Survivor: Cagayan RECAP 3/12/14: Season 28 Episode 3 “Our Time To Shine”

Survivor: Cagayan RECAP 3/12/14: Season 28 Episode 3 “Our Time To Shine”

Tonight on CBS their Emmy Award-winning series SURVIVOR returns with a new episode called, “Our Time To Shine.”  On Tonight’s episode a meltdown at a reward challenge threatens a struggling player’s future in the game.  Did you watch last week’s episode?  We did and we have a full and detailed recap right here, for you.

On last week’s episode the tribes struggled to cope with cold and wet weather that lasted for lengthy periods of time.  As a monsoon drenches everyone 2 players formed an alliance.  At Tribal Council Jeff sent Morgan off to vote first. She voted for Alexis. Morgan voted for Brice. And we see another vote for Morgan. Jeff called for an idol and LJ sits on it. Jeff reads the votes: Alexis, Brice, Morgan, Alexis, Brice, Morgan. It’s a tie! OMG! Alexis, Morgan and Brice could not vote but all three are on the chopping block.  Jeff read out the revote: Brice and then Brice again and he was the blindside victim. Jeff snuffs his torch and sends him off. Jeff tells them now they know how the game is really played. He sends them back to tribal.

On tonight’s episode one Tribe considers throwing an immunity challenge in order to bench one of its strongest players. Also, a meltdown at a reward challenge could mark the end for one struggling castaway.

Tonight’s episode looks like it is going to be great and you won’t want to miss it, so be sure to tune in for our live coverage of CBS’s Survivor: Brawn vs. Brains vs. Beauty at 8:00 PM EST! While you wait for our recap hit the comments and let us know how excited you are about the return of Survivor?

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There are 15 Survivors left. Beauty comes back after Tribal and they are stressed out. Morgan is angry and frustrated and calls Jeremiah a coward for chickening out and she thinks she could be next. She asks Jeremiah why he changed his mind. He says his first alliance was with LJ and crew and gave them his word and felt he had to stick with them. He’s upset that she confronted him in front of the tribe. He says it was nerve wracking and he worries that he made a bone head play. Morgan apologizes for voting for Alexis. She blames Brice for how she voted. Alexis is skeptical and thinks that Jeremiah is plotting against her.

At Brains, they get tree mail about the next challenge that promises to be a reward challenge to get meat but it will be a blindfold challenge. They pop their buffs over their eyes and practice calling out to maneuver. It’s time for the challenge and the tribes show up. Jeff tells them that Brice is gone from Beauty. He explains they will have one caller and the rest blind folded to gather five items. These have to be hoisted up to the caller and then they have to get a flag.

Jeff shows them the reward. First prize gets three egg laying hens and a rooster and second place gets a dozen eggs. Brawn sits out Woo and Sarah. Morgan sits out for Beauty. #survivorsready Tasha calls for Brains. Beauty is the first to get an item back. Cliff has the Brawn tribe going for the furthest away first. That’s a good strategy. Beauty has number two and Brawn their first. LJ gets racked and goes down. Brains is on their second. Lindsey takes a hit in the guy. Beauty is ahead. Brawn and Beauty collide and get tangled.

Beauty is still in the lead. LJ is frustrated and trying to protect his groin. Spencer takes a hit in the balls and calls out. Brains has their third item and is tied with Beauty. But then Beauty pulls ahead again. Brains are close behind – they’ve got four each. Beauty and Brains have their fifth. Brawn is one full item behind. Cass hits a barrel and Jeff jokes that’s going to leave a mark. Beauty gets their fifth up and just needs their flag. Brain lifts their last and is off for the flag.

Brawn is lagging and looks to be out of it. Beauty runs literally into their flag and heads back with it. Brains passes theirs and slams into a post. They nab the flag and are heading back. Beauty lifts their flag and wins reward. Cliff has the fifth and the Brawn crew is heading out for their flag. Brains are back and just need to lift it up to Tasha. They lose their flag off their platform and this lets Brawn nab their flag. Tasha talks J’tia through arranging it. They get a lucky break when Lindsey crashes into something.

Brawn is back with their flag. Brawn and Brains are lifting at the same time and Brawn steals second out from under Brains. Wow! Huge upset. Jeff tells Beauty they did great and earned their reward. He sends them back to camp with props. Brawn is pleased with their eggs. Jeff tells Brains they blew it royally. He sends them back empty handed.

Beauty comes back with their chicken coop and fowl. LJ says it was good for them as a morale builder. They find a note in the bag of chicken feed that’s a clue for the immunity idol. LJ is the only one that knows that he has it. The clue was so precise that LJ says it would have been easily found. Alexis is confused at how the chicken and egg scenario works. LJ laughs to himself and has no idea how they don’t know this. He says they have stereotypical dumb pretty people. LJ (in his genius) says we know the egg came first because dinosaurs laid eggs and came before chickens. What? Seriously?

Jeremiah breaks the chickens neck while the girls squeal. He plucks the chicken while the group marvels. He says even though he grew up in the country, he’s a model and doesn’t know anything about chickens. Morgan says she doesn’t know why he’s on the tribe since he’s not that beautiful.

Cliff and Lindsey joke around while Sarah watches fuming. She’s still believing what Tony said about them wanting her out. Sarah tells Woo that Cliff doesn’t need the money and should be the next to go. He agrees. She’s surprised he flipped on Cliff. Woo says he idolizes him but he doesn’t need the money like they do. Woo wants to align with the majority and he’s ready to take the opportunity. Tony sees them whispering and asks Sarah what’s going on. She tells him Woo is in with them. He thinks he has changed the game by telling Sarah sneaky lies. He’s willing to accept Woo and go after Cliff and Lindsey. Tony swears on his badge but then later says that doesn’t mean anything because he came to lie, cheat and steal.

Treemail comes to Brawn and it sounds like a basketball/water challenge for immunity. Cliff talks about what a good hoops player he is, but can he play in the water? Sarah comes to Trish and talks to her about throwing the challenge to unload Cliff so they can have him gone before the merge. She tells Woo she wants to throw it and he doesn’t think throwing it is a smart strategy. He’s not sure if he should go along with the alliance.

The tribes turn in their immunity idols. They are each on a floating dock. They have to dive down and release a buoy and bring it up. They have to collect five and then toss them into a basket. First two tribes are immune. Brawn sits out Tony and Lindsey. Beauty sits out Alexis. They strategize and get started. The first buoy is just three feet down. LJ and Woo grab theirs but J’tia is stuck. Jefra comes up for Beauty and Sarah is struggling at Brawn. Tasha subs in for J’tia. Brains tribe is already struggling.

Sarah is throwing it by lagging. Tasha grabs it for the Brains. Trish and Spencer jump in. Trish is struggling (or is she just throwing it) for the Brawn tribe. Beauty has their fourth. Trish is still lagging. Spencer has the second for the Brains. LJ and Tasha dive in. Cliff goes for the third for Brawn. Tasha is struggling. Beauty has all five of theirs and have started shooting. Cliff and Spencer each snag a third for their tribe. Beauty sinks two in the basket.

Woo is working on their fourth and Spencer snags another for Brains. Jeremiah sinks a third in the Beauty basket. Spencer has the fifth for Brains – he has done most of this himself. Beauty sinks their fifth and takes the win. Brains starts shooting. They miss. Woo heads in to get the fifth. Spencer is shooting. Woo gets the fifth buy for Brawn and Spencer shoots one in. Now Cliff tarts shooting. Spencer scores a second. It’s down to Spencer v Cliff. Cliff finally sinks one.

Brains is struggling to return rebounds. Cliff scores a second and it’s tied up. He sinks a third. Spencer finally get the ball back but misses. Cliff scores the fourth but misses the fifth. Spencer sinks another. Cliff sinks the winning point and wins immunity for Brawn. Brains is back to Tribal tonight. Sarah says she tried to drag her feet to let Brains win but says they just suck and deserved to lose.

Back at Brains, Tasha tells Spencer he kicked butt. He says he feels gypped that he’s got to go to Tribal when the rest of the tribe blew it. He says the worst part is that the girls have run the tribe into the ground and he’ll likely get voted out. He tells them he thinks J’tia needs to go because of her poor performance at challenges. He says they should keep him. The girls talk and agree that they have to get rid of J’tia even though they would prefer to dump him. Kass says they shouldn’t tell him he’s safe so that J’tia feels super safe. Tasha tells Kass she’s still pissed about the rice and they high five.

They tell J’ti they are voting out Spencer but she knows she’s on the block. Kass tells them if there is a swap they are better with J’tia. Tasha plays along. But then Tasha starts musing about keeping J’tia because she’s loyal. She’s worried about a curve cropping up where they need her. She goes back to Kass and talks loyalty. Kass is frustrated by Tasha’s waffling. Kass says it’s a risk either way and she thinks the best way is to make a decision and stick with it. They head off to #TribalCouncil.

Jeff greets them with a shake of the head and asks J’tia where she fits into the tribe and how responsible she is for their losses. She says she did the best she could but swimming is not her thing. He asks Tasha how weak J’tia is and she says she is weak in most challenges and they have to minimize her role in challenges. J’tia says Tasha says Survivor isn’t just about the challenges. Jeff reminds them that they will not outlast at the rate they are going. Tasha says Spencer kicked her out of an alliance and J’tia has been loyal. Jeff asks Kass about the rice. She says it was a hothead response to an emotional situation and she get that.

Jeff says bad decisions can cost you a million dollars. Spencer says the rice doesn’t help because unpredictability is dangerous. He says he won’t make a mistake and will stick with them. He says he was on the wrong side of the vote last time. J’tia says she hears Tasha and Kass whispering. Spencer says if he was watching this from home, he would love it, but sitting there it’s hard. Jeff asks what Spencer will feel if he’s voted off and he says he would be devastated and would do anything. Kass and Tasha are whispering and exchanging looks, clearly still deciding who they will vote for.

They got to vote. We see Spencer vote for J’tia and her vote for Spencer. The other two votes are the question mark. Jeff reads the votes: J’tia, Spencer, J’tia and then J’tia. Thank God! They actually made the smart choice and kept their strongest player. Spencer gratefully hugs Tasha and she smiles. J’tia heads out and Spencer tells Tasha that he will prove they made the right decision. Jeff says he hopes this new tribe configuration will bring them some stability.

J’tia says she’s not surprised after her weak performance and throwing the rice out. She says she’s torn between wishing them well and wanting them to starve to death.