Survivor: Cagayan RECAP 3/5/14: Season 28 Episode 2 “Cops-R-Us”

Survivor: Cagayan RECAP 3/5/14: Season 28 Episode 2 "Cops-R-Us"

Tonight on CBS their Emmy Award-winning series SURVIVOR returns with a new episode called, “Cops-R-Us.”  On Tonight’s episode a monstrous monsoon drenches the castaways; two players form a “blue-blooded” alliance.  Did you watch last week’s premiere episode?  We did and we have a full and detailed recap right here, for you.

On last week’s episode  it was a two-hour special premiere and three castaways faced a game-changing decision minutes after the competition begins. Meanwhile, one tribe poured both blood and sweat into an early challenge and one castaway sought revenge after discovering that her tribe wanted to vote her out.  At tribal council the votes went, J’tia, Garrett, J’tia, Garrett, Garrett. OMG! Garrett got a #blindside while holding an immunity idol. Spencer surmised that he was now at the bottom.  Jeff told the brains they’re finally learning how to play the game and sent them back to camp. Garrett admitted he was blind-sided and said his idol is back at camp. He said he was so confident he didn’t even bring it and said it was embarrassing in a lot of different ways… Ha! Great start to the new season.

On tonight’s episode the tribes struggle to cope with cold and wet weather that lasts for lengthy periods of time.  As a monsoon drenches everyone 2 players form an alliance.

Tonight’s episode looks like it is going to be great and you won’t want to miss it, so be sure to tune in for our live coverage of CBS’s Survivor: Brawn vs. Brains vs. Beauty at 8:00 PM EST! While you wait for our recap hit the comments and let us know how excited you are about the return of Survivor?

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At the Brain camp, Spencer says he knows he’s the odd man out and that he’ll have to do some crazy stuff to save himself. J’tai is relieved to have survive Tribal but knows she was lucky. Tasha wants to ditch Spencer next and Kass is ready for an all-girl alliance as well. Kass says Garrett is cute but not fun to play with. She is willing to let the rice incident go.

At the Brawn tribe, Tony is by the fire when Sarah comes over. He decides to test something out and reveals that he’s been a cop for 13 years. He asks how she knew and she say she can just tell. He tells her his wife was a cop too. Sarah says she has cop-dar, like gay-dar. She’s excited that she was right. He proposes a cop alliance and she agrees. It’s #copsrus. He tells her that Cliff and Lindsey want to get rid of her but he’s lying to get her on his side. He tells her she can’t trust anyone and she agrees.

Then the rain starts and all three tribes are instantly miserable. They huddle together. Trish in Brawn is desperately trying to keep their fire alive. She says it’s miserable and tough. Tony says the sun will come out in the morning, but will it? Morning sawns and it’s still rainy and gray. The winds are almost gale force.

Woo complains about the weather but then says that’s what Survivor is all about. He seems more optimistic than the rest of the Brawn tribe. Tony drinks some rain water and says it’s good. Tony says this is what he envisions hell to be like? Lindsey’s feet are jacked and one of her toenails just comes off because of the nonstop wetness.

Sarah asks Tony again about the plot to get rid of her and he proceeds to lie his butt off with a ton of details so it’s pretty convincing. This tightens her alliance with him further because she’s buying everything he says. They shake on it and pledge to be loyal to the end. She says it’s the most sincere handshake of her life. Tony tells the camera that she can’t trust him and that no one should be trusting anyone else.

At Beauty, Jefra complains about the wet and the flies that won’t leave them alone. She shows her hands that have been wet for 24 hours and are falling apart. They haven’t eaten because they lost their fire and they are wet, hungry and miserable. Jeremiah and LJ work on the shelter because the girls are fussing and not helping. The guys are not happy with them. They theorize they are smack dab in the middle of a monsoon. They all huddle up in the shelter after adding more palm fronds.

LJ recalls that Morgan was poking around the rocks and thinks she was looking for a #immunityidol. He goes out there and looks and finds it! He laughs and says no one else would go out in a typhoon to look for an idol. He tries to figure out where to hide it because he’s shirtless in just swim trunks.

Tree mail comes to the Brain tribe and there’s a little Buddha type figure attached to the message. It says they’ll be mazed and confused and will need to work together moving water from the ocean to a bucket on a teeter totter. The winner will get something to make their shelter drier! J’tia asks how much rice should they cook and Tasha is furious because she dumped 95% of it.

Tasha wants to practice before the challenge. The others make excuses. Tasha tells Spencer he should be vested in them winning but he wants to go hydrate. He says it’s weird being the only guy because there is a target on him. He relents and they go into the ocean to practice throwing water at each other in bowls. They figure out a technique they think will work for them.

The three tribes come into the challenge area right at the ocean shore. It’s all of the #brawnbrainsbeauty together checking each other out after Tribal. Jeff tells them Garrett was sent home. The other two tribes are in shock. He takes back the idols and tells them they will scoop ocean water with a bucket and pass it by throwing it from person to person until it fills a bucket to release a ball that’s used to complete a two person small maze. The reward is blankets, pillows, tarp and a mosquito net. The tribes ooh and ah. The second place winner will get just the tarp.

Brawn sits out Lindsey and Tony. Beauty sits out Jefra and Alexis. All of Brains has to play. Spencer is at the shore and fills the bucket and then throws it to the next person and then they throw just the water to the next person. The others are also balancing on buckets to make it easier to spill. Beauty and Brawn are in the lead again. Jeff mocks the Brain tribe for lagging again. The Brain tribe are making a mess of it and spilling most of their liquid.

Jeff claps his hands and tells them to pick it up. Beauty pulls ahead and their ball is released. Two of them head to work on the maze. You drop in a ball and then turn the maze to navigate the ball through it. Brawn is done and also headed to the maze. Brain is still working on their water. To turn the maze, you need to work a rope together to maneuver the ball. Brain is moving pretty much no water on each turn and are sucking wind bad. They finally get their ball loose and head to the maze.

Brawn is in the lead for the maze and win first place and the good shelter stuff. They chant and holler. Brain is doing pretty well with their maze. Beauty is struggling. Brain comes in second and they go insane with glee. This is their first competition without going to Tribal! J’tia is crying she’s so happy. The Beauties, on the other hand, are devastated with their loss. Jeff congratulates the Brains when he hands over the smaller immunity idol and their tarp. He sends them back to camp and says he’ll miss them at Tribal. Jeff tells Beauty he’ll see them at Tribal council and sends them off with nothing.

Brawn heads back and Sarah says they work well under pressure. The guys get to work fortifying their structure against further rain. They also have a hammock. Tony looks through the stuff for another clue. He takes the hammock off to the side and sure enough, there’s a piece of paper that falls out. He steps on it and when he’s sure no one can see, pockets it. Tony did a bad job and the first person in the hammock takes a spill.

Over at Beauty, the tribe talks about what happened. Alexis says there is just so much on them at once. They’ve had the storm, they’re exhausted, lost the challenge and now have Tribal. She says things are going to turn dark. LJ asks if any of them are ready to go home, just in case there’s someone ready to sacrifice themselves. No one speaks up. He’s worried about Brice and thinks he’ll be trouble later and wants to vote him out now. He gets some buy in and it seems likely.

Brice is worried and wants a girl sent home. He goes to talk to Jeremiah and tells him that he thinks LJ may target one of them and that they should go after a girl. Morgan says LJ doesn’t have the alliance he thinks he does and says LJ is with her and Brice. They work on Jefra and try to get her to vote for Alexis. Jefra wants to go ahead and vote LJ out but she’s told they need him for challenges to win. Jefra is worried about where Jeremiah is because she thought he was in an alliance with her and LJ. She’s confused and worried about Tribal and knows it will be a blindside.

Jefra goes to LJ who tells her that he’s still with her and Jeremiah and tells her to vote for Brice. Then he realizes he’s stuck between the two alliances he’s crafted and isn’t sure what to do.

Still at Beauty, they worry about getting a three way tie. Alexis says they should split the vote between Brice and Morgan so they can flush any idol that’s out there. Jeremiah is worried that if there’s a tie, he might end up going home because he’ll be found out. Brice says he trusts Jeremiah but thinks alliances will be exposed at Tribal. Jeremiah isn’t sure which alliance he’ll vote with but doesn’t want to hurt anyone’s feelings or lose their trust.

At #tribalcouncil Beauty comes in and gets their torches for the first time. They light them and take their seats. Jeff starts with Morgan and asks if there are any beauty cliches they embody. She says they’re all good looking and she likes it. Brice says he was excited to be on the beauty tribe because that’s how he sees himself then he talks crazy butterfly effect stuff that makes abso no sense. Jefra says the first few days it was like a big party and then the storm came and changed all their attitudes. She says now everyone is paranoid.

Brice says everyone is concerned about the vote but there have been clear alliances. He points out Jeremiah and LJ together and then Alexis and Jefra together. He says he and Morgan are on the outside. He says Alexis hasn’t come to him at all so he thinks she’s targeting him. Jeff asks if he’ll vote for Alexis and he says she’s not pulling her weight around camp. Alexis hits back and says that she loves Brice. Jeff asks about idols but says there is talk that Morgan might have one since she got to camp first. Morgan says she’s concerned about the talk but says there is a plan that was made today.

Jeremiah says it’s going to be tough but he thinks he knows where it’s going. He admits someone will be hurt. Jeff sends Morgan off to vote first. She voted for Alexis. Morgan votes for Brice. And we see another vote for Morgan. Jeff calls for an idol and LJ sits on it. Jeff reads the votes: Alexis, Brice, Morgan, Alexis, Brice, Morgan. It’s a tie! OMG! Alexis, Morgan and Brice can’t vote but all three are on the chopping block – it’s a #revote!

Jeff reads out the revote: Brice and then Brice again and he’s the blindside victim. Jeff snuffs his torch and sends him off. Jeff tells them now they know how the game is really played. He sends them back to tribal. Brice is upset at Jeremiah for the blindside and betraying his trust. He says they must have wanted to cutest and most fashionable Survivor out first.