Supernatural RECAP 5/13/14: Season 9 Episode 22 “Stairway to Heaven”

Supernatural RECAP 5/13/14: Season 9 Episode 22 “Stairway to Heaven”

SUPERNATURAL continues tonight on the CW with a brand new episode called “Stairway to Heaven” Tessa the Reaper returns and leads a conspiracy against Castiel’s angel followers. Meanwhile, Dean is eager to use the First Blade when the angels are attacked, but Sam worries about the cost to his brother whenever he uses it.

On the last episode Castiel (Misha Collins) captured one of Metatron’s angels (guest star Gordon Woolvet) and asked Sam (Jared Padalecki) and Dean (Jensen Ackles) for help with the interrogation. Dean eagerly accepted, which doesn’t go unnoticed by Sam. Meanwhile, Abaddon (guest starred Alaina Huffman) demanded Crowley (Mark Sheppard) help her kill Sam (Jared Padalecki) and Dean (Jensen Ackles). When he refused, she revealed her shocking bargaining chip. Also, Castiel (Misha Collins) set a meeting with Gadreel (guest starred Tahmoh Penikett).  Did you watch tonight’s episode? If you missed it we have you covered with a full and detailed recap, right here for you.

On tonight’s episode after a massive attack on the angels, Castiel (Misha Collins) calls Sam (Jared Padalecki) and Dean (Jensen Ackles) for help. As they leave, Dean’s eagerness to bring the First Blade doesn’t go unnoticed by Sam who is worried about the cost to his brother whenever he uses the Blade. Meanwhile, Castiel is shocked when he learns the angel that caused the attack was one of his followers and did it in his name. Dean discovers there is a conspiracy amongst Castiel’s angel followers and at the heart of it is Tessa, the Reaper.

Tonight’s episode looks like it is going to be great and you won’t want to miss it, so be sure to tune in for our live coverage of CW’s Supernatural at 9:00 PM EST! While you wait for our recap hit the comments and let us know what you thought of the last episode?

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In Dixon, Missouri, a woman orders a picky, picky dessert and then asks her son what he wants. He points to a gigantic banana split. The woman walks over to the girl and asks where her parents are. She says she doesn’t have any because she’s an angel. The woman mocks her and calls her a little angel. She asks if her mother knows she’s there eating diabetes. A man comes in and pulls out a knife. The girl tells her to run. The ice cream shop explodes in white light and the windows shatter.

Dean wakes Sam up with heavy metal music blaring on his smart phone. Sam complains they only got a couple of hours of sleep but Dean says they need to put on their dancing shoes because they have work to do. Sam finally gets up and Dean says they have to head to Missouri – Kas called and said there was something big going on there.

Dean packs up the first blade but Sam wants to leave it behind. Dean says he’s not leaving behind a hockey stick that can kill anything. Sam says magic that strong comes at a price and tells Dean he should save it for the big boss fights like with Metatron. He asks him to please leave it and Dean says fine and leaves it on the table.

The brothers show up to the ice cream shop and the female sheriff calls them Agents Spears and Aguillera and says their partner is expecting them. They go in and find Kas and Sam complains about him giving them pop girl names. Kas says they usually pick popular musicians and Dean just says wow. He tells them to look at the bodies and we see burnt out husks of six humans and one angel.

They ask if it was one of his and he says they were a good soldier. Kas says he knows Meta wants a war but says this is abhorrent even for him. Meta stares at himself in the mirror with a trench coat on. HA! He’s trying for Kastiel’s look. There’s a knock at the door and he says wait a second and yanks the coat off embarassed – a second later, Gadriel comes in. Meta tells him he’s too literal.

Gadriel says they are losing because Kas’ army is growing. He’s upset at Gad for meeting with the enemy (Kas) in secret and Gad is mad because he had him followed. Gad insists that he’s loyal to Meta and heaven. Meta says he doesn’t get it – he doesn’t know why the angels are choosing Kas over him other than he’s cute and has a simple charm like a mentally deficient puppy. He says that he’s offering them heaven plus he’s lovable and funny. He reminds Gad he made God laugh twice.

Gad says Meta was the one that told Kas to lead an army and Meta says he never thought he’d be good at it. Gadriel says the meeting tonight with Tyrus is critical. He controls the largest faction of independent angels left. Meta says he knows he has to make a good impression and says he has a plan. He looks at the trench coat and Gad says it’s not that, is it. Meta tells him to show up.

The brothers head back to angel HQ and Kas introduces them to Hannah. She tells him Josiah wasn’t at roll call. Dean is surprised and Kas says they like to hear him say their names. She thinks Josiah was the mole and a traitor. No one saw him leave but Dean says since they can’t fly someone has to see him. Sam asks his host’s name and they say Josh and Sam pulls up his license so they can see what he looks like.

One of the angels calls for Commander Kas and says he found a cell phone video from right before the explosion. We see the bearded man walk up to the girl angel’s table, pull his mini trench coat open and shows his chest. It is carved up with a rune of some sort and he says – this is for Kastiel and plunges an angel killing blade into himself and then explodes. Kas is horrified.

Dean asks what the hell that was and Kas says he doesn’t know and would never have an angel sacrifice himself. Kas says he thinks he’s going to be sick. Hannah points out the little girl angel and says that’s Esther, one of Metatron’s. Dean tells Kastiel that he’s running a damned cult and the last time he had that kind of juice he killed humans and angels and lied about it. Sam says they need to talk in private.

Sam says they need to work the case. Kas says the guy was Oren, a new recruit who works in community outreach working minor miracles at a local hospital. Nothing that would draw attention. He says the Enochian runes were meant to focus energy so it unleashed a lot of power. Kas says if the girl was the focus of the blast she was likely atomized.

Kas asks what he can do and Dean says they’re going to the hospital to talk to people who knew Oren. Dean says he can’t come because the Manson girls won’t talk when Charlie is in the room. Kas says he’ll go to Colorado to follow Josiah’s trail and Dean says he has to take Sam. Sam tells him that Dean killed Abaddon and Kas asks if Dean has changed.

Sam says he’s been amped up since taking her out. Kas says he seems very angry and really seemed to believe that Kas was responsible for that. Sam says the other angels see him as a rock star or L. Ron and they’re a little crazy. Kas says he’s not trying to play God, just get his people home.

Meta and Gadriel meet Tyrus at a bowling alley and Meta sucks up to him. Tyrus says what if his angels don’t want to go back to heaven. He says it’s boring there and there’s no bowling in heaven. Meta says he could whip him up a bowling alley but Tyrus says it won’t be the same. He tells them to smell the authenticity.

Tyrus tells Meta that he hears he’s losing and says he hates his face. Meta says he can get a new one. He tells Meta he’s a nerd trying to be a popular kid. (Funny side bar, Curtis Armstrong that plays Meta played Booger in Revenge of the Nerds – so HA – nice 80s reference). Being called a nerd sets off Meta who says he’s done being nice about it. He drops a blade out of his sleeve and Tyrus laughs and says please.

He says if he knifes him all of his guys will go to Kastiel. He says – even you’re not that stupid. He tells Meta if he out-bowls him, they’ll talk. Meta is excited.

Sam and Kas ask a gas station clerk about Josh and he tells them he was heading to an address in Montana because he asked direction. Dean talks to Flagstaff – an angel who knew Oren. He asks what she can tell him about why he would off himself. She asks if she can go and says she has lives to save. Dean says he does too and she laughs and says it’s amusing that he thinks he helps people.

She tells Dean he thinks everything can be solved with a gun and has oceans of blood on his hands. She tells him she hates men like him. Dean leaps at her and puts an angel killing knife to her throat. She begs him not to kill her and he asks again who is friends with Oren. She tells him Constantine and Tessa . He asks if she means Tessa the reaper and she asks if he knows her.

Sam and Kas pull up at the address they got. They find the car Josiah was in and Kas says the place is radiating power and he hasn’t felt anything like it since heaven. They try a door that’s locked and then Sam tries to pick it.  Kas says he’s got it and tries to knock it down and can’t and says he don’t got this. They’re locked out.

Dean lies in wait for Tessa. He calls her name and tells her she was supposed to be at the hospital but she wasn’t there and an ambulance was missing. She asks why he’s there at the theater and he says they need to talk. She says she already has a date. He pulls her to him and he sees the rune carved on her chest. He tells her better luck next time and cuffs her. He ask where the other one is.

Constantine shows up at the bowling alley and approaches Meta who’s mad that he lost the bowling match. He calls his name to get his attention and says this is for Kastiel. He stabs himself as Meta tries to duck out of the way plus he’s got Gadriel and Tyrus between him and the blast.

Sam is frustrated because all the windows and doors are locked. Kas holds out his hand and shows Sam some Enochian runes and says it’s a riddle. He asks Sam why six is afraid of seven and says he thinks it’s because it’s a prime number but Sam says it’s because seven ate nine and the door opens. Kas says it’s like in Lord of the Rings and tells Sam he knows all about pop culture now.

Dean calls Sam and tells him he’s got Tessa. She yells into the phone to Sam that his brother is a psycho. He asks what’s going on but Dean says for Sam to fill him in first.

At HQ, Flagstaff tells the other angels that she knows Dean is the commander’s friend, but says he’s crazy and held a knife to her throat. Hannah sees Tessa dragged in by Dean and he shows them that she’s got the explosive runes on her. Hannah says – oh God. Tessa says there is no God, only Kastiel. Dean says she’s done and drags her off. He tosses her in a cell.

Hannah complains to Dean about wounding her and he says he had to slash the rune to break the spell. They ask what he’ll do to her and he plans to torture her to find out if there are more bombers. Hannah says no one but Kastiel and question her. She says Kas has given them a purpose and a way to live in peace. She says he can talk to her but leave the blade outside. Hannah holds out her hand and Dean asks if they’re asking or telling and the guy says – we’re not asking. Dean hands it over and goes in the cell with Tessa.

In the building, Sam asks Kas if he wants to go back and check on Tessa. Kas says to give him a minute. On a wall is written – only a penitent man shall pass. Kas ducks. That line is from Indiana Jones. Giant blades plunge out of the wall but Kas kneels and they miss him. Sam says it’s from the Last Crusade.

They ask Tessa who she’s working for and she says Kastiel. She says in the grand scheme a few dead humans don’t matter. She says Kas assigned this to her because she’s strong. Hannah lunges at her and says it’s not true. Dean drags Hannah out and tells her that Tessa thinks she’s telling the truth.

Kas sees a portal and says it’s a door to heaven. He says that’s why Meta hid it so well. He says if they can control it they can win the war or maybe not even have to fight it all. Sam tries to stop him but Kas walks through the door and Sam follows. They are in a room with a song playing – You’re in Heaven – and it looks like a party place. The note says welcome to your own personal heaven – it’s the closest you’re going to get.

They see a burnt body slumped against the wall and Kas says it’s Josiah. Sam sees a string stretched up close to the ceiling and a jar of holy oil ready to pour it out. Josiah opens his eyes and says Meta told him he could go home and says he just wanted to go home. Kas wants to heal him but Josiah says he would rather die than owe his life to him. He tells Kas he just plays at being one of them and says when he stares into his eyes, he doesn’t see an angel staring back at him.

Dean comes back in to see Tessa and says it’s just the two of them now. She says she remembers when they met and he was dying. He tells her that he likes her well enough for an angel and asks why she’s doing it – she says Kastiel. He asks why personally she’s doing it and she says she can’t take the screaming. He asks who is screaming and she says it’s the lost souls that can’t get into heaven now that it’s closed. She says they are confused and in pain and she can’t help them even though it’s her job.

She says death and nothingness would end this for her and she would finally have quiet. Dean asks why she just doesn’t put an angel blade in her neck and she says she was too weak. She says Kas gave her a reason to die and Dean says that doesn’t sound like the Kas he knows. She says this Kas raised an army and there’s more out there like her – so many more. She says she won’t give him names and that will ruin the fun.

Dean pulls out the first blade and says the fun is just getting started. He stabs her with it and she says – thank you. Her grace explodes out of her and Dean looks like he got high off of taking her out. The door bursts inward and Hannah and the others are there staring at him in horror.

back. Hannah tells them they put up a fight. Kas tells them to get out. Dean lies and tells them that Tessa knifed herself. Sam asks why he has the first blade there and says without Tessa they don’t have jack. Dean asks if he wants that to happen and Sam says he doesn’t know. Hannah comes in and tells Kas he has a call from Metatron.

He’s on a computer screen and says Kas probably isn’t happy to see him. Dean asks if anyone ever is. Meta says he just wanted Ass-tiel to know that his bomber didn’t kill him but did kill Josiah and now his followers are with Meta. They get in a pissing match and Meta says what he did was not good or bad, but necessary so they could all be family again. Dean reminds him about the angels he had Gadriel kill.

Metatron says one time only he’s offering amnesty to every angel that wants to join him and return to heaven. He says he will be their god and they can be his heavenly host. Hannah asks why they would follow him. He asks if they like earth and free will. He says the fact they are there with Kas means they need to follow someone. He asks if Kas has told them about his stolen grace and how he’s fading away. Meta says when it burns out, so will he.

Meta says he’s not the best, but he’s the best they’ve got. He says Kas is playing them because all he cares about his himself and the Hardy boys standing there. Meta ends the call and Kas says that he’s lying. They ask about the grace and he says it’s complicated. He says he was lying about everything but the grace. The angels glare at him and he asks if Hannah believes him. She says she wants to but they need proof.

Hannah says to punish Dean for killing Tessa and breaking their rules. Dean says the hell with that. Hannah says not to lose their trust over one man. She hands Kas the knife and says this is justice. He takes it in his hand and looks at Dean. He says no I can’t. Dean and Sam are relieved. Hannah tells Kas good-bye and she and the others all file out. Dean, Sam and Kas watch the angels all leave him.

Meta comes in talking on the phone and hangs up. He tells Gadriel that the first of Kas’ people is coming around and more will follow. Gad asks why he didn’t tell him what their elite unite was doing – Tessa, Constantine, etc – and Meta says he didn’t need to know. Gad is furious that he brain washed them into blowing themselves up.

Meta says so and calls it an old writer’s trick. He says it’s like building up a seemingly unbeatable enemy like the Death Star so Meta looks like the underdog and then reveals Kas’ weakness – he’s in love with humanity. Meta says no he’s inevitable. Gad asks about Josiah and Meta says he’s a loose end and that he told him where the portal was but then it moved and he walked into a trap.

Meta tells Gad that he always builds a hotel on Boardwalk and always win. Gadriel pulls a face – he’s very angry. The guys and Kas come back to the bunker. Dean tells Sam he won’t apologize. He says since he’s the only one that can kill Meta, he’s calling the shots. He says until he plunges the first blade into Meta’s heart, this is a dictatorship and tells him to deal with it.

Dean asks Kas how long he has in his battery and Kas says he hopes he has long enough to kill Meta but he’s worried since he has no army. Kas asks Dean if he thinks he sent the suicide bombers and Dean says he just watched him give up an army for one guy, so no. Kas asks if the three of them will be enough and Dean says they always have been.

Sam panics as Gadriel comes in. He says Kas was right and that Meta has to go. He tells them the bombers were Meta’s agents and says he knows everything and can give Meta to them. Gad says he knows they won’t want to trust him and says he knows he’s made mistakes, but they all have. He asks them to give him a chance. Dean draws near and holds out a hand. Gad clasps it. Dean pulls out the first blade and slashes Gad across the chest. He roars as Gad collapses. Sam lunges to hold his brother back.