Survivor: Cagayan RECAP 3/19/14: Season 28 Episode 4 “Odd One Out”

Survivor: Cagayan RECAP 3/19/14: Season 28 Episode 4 "Odd One Out"

Tonight on CBS their Emmy Award-winning series SURVIVOR returns with a new episode called, “Odd One Out”.  In it the castaways drop their buffs and form two new tribes. Meanwhile, a decision made on Day 1 threatens to lead to one player’s elimination.

On the last episode one Tribe considers throwing an immunity challenge in order to bench one of its strongest players. Also, a meltdown at a reward challenge could mark the end for one struggling castaway.   At tribal council they got to vote. We saw Spencer vote for J’tia and her vote for Spencer. The other two votes were the question mark. Jeff read the votes: J’tia, Spencer, J’tia and then J’tia. Thank God! They actually made a smart choice and kept their strongest player.

Spencer gratefully hugged Tasha and she smiles. J’tia headed out and Spencer told Tasha that he will prove they made the right decision. Jeff said he hoped this new tribe configuration would bring them some stability.  J’tia said she was not surprised after her weak performance and throwing the rice out. She said she was torn between wishing them well and wanting them to starve to death.  Did you watch the last episode? If not we recapped it all right here for you!

Tonight’s episode looks like it is going to be great and you won’t want to miss it, so be sure to tune in for our live coverage of CBS’s Survivor: Brawn vs. Brains vs. Beauty at 8:00 PM EST! While you wait for our recap hit the comments and let us know how excited you are about the return of Survivor. Who are your favorites so far?

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Back at the Brains tribe, the remaining three hug it out. Spencer is happy to still be in the game because he thought for sure he was out of there. He tells Tasha and Kass that he’s glad to be there and Kass tells them she thinks they would have been in trouble with J’tia. She says they are the crap for brains tribe rather than the brains. Spencer says the only thing in their way is the other two tribes and the girls laugh. They get tree mail about a food challenge. Tasha says their decision to keep Spencer will be tested today. She hopes they can turn it around today. They head off to the arena.

On the beach, Jeff welcomes them all in. He tells them to get a look at who was voted off to see that J’tia is gone. Then he tells them to #DropYourBuffs because brains, brawn and beauty divisions are done with. They are told they are being split into two new tribes. Sarah is upset because she’s going to lose alliances. Jeff hands out covered buffs so people can’t see what they’re drawing. Aparri and Solana will be the two new tribes.

The brain all gets orange and the brawn mostly stick together and it’s the beauties that are split apart. Sarah is alone apart from the rest of the brawn. Tasha says she’s so excited and says she thinks they’re strong. Jefra and LJ were split from the beauties and they’re in with the brawn. Cliff says this will shift everyone’s thought process and alliances. He says it’s an opportunity for new alliances. They’re playing for reward with their new teams.

One Survivor will hang onto a pole while two opposing members try to drag them away. The reward is a coffee, pastry and dessert extravaganza. Morgan and Sarah will try to drag Lindsey off the pole. Trish and Jefra will attack Tasha. They have to get them off the pole and drag them across the line. They have Lindsey’s arms free and are sitting on her but Tasha is holding tight. Lindsey is freed of the post but grabs back on again. It’s turning into a bit of a cat fight.

Tasha’s arms are loose and the others have Lindsey loose again but she’s digging in her heels. Tasha is back on the pole and they are struggling to get her loose. Aparri scores as they drag a kicking Lindsey across the line. Spencer and Jeremiah are against Cliff. LJ and Trish are after Alexis. Alexis is yanked off the pole super quick and dragged back while Cliff never loses an inch. It’s tied one-one.

For the final, Cliff is on the post attacked by Spencer and Jeremiah. Sarah is on the other post with Lindsey and Tony attacking. Tony peels fellow cop Sarah off the pole while the others manage to get Cliff’s arms loose but his legs are locked tight. Spencer gets Cliff’s legs off but now they have to move the giant. They try to drag him and Sarah is almost to the line. Salana wins it. They take their pastries and caffeine and head back. Spencer is disappointed they’ve lost again so soon.

Back at the new camp, the victors enjoy the spoils. LJ thinks he and Jefra are in trouble because they are outnumbered and says even his idol will only buy him a couple more days. He’s hoping he’ll be seen as an ally instead of a threat. They all talk careers and where they’re from. Trish is excited to find LJ is from Mass like she is. She thinks LJ is a good Boston boy. LJ is excited that she’s from the same state and isn’t opposed to her little crush on him. One of the younger girls is grossed out by the flirting.

Cliff is happy with the split and that five of the brawn are still together. He just wishes Trish wasn’t there and doesn’t like her attention to LJ. He says he needs to keep an eye on her.

At Aparri, they head back. Sarah is worried that she’s alone with three from each of the other tribes there with her. That kind of makes her a swing vote from the get-go. Morgan is upset that she’s outed for having taken the idol clue instead of the extra bag of rice. She tells them she never found it. Alexis is appalled and thinks it’s another red flag against Morgan. She’s ready to jump ship and make new alliances.

Alexis talks to Tasha and Spencer and offers them an alliance. He thinks she’s desperate and sees divisions in the beauty tribe. She tells them Morgan is a liar and Jeremiah flips sides. He thinks they’re like high school gossips. He says they even do it right in front of the others. Jeremiah tells Tasha and Kass that Morgan is trouble and he’s on the outs. He also offers to join them. Tasha says the brains are in good shape because the beauties are so fractured. She thinks they are in a great position and are back on top.

Jefra is worried about the new tribe. She talks to Trish and gets the dirty on all of the alliances. Trish trash talks Lindsey and Jefra tells her they should get rid of Cliff. Trish agrees. Cliff walks up on them and they drop to a whisper. Cliff glares after them as they walk off with the water – his ears must be burning.

It’s time for the first immunity challenge with the new tribe configuration. Jeff takes back the idols and explains the challenge. He puts away the smaller idol and says it’ll be the big one from here on out. They have to take a log and smash it through two walls then maneuver the log through a puzzle and bang a gong to win. Each sits one out. Trish sits out for Solana and Aparri sits out Morgan after a quick rock, paper, scissors showdown.

They are neck and neck out of the gate. Each team is struggling a little to get through the wall. Tony kicks at the wall and they ask if they can switch around and they make a change. Solana is through and to the second wall. Aparri is behind but catches up a little. Aparri pulls a little ahead but then Solana catches up. Now they are in a maze where the log has to be twisted to fit through a series of twists. It’s neck and neck. Jeff says the brain tribe should help Aparri. Aparri is ahead but Solana is catching up. Aparri rushes through the end, bangs the gong and wins immunity. They are uproarious in their victory.

Tony asks how that could have happened. Jeff hands the idol to Tasha and she hands it to Kass. They head off for a night at camp with no worries. He tells Solana to see him tonight at Tribal Council. Tony thinks LJ needs to go home now while they have the numbers to get rid of him.

At Solana, the plotting begins. Jefra says she thought they were ahead and Cliff says they just beat them plain and simple. LJ thinks they should have won the challenge easily and he worries that it will be him or Jefra tonight. He talks to the tribe and asks them to consider that he would be a plus in challenges. Cliff says they could keep him for challenges but he doesn’t like the Trish/LJ bond. He thinks they need to shut down that pairing. Woo agrees to get rid of him and Lindsey is in on it as well. Woo thinks they have to look at the big picture.

Lindsey tells them that Trish is up his butt and Woo tells her not to focus on Trish. LJ talks to Trish and she tells him that she wants Cliff out. She says Tony and Jefra could vote with them against Cliff. LJ is shocked to find out Tony doesn’t like Cliff. He’s surprised they would break ranks and vote against one of their own. She makes him a promise and says she’ll take care of him.

She thinks Cliff is lazy and is sick of his entitled attitude. She is pleased because Cliff has no clue they’re gunning for him. Lindsey tells the guys that Trish is going to flip on them. Trish pulls Tony aside and floats Cliff’s name. Tony thinks it’s crazy but doesn’t tell her that. He wants to get rid of LJ because he’s strong and smart. He explains to her it doesn’t make sense to break ranks.

Tony doesn’t trust Cliff at all and sees him as a danger but worries that they’ll then have to rely on LJ for challenges. He’s not sure what he’ll do. Cliff asks Tony what Trish says and he lies to him and says it was a talk about staying strong. Cliff says Trish can make a move if she wants to but then she’ll be voted out. He tells Tony they need stability. Tony asks who he’s voting and Cliff says LJ. LJ tells Jefra that he thinks they’re in trouble and she isn’t sure what to believe. LJ doubts that Tony will flip but has to put his trust in them and plans to watch what they say at Tribal and will play his idol if he needs to.

It’s time for #TribalCouncil. They new Solana pours in and the ones that have never been to Tribal before get their torches and fire. Jeff asks who’s in charge of the camp. LJ says he feels like they are in trouble and says it was very intimidating. Cliff says it seems simple but there’s always a person who makes trouble and can’t put their emotions aside. He says the game is about numbers not feelings. Woo says he agrees with Cliff and says you have to trust and stick with your numbers.

Jeff asks Trish if it’s a test of loyalty. She says numbers are important if you can trust your tribe. Jefra says she understands you need numbers and that you also have to take risks. Lindsey says the core group should stick together. She says clearly that Jefra and LJ will be going. Cliff says he sees Tribal like the NBA playoffs and says the series doesn’t really start until you lose a game. Tony says Tribal will shift the game and they can see if they stick with their same team or make new alliances.

Woo starts the voting and writes down LJ because he’s worried he’ll last to the merge. We see Jefra vote for Cliff. Jeff goes to count the votes and comes back. He asks for an immunity idol and LJ thinks but doesn’t play it. Votes are: LJ, Cliff, LJ, Cliff, LJ, Cliff. The final vote is Cliff. It’s a #BlindSide and Woo is also looking blindsided. Lindsey is also stunned. Cliff brings up his torch for snuffing and wishes the tribe luck. That leaves Lindsey and Woo as the odd people out. WOW! Awesome vote.

Cliff says he got too comfortable and thought he was safe. He says it goes to show when you think thing are going link you want – boom – blindside!