Survivor Blood vs Water Recap Blindside – Turns into a Train Wreck: Season 29 Episode 10 “This Is Where We Build Trust”

Survivor Blood vs Water Recap Blindside - Turns into a Train Wreck: Season 29 Episode 10 "This Is Where We Build Trust"

Tonight on CBS their Emmy Award-winning series Survivor Blood vs Water San Juan del Sur airs with an all new Wednesday November 29, season 29 episode 10 called, “This Is Where We Build Trust,” and we have your weekly recap below!  Tonight, a castaway trades a reward for security in the game.  At a chaotic tribal council, the first immunity idol is played.

On the last episode, two reward winners traded their spots to prove their loyalty. Also, an idol paper trail caused chaos at camp, and one castaway played dirty when his life in the game was threatened. Did you watch the last episode? If you missed it, we have a full and detailed recap right here for you.

On tonight’s episode as per the CBS synopsis, “another castaway trades their reward for security in the game. Also, the first idol of the season comes into play during a chaotic Tribal Council.”

Tonight’s season 29 episode 10 looks like it is going to be great and you won’t want to miss it, so be sure to tune in for our live coverage of CBS’s Survivor: San Juan del Sur – Blood vs Water episode at 8:00 PM EST! While you wait for our recap hit the comments and let us know how excited you are about season 29 of Survivor. Who will be sent home tonight?

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It’s time for #Survivor. There are three idols still in play one with Jon, one with Keith and one still unfound at the camp. There are nine Survivors left as of night 24 when they head back from Tribal Council. Keith is pleased that Jeremy went home but also knew Reed was a smart bet to send home since he’s really smart. Reed is very happy that Jeremy went home and is trying to figure out his next move and wonders if sending home alpha male Jon should be next.

Natalie confronts Missy about not warning her that Jeremy was going home. Jon tells Natalie he has an idol and she wants to try and blind side Jon as revenge for Jeremy’s ousting. She goes looking for the last immunity idol. She gets up while everyone is sleeping. She digs where the clue indicated – 10 feet from their camp flag. Today’s reward challenge is a water challenge.

They have to dive in, swim to a platform, dive, get a key then swim back puzzle pieces to build a puzzle statue. He tells them Nicaragua is big on baseball and winners will deliver sports equipment to kids in need. They will then watch a game and get treated to standard baseball food. They pair up and one will sit out.

It’s Reed, Alec, Jaclyn and Jon versus Missy, Natalie, Baylor and Wes. Keith has to sit out and won’t be eligible for reward. Jon and Wes start out first and they are very close with Wes a little ahead when they land. This gives Missy a little head start over Jaclyn. Now Wes and Jon get to throw a buoy to help drag them back faster. Missy lands first and Baylor is in first against Reed a few moments later.

They are neck and neck but Reed lands first. Natalie and Alec are the last two. Alec outswims her but she’s close behind. He’s a much stronger swimmer than Natalie but she’s close behind. They have to see which of the four keys unlocks the platform. Alec, Reed, Jaclyn and Jon unlock their first and have three pieces stacked while the others are still trying to get theirs unlocked.

They finally have theirs open but the yellow team is kicking butt and has it assembled before the blue team really gets anything going. Reed asks if he can give up his spot to let Missy go on the reward. He says he thinks it would be good for her. Jeff allows the swap and Missy hugs him and cries. Jeff tells her the winners now get to send someone to Exile. Jon chooses to send Wes and he heads off.

Jon, Missy, Alec and Jaclyn head off for their reward. Reed says in the grand scheme of things, him sacrificing is good so he can get the ball rolling on taking out Jon by plotting. The others head to take sports equipment to some very thrilled kids. Missy is crying at their reactions. They hand out balls, bats, gloves, jersey and hats. She helps the kids get their new stuff on and says it recharged her spirit.

They introduce themselves to the kids and dig into popcorn, peanuts and beer while they watch the game. Jon fixes ice cream for one of the kids. He says he and Jaclyn loves kids and he wants a kid. Jaclyn can’t have kids because she has MRKH – a rare condition that means she can’t bear children. Jon is cool with adoption and says it doesn’t matter to him that she can’t give birth to a biological child.

Jaclyn says they have a lot of love to give a child and is excited by this. They join in playing with the kids and have a blast. Back at camp, it’s Baylor, Natalie, Keith and Reed. Reed wants to get Keith to himself to talk about Jon. Natalie and Baylor head off to get water and Reed tells him they think he has an idol and are talking about splitting the vote between Wes and Keith.

Reed says instead, he and Alec wants to vote with he and Wes to take out Jon instead. He says that’s his plan and asks Keith his thoughts. He says it’s a good plan and agrees. He doesn’t care for Jon and knows this might let him keep his idol as well. Natalie tells Baylor they need to look for the idol. She says she’s sure there is one still available. Baylor agrees and they go looking.

Natalie digs under a branch and then re-measures and digs some more. Natalie finds the #ImmunityIdol under some logs right in the middle of camp and run off to get water to open it. Natalie opens it and says finding it felt great. She tells Baylor they need to keep Jon feeling comfortable for one more vote and says they should get Reed first. They decide to vote for him since he’s so good at challenges.

It’s time for the #ImmunityChallenge. The Survivors stream in and then Wes comes back from Exile. He looks like he’s in pretty good shape. Keith is happy to see him. Jeff takes immunity back from Baylor. The challenge today is about balance. They’ll balance on a narrow perch holding a handle above their head. If they take a hand off the handle or a foot off the perch.

Each station is based on height so it’s fair no matter how tall or short you are. Jon stretches and it looks like he was going to fall but he was just stretching. Jeff starts offering #tempting treats to get them to quit. He first has a plate of Gummy Bears and sugary treats. He eats one and they tell him he’s mean. Then he starts on the chocolate. Jon steps down and takes the plate of sugar less Jeff’s bite.

Jon screams “Sugar” in delight. He lasted seven minutes. Keith says he must feel safe but Jon says he knew he just couldn’t do it. Keith mocks him because he’s double his age and still up there. After 30 minutes, Baylor is struggling and Alec says it’s like Jesus on the cross (hmm – that’s odd). Missy steps down and Baylor yells at her. She’s out and got nothing for her trouble.

She says the sand feels good and Baylor tells her to shut up. Jeff brings out a tray and Wes asks if two step down can they share it. Baylor and Jaclyn hop down and Wes curses. They got chocolate chip cookies and glasses of cold milk. After 45 minutes, Jeff offers beer and chicken wings. Wes runs over right away. Natalie, Keith, Alec and Reed are still there.

Keith points out that Natalie is the only one left from her alliance and Jeff asks what it is about Wes. Keith says he has to have a heart to heart with him once this is done. He says he has a food disorder and Wes boasts about his chicken nugget eating record. After one hour, 20 minutes, Keith is looking bad – his feet are purple. Alec is squirming and struggling and his feet are all red.

Keith has to step down and gets nothing for it. Missy says that was amazing. It’s Natalie, Alec and Reid. Alec falls and it’s Reed versus Natalie. As a dancer, I bet Reed can ignore foot aches. It’s now been three hours – that’s insane! Natalie tries to spit and spits on herself. She laughs. Wes talks about when Jeff was on Two and a Half Men naked cooking bacon.

Natalie asks if there is any more food and Jeff asks if she would take food to step down. She says Alec looks tough and says she would come down for a cookie and ice water. Jeff goes to see what he can rustle up. He comes back with a cold glass of water, pizza, beer, cookie and chicken wings. He points to that and the immunity necklace and says it’s her decision.

Reed looks at her and smiles. She says if she’s going to fall out, she may as well get food. She crumbles to the ground for the food and Reed wins individual immunity. Reed is cramped up too. Natalie can smell the food but can’t get to it and Reed can’t even walk over to get his immunity necklace. He drops down into a split. Pretty impressive.

Natalie says she knew she wasn’t going to win so decided to try and talk Jeff out of food and it worked. Jeff hands Reed the necklace while he’s still in the splits stretching out his legs and Natalie starts eating her pizza. Reed is excited that he’s safe and hopes he can rally people around to take out Jon tonight.

 They head back from the challenge and can’t believe Reed’s performance. Reed says Jon obviously thinks he’s safe since he stepped down so quickly and is more determined to get Jon out tonight. He goes to talk to Keith. He thinks he has an amazing plan as long as everyone sticks to it. He tells Alec to vote for Jon and he agrees.

He tells Alec he’s going to tell the others to split between Keith and Wes and they will take it. Reed goes to Baylor, Missy and Natalie to tell them how to vote. Missy goes to see Jon and tells her she thinks Keith or Wes has an idol. She goes back to Alec and Jon and Alec agrees to vote for the split. Jon says this is where we build trust and Alec agrees.

Jon says he’s at the mercy of his alliance since he’s not the one calling his shots. He says he’s going to save the idol for he or Jaclyn later but decides he’s reassured talking to Alec and thinks it will go as planned. He says this is the most important #TribalCouncil so far. They head off to the vote. Josh and Jeremy come in as the first jury members.

Jaclyn says she thinks she’s in a solid alliance now, but who knows. Baylor says trust difficult in this game because they can say anything. Keith says someone feels comfortable if no one is playing their idols. Natalie says if she ever had an idol, it will feel like a blessing and a curse all at once. Reed says he agrees and says the five that stepped down must have felt comfortable.

He wonders if Wes and Keith have an idol since Wes stepped down easily. Keith says stick to to the plan and says that’s all he can say. Jon laughs and says that’s very confusing to him. That kind of throws off Reed’s plan. He whispers to Jaclyn that you can’t let paranoia set in. Jaclyn tells the others she’ll still vote with them. Whispers break out all over the background.

Jeff says this is incredible to watch. Baylor says when you’re at a fair and looking in distorted mirrors that make you look different ways, she says that’s how she feels right now and says her gut will tell her what to do when she starts to vote. She says all these conversations haven’t happened before and means something. He sends them to vote. Reed whispers to Jon and Jaclyn then goes to vote.

Reed goes to vote and then the others. Keith looks a little worried. We don’t see anyone’s votes. Jeff goes to tally the votes. Natalie whispers to Jon to play his idol. Jeff comes back and makes the usual calls for immunity idols. Jon thinks and then plays his. Keith tells Wes to pull theirs out as well. Jeff takes Jon’s idol. Keith stands and offers his to Wes but he tells his dad to pay it for himself.

He hands it over to Jeff. That’s two idols in play. That means Wes is likely going home. Votes are: Jon, Jon, Jon, Keith, Keith, Jon, Keith. That means no votes count yet. Wes gets one and then the other is also for Wes. He’s out and the next jury member. Natalie just saved Jon’s butt in a huge way. Jon tells Reed he’s a sly dog and Reed just laughs calmly.

Wes gets his torch snuffed and heads out. Kieth curses. Natalie whispers to Baylor that Alec and Reed both voted for Jon. Jeff tells them that was aggressive and now they can’t go back. Wow – a blind side turned into a train wreck. Wes says he hopes his dad goes all the way and wins it. He says he regrets stepping down and says the wings may have cost him a million dollars.