Survivor Blood vs Water Recap – Massive Blindside! Season 29 Episode 13 “Let’s Make a Move”

Survivor Blood vs Water Recap - Massive Blindside! Season 29 Episode 13 "Let's Make a Move"

Tonight on CBS their Emmy Award-winning series Survivor Blood vs Water San Juan del Sur airs with an all new Wednesday December 10, season 29 episode 13 called, “Let’s Make a Move,” and we have your weekly recap below! Tonight, a shocking tribal council leads to one of the biggest blindsides of the season. Also, an ankle injury threatens one castaway’s ability to remain in the game.

On the last episode, after 30 grueling days, the remaining castaways battled for a spot in the final six. Also, for the first time ever, castaways gave up their chance at reward in the middle of a challenge, and one castaway seeking revenge set their sights on the game’s strongest player. Did you watch the last episode? If you missed it, we have a full and detailed recap right here for you.

On tonight’s episode as per the CBS synopsis, “shocking tribal council results in one of the biggest blindsides yet; a sudden injury occurs.”

Tonight’s season 29 episode 13 looks like it’s going to be great and you won’t want to miss it, so be sure to tune in for our live coverage of CBS’s Survivor: San Juan del Sur – Blood vs Water episode at 8:00 PM EST! While you wait for our recap hit the comments and let us know how excited you are about season 29 of Survivor. Who will be sent home tonight?


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On #Survivor, we found out that it was Natalie that switched her vote at the last Tribal and sent Alec home defying Jon’s plan. Baylor, Missy and Jaclyn talk and try to figure out who messed up the vote. Natalie decides to say that she thought she was supposed to vote for Alec and misunderstood which of the two they told her to vote for. Jon says it’s no big deal.

Baylor knows what Natalie did and says she’s doing a good acting job. Jon seems to buy her act and thinks it was an innocent mistake. He says it was just a mistake but that it could mess up their plans. Next day, Keith is at the water when Natalie finds him and tells him she swapped the vote to get Alec out. He’s just happy to be squeaking. She tells him that no one else can know that.

Looks like it could be Natalie, Keith, Baylor and Missy in an alliance, but Missy doesn’t seem to know this. She’s still plotting against Jon. They head off to the #RewardChallenge. They will be in two teams belted together. They race through a hay tunnel, then over and under hitching posts to get a bucket of water. They go up and over a teeter totter. The water goes into a bucket that releases a gate.

The winners get a Survivor spa including a hot shower, massage, steak, cookies and brownies. It’s Keith, Missy and Jon versus Natalie, Jaclyn and Baylor. The hay is a huge itchy pile they have to go through. The younger team makes it through faster. Missy is falling all over the place on the hitching post. The girls untie the bucket, Natalie fills it and they head over the teeter totter.

Jon is being slowed down a lot by Missy. The girls head back over the teeter totter. The other team is moving very slowly. The girls dump their second bucket with Jon and the old folks close behind. The girls drop their gate and run across. This allows them to work on the puzzle. Jon and the geezers spill theirs and have to go back for another bucket.

The girls are working on their puzzle as the other team finally gets their gate down. Both teams are now on the puzzle. Natalie tells the other girls to hush and listen. The girls argue and slow up. Blue is going fast and is close to catching up but the girls are just a couple of pieces away. It’s tight and both think they have it. The old folks and Jon come from behind and win it. The girls are devastated.

Missy’s leg is hurting and swollen but she insists she’s okay. Missy says a spa day is a game changer and Jon says she really deserves it and that it will have Missy feeling as young as she looks. Jaclyn is pissed off at him but then Jon says he’s not keeping the reward. Instead of giving it to his GF, he gives his spot to Baylor and calls her over and hugs her, calling her “little sis.”

Baylor, Missy and Keith talk and then Natalie says she doesn’t mind going. Missy’s leg is killing her and Baylor insists on giving her mom a piggy back ride out of there. That leaves Jaclyn and Jon alone at camp and he says he’s going to give her a personal spa day back at camp. At the #SurvivorReward, the three are greeted with icy cold drinks, shrimp cocktail, wraps and a ton of treats.

Keith says he’s never been to a spa. Baylor says she can’t believe Jon gave it to her but says it doesn’t change them going after Jon. Baylor checks out her mom’s ankle then Keith looks at it – as a firefighter, he’s got EMT skills and tells her it’s sprained at least. Missy says she can finish either way. They all dig into salads then Keith goes over to take his hot shower.

He says he’s going to come out looking like George Clooney then goes to get his massage. Baylor says he’s pretty dang funny and that she hasn’t seen that side of him before. She decides he’s cooler than she thought. He’s never had a massage before and says it totally rejuvenated him and can now last the few days. Jon and Jaclyn walk back to camp and he says it worked out well to send Baylor in his place.

Jaclyn tells him that Natalie felt so bad about voting wrong. He totally believes it and says he’s going to bring it up to the jury. Then Jaclyn wonders if Natalie has a side plan with Keith but Jon says it wouldn’t make any sense to side with one person over four. Jaclyn says if Keith keeps winning immunity, people will get more mad at Natalie for screwing up the vote.

On #ExileIsland, Natalie says she’s really missing her sister. She says she hasn’t cried in front of anyone there but all alone, she cries and cries because she’s been apart from her twin for 30 days when she’s never been apart from her at all for the past 28 years. It’s time for the #Immunity Challenge. Keith helps Missy hobble into the challenge, then Jon and Jaclyn.

Jeff brings in Natalie back from Exile and she hugs Missy and Baylor, but she’s still teary. Jeff asks what they handed her and she says it’s some rice they brought for her. She says she exhausted herself emotionally crying while on Exile. Jeff asks Missy about her ankle. She says it is getting worse but cries and says there is no way she’s going to quit.

Baylor is teary too. Jeff says he wants medical to look at it before the challenge. He calls the EMTs over and Natalie helps her get over to the bench to sit down. The medical guy compares her two ankles. Natalie takes Baylor’s hand as she starts to cry. Missy flinches as the guy hits tender spots. Keith says he hates this for her. He pushes on her foot and then says he says it’s a significant sprain at the least.

The medical guy says he also has to consider that there could be a fracture but that means an x-ray and that would pull her from the game. She breaks down crying and Baylor starts to get teary too. Missy is crying and frustrated and Jeff asks the doctor if she needs to go out of the game. The doc says they can immobilize it but it’s not life-threatening.

Missy says she’s staying in the game and won’t quit. Jeff asks what she wants to do and she asks the doctor to immobilize it. She’s going to sit this challenge out completely while she gets a splint put on. Jeff comes back over and asks Baylor how she feels. She says her mom is a fighter and says she never gives up and says she can carry her to the finals if she has to.

Jeff takes back the immunity necklace from Jon and says they have to hold onto two handles while they balance on a teeter totter. There is a vase balancing on the teeter totter and when it breaks, you’re out. The winner is guaranteed a one in five shot of winning the challenge. Jeff says it’s windy so this challenge could be over quickly.

The doctors go to work on Missy’s foot as the others start the challenge. The challenge starts and Baylor almost immediately loses hers but recovers. Missy says she can see that there’s no way she could do this. Jaclyn’s wobbles and she’s out. She goes to sit with Missy. Keith’s wobbles and he works to recover. Baylor loses his. A huge wind blows up and they all struggle.

It’s Keith, Natalie and Jon left and they’re all battling the wind. The wind picks up again and it’s even bigger this time. Keith loses his and it’s down to Natalie and Jon. The wind picks up again and Natalie’s wobbles. Jon’s falls and Natalie wins individual immunity. Jon blames the wind and hugs Natalie. She runs over to get the necklace from Jeff.

She smiles widely and Jeff tells the others that someone will go home tonight and will become the sixth member of the jury. Jon says Natalie winning today is great for their alliance and makes up for her voting mistake. Keith helps Missy hobble back to camp and she thanks him. Jon is frustrated with the challenge but says God has a plan.

Natalie says they think that they’re voting out Keith but she wants to split the vote and blindside Jon. She goes to talk to Keith and says it will be three-three with him against Jon and if he plays the idol, they’ll re-vote and then take out Jaclyn. She tells him not to act crazy at Tribal. Jaclyn asks Jon if he’s worried about getting blindsided but he says no, it’s definitely Keith.

Jaclyn is much more clever than Jon. She wants him to play his idol but he says it’s not a concern. Baylor and Missy says she and her mom are going to vote Jaclyn, Keith and Natalie can vote Jon and then Jon and Jaclyn can vote Keith. She goes to talk to her mom and she says she can’t take out Jon because she gave him her word.

Her mom says going with Natalie, Keith and her is much better. Missy says she won’t go against Jon. Baylor says she doesn’t have a deal with Jon. She tells her mom that he’s a huge threat but she won’t hear it. Baylor thinks her mom is doing like she did with all her marriages and puts the man before her. Baylor is upset that her mom is putting Jon before her.

Missy thinks about it and says she does have to start to listen to Baylor. She says it has crossed her mind that the Jon-Jaclyn show needs to end. She says she doesn’t want to be a sly dog who said one thing and did another. They all head off to #TribalCouncil. The jury comes in – Josh, Jeremy, Wes, Reed and Alec come in and take their seats.

Jeff asks Keith what’s up. Keith says he’s been trying to break into the alliance but says he can’t pierce it. He says they should make a big move. Keith says he’s trustworthy and Jeff agrees. Jon says it’s not that they can’t trust Keith but they built a trust in the group of five. Jaclyn says it’s natural for people to think about other scenarios but doesn’t think she and Jon are going anywhere.

Baylor rolls her eyes and Wes and Josh see this and they swap a look. Natalie says she’s just glad she won immunity. Jeff asks Jon if he’s thinking about his final speech already. Jon says he thinks about it quite a bit. He says sticking to the five is hard and is rare in Survivor. Jeff asks Missy about it next. He tells her if she wants to make a big move, tonight is the night.

Missy says with her foot broken, she doesn’t even know what to think. Missy says she’s pretty loyal to a fault in life. She says she hasn’t wavered. Jeff calls for the vote. Kieth helps Missy hobble over to vote. Jeff goes to tally the votes. He calls for immunity idols and Jon doesn’t play his. The vote are – Keith, Jaclyn, Keith, Jaclyn, Jon, Jon. It’s a three way tie.

That pushes it to a re-vote and only Baylor, Missy and Natalie get to vote and can only vote for one of the three. Jeff reads the votes – Jon, Jon and he’s out. Massive #Blindside. Wes smiles at his dad. Jaclyn gives her sweetie a kiss and Jon says – no hard feelings. He goes to get his torch snuffed. Natalie smiles as she watches him go. Jon went out with an immunity idol.

Jeff says this game is full of surprises and it’s anyone’s game. Next week is the two hour finale on Wednesday. Jon says he thought he was trusting the right people and says his trust was misplaced in Natalie and Missy. He says he didn’t see this coming and says he hopes Jaclyn makes it to the end and says she’s got his vote.