Survivor: Cagayan RECAP 4/2/14: Season 28 Episode 6 “Head of the Snake”

Survivor: Cagayan RECAP 4/2/14: Season 28 Episode 6 “Head of the Snake”

Tonight on CBS their Emmy Award-winning series SURVIVOR returns with a new episode called, “Head of the Snake”.  In it the two tribes merge. At tribal council, the blindside streak continues.

On last week’s episode a blindside left one castaway questioning their resolve to play the game. Meanwhile, a camp raid left one tribe scrounging for supplies and the other one reveling in comfort.  By the end of the show at tribal council Kass went to cast her vote first. Alexis voted Jeremiah. Jeremiah voted for her and the rest we did not get to see. Jeff went to count the votes and cames back. He called for a hidden immunity idol. No one played it. Votes were: Jeremiah, Alexis, Alexis, Alexis and then another and Alexis got a #blindside. WOW! This season has rocked the blindsides.  She was in tears as Jeff snuffed her torch and sent her off. She was openly sobbing as she walked away.  Did you watch last week’s episode?  We did and we recapped it right here for you.

On tonight’s episode it’s every castaway for themselves, as two tribes become one in this season’s merge.  Going to the merge it is going to be six against five so there is going to be a scramble for power.

Tonight’s episode looks like it is going to be great and you won’t want to miss it, so be sure to tune in for our live coverage of CBS’s Survivor: Brawn vs. Brains vs. Beauty at 8:00 PM EST! While you wait for our recap hit the comments and let us know how excited you are about the return of Survivor. Who are your favorites so far?

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Back at Aparri, Spencer is happy to still be on #Survivor. The top six philosophy seems to have solidified if they can keep the numbers. Sarah says if they wake up to a merge, they need to pick out who they’ll target first. Spencer says the game is in their hand. Sarah wants to target Trish or Jefra. The next morning, Sarah and Kass talk strategy but Kass says she’s worried about her and Jeremiah. Sarah doesn’t like this at all and tells Kass she’s offended.

Kass tries to smooth it over and Sarah says if they think she’ll flip, that will actually make it flip. She tells Kass that a lack of trust could tear them apart and she and Sarah shake on loyalty. But in her confessional, Kass doesn’t think she’s loyal, but desperate to save herself. Kass wants to see blood on Sarah’s hand from taking out a former tribe mate before she’s ready to accept that Sarah is loyal.

Over at Solana, Tony wakes the tribe and they complain about the heat. Woo offers up some coconut. Tony says he’s having fun with his new tribe. They get tree mail on day 17 and Tony says he’s bored with the lack of intrigue. The mail indicates that the merge is there and they are told to pack up their essentials and head to Aparri for the rest of the game. LJ is worried about the 6 versus 5 numbers and is happy that he still has his idol. Tony digs his up as well.

At Aparri, they also get the mail that they have guests coming over to stay. They chant happily that they made it to the merge. They wonder if this is the permanent merge and they are happy that they have the majority. The other tribe boats over to meet them but Trish says something else is brewing. They say they the other tribe is bringing food and they unload all the stuff they stole from the immunity challenge and the rest of their stuff.

Sarah is overjoyed because they also brought bread and wine for a picnic. They greet each other warmly. Jefra is shocked that Alexis is gone. They have a mail to read and it says that they are merged. It tells them to enjoy the feast and says that the hidden idols are still in play and there’s another idol hidden nearby with “special” powers. Tony wonders what that is.

They open up the box and they get new buffs. The new name is Solarrion – a blend of the two tribe names. They pull out the lunch meat and make sandwiches. Spencer says it’s like Christmas morning. He’s shocked that he made it this far since his tribe was at the bottom before. He’s pleased he’s tight with the group of six.

They ask about voting Alexis out and they explain. Tony talks about how he hopes to reunite with Sarah and says if she doesn’t flip, he’s done and the other tribe is done. Trish leads some of the ladies in yoga. LJ tells Tony he wants to go fish and they discuss who is in charge at the other tribe. Tony tells he and Woo that he was tight with Sarah before and he wants to get her to flip so they will have the numbers instead.

Tony finds Sarah and asks her about her stance. She tells him that she’s floating. Tony tells them they have Woo and Trish plus LJ. He’s trying to get Sarah to believe that they will be the top two together. He admits in confessional that he’s BS’ing. He tells her to swear on her badge that she’s with them. Sarah says she can’t pledge that now and says it needs to play out some more. He agrees. Sarah’s not ready to give up her swing vote power.

Tony tells her they need to target one of the old Brains tribe members. Sarah says she’s in a predicament but is sitting pretty because she has the fate of the game in her hands. Jeremiah is worried that LJ has the idol and Kass says it can’t be Jeremiah because he has the idol. They want to target Woo or Trish but Sarah pushes back. They discuss pretending that it’s LJ to flush the idol and Sarah says she isn’t ready to vote for Trish.

Sarah agrees that if Woo wins immunity, they can target Tony but in her confession she’s talking big about her power. Kass tells them they need to think big picture. Kass is suspicious because there are people from the other tribe that Sarah is refusing to vote out. Sarah insists she never agreed to target Trish first. Kass thinks Sarah is being a bossy bully and says she wants to punch her sometimes.

Trish wakes up to a cat fight among Sarah and Kass. She’s happy because they are cracking even before they go to the challenge. Sarah tells Kass that Trish isn’t a target because she doesn’t strategize. Tasha tries to make peace to get them back on the same side. She tells Sarah she appreciates her position and that she’s being pulled.

Kass thinks Tasha is taking Sarah’s side. Kass insists she still doesn’t like Sarah insisting she won’t vote for a specific person for the other tribe. Sarah says she’s feeling attacked. Tasha tells Sarah if she doesn’t like her, to vote her out. Tasha tells Sarah she knows she’s in a pivotal role. Sarah says she has the power to decide the fate of the game and Tasha tells her it’s her own fate that’s in her hands.

They go to the first individual immunity challenge and Jeff takes back the tribal immunity idol. Today’s challenge is a balancing challenge on a triangle above the water where you have to get higher and higher and stand barefoot against progressively smaller pieces of wood. The challenge starts. The first round is 15 minutes. They all succeed and then have to move to the next level up. He gives them time to get positioned and then counts down from five.

LJ is feeling some pain and so it Tony. They have 15 minutes to go in this phase as well. No one has fallen as of round two. Jeff counts down from 15 and Tony almost loses his balance. They all make it to the last phase. They have to move to stand on the top section which is basically a two by four that’s a little over three feet long. The problem is that everyone has muscle spasms. Kass, LJ and Spencer fall then Sarah and Jefra. Tasha and Trish fall then Jeremiah. Tony, Morgan and Woo are left but then a wind gust comes and Morgan loses it.

Tony and Woo are the last men standing. There is a lot of wind. Tony asks Woo how he’s feeling and Jeff tells them to focus. Tony is struggling. Woo’s martial arts training seems to be paying off. Tony goes in and Woo takes the first individual immunity competition. He does a cool backflip into the water then comes to claim the necklace as his prize. Jeff tells them he will see them tonight at Tribal Council.

Back at camp, the talks start. Sarah still talks up her swing vote status in confessional. She thinks she would rather be with the weaker side so she’ll stand out. Sarah says it’s her decision and she’s the President right now. Spencer wants to vote Jefra and Tasha agrees. Sarah says they can get rid of Jefra at any time. She wants to target Tony or LJ. The other tribe figure out that Sarah is in charge of the other group.

Tony says Sarah has all the power right now and Trish tells them about the cat fight and says she may be able to flip Kass. Tony asks for time to talk to Sarah. He thinks Kass will play her. The other group agrees to vote Tony and Sarah guarantees them that he doesn’t have an idol. (She’s wrong) Sarah goes to get rum and talks some smack and Kass isn’t happy. Tony pulls Sarah aside and tries to talk her into voting with them. He says it will be her, him and Trish in the top three.

Tony tells her after this vote, she’ll be hanging in the wind and that they will vote her out next time. Sarah says in confession that Tony is the biggest threat because he observes everything and is sneaky. He tries again to get her to swear on her badge. She tells him she’s not saying no but needs time to digest it. She tells him she won’t decide until Tribal. Tony isn’t happy and thinks she’s solidly with the other side. He says in his confession that he’ll play the idol if he feels things are iffy.

Trish goes to work on Kass and asks her who she’d take out and Kass says Sarah. She tells her that the other tribe are going to vote Sarah. Kass is thinking about switching sides. Trish comes to talk to the rest of her group and tells them that Kass wants to vote Sarah and they should all vote for her tonight. They agree and Trish comes back to Kass and tells her they will all vote for Sarah. Now Kass thinks she’s the swing vote and has usurped Sarah’s spot.

They take their torches and head to Tribal. Jeff asks LJ what the mood is and he says he feels like he’s on the hot seat and will be flattered if they go after him. Tasha says that they are looking for the biggest threat and he should be worried. Jeff asks Tony about the split in the tribe and Tony says he sees the sides but you can’t move forward with numbers, but comfort. Tony admits that he’s worried about his own fate and could be a target tonight.

Jeff asks Kass if LJ and Tony should be concerned and she says she would be worried if she was a strong male doing well in challenges. Jeff asks LJ about who has the idols. Tony admits that he has one and says he will use it for his tribe. Spencer asks to see it and Tony pulls it out and says he’ll wear it with pride. He says he could give it to one of his tribe and calls it a community idol. The other group is shocked since Sarah said he definitely didn’t have it.

Tasha tells her group to go with the other one and Spencer also says “go with the other one.” Jeff calls for the vote and Trish starts it out. Sarah looks very thoughtful. We don’t see who anyone votes for as they write. Jeff goes to count the votes. He comes back and asks if anyone is playing the immunity idol. Tony asks Jeff to validate the idol for him and Jeff says it’s real and Tony says he’ll give it to LJ. Jeff says votes for LJ won’t count. Then LJ pulls out his immunity idol and gives it to Tony to save him. So votes for Tony also won’t count.

Jeff reads the votes: Jefra, Sarah, Jefra, Sarah, Jefra, Sarah (it’s tied 3-3). Jefra, Sarah. Still tied. Jefra, Sarah. Tied again 5-5. The last vote is Sarah. WOW! Spencer is stunned. Sarah asks who flipped and they realize it was #ChaosKass that flipped. Jefra thanks Kass and Tony also thanks her. Spencer tells Kass that she has zero chance of winning the game. Jeff says this game is going to have a wild finish and sends them off.

Sarah can’t believe she got blind sided. She says she thought they had a solid 6 and doesn’t know why Kass flipped and says they got her good.