Suri Cruise Has No Friends Left After Katie Holmes And Jeanne Yang Split As Fashion Partners

Suri Cruise Has No Friends Left After Katie Holmes And Jeanne Yang Split As Fashion Partners

According to a new report from Star Magazine, Suri Cruise is out of friends because Katie Holmes just split with her fashion partner, Jeanne Yang.

A ‘source’ tells Star, “Suri’s two best friends were Jeanne’s twin daughters, Zoey and Sydney. Suri doesn’t see them anymore and is paying the price for Katie’s drama. Making friends at school isn’t easy for Suri due to her fame — and attitude. The other kids are intimidated by her, plus she’s a total diva.”

Aw, the girl is 7 years old. I really don’t think anyone is a ‘diva‘ at 7 years old. I’m sure she’s spoiled from all the attention she gets from her parents, but Suri always seemed outgoing enough that I’d doubt she’d have trouble at school. Plus, it’s not like she’s going to some local public school with the rest of the plebeians. She’s going to a private school that has the children of many of Manhattan’s most wealthy, which means that other kids are bound to be in the same boat as her.

Anyway, the source continues, “Zoey and Sydney were like big sisters. After growing up in Scientology, then enduring her parents’ breakup, this is another heartbreaking blow.”

I’m sure Suri was close to Jeanne’s daughters, considering how often Katie and Jeanne worked together in each other’s company. However, just because they left doesn’t mean Suri is left ‘friendless’. It might be a blow, sure, but she’s got school and her various after school activities to make more friends.

What do you guys think? Is this a low blow from Star? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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  • Bubbly

    Well, a child can be a total “diva” at seven. I know because I’ve seen them in my kid’s classes. They exist.
    As to her making new friends, it’s not just because other kid’s parents are affluent that will automatically draw them to one another. Children at this age are just children, even if they think they are princesses or superman. From what I hear Suri is not a nice kid, but than I have never met her and I will not insist on this label. It may be that the kids at her school are total little shits and snub her. Well, she does live life which is different to most other kids’ lives. She doesn’t have siblings and to be honest doesn’t have anyone on her intellectual level to turn to and talk about her little kid’s problems. I know I was always bitching about my little problems at her age to my friends or other kids my age and I found great comfort when they agreed with me. She needs this bit of comfort, but it’s gone, for now anyway. I think this girl is in a bit of a trouble..