Survivor: Cagayan RECAP 3/26/14: Season 28 Episode 5 “We Found Our Zombies”

Survivor: Cagayan RECAP 3/26/14: Season 28 Episode 5 “We Found Our Zombies”

Tonight on CBS their Emmy Award-winning series SURVIVOR returns with a new episode called, “We Found Our Zombies”.  In it A shocking blindside leaves one castaway questioning their resolve to play the game.

On last week’s episode the castaways dropped their buffs and formed two new tribes. Meanwhile, a decision made on Day 1 threatened to lead to one player’s elimination.  At tribal council Woo started the voting and wrote down LJ because he was worried he would last to the merge. We saw Jefra vote for Cliff. Jeff went to count the votes and came back. He asked for an immunity idol and LJ thought but did not play it. Votes are: LJ, Cliff, LJ, Cliff, LJ, Cliff. The final vote is Cliff. It’s a #BlindSide and Woo was also looking blindsided. Lindsey was also stunned. Cliff brought up his torch for snuffing and wishes the tribe luck. That left Lindsey and Woo as the odd people out.  Cliff said he got too comfortable and thought he was safe.  Did you watch last week’s episode?  We did and we recapped it right here for you.

On tonight’s episode a blindside leaves one castaway questioning their resolve to play the game. Meanwhile, a camp raid leaves one tribe scrounging for supplies and the other one reveling in comfort.

Tonight’s episode looks like it is going to be great and you won’t want to miss it, so be sure to tune in for our live coverage of CBS’s Survivor: Brawn vs. Brains vs. Beauty at 8:00 PM EST! While you wait for our recap hit the comments and let us know how excited you are about the return of Survivor. Who are your favorites so far?

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Trish tries to talk to Lindsey about the blindside and Lindsey tells her they screwed up majorly. Trish tells her that she doesn’t like her, but will respect her. But Lindsey insults her on a personal level and tells her to shut up and that she doesn’t like her and is terrible. Lindsey asks if she thinks she cares. Tony calls time on the argument and says they all just need to make the best of it. Lindsey thinks Trish is a bully and doesn’t even want to be with them. She heads down the beach to be alone and apart from the tribe.

Jeff joins her on the beach and asks what’s up. She says she thinks she’s going to flip out on Trish. She says she would rather lose a million dollars than let her daughter see her flip out on TV. She says she needs the money more than anyone but can’t take it anymore. Jeff asks if she’s quitting and she says she doesn’t know what else to do. He tells her no one has ever quit this way before. She says she’s cold, hungry and it’s been a real struggle. She debates telling the tribe that she’s going or just leave without saying anything. Jeff walks back to the camp and Tony says uh-oh.

He tells them that he’s there to inform them that not only have they lost Cliff, but Lindsey is pulling herself out of the game. Trish tells him she’s not surprised since she can’t go on without Cliff. Tony is thrilled and calls it two for the price of one. LJ says it was a big volatile zit waiting to pop. Woo says he’s now in a tough position because Lindsey and Cliff were in his alliance so now he’s in trouble.

Time fore the reward challenge! Aparri is wondering why there are two gone from Solana. The other tribe is stunned. Sarah is laughing and says it’s insane. Alexis is happy to see the beauties still standing. Spencer says it’s great news but says he doesn’t like someone quitting but his odds are now better. Today is a one on one challenge to slap someone’s idol off of a handheld pedestal. Each time you knock it off you get a point.

The winning tribe gets to raid the other tribe’s camp. Aparri sits out Alexis and Kass. Spencer versus oo for round one. They each hold their idol and it’s #survivorsready. Woo takes a karate stance and Spencer moves him back and then pounces. He tosses his high and knocks Woo’s down and since Woo’s hits the sand first, Spencer scores the point. Trish versus Tash is next. They slap at each other and Trish asks if they can hit each other. She slaps at Tash and Tash slaps back but her idol hits the ground first. It’s tied one-one. Sarah versus Jefra is next. Sarah gets very aggressive and throws Jefra on balance and scores. Jeremiah versus LJ and LJ loses his and it’s tied up again. Morgan versus Tony is next. Tony heads right in and they both lose them but Solana takes the point and is in the lead.

Spencer and Woo are rematching. Woo looks serious. They approach each other and Woo comes at him like the karate kid. Woo pushes back at him and slaps his hand then shoves him. Spencer is poking at his face and Woo pounces and slaps Spencer’s idol off his pedestal for the win for Solana. They get to pick two to go back to Aparri to raid. Woo and Tony get a note with raiding instructions and they follow Aparri out of the arena.

Tony knows what Aparri has since he was in that camp and Jeff mentions that. I wonder what the notes says… Hmmm…. Tony is excited about the numbers being lowered and the shot at the raid.

Back at Aparri, the tribe and the raiders march back in. Sarah is nervous about what they’ll take. Tony and Woo go down to the beach to read the note. Tash is upset that they’ll be losing stuff. They are told they can take two comfort items, fishing kit or tarp and rope. They also have a hidden immunity idol clue back at their own camp. Tony thinks he can use that clue to get Jeremiah ousted. They tell them they’re taking comfort items and fishing gear and then lie and say they have a clue to the idol that they are deciding to give to Jeremiah.

Tash says they are sending a signal to Jeremiah that they want to work with him later. They take the net and comfort items. Tony leaves hoping he has stirred up trouble. Jeremiah reads it and knows it’s the same clue for the beauty tribe. Jeremiah knows this could get him voted out. At the last second Tony tells Woo they have to take the clue paper back so the other tribe doesn’t realize it’s not for their camp.

They come back to Solana with the news that they got comfort items, spices and a fishing net. They also show them the clue to the idol. They tell them they got an idol clue and how they tricked the other tribe into focusing on Jeremiah. Jefra says she’s glad Tony is on her side since he’s so devious. Tony also confesses to them that he’s a cop. Trish says he has them going. LJ thinks that Tony said this to try and solidify the bond and is surprised that Tony is smarter than he thought he was. LJ now thinks he has to watch him closely. Trish also says she needs to admit that she’s a dude. What? LOL.

Alexis thinks Tony and Woo stirred stuff up in their tribe and she thinks Jeremiah is unpredictable already. She pulls Spencer aside and tells him this and he thinks she’s playing him. She says that the Jeremiah and Sarah could align with the five from the other tribe. He thinks she’s phone and untrustworthy and isn’t having it. Spencer asks Jeremiah why they think he gave them the clue. Jeremiah tells them it’s a clue for the other camp. He says there is no reason they would have a clue since they lost. He knows he has to clean up the mess Tony has made.

Alexis tells him he’s being paranoid but Jeremiah clearly explains what happened. Spencer doesn’t believe him and thinks there’s an idol there that Jeremiah could be hunting for. Wow. Tony’s charade is working.

It’s time for the immunity challenge. They are in the middle of a giant field. Aparri hands the immunity idol back to Jeff. They have to put wooden poles in order to build a staircase, climb something, get a key then use a machete to get puzzle pieces that will give numbers to a lock that will raise their flag. Jeez. How many pieces can they put in this thing. It’s insane. Aparri sits out Tasha and Morgan. The teams line up and begin.

The poles are tall and heavy. They each run and start pushing in the poles. There’s mud everywhere and LJ sinks in. Solana has their poles out of order. The holes are uneven depths so it’s tricky. Aparri has theirs up and the team is running through the multi-level bamboo maze. Solana has theirs and is on the way too. Sarah gets to the knot for Aparri. Woo has Solana’s knot undone first. It’s close. They are all sliding down the bamboo slide.

It’s neck and neck. They now have to slide a key along a rope. It’s Tony vs Jeremiah for this phase. The key will unlock the machete and Jeremiah has the lead. Tony is close behind. Jeremiah has the machete and release the puzzle pieces. The rest of the team scrambles. Tony is struggling with the lock. He has the machete and releases the pieces.

Aparri is working on the puzzle from the bottom up to get three numbers to solve a combination. Aparri has one number and Tony tells his team what the other team’s number is to try and help. LJ and Woo are arguing over pieces. Tony is hassling them. Solana has another number and they are close to having their third. They have all three numbers and LJ and Woo work the combination. Their flag goes up and Solana has immunity in a huge win. Aparri does not look happy.

Jeff congratulates Solana, hands over the idol and tells them to head back to camp. He tells Aparri that he’ll see them tonight at tribal. Sarah noticed Tony shouting “top five” and that means he has totally forgotten his promises to her and the alliance. She says that she’ll have to move on and find a new alliance.

heading back to Tribal Council. They also talk about Tony yelling out “top five” in front of all of them. They all make fun of his accent and what he was saying. Alexis asks how they think they’re top five when they don’t have the numbers. She thinks they are planning on an alliance with Jeremiah. She tells Spencer and Morgan that Jeremiah is a liar. Spencer says Alexis is pushing hard for Jeremiah. Sarah tells them that she won’t flip and Spencer says he believes her. Spencer says he wonders if Alexis might be a bigger liability than Jeremiah. He agrees to blindside Jeremiah but then plans to talk to the brains later about what they think is smart.

Tasha, Kass and Spencer talk amongst themselves and debate Alexis versus Jeremiah. Kass says they will vote as a block and they head off to #TribalCouncil. Sarah gets her torch for the first time since she hasn’t been at Tribal before. He reminds her that fire represents life. Jeff asks Kass if the brains are together and beauty is together and Sarah is odd woman out. She says that’s fair. Morgan calls the tightness of beauty is in question since he lied about a vote they had agreed on. Kass says they have learned the beauties weren’t leading the great life and it has driven them apart. Spencer says they need to focus on unifying the tribe instead of splintering it.

Jeff asks Sarah about old relationships and she mentions Tony shouting out final five and says clearly they have abandoned her so she’s ready to cut ties with them. Alexis says it sounds good in theory but you never know who will reconnect. Jeff asks Tasha who’s in trouble and she says the beauties. Alexis mentions the clue the others gave Jeremiah. Jeremiah says they showed him a clue to put a target on him. But he says the clue wasn’t for that camp.

Jeff asks Alexis if she trusts him. She says she’s not sure Jeremiah knows what happens. Morgan says Jeremiah or Alexis either one could flip. Tasha says it’s a concern. Sarah says anything to take the heat off her she’s good with and is solid with them. She says that there is one person that will vote with the other side. Alexis says Sarah, Jeremiah and herself have ties on the outside. Spencer says tonight’s vote is a huge decision.

Kass goes to cast her vote first. Alexis votes Jeremiah. Jeremiah votes for her and the rest we don’t get to see. Jeff goes to count the votes and comes back. He calls for a hidden immunity idol. No one plays it. Votes are: Jeremiah, Alexis, Alexis, Alexis and then another and Alexis gets a #blindside. WOW! This season has rocked the blindsides. I love it! Her plotting came to nothing and she’s in tears as Jeff snuffs her torch and sends her off. She’s openly sobbing as she walks away.

Jeff tells them they were obviously unified in this big vote. He asks them to think about how deep that unity runs. He sends the remaining tribe back to camp. Alexis cries and says she wanted to go all the way to the end and it breaks her heart that she didn’t even make it to the m.erge. She’s bawling… Aww…