of the vamp brothers with a gun to Sam’s back. The vamp tells Dean to drop it and he does. Another brother knocks Dean out. Mills finds Alex moaning and sees that her mouth is bloody. She asks what they did to her and Alex says she made her choice. Mama knocks Mills out and says – she chose me.

tied up and Dean is knocked out on the floor. Connor tells Sam it was a hell of sight to come home to – a dead brother – and asks which of them took Dale’s head. The vamp holds a gun to Dean’s head and says a brother for a brother is fitting. He says they ruined their home and they have to go find a new one. He says when they hit the road, they like to pack a lunch. He brings a pail over to bleed Sam.

Mills is tied up and Mama pulls out Mills’ machete. She tells her she at least came prepared. Mills asks what she did to Alex and she says she gave her blood and that all she needs to do now is feed to transform. Alex asks Mama to let Mills go. Mama tells her that’s the human part of her talking and that once she’s changed, Mills won’t matter. Mills tells Mama that she stole Alex to begin with and Mama threatens her and Mills says that motherhood isn’t about forcing your child to be like you as soon as they become inconvenient. Mama tells Alex that the cop is trying to turn her against her family. She strikes Mills who cries out.

Sam is bled almost out and Connor tells his brother to get Dean ready. They go for Dean but he’s awake and prepared and fights the vamps. Sam is dizzy from blood loss and isn’t much help.

Mama says it’s time to finish it. Mills asks Mama if she named her Alex after a daughter she lost. She says that they’re both using Alex to fill a hole in their life. Alex asks her Mama and she says the other Alex died a long time ago. Mills says it still hurts and you still feel the pain but it’s better when Alex is near. Mama’s face gets hard and she calls Mills a bitch and then starts to beat her.

Dean is struggling with Connor and Sam watches helpless. Dean pins Connor and tells him – look at me bitch. He does and then Dean slides the blade through his neck and takes his head. He unties Sam and he tells Dean to go after Mills.

Mama unties Mills and tells her good news. She tells her she’s about to see the family she lost real soon. But then Alex attacks Mama with the dead vamps blood that was taken from Mills. Mama asks how she could do it and says – you were my girl. Mills tells her not to watch and then takes her machete and lops off Mama’s head.

Sam and Dean arrive just in time to see this. Sam tells Dean it was nice work but asks him about the “bitch” line and says it looks like he was enjoying it too much. Dean says killing things that need killing is their job and enjoying it isn’t a crime.

Sam tells Mills they owe her an apology about the girl and she says they were right that her judgment was clouded and brought back feelings she’d been trying to bury in work and religion. She says the feelings of grief are still there and she doesn’t know what that means except that she was a fool to think she could ignore it. She thanks them for curing Alex but they tell her since she killed her sire, she was the one who cured her. They tell her Alex should pull through.

They ask what she’ll do with Alex. She looks thoughtful. Alex lays in her bed, hot and sweaty and feverish. Mills offers her food and she says no but thanks her. Alex tells her that when Mama offered she couldn’t disappoint her again. Mills sits by her and Alex says she has so much to be ashamed of. She tells Mills she’s done bad things and Mills tells Alex whatever she wants from her, she’ll give it to her. She tells her she’s lost her whole family and no one can understand that. Alex tells her she can.