Survivor: Cagayan RECAP 4/9/14: Season 28 Episode 7 “Mad Treasure Hunt”

Survivor: Cagayan RECAP 4/9/14: Season 28 Episode 7 “Mad Treasure Hunt”

Tonight on CBS their Emmy Award-winning series SURVIVOR returns with a new episode called, “Mad Treasure Hunt”.  In it the entire tribe goes on a wild hunt for hidden immunity idols; one castaway uses ninja-like skills to sabotage another player.

On last week’s episode it’s every castaway for themselves, as two tribes became one in this season’s merge.  Going to the merge it is going to be six against five so there was going to be a scramble for power.  At tribal council Jeff calls for the vote and Trish starts it out. Sarah looked very thoughtful. We didn’t see who anyone voted for as they wrote. Jeff went to count the votes. He cames back and asked if anyone was playing the immunity idol. Tony asked Jeff to validate the idol for him and Jeff said it was real and Tony gave it to LJ.  Then LJ pulled out his immunity idol and gave it to Tony to save him. Jeff read the votes: Jefra, Sarah, Jefra, Sarah, Jefra, Sarah (it’s tied 3-3). Jefra, Sarah. Still tied. Jefra, Sarah. Tied again 5-5. The last vote is Sarah. WOW! Spencer was stunned. Sarah asked who flipped and they realized it was #ChaosKass that flipped. Jefra thanked Kass and Tony also thanked her. Spencer told Kass that she had zero chance of winning the game. Jeff said the game was going to have a wild finish and sent them off.  Sarah could not believe she got blind sided. She said she thought they had a solid 6 and doesn’t understand why Kass flipped.

On tonight’s episode the entire tribe embarks on the craziest idol hunt in the history of the game. Also, one castaway showcases their ninja-like skills to sabotage another.

Tonight’s episode looks like it is going to be great and you won’t want to miss it, so be sure to tune in for our live coverage of CBS’s Survivor: Brawn vs. Brains vs. Beauty at 8:00 PM EST! While you wait for our recap hit the comments and let us know how excited you are about the return of Survivor. Who are your favorites so far?

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We see flashback to Sarah being voted out and that she will be the first jury member. Spencer says tribal was insane because Kass flipped and they’re screwed. He tells Kass he’s not mad at her, but tells her it was a bad mood. He thinks she followed her estrogen and not her brain. Woo and Trish reassure her that they will take care of her. Kass tells Spencer he needs to make a move and that will make people mad. He tells her it’s an embarrassment that she’s talking strategy. Kass thinks it was a triple win since she flushed two idols and got rid of someone she doesn’t like. She also doesn’t care that she pissed other people off.

It’s day 20 and Kass says Morgan needs to get up and get the water. Tony asks her to and she says that Kass didn’t have to be rude about it. Kass insists she hasn’t been rude and Tony says that the water is for everyone. Kass compares Morgan to an old dog that sits there and pees on the floor. Tony nags Morgan some more and she finally goes. Morgan thinks Kass is a bitter ugly old lady who hates her since she’s cuter. She says Kass is stupid and needs to go home.

The gang comes to the challenge and will be split into two teams and will race through some water obstacles to get a chest, climb a tower, drag the chest up a tower and then build a puzzle tower. Jeff says the reward is a trip to a Survivor themed Outback Steakhouse for steaks, margaritas and dessert. The Survivors are excited. They draw for teams.

They all jump into the water and run up a mesh teeter totter than dumps them over. They all have to go across a long balance beam. They are neck and neck. Woo falls off and has to start again. The orange team is in the lead. They untie their chest and run it to the wall but purple is close behind. They hook the chest on and then they have to climb up a rope up the wall. Woo on the purple team flies up and Spencer for the orange. Tasha zooms up for purple and Trish for orange. Tony is last up for purple. LJ doesn’t even use the rope for the orange. Jeremiah is the last for the orange.

The teams start to pull the chest up. Purple has their chest up first and start on the puzzle but orange is close behind. LJ and Spencer are working for orange. Woo and Kass are taking the lead for purple. Orange is halfway there and purple is falling behind. Woo and Kass are cracking under the pressure. Orange has two left and then the last, opens the chest, gets the crown and completes the tower. They totally smoked the other team. Jefra, Morgan, LJ, Spencer and Jeremiah head out for a steak dinner while the others are sent back to camp.

Tony says at least they can eat double the rice, but he’s pissed off about losing. Kass asks if they are more worried about Spencer versus Jeremiah and they tell Kass she should decide who should go since she knows the other side. She says she doesn’t care as long as it’s not her. She says she’s not a flipper and sees what she did as a move, not a flip. Tony asks if she’s happy and she says she feels good. Tony thinks she has a stone face so he can’t tell if she’s being honest.

Tony talks to Woo about where the hidden special idol may be. He goes out and starts climbing trees and poking in holes. He sees it as a security blanket. The winners are welcomes to the Outback Steakhouse. They are handed pineapple margaritas with bacon in them! They are served up a nice salad and then steaks with loaded baked potatoes. Spencer asks for a second one. They bring around smores and other treats. Spencer says he’s not concerned with manners and is covered in chocolate. When he goes to wipe, he finds a paper in his napkin and hopes it’s an idol clue. He slips it into a pocket.

Rain is falling when the winners head back to camp. Spencer wants to keep the paper dry but also wants to go look for the idol before Tribal Council. When it lets up, he heads off and reads the clue. It’s buried and past the well. They ask where Spencer is and Morgan says he’s gone for a walk. Woo says as a Survivor fan he knows there’s usually an idol clue after a reward and heads off in search of Spencer. He finds and stalks him. He says he’s pulling out his #NinjaStealthMode. Spencer take off his pants and leaves the clue there.

Woo sees him digging in a wall by the water. Woo hides and watches. Spencer spots Woo and they exchange pleasantries. Woo tells him he forgot his pants and picks them up. The clue falls out and Woo walks off with it. Spencer goes running after him. Woo runs off at top speed and Spencer says he knew pandemonium was about to ensue and he’s pissed off.

Woo comes back to camp holding up victory signs and tells the others that Spencer got a clue and tells them he stole it from him. Woo hands it over and hands it to LJ. They take off. Spencer enlists Morgan and Jeremiah after telling them he stole the clue. The others share the clue with Tony. They tribe is running on a #MadTreasureHunt. Who will get it first? Tony thinks it’s funny that both alliances are competing to find it. He says it’s serious when Morgan got off her ass to look.

Each side plots to watch the other side. Spencer says it’s funny how the game has devolved into this. Kass says it’s karma for his behavior last night. He apologizes for it. Spencer finds the idol but has to wait until she’s not looking to grab it and shove it in his pants. He says he’s shocked that he found it. He reads the rules and says it’s a normal idol.

It’s time for the #Immunity Challenge. Jeff takes back the necklace from Woo. He announces they will balance on their toes with a block on their head against a piece of wood. When their muscles wear out, they will have to stand down, their block will fall and they will be out. They all take their spots and stand on tiptoe. He counts down and they have to let their blocks go. Kass loses after a few seconds and takes a seat.

It’s down to nine. Trish is struggling. Jeremiah goes out and then her. Tony goes out. It’s down to six. After 25 minutes, Jeff says they are past the point of pain and it’s about willpower. There are bugs landing on them but if they swat, they are out. Spencer almost loses it when a fly torments his ankle. Morgan loses her balance and is out. Woo loses his and I think it’s karma for stealing the clue. It’s down to four. Jefra, Spencer, Tasha and LJ are left but Jefra loses it after an hour.

It’s down to LJ, Tasha and Spencer and he says they have to be in pain and says they are really earning this necklace. LJ loses his and is out. It’s Tasha and Spencer. It’s 90 minutes in and Jeff says he’s impressed with them. Tasha is like a rock and Spencer is making a weird face, but hanging in. He shifts his neck and feet. Jeff tells him to get it under control but he’s wavering.

Tasha loses it out of nowhere and Spencer and wins immunity. He’s safe at Tribal and limps over to get the necklace. He says he’s been dreaming about this for a long time. Jeff tells them one of the others are going home tonight at Tribal and they head off.

Back at camp, Spencer gets congratulations. Tony says he says the will to survive. Tony asks Kass if she thinks they have the idol. She says no and they discuss voting Tash. Tony says they should think about the least likely person to have the idol and they all look to Morgan. They think she’s lazy. Tony says she doesn’t deserve to be here because she doesn’t do anything. He says Morgan is Plan A and then have a Plan B in case something goes crazy at Tribal.

Tony is worried that Kass may flip. The others talk and Morgan says their votes don’t count. Spencer says to vote for Tony in case he does something stupid at Tribal and irritates her and she flips. Spencer thinks about a bold move and goes to talk to Kass. He tells her if she made a move that put her with them, she won’t have lost all their jury votes. He says it will get rid of bitter feelings. Kass says she’s a free agent and he asks if she would consider it and then asks if it would be serious. He says that Tony is a good one to go. She sees that Tony is more of a threat in the long run than Morgan who annoys everyone.

Kass says now that she knows their strategy, she can decide. She says she loves the ambush and blindside and that’s how she operates in court. They all head to #TribalCouncil. Jeff brings in Sarah as the first jury member. She looks clean and well rested. Jeff asks Tony about the last tribal. He says there was a huge power shift. Kass says she was the wind that shifted the power. She says she got the cold shoulder after that. Spencer says he felt betrayed and got a little out of hand. He says he’s glad to have the necklace. He says he would rather make a move for a chance to win than to go out.

Jeff asks if that influences Tony. Tony says that they came up with a group consensus. Jeff asks Morgan about her odds and she says no one should vote for her since she’s not a threat. Trish goes off on her and says she’s lazy and does nothing. She admits that LJ and Jeremiah took good care of her so she got used to not having to work. Jeff asks if that’s how her life goes in the real world and she agrees and says she will try to work harder and offers a cute little smile.

Jefra asks if Kass is number six in the alliance and she says that’s not how they see it. She says they are links in a chain and are all even. Jeff says there’s always someone on the bottom. Spencer reminds them that Tony says they were lying when they said they were all even in their alliance. Jefra say they’re strong. Tony says that Kass in a comfortable place and will stick with them. Jeff tells him she’s unpredictable and may turn on them. Trish admits it’s a risk but they’re treating her like everyone else.

Kass jokes and says she’s part of the equal chain. She says she’s there to win. It’s time to vote and Trish goes off first. We don’t see any votes as they are written. Jeff goes to tally the votes and them comes back and calls for idols. Spencer sits tight and Jeff reads the votes: Tony, Tony, Tony, Tony, Morgan, Morgan. It’s 4-2. Morgan, Morgan and it’s 4-4 tied. Morgan gets a fifth. Morgan is voted out so Kass hung with Tony’s crew. Jeff snuffs her torch and she wishes them luck.

Jeff tells them they didn’t vote out the biggest threat yet again and says they’ve show that just because you’re on the bottom doesn’t mean you’re out. Morgan says she’s proud of herself and that it was a great experience. She says that Kass is a child and needs to grow up since she’s 40.