Survivor Blood vs Water Recap – Unanimous Blindside – The Alliance Cracks: Season 29 Episode 11 & 12

Survivor Blood vs Water Recap - Unanimous Blindside - The Alliance Cracks: Season 29 Episode 11 & 12

Tonight on CBS their Emmy Award-winning series Survivor Blood vs Water San Juan del Sur airs with an all new Wednesday December 3, season 29 episode 11 & 12 called, “Kind of Like Cream Cheese/Still Holdin’ On,” and we have your weekly recap below! Tonight, after 30 grueling days, the remaining castaways battle for a spot in the final six.

On the last episode, another castaway traded their reward for security in the game. Also, the first idol of the season came into play during a chaotic Tribal Council. Did you watch the last episode? If you missed it, we have a full and detailed recap right here for you.

On tonight’s episode as per the CBS synopsis, “after 30 grueling days, the remaining castaways battle for a spot in the final six. Also, for the first time ever, castaways give up their chance at Reward in the middle of a challenge, and one castaway seeking revenge sets their sights on the game’s strongest player.”

Tonight’s season 29 episode 11 & 12 look like it they’re going to be great and you won’t want to miss it, so be sure to tune in for our live coverage of CBS’s Survivor: San Juan del Sur – Blood vs Water episode at 8:00 PM EST! While you wait for our recap hit the comments and let us know how excited you are about season 29 of Survivor. Who will be sent home tonight?

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Last time on #Survivor, Wes was voted out and was added to the jury but this revealed Reed’s duplicity because Keith gave away the plan at Tribal Council and Natalie told Jon to play his idol. He did and that sent Wes home. The remaining survivors troop home on night 26 after Tribal. Alec is pissed at Keith for blabbing at tribal and says he’s ruined their alliance. Reed says the girls are over there plotting their revenge.

Jon talks to Natalie and the girls and Jon insists he was going to play his idol anyway. Natalie says that’s bull crap and that he’s just saying it to seem like the mastermind. Jon tells Jaclyn that she shouldn’t give Natalie credit in front of the jury for him playing the idol. She asks when and he says when he’s top three. She asks why he thinks she shouldn’t be in top three. He asks why she’s freaking out but she says it was her and Natalie telling him.

Jaclyn gets mad and says he can screw off because she’s going to be in the top three. It’s time for the reward challenge. They have to answer questions about each other and if they get a question correct, they get to chop a rope. Three chops kill you and a rock smashes down on the skull that represents you. The winner gets to take a nice horseback ride then eat barbecue, brownies and get to spend the night at a luxury resort.

Jeff says these questions are about people that were there post-merge. He says Nadya and Natalie are twins and asks who else has a twin. They all answered Jeremy. Keith said Jaclyn. Keith is wrong. Natalie gets to chop first and she chops Reed. Jon gets to chop next and chooses Reed. He’s got just one left. Alec is up next and head to Natalie and chops her. Missy goes and chops Reed and that knocks him out of the challenge.

Jaclyn goes over and chops Alec. Baylor decides to go after Alec. He’s got just one left. Reed goes and chops Missy and then he’s completely out. The question is who owns a tanning business. They all got it right – it’s Julie. Jon goes and chops Alec and he’s out of it. Alec goes and chops Jon and then has to go sit. Missy chops Keith. Jaclyn chops Keith. He’s got one left. Keith chops Missy and she’s got one left. Baylor goes and finishes off Keith. He takes a seat.

Natalie talks to the others to decide who gets voted out and who goes to Exile. Jeff asks if they’re going to be friendly and work it out and says if that’s what they’re doing, just to say who will win. They all agree that Missy will win. Jeff shuts down the challenge and says this is the first time he’s ever seen this. He says it’s a waste of time. Jon heads to Exile. Missy now gets to pick two people to go on reward with her.

She chooses Baylor and Jeff asks if she’s thinking of Natalie or Baylor. Missy chooses Natalie and Jaclyn says she saw it coming because those three are tight. Jeff says a few minutes ago they were all happy and now she’s going back to camp with three people who don’t like her. Reed says he likes them. Baylor gets snippy and Reed says she’s being a brat. Missy’s getting defensive and then Missy takes Reed to task.

She tells him to shut up and listen. She says she’s had his back and he’s lied to her face. He says she hasn’t and this is how the game works. They end the argument and the three women head off to enjoy their reward. Natalie tells Jaclyn to hang in there. Jaclyn says she feels like Jon sacrificed for her alliance and she got the butt end of the deal while the others head to reward. Jaclyn says she can tell that Baylor, Missy and Natalie are clearly together.

The guys make nice with her as they go back to camp. Out on Exile, Jon is excited to go find an idol since two were played last time. He reads the clue and say he’s worried that people will see he’s the biggest threat so he really needs it. Jon starts poking into holes on the cliff side and quickly has an #ImmunityIdol in his hand. He’s thrilled and says this is going to refocus him even more on his and Jaclyn’s future.

The women are out on their horse ride and Natalie says it’s amazing. She says she’ll never forget it. They arrive at the resort and see there’s food and a pool. They dig into the food and drinks. They toast and fix some alcoholic beverages. Natalie says Jaclyn is a little princess who will be offended. They talk about whether the guys could get Jaclyn to flip over to them and take Jon over with her which ruins their alliance.

Natalie tells Missy that she and Baylor found an idol. Missy asks why they kept it from her but then says she’s really proud of her daughter. They discuss a final three and agree they can go together. Natalie thinks she’d easily beat them. Jaclyn and the guys head back to camp and Reed says he shouldn’t have let Baylor get a rise out of him. He says he’s not snippy in real life. Jaclyn says she didn’t think they’d pick Natalie because it’s not smart.

Jaclyn admits she’s a little mad about it. Alec says it’s great that Jaclyn is with them eating just rice so they can try to sway her by showing her that Missy, Baylor and Natalie will take them out, then Jon and Jaclyn. Jaclyn says the guys are being super nice and she knows it’s fake but wants to see how the night will play out and what they will pitch. Reed says Missy and Jon are rivals and says he thinks she’s going to go after Jon and says they may be steam rolled. Jaclyn says they’re in the middle again and she’s not sure why this keeps happening.

Next morning, the three ladies come back from their mini vacation and Missy says she’s worried about what Reed said to Jaclyn while they were gone. She says she has to nurture Jaclyn to let her know she’s still on her side. She tells Natalie to keep her ears open. Jaclyn talks to Alec about what he thinks about Baylor. He says he’d take her, but not Baylor. She tells him to shut up. He says he knows she may not vote with her but says it’s #CreamCheese – it never hurts to put it on anyway.

Natalie watches Alec and Jaclyn talk and she thinks she’s flirting with Alec and that it’s inappropriate while Jon is gone. Alec chats with her and he says she and Jon need to come to Orlando and hang out with him and Drew. He says they can stay with him and his brother. Baylor is worried because Jaclyn and Alec are chatting and flirting. Natalie talks to Baylor about it. Next day, they head to the #ImmunityChallenge and Jon heads back to meet them.

He’s rocking a little beard and kisses Jaclyn on the cheek. Jeff takes the necklace back from Reed. They have to balance a large paddle on a stand and roll balls down to balance in small indents on the face of the paddle. Everyone gets their paddle centered and then they start rolling the first of the six balls. Reed lands one then loses it. Jon has two and is off to an early lead. Natalie lands one. Keith lands one as well. Missy finally gets one.

Alec gets one. Jon gets his third and Natalie and Keith their second. Missy has two. Jon is working on four but drops. Keith lands his third. Keith and Jon are tied at three. Jon drops again. The others are all struggling. Keith lands his fourth then gets the fifth. He has one left. Keith almost gets the last one. Jon lands his fourth. Keith tries to get his last in and it finally settles. Keith wins individual immunity. Keith can’t be voted out tonight.

Jeff says he’ll see the rest of them at Tribal to decide who will be the fourth member of the jury. Reed is worried his head is on the chopping block but hopes Jaclyn may swing Jon over to their side. They head back from the challenge. Missy tells Keith it was a good job. Jaclyn says they can vote out Missy or Reed depending on which alliance they go with. She needs to talk to Jon in private. They head down to the beach for a walk.

She tells him that Missy picked Natalie to go on reward. Jon says he just wanted to hang out with Jaclyn but she wants to talk strategy. He doesn’t want to hear all her thoughts and says it’s paranoia. He snaps at her and she walks away. She says next time she won’t tell him and tells him not to touch her. She’s mad and says there’s no point in them talking right now. He tells her to chill and just talk to him but she’s really annoyed.

Later, Jaclyn cries and says it’s like Jon doesn’t need her help and he can figure everything out for himself. She says screw him. Reed comes over and says three of them are willing to play with them. Jon says that’s BS and they’re going to blindside him. Jon says this is about getting Missy out so he can blindside him later. Jon snaps at Reed and Jaclyn says he snapped at her too. Alec says he can just go work with Missy instead even though he doesn’t like her as well.

Natalie comes over and plops down. Jon winks at Reed – #winkwink – and says he just can’t work with him because he wrote his name down and he can’t be trusted. Jaclyn gets confused because she missed the wink. She goes to swim and Natalie walks away. Reed comes back and tells Keith they may be able to get Jon and Jaclyn to vote with them. Jon tells Missy he found the idol. Jaclyn says Jon looks to his mom for advice in real life and Missy fills that role here.

She’s mad that he went to Missy to chat for an hour instead of talking to her. She vents to Natalie and Baylor about how Jon is treating her. Jon comes back over and apologizes to Jaclyn and she says she doesn’t want to talk to him right now. Missy wants them to hold it together so there are no surprises at Tribal tonight. Jon says there’s Tribal tonight and she won’t talk to him. Jon goes and talks to the guys and Keith says he had a lot to process so he gets it.

Jaclyn goes to take a nap. Five hours later, Keith says they need more fire wood. Jon tries to get Jaclyn to talk to him and she won’t. He kisses her and she tells him to stop. He’s getting the #SilentTreatment and says this is the most frustrating thing she does. Jon says she’s flirting with Alec instead of talking to him. Jaclyn finally talks to Jon and asks why he yelled at her. He says he was overwhelmed and just wanted to relax with her for a minute.

He tells her to go roll her eyes by the fire with her buddies. She gets even madder at him and walks away. Reed wants them to talk so they can find out what’s going on. He goes to try and get Jaclyn to talk to Jon but she says now he’s the one that won’t talk to her. Reed says this fight could be fatal for his game. Wes, Jeremy and Josh come into the jury box. Jon says Jaclyn updated him on what happened when he was on Exile.

He says they ended up arguing because he wasn’t ready to hear it all. Jaclyn says he snapped at her pretty bad and didn’t want to listen. She says that made her made and made her cry. Jon says he didn’t know she was crying. The others admit they watched this all go down. Reed says they saw the aftermath and says for those still trying to play the game, this made things more complicated. Jon says Reed really wanted to talk to them.

Jeff asks if they’re in the middle again and Jon admits they are the ones being approached. Reed says he told them that Missy made it clear that Baylor and Natalie are her top three choice which means Jaclyn and Jon will be voted out. Missy tries to dispel this and then says Alec is flirting with Jaclyn. Alec asks if Jaclyn thinks it’s flirting and she says it could be perceived this way. Missy asks Jon if it’s flirting and he says maybe.

Jaclyn says she could see what Reed was saying especially since Missy didn’t pick her for the challenge. Baylor says the couple can do what they want and that’s hard. Missy says there is a level of concern and says she knew Jaclyn was going to be approached and choosing Natalie would cost her. Jeff calls for the vote. Missy votes for Reed. Reed votes for Missy and says it will be the only time he’ll ever write her name down. We don’t see any others.

Jeff goes to tally the votes then comes back. He calls for hidden immunity idols. No one hands one in. The votes are: Reed, Missy, Reed, Reed, Reed and then Jeff says Reed is voted out and will be the fourth on their jury. Reed walks out and Jeff says that’s what makes blood versus water so difficult – because your personal life is in it. Reed says this has been the most amazing and terrifying experience of his life.

We see the votes and – shocker – it looks like everyone voted for Reed, even his own alliance! Only Reed didn’t vote for Reed. WTF?? Wonder what went on behind the scenes we didn’t see. Back at camp, the Survivors chat. Jon tells Jaclyn he’s sorry for undermining her. She says they’re fine and it’s over. Alec says he’s not flirting with anyone and didn’t like that at tribal. He says it hit him that he had no one to talk to after Tribal and it sucks.


 Now Episode 12!!


Alec tells Jon it’s been hard watching he and Jaclyn bonding with Missy. Jon says he feels bad for him but doesn’t think he or Keith have any play left. Jon tells Alec there is no crack there for him to get into. Jon says he has found people he can trust. Wow! Naive much? Maybe Jon doesn’t know basic math. Natalie + Missy + Baylor = 3 – – Jon + Jaclyn = 2. This gives you 3>2 = Jon and Jaclyn going home losers. Oh well. He’s killing himself and taking Jaclyn down with him.

It’s time for the #RewardChallenge. They have to stand on a small block and hold their hands over their head on a wood spindle that holds a ball to a post. It looks really sucky. The reward is a king sized bed delivered to camp along with an Italian feast. They all take their positions – they’ve been adjusted for their height. Alec is out of the challenge fast. He goes to sit down and is very upset to be out. After 20 minutes, Jon’s ball starts to slip. Missy’s ball is moving too.

Jon may go out soon. Missy loses hers first. She goes to sit with Alec. Keith loses his and it’s down to Jon, Jaclyn, Baylor and Natalie. Baylor loses hers next. Jon is barely hanging on and he’s trying to recover. He gets it back centered and is in good shape. Jon’s is starting to go sideways again. He’s trying to recover it but then it falls. It’s Natalie versus Jaclyn. Natalie’s starts to slip but then Jaclyn loses it first. Natalie wins reward.

Natalie decides to send Alec to Exile. He says he figured that was coming. He leaves. Jeff tells Natalie she gets to invite one person to join her. She chooses Jaclyn and says she always talks about spaghetti. Jeff tells her she can pick one more and she chooses Jon. Jeff asks Missy how it feels not to be chosen. Missy says it’s going to be rubbed right in their faces so that makes a difference. Natalie says she wants Jon to relax and trust her.

She says she’s going to get revenge on him for voting out Jeremy with a blindside. She says he’ll never see it coming. When they get back from the reward, the canopy bed is there. Jon sits down and says they’re going to be enjoying it while the others are staring at them. Keith, Baylor and Missy go get water and Jaclyn and Natalie think that’s weird. Jaclyn says she thinks Missy is pissed but Jon says she’ll get over it. Natalie tells them to stop being paranoid.

Jon, Natalie and Jaclyn enjoy their wine and pasta dinner. She says everyone likely wants to get rid of Keith but she wants to blindside Jon because he sent Jeremy out of the game. Jon talks about how he wants to be a sommelier and Natalie is totally annoyed with his arrogance and entitlement. Jon tells Natalie that he found an idol and she says that’s amazing. She says she just has to figure out how to get him out and is glad she’s tricked him into trusting her.

Jon and Jaclyn lie in bed and she talks about how weird it was sleeping between them. Natalie tells Baylor that Jon is so fake and so smug about how he’s going to win. She says it’s all about them and their perfect life. She says that he thinks he has Missy around his finger and that Baylor will follow along. Natalie says she can’t risk going to the jury against Jon and says if he wins, she would literally kill herself.

Natalie tells Baylor they need to blindside Jon but says she can’t tell her mom since Jon has her wrapped around her finger. Baylor says her mom always get too involved with men and sees Jon as the same kind of guy that has taken advantage of her mom and hurt her in the past. Keith watches Jon and Jaclyn nap and tells the others he doesn’t know why they keep them around since they’re so lazy. Keith says Jon is coasting. He hopes someone will bolt his way.

Jon finally gets up after they toss wood down. He tells the others they got a lot of wood while they were sleeping. Jon says he’s getting a weird vibe at camp. He says that can be bad things. Jaclyn asks Jon if he really trusts Natalie. He says yes and she says she’s just being paranoid. She says Jon has a connection with the women she doesn’t. She’s worried that Jon thinks he has this in the bag and he doesn’t. She says he does that IRL all the time.

On Day 32, the Survivors head to the #ImmunityChallenge. Alec comes back from Exile as well. They applaud him as he enters. Jeff asks Baylor about the group’s emotions after 32 days. She says it’s fatigue. Missy is teary but says she’s fine. She tells Jeff she’s just physically depleted. Jeff tells them they have to get it together for the challenge. He takes back the necklace from Keith. They have to pull on a rope to balance a wobbly table while they reach for blocks to set them on the table.

They have to place 10 blocks on the table. They start. Everyone pulls back their rope and balances it. They have to set a block up, then back up holding the rope without letting that block fall over while they get another one. It’s pretty tricky. Keith takes an early lead followed by Jon. Keith has his fifth block up and Baylor gets four but then loses most of them. Alec loses all of his and then Keith does too. Keith resets his and starts again.

Jaclyn and Jon each have six up. Keith gets his sixth as well. Natalie gets her sixth. Keith has seven and Missy is slowing down. Alec loses all his again then Jaclyn does as well. It’s Jon and Keith neck and neck with eight. Natalie is close behind them. Keith drops his table and has to reset. Jon gets his ninth. Jon places his ninth. Keith is working on his ninth. Jon is moving really slowly. Keith is rushing to get his tenth but it’s likely Jon.

Keith loses his again and it looks like Jon has it. Jon wins individual immunity. That’s crap – I so wanted Jon to go home on a Natalie-sponsored blindside tonight. Jon gets his necklace and Jeff reminds them someone is going home tonight and will be the fifth jury member. Natalie says she needs a plan B fast and is trying to scramble for what to do. Jon says winning was absolutely incredible especially since he was a little worried.

He says he has no worries going into tonight. Jon tells Missy and Natalie they should just split the vote on Keith and Alec in case one of them has an idol. Missy says it’s fine with her since Jon is her guy and is happy to send Keith home. Natalie goes to talk to Jaclyn about how to split the vote. She says all her plans are down the drain and she’s depressed. She goes to talk to Missy about what they can do. She says she needed Keith to win immunity.

Alec talks to Baylor and says he knows she’s going to vote him out. He says no one has anything to say to him. Privately, he says he needs to go down swinging. He tells Baylor he’s not emotional usually but this game is screwing with him. She smiles and says she’s getting true feelings from him and that’s new. He says the game has messed with his head. Baylor says they have an up and down relationship and says she’s glad he’s not going home tonight.

Keith goes to talk to Natalie. She says they want them to vote either him or Alec but he’s scarier on immunity challenges than Alec. He watches Jon and Jaclyn sleep and tells Natalie that burns him. He says they should send a message. He inspires Natalie and she says she can flip the entire game. She says if she and Keith vote for Alec she can keep Keith and they can then blindside Jon later. She says this will be a betrayal of Jon and he’ll be pissed.

She tells Baylor that she’s going to vote Alec out tonight but Baylor actually wants to keep Alec. She’s worried Jon will flip out on her. Natalie says she just has to decide if she has the balls to do this or not. Jeff brings in the jury – Josh, Jeremy, Wes and Reed. Missy says it’s a fair assumption that they have five against Keith and Alec. Missy says they’re looking at who is good at challenges. Jon agrees that’s the criteria.

Jeff says that makes Keith the obvious choice to go home. He says there are things he’s not good at. Natalie says if someone is intimidating in challenges, that’s important. Natalie screams as a rat runs up on her foot. Alec says if he could catch it, he would eat it without hesitation. Jeff says they are living in the jungle with nothing. Jon launches into his whole “I’m a wine expert” spiel again. He says he knows him with the wine will make his dad proud. (What, what, what?)

I totally get that his dad is dying and that’s terrible, but he’s still being an ass. Jon then talks about how stubborn he’s been and that he and his dad have just been bonding again the last year or two. Keith says he hopes the jury can see through a lot of this stuff. He says to use his vote if they want to so they can change the game. Jeff says some of the five can make a big move and change the game. Natalie says they’re all looking out for themselves.

She says that being said, she doesn’t expect any surprises tonight. Jeff sends them off to vote. We see Alec vote for Keith and Keith for Alec. The rest are not shown. Jeff calls for hidden immunity idols. No one offers one up. The voes are: Keith, Alec, Keith, Alec, Keith, Alec and then Jeff says the eleventh person voted out is Alec. Jon and Missy both share a look of shock. They are trying to do the math on who flipped.

Jeff says the alliance of five might not be so tight after all and tells Keith that’s good news for him. Alec says he clearly wasn’t good at any of the challenges.

The End!