Supernatural RECAP 5/20/14: Season 9 Finale “Do You Believe in Miracles”

Supernatural RECAP 5/20/14: Season 9 Finale “Do You Believe in Miracles”

SUPERNATURAL continues tonight on the CW with a brand new episode called “Do You Believe in Miracles.” Season 9 ends with Dean feeling the effects of the First Blade. Meanwhile, Metatron makes his move against humanity, as Sam, Dean and Castiel try to stop him.

On the last episode, after a massive attack on the angels, Castiel (Misha Collins) called Sam (Jared Padalecki) and Dean (Jensen Ackles) for help. As they leaft, Dean’s eagerness to bring the First Blade doesn’t go unnoticed by Sam who is worried about the cost to his brother whenever he uses the Blade. Meanwhile, Castiel is shocked when he learned the angel that caused the attack was one of his followers and did it in his name. Dean discovered there is a conspiracy amongst Castiel’s angel followers and at the heart of it is Tessa, the Reaper.  Did you watch last week’s episode?  If you missed it we have a full and detailed recap, right here for you.

On tonight’s episode Dean (Jensen Ackles) feels the effects of the First Blade, and Metatron (guest star Curtis Armstrong) makes his move against humanity. Meanwhile, Sam (Jared Padalecki), Dean and Castiel (Misha Collins) face shocking consequences when taking the fight to Metatron (guest star Curtis Armstrong).

Tonight’s finale episode looks like it is going to be great and you won’t want to miss it, so be sure to tune in for our live coverage of CW’s Supernatural at 9:00 PM EST! While you wait for our recap hit the comments and let us know what you thought of the last episode?

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Sam and Dean argue over the first blade. Gad is still down where Dean slashed him. Sam tells Dean to let it go. Kas and Sam want to keep Dean under lock and key for now but he’s ranting and reminds them that he’s the only one that has a shot to take out Metatron. Sam says something is wrong with him and until they figure it out, he stays put. They lock him up while Dean calms down and appeals to his brother. Sam locks the door.

Kas says that Dean is right that he’s lost his angel army and Sam says that Gadriel can help them. Sam locks up the first blade. They see blood on the floor of the bunker. Gadriel is nowhere in sight. Dean has blood coming out of his mouth and is coughing because of it. He loks in the mirror at his face.

Meta types and Neil, an angel, interrupts him until he calls him by the name God. Meta says it’s a story about love and heartbreak he’s working on and Neil asks if it’s like The Notebook. Meta asks which outfit makes him look more pathetic. He has Neil ready to open up the lines so Meta can broadcast on angel radio while all other voices are blocked out.

Meta speaks and Neil has to adjust the reverb. All the angels pop their heads up when he speaks. Meta welcomes them back and says he’s moved that they’ve accepted him as their new God. He says his heart is full and has news. He says that he’s going on a short trip and while he’s gone, heaven’s door will be closed but once he returns, it will be glorious.

Neil asks where he’s going and Meta says to tell the rest of the story. Kas and Sam follow the blood trail out of the bunker and find Gadriel lying on the side of the road wounded. Kas heals him even though it weakens his borrowed grace. Gadriel asks if he heard Meta and Kas asks what his plans are. Gad says he’s afraid for humanity.

Crowley is getting a massage and the masseuse says she thought he would be more relaxed having defeated Abaddon. She tells him that the demons will be looking to the king for direction. He tells her he’s there for a backrub not a lecture. The walls rattle and she tells him that a Winchester is summoning him. In fact, it’s Dean and Crowley shows up and asks what the smell is.

Dean demands to know what’s happening to him. He says he can’t turn it off since he killed Abaddon and he gets a high and needs to kill. Crowley asks if he doesn’t, does he throw up and Dean says yes. Crowley says the mark wants him to kill and the more he killed the better he will feel. He says that Cain could contain it because he was a demon, but Dean’s frail human body can’t.

Dean says he wants to get to Meta and wants Crowley to get him the blade and get him out of there. Sam, Kas and Gad come back and smell sulfur. The box where Sam put the blade is open and it’s gone. Sam knows what that means. Sam calls Dean and leaves him a message to call him back pronto. They asks if Sam knows it’s Crowley and Sam tells them they have a bromance since he got the blade.

Gad says this can be useful and that Dean may be their best chance to take Meta out. Sam asks how he can say that and Kas asks him to hear him out. Sam says arming a warhead like Dean isn’t a good idea and says he’s his brother. Gad says he thinks Meta is tapping into the angel tablet and has given himself God-like powers. Sam says that makes him unstoppable but Kas says if they break the connection between him and the tablet, he’ll be back to an ordinary killable angel.

A woman yells into her phone at her ex-husband and is plowed down by a truck. The woman is dead. Meta is there in the crowd dressed like a bum and says he’s not so sure about that. Dean and Crowley stop at a bar and Dean orders coffee but Crowley tells him not to be cheap so he orders a burger and pulls out his laptop. Crowley asks if this what he does – criss-crossing the country looking for evil.

He asks Dean if he doesn’t ever question if there’s more than this. Dean glares at him and Crowley says he kicked human blood and Dean says he’s back to being full metal douche. He asks how hell is and Crowley says it’s fine – he says it’s complicated. Dean says the problem isn’t hell, it’s Crowley. Dean doesn’t see anything and has no clue where Meta is or what he’s up to.

Two dudes roll in and Crowley tells him the cavalry is here. One whispers to Crowley and he says Meta has gone viral. Dean sees a video of the girl being struck and killed and Meta bringing her back to life. Meta looks directly into the camera as they ask his name and he says it’s Marv. He whispered in the girl’s ear but they can’t see or hear what he said. The video was in Muncie, Indiana. They head out.

Kas and Gad pull up to a playground where Gad says the door to heaven is there guarded by two of his best. It looks like a mother and child. Gad asks how they’ll get in and Kas pulls out handcuffs and says “Wookie” but Gad doesn’t get the Star Wars reference. Gad comes up with Kas and tells Azriel that Meta was the one who ordered him to deliver Kas. The other angel says the spell must be redrawn and Gad tells her to do it quickly.

Dean finds Sam outside a mobile home park and Sam says he talked to miracle lady. Dean says he won’t explain himself to her. Sam says the real friends – Kas and Gad – have gone out to fight the real fight. Dean reminds him that Gad took over Sam and killed Kevin. Sam reminds him that he let Gadriel into him and he still has nightmares about killing Kevin with his own hands.

Sam says he understands that Metatron has to go and that Dean is their best shot. Dean says he’ll take the shot for better or worse no matter the consequences and Sam says he knows that. Sam says if this is it, they have to do it together. Sam says that Meta whispered to her his next stop.

Crowley is there too and says they need to chop chop and head out. He reminds them he has mad skills. Dean says if he wants off the hamster wheel, now is the time to get off. Crowley says he would wish them luck if he thought it would help. He leaves.

The angels open the door to heaven and Kas and Gad step into the portal. They come out on the other side and the office staff tell Gad they have sent word to Meta. Ingrid tells them they can wait in Meta’s office and Gad thanks them. They step in and the office turns into a cell. Ingrid asks Gad if he really thought his ruse would work. Ingrid welcomes Kas to heaven’s jail and says Gadriel can give him the tour. Gad slumps to the door defeated after having spent eons there.

A woman finds Marv in a homeless area. She asks if he’s Marv then brings him to her friend George. He says his miracles are a burden he accepts and he cures the guy’s diabetes. He also left him a full bottle to celebrate with. A guy calls Marv a fraud. He asks how he can be a fraud when he’s offered nothing but love, hope and an occasional miracle. The guy says his name is Metatron and that he’s an angel. He says they both are. Meta asks if he’s been drinking with George.

The guy says he’s a petty and unliked angel who’s trying to take over. There’s a woman who tells the accuser to shut up. Meta sleeves his blade. The guy says if he had seen what he’s seen, he’d know he’s an abomination. The woman calls Meta a Messiah. He comes at Meta with a blade adnt he people there beat up the guy. Meta says – they love me, they really, really love me. He kicks the angel killing blade over to them and one of the people stabs the guy who guys out in a flare of blue.
[9:54:58 PM] Rachel Rowan: Dean has a tremor in his hand that he tries to calm. He asks Sam if he found anything and he says Meta is about a mile up the road at a homeless encampment and that all the people think he’s the new Jesus. Dean says he’s good. Sam lets Dean hold the wrapped first blade. Dean tries to talk to Sam about the last couple of months but Sam won’t hear it. Dean punches Sam and knocks him out then says – sorry little brother, it’s not your fight. He leaves Sam lying and walks away.

Hannah doesn’t believe what Kas is telling her about Meta being the one behind the suicide bombers. Kas tells her that he has been trying to save angels and that Meta is the reason behind all their suffering. Kas asks her to let him out so he can prove it.

Dean shows up at the camp and the people recognize him. They tell him that Marv told them he was coming. They tell him that he’s praying for their forgiveness. Dean asks for what and then he sees blood. He walks into the abandoned building looking for Metatron.

Gadriel tells them that he sat in the jail for thousands of years thinking of nothing more than his redemption. He says nothing matters but redemption, protecting those that cannot protect themselves. Gad says they can’t let anyone stand in the way of letting it happen. He tells Kas to move to the side of his cell. He’s carved the suicide ruin into his chest. Hannah hurries to unlock Kas’ cell and then runs. Gad blows himself up and Kas steps out and asks Hannah if she believes him now.

Dean tells Meta he can save the humble Jesus routine for someone that cares. Meta says his problem is his cynicism and that people just want something to believe in and ask why not him. Dean says those people have already shed blood for him and calls Meta a Bernie Madoff with wings. Meta tells him that God hated all the stuff he had to do. He reminds him that humans fought longer and harder to die in God’s name while blaming themselves for not being pious enough to earn God’s love.

Meta says God didn’t even know their names but he does because he’s walked among them and can save them. Dean says he just wants to see What Would Metatron Do? on every bumper. Dean says he’s blaming him for Kevin’s death and Kas losing his grace. He says he’s blaming him for everything. He pulls out the first blade which Meta recognizes.

Meta asks what happens if he wins and the world is only left with him half crazy and a bunch of loser angels. Meta agrees to fight but says he doesn’t know what Dean thinks can come of this. Meta says nothing can come of this unless Gad and Kas can make it work upstairs and Meta tells him they’re playing Locked Up Abroad in heaven.

Meta comes for him and Dean punches him in the face. Meta says that douchey tribal tat gave Dean some super juice. Meta knocks Dean across the room but he regains his feet and Meta forces him back again then kicks him. Meta asks if he thought he could beat him after he took out Abaddon. Meta says here’s a tip – next time try to be powered by the word of God. Sam is there and confronts Meta’s people. He pulls a gun and tells them to stay back and asks where Meta is.

Kas is in Meta’s office now looking for the tablet. Meta pummels Dean againa nd again and his hand begins its tremor. Kas opens the typewriter and finds the tablet. Sam gets there just in time to see Meta stab Dean with an angel blade. Sam screams no. Dean looks over at his brother and it looks like he died.
[10:06:39 PM] Rachel Rowan: Kas shatters the tablet as Dean slumps to the side. He pulls his brother up and then everything start to rattle. Sam pulls a knife on Meta but then Meta is gone and is back in his office. Kas tells him that Gadriel is dead and he’s shattered the angel tablet. Meta asks if he did all this to save Dean. He says it was all about saving one human. Meta tells him that he’s dead and that Kas is in his chair. Meta conjures up handcuffs to trap Kas there.

Dean says he has to go before Meta comes back. Sam wants to get him to the hospital but Dean says it’s better this way because of what the mark has done to him. Sam helps Dean stagger out and Sam tells him he lied about him being okay with Dean dying,

Kas says the angels will figure out that Meta has been playing them and Meta says they are all little sheep who will do nothing. He says as long as he gets them back to heaven, they won’t care how they got there or about the stinking humanity on earth. Meta tells Kas that he never read enough and never learned how to tell a good story. Kas says you did and Meta sees that the angel loudspeaker is on. The angels come in angry and take Meta prisoner.

Dean tells Sam that he’s proud of them. He looks bad – like he can die any minute. He slumps over and Sam tries to wake him again but it looks like he’s gone. Sam holds his brother and sobs.

Meta is locked up in heaven’s jail. Kas and Hannah are there to make sure he’s put. Hannah says he’s doing the right thing by letting Meta live because it’s what a good leader would do. Kas says he’s no leaer. Hannah reminds him he needs to replenish his grace or die.

Sam lays his brother down on the bed and is still red eyed and crying. Sam pours himself a whiskey at the table back in the bunker. He decides that Crowley got him into this mess and needs to get him out. Sam is trying to summon the king of hell. Crowley walks into the room and sits down and looks at Dean. He tells him that Sam is summoning him to make a deal to bring him back.

Crowley says it’s all become so expected. He says he didn’t know what would happen when he brought Dean to take on the mark of Cain. He says he never lied even though he may not have told the whole truth. He tells Dean this is important. Crowley says there is one story about Cain he may have forgotten to tell him. He says Cain also was ready to accept death rather than being a killer and took his own life with the blade. Crowley says that the mark never let go of him though.

He tells Dean he can understand why he didn’t tell him that. Crowley puts the first blade into Dean’s hand and says he began to have hope that Dean could have a new kind of life. He says when Dean sent back the cheeseburger uneaten, he began to have hope. He tells Dean to open his eyes and see as he sees and feel as he feels. Crowley tells him to come on and howl at the moon with him. Dean opens his eyes and they are demon black!!! OMG Dean is a demon!! Unholy cow!!