Survivor: Cagayan RECAP 4/16/14: Season 28 Episode 8 “Bag of Tricks”

Survivor: Cagayan RECAP 4/16/14: Season 28 Episode 8 “Bag of Tricks”

Tonight on CBS their Emmy Award-winning series SURVIVOR returns with a new episode called, “Bag of Tricks.”  On it Another castaway is voted out of the game.

On last week’s show the entire tribe embarked on the craziest idol hunt in the history of the game. Also, one castaway showcased their ninja-like skills to sabotage another.  At tribal council when it was time to vote and Trish went off first. We didn’t see any votes as they are written. Jeff went to tally the votes and them came back and called for idols. Spencer sit tight and Jeff read the votes: Tony, Tony, Tony, Tony, Morgan, Morgan. It’s 4-2. Morgan, Morgan and it’s 4-4 tied. Morgan got a fifth. Morgan was voted out so Kass hung with Tony’s crew. Jeff snuffed her torch and she wished them luck.  Did you watch last week’s episode?  We did and we recapped it right here for you.

On tonight’s episode one castaway’s paranoia could lead to a game-changing flip, and a grade-school memory challenge looks more like a college exam for several exhausted castaways.  Jeff Probst splits the Solarrion tribe into three teams to compete for reward.

Tonight’s episode looks like it is going to be great and you won’t want to miss it, so be sure to tune in for our live coverage of CBS’s Survivor: Brawn vs. Brains vs. Beauty at 8:00 PM EST! While you wait for our recap hit the comments and let us know how excited you are about the return of Survivor. Who are your favorites so far?

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It’s time for #Survivor. The Survivors come back to camp and Tony complains that it’s twice they’ve gone after him. He demands that they tell him it’s a compliment. He thinks it’s dumb that they didn’t go after LJ or Woo who are both younger and stronger. He whines and complains and Spencer and Tasha push back when he says they should have come to him. He says it’s now six against three but it’s never that easy and he won’t say that he won’t get voted out.

Next morning, Trish asked LJ if he was surprised by Tony’s rant the night before and they think it’s going to make him even more paranoid. They think he’ll be in scramble mode. Trish says Tony has OCD and that his brain is always spinning. She says she hopes he doesn’t do anything stupid. Tony follows LJ into the jungle and they talk about breaking promises because they think Woo has the idol. LJ says if it will ease his mind, he will vote Woo. But he’s actually plotting to take it to the others that LJ is plotting against Woo to try and blindside him. Wow.

It’s day 24 and tree mail comes. It says not to sand bag this one and bounce back with rejuvenation. The girls wonder if it’s a spa day reward. Tony thinks this could be a bonding experience for those who go so he really wants to go so he can plot and strategize with the winners. The survivors line up at the reward challenge and are told it will be three teams of three. They have to release sandbags, throw them through a tunnel and then bounce them off a trampoline into five baskets.

The reward is a spa reward with showers, shampoo, soap and massages. Then they get a spa lunch and cocktails. Jeff has them draw for teams. Jefra, Trish and LJ – Kass, Tasha and Woo – Spencer, Tony and Jeremiah are the teams. Jeremiah is the first to release the sandbags. He also throws the sandbags. LJ finally releases their sandbags. Woo finally gets theirs released too. Woo is tunnel throwing for his team. LJ gets all the bags in the tunnel and they have to bounce theirs through.

LJ is throwing for the third team. Woo’s team is working theirs through. Jeremiah’s team is on the last phase with Tony doing the bouncing. The other two teams are not at this phase yet. Tony lands three in the baskets rapidly. Jefra starts bouncing for her team. The green team grabs up their spares to start again as Woo starts bouncing. Tony gets a fourth and he lands the fifth rapidly. They defeat the other teams by a wide margin and are elated.

Jeff sends off Spencer, Tony and Jeremiah for their bro-tastic spa day. He sends the other six back to camp. Tony says reward is crucial and wants to use the spa day to plot to blindside LJ. Coming back from the challenge Woo is envious of the spa day winners. He decides to focus on the fire and rice and thinks Tony is keeping an eye on the other two winners with no clue that he’ll be plotting. The ladies are also bummed but Jefra says she’s just glad to be in the game and the core six – her alliance that she still thinks is strong.

LJ thinks that he and Tony are solid and he trusts him. He talks to Trish and Jefra and they think they need to stick to the six plan and stay strong. But over at #SpaDay Spencer wants to try and get the odds more in his favor. He thinks he and Jeremiah are solid and he’s eager to talk to Tony. Tony asks Spencer if he wants to talk strategy and Tony says it’s never easy. Jeremiah asks Tony if he’s comfortable where he’s at and he says he never is and is open to being approached. Spencer says his group are pawns that Tony can use.

Tony is looking to make a big move. He wants to get LJ out and then go back to his alliance. He thinks the other two will have to vote with him if he tells them to. The guys are getting foot massages and are enjoying it. Tony says he needs to keep Spencer and Jeremiah around for when his group may want to vote him out as a threat. He tells them he likes big moves. Jeremiah thinks he has to believe Tony a little bit but knows he could be playing them. Spencer thinks Tony is not trustworthy and is playing a lot of people right now but Spencer thinks at least he has an idol to protect him from Tony if he needs it.

It’s day 25 and the winners tell the rest of the tribe about how sweet the spa day was. Tasha knows she needs to get someone to flip or make a big move. She wants to work on LJ because she doesn’t think it’s smart for him to trust Tony. She tells LJ she has a proposition. LJ tells her he will listen but he can’t walk off with her because Tony will get paranoid. He sees no benefit to his future game play to talking with her because he totally trusts Tony. Tasha is disappointed that he left her #StoodUp and didn’t come to talk. She thinks Tony is running the show and they are all under his thumb which means she’s screwed.

Tree mail comes and it implies they may get bruises since it mentions getting black and blue. Tony thinks today’s challenge is huge and hopes LJ won’t win immunity so he can blindside him. It’s time for the #immunitychallenge. The Survivors are greeted by Jeff. He takes back the necklace from Spencer. He tells Jeff he’ll let him hold onto it for him and Jeff laughs. He says today’s challenge is a memory test to test how their mental endurance is doing. It is a test of memorizing the order of colored tiles.

Round one and he holds up yellow, blue, red and green. Just four tiles. The Survivors pick up their first tile and drop it in. Everyone gets it right. Trish misses the second one and is out way early on. Sad… Woo is out on the third. Sad… That’s pretty pathetic for those two. Round two. Jeff holds up red, green, purple, black, blue, green and blue again. Tony looks frustrated.

They all get the first one right and then the second and third. Pretty good. They all get the fourth right as well and the the fifth. But it’s the sixth that knocks both Jefra, Kass, Jeremiah and Spencer are out. LJ, Tasha and Tony are left. Tony is out of the challenge on the next round and it’s LJ and Tasha but they have different colors. LJ loses the challenge and Tasha gets her first immunity win. Jeff puts the necklace on her and she tells him she needed it.

LJ wants to try and take out Spencer or Jeremiah by splitting the vote. Wonder what Tony will have to say about that…

The Survivors congratulate Tasha and Tony says it was tough. Tasha is excited because she knows she was on the chopping block and says it will by her three more days. LJ tells Tony and the rest of the six that they need split the vote. They say there’s no need. He thinks Spencer and Jeremiah should go. In private, he thinks Tony’s desire to go after Woo in case he has an idol is dumb. Since LJ is willing to blindside Woo, he thinks he could blindside him so he’s ready to start blaming all the plotting in camp on LJ to get him voted out.

Tony pulls Woo aside and tells him that LJ is gunning for him and says they need to get LJ out. Woo totally buys it and thinks they need to take LJ out in a big move. Woo takes Tony at his word. Tony next goes to Spencer and tells him that LJ is plotting against Woo. He asks him to trust him and tells him he’s 100% safe. Spencer also buys Tony’s lie and asks him to have his two people vote for LJ. Spencer is pleased to vote out LJ and says it’s like Christmas morning. He worries that it’s a lie that would get him not to play his immunity idol.

Spencer goes to Jeremiah who says they have nothing so they may as well vote for LJ and let the alliance of six kill each other. Tony asks Trish was LJ was talking about while he was gone and she says that LJ told her that Tony was gunning for Woo and that he was panicking. She tells him that LJ was lying and says that their group has a splinter and she asks what he’s proposing. He says nothing yet.

Trish wonders who is lying – Tony or LJ. She’s not sure who to believe. He tells her that the three of them should vote for Woo. She asks why LJ would tell her that Tony wants Woo out. Trish knows Tony may be playing her but doesn’t want to break up the six. She goes to Kass who thinks it’s too soon for a blindside.

Tony is worried because he can’t get Trish on his side and says she may turn on him if he takes LJ out. But he wants to make his power move now. He’s not sure and says he may have to get rid of Spencer or Jeremiah now. They all head to #TribalCouncil and take a seat. The jury members are brought in – Sarah and Morgan who look refreshed and clean.

Jeff asks Jeremiah if he and the other two in his group are in trouble and Jeremiah agrees they are a tight group. Jeff asks Kass if she has any empathy to her former alliance. She says it’s just the game and that you have to get dirty to play this game. Tony says that’s true and says it’s confusing about who’s telling the truth and that’s why he brought his bag of tricks. Jeff asks what’s in it and he says it’s something to make him feel more comfortable.

Tasha says she’s glad she’s got immunity and that alliances fracture even in tight alliances. LJ says she’s just hoping that there are cracks. LJ says he was vaguely approached but there is no need to cause anxiety in his group. LJ says that loyalty is important in his work and that he has a good eye for loyalty. Jeff asks Tony what he does and he says construction. Sarah pulls a face at his lie. Kass says loyalty is important at home, but you have to be 100% selfish in the game.

Woo says at this point everyone is paranoid, but the six are just strong and they should go after the bottom three now knowing they will have to make moves later. Spencer says he doesn’t know who is in the bottom of the six, but that someone is and they should think about positioning themselves to win. Trish says their Brady Bunch will become dysfunctional very quickly and that something will break. She says it could even be tonight because Tribal has been so crazy.

Jeff calls for the vote and sends Woo off first. The others follow and we only see Spencer’s vote for LJ and his wish for another blindside. The votes are all in and Jeff goes to tally them. He comes back and calls for a hidden immunity idol. Spencer doesn’t play his. He reads the votes: LJ, LJ, LJ, Jeremiah, Jeremiah, Jeremiah – it’s tied. Spencer, LJ and then Jeff says the next person voted out is LJ. Spencer is thrilled and does a fist pump because it’s another #BlindSide. Sarah and Morgan start laughing.

Jeremiah breathes a sigh of relief. Woo smiles. Jefra looks shocked and Trish is clearly not happy. Jeff says tonight’s vote and the reactions to the vote clearly shows that Survivor is an individual game. LJ says he was clearly blindsided. Woo voted with Tony and the smaller crew. LJ says if you wait too long to make a move you ask yourself where you went wrong. Where he went wrong was trusting Tony!