Survivor: Cagayan RECAP 4/30/14: Season 28 Episode 10 “Chaos is My Friend”

Survivor: Cagayan RECAP 4/30/14: Season 28 Episode 10 “Chaos is My Friend”

Tonight on CBS their Emmy Award-winning series SURVIVOR returns with a new episode called, “Chaos is My Friend.”  A food auction takes place; the castaways draw rocks to earn a huge advantage in the game. Also: One player shows off his immunity idol to guarantee his safety in the game.

On last week’s episode homesick castaways were granted a brief reprieve with letters from home. Meanwhile, one castaway secretly embarked on a stakeout to gather intelligence from the competition and another castaway fell hard while attempting to collect coconuts from the treetops.  At tribal council voting started votes are Woo, Woo, Woo, Jeremiah, Jeremiah, Jeremiah. It’s tied and then Jeremiah got another and then Jeff announced Jeremiah was voted out. Jeff put out his torch and he wished his alliance luck and left. Spencer wasn’t happy.  Did you watch last week’s episode?  If you missed it we have a full and detailed recap, right here for you.

On tonight’s episode the castaway’s bidding strategy at the Survivor auction could pay off for them. Meanwhile, castaways draw rocks for a huge advantage in the game, and another castaway decides to show off his idol in an attempt to ensure his safety. Rumour has it that Kass is going to be in a power position again and will be doing some backstabbing tonight.

Tonight’s episode looks like it is going to be great and you won’t want to miss it, so be sure to tune in for our coverage of CBS’s Survivor: Brawn vs. Brains vs. Beauty at 8:00 PM EST! While you wait for our recap hit the comments.

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It’s time for #Survivor. The remaining Survivors come back to camp. Kass says Spencer is selfish because he didn’t use the idol to save Jeremiah. Spencer thinks he used it wrong and now they are down to two against five. He says they haven’t lost the war yet. Tony says it was perfect because they flushed the idol. He says his plan came together. Tree mail comes and Woo says he has a sore back and asks someone to lift it. Everyone squeals as they see the wallets. They know it’s the auction.

Tony says whenever there is an auction, there’s a challenge advantage. He says he has to get it so Spencer or Tasha don’t. Spencer thinks he and Tasha have to be really aggressive at the auction to save themselves. They all come in for the #SurvivorAuction and are greeted by Jeff. Each has $500 and he tells them they can’t share money or food. They start. First up is popcorn, candy and a soft drink. Kass, Jefra, Trish bid and Trish wins it for $80.

She nibbles a piece and the others are envious. The next item is covered. Tasha and Jefra bid and Jefra wins for $100. She gets quesadilla, guacamole and salsa. Plus a margarita. She’s thrilled and Woo says – damn that looks good as she digs in. The next item also remains covered. Kass wins for $20 as the only bidder. Jeff shows her a second covered tray and says she can trade it for that one. She opts for the new one that he offered. It’s a steak sandwich and iced tea. The others are in anguish as she takes a bite.

Tony says his stomach is tying up in knots. She takes it back to her seat to eat and Tony says he’s shaky and lightheaded from hunger. The one she gave up is now up for bid. Trish and Woo bid and Trish wins for $60. Jeff uncovers it and we see a bowl of rice and a glass of water. HA! She calls the others cheap and says they need to start bidding.

Jeff shows them the next item. Ribs and a cold beer. Woo bids $40. Woo’s mouth hangs open as he realizes he got it so cheap. Jeff says it’s the best deal ever at a Survivor auction. Woo tells Jeff he can’t wait for the tangy sauce and chewy meat. They play some erotic music while he takes a greedy bite and a gulp of his icy beer. He goes to sit and enjoy.

Jeff says something is up and asks why Tony isn’t bidding. He says he’s looking for an advantage and Spencer says the same thing, so does Tasha. Jeff says – let’s get to it. It’s an advantage. Jeff says if the bids go to $500 and more than one person bids, they will draw lots to see who gets it. Spencer and Tony both bid and walk down to see who gets it. Jeff takes all their money.

There are two rocks in the bag – black and white. Black wins the advantage. They are #DrawingRocks blindly and then they reveal. Tony gets it. Jeff tells Spencer he can keep the white rock he paid $500 for. Tasha gets nothing because she thought there would be more items after that but there’s not. If she had bid, she and Spencer would have had much better odds of getting the advantage and staying in the game. Duh…

The Survivors march back to camp and talk about their food. Tony holds up the clue and says it’s a Catch 22 because even with an advantage, he may not have the strength needed in a challenge unlike Woo who just got a big plate of protein. Spencer is devastated about his white rock. He says he’s the greatest loser in Survivor auction history. Kass says she was glad she got to eat and Spencer still got the shaft.

Jefra complains that she’s so full that she’s miserable. Tony says he’s disgusted that all of his alliance ate and are now talking about their yummy food instead of tending to stuff around camp. He bitches and moans and Trish finally goes to get the water. He heads off to read his scroll. It says that at the end of the beach, behind the bushes and a big white tree, there’s an idol. Holy crap. He’ll have a second idol.

He heads off down the beach. He finds a tree and starts digging but doesn’t find it. He goes off looking for another tree to match the clue. The girls are in the water as Tony is walking down the beach. Tasha knows she’s on the chopping block and talks to the girls about forming an all-girl alliance. She knows Tony is a loose cannon and wants to set him off.

Tony comes back to the camp with wood for the fire. He tells Spencer the girls have been in the water a long time. Tony tells Spencer that Tasha is working the girls and Spencer says she’s a social player. He takes the chance to tell Tony that Jefra was 100% with them on blindsiding him. He’s hoping to put some anxiety in Tony to foster a split. He says that Jefra told Tasha she’s looking to make a big move.

Spencer says Tony is crazy and if he can get him to go ballistic and make mistakes, that’s great. Tony says she’s mad about LJ and then Spencer says Jefra told him that she could get Trish to flip. Tony says he’ll keep that in mind but to himself he says it makes sense and knows he needs to investigate. There are four girls and just three guys. Tony tells him he’s not going to sit on his ass and get blindsided.

Spencer walks on the beach and the girls talk about him. Skinny Trish says Spencer is too thin and needs to pt on some weight. Kass is feeling good since she’s sure either Spencer or Tasha is going home so she can relax. Tony is annoyed that the girls are giving him orders while soaking in the water. He complains to Woo about them. He’s taking Spencer’s warnings to heart.

Tony decides to go back and find the other idol. He finds a huge white tree and starts digging. He turns up another #ImmunityIdol. He’s excited. It’s the third idol he’s found in this game and has two in his pocket – one that he can play with and another special one. He says he’s on top of the world and the game. He shows his idol to Woo and Kass and then puts it on his neck. He tells his alliance that he’ll use it to protect their alliance. He thinks the girls might be plotting and doesn’t want them to vote for him.

The Survivors come to the #ImmunityChallenge. Jeff takes back the necklace from Tasha after her second win. He explains that they will race to dig up bags from the sand and release balls inside them and move them through a table maze to get immunity. The draw for spots and get started. They stand on their starting pads and dig to find the first bag and the end of a rope. Woo gets his first and then yanks the rope to find the next stage.

Everyone is moving rapidly as Jeff tells them that some bags are buried deeper. Once they reach the end of their rope, they can untie the bags to get the balls. Tony gets all his first then Woo. Tasha has all five. Trish is struggling. Spencer finally gets all of his. Spencer, Woo, Tony and Tasha are working on their bags. Jefra finally gets hers. Tasha is the first to the maze table and starts working it.

Jeff tells them if the ball falls off, you start over. Tasha sinks her first ball and starts her second then lands it before anyone gets to their table. Tony runs to his table and then Spencer followed by Woo. Tony is going crazy and knocks his out. Spencer is working more patiently. Tasha almost gets her third, but it falls. Woo and Tony land their first balls. Jefra is finally to the table as Tasha gets her third.

Woo gets his second. Spencer gets his first and Woo gets his third and ties it up with Tasha. Tasha gets her fourth and only has one left. Jefra, Trish and Kass are pretty much out of it. Woo lands his fourth. Tasha is working on her fifth and is at the end. Woo is also getting close and it’s neck and neck. Tasha lands her fifth and wins her third immunity challenge in a row.

Jeff puts the necklace on her and tells her she’s safe at Tribal Council tonight. He tells them it’s Day 30 and someone is going home tonight. They all head out.

Back at camp, Trish congratulates Tasha again and another one tells her she’s amazing and an animal. She’s thrilled and says it means everything at this point in the game because people are rethinking and breaking alliances. She plans to continue working on the girls about Tony to drive him nuts and to maybe benefit Spencer.

Kass comes to talk to Woo and they discuss Tasha’s win. They discuss that Spencer needs to go next and then Tasha. Tony says if Tasha didn’t win, she was going home and says Spencer needs to go home. But he’s worried about cutting it down to two guys. He’s considering turning on Jefra and changing the game to keep more men. Tony approaches Woo about voting out Jefra to preserve the girl-guy ratio. He says he can go get Spencer and Tasha to vote for Jefra. That’s the four votes they need.

Tony says he can’t tell Trish and Kass. He goes to Spencer and tells him that he’s willing to get rid of Jefra. He tells Spencer that he has to go to Tasha and convince her to vote for Jefra. Tony tells Spencer he has to convince her. Spencer goes to Tasha and tells her that Tony and Woo don’t trust the possibility of a girl alliance. He says they’re ready to vote Jefra out and she asks how he did it. She agrees to vote for Jefra.

Spencer is thrilled he may be able to stay in the game longer. He whispers to Tony that they have her vote but is still worried so he goes to look for the special idol. Tony asks if Spencer is looking for the idol and is now paranoid about voting off Jefra. He thinks Spencer is more of a threat than Jefra and doesn’t know what to do. He says the game is making him crazy. He tells Woo there will be #Chaos at Tribal.

The Survivors come in and then the jury. Sarah, Morgan, LJ and Jeremiah stream in. Jeff asks Spencer about the immunity challenge. Spencer says he knows he’s in trouble since he played his idol last time. Tony tells the group that Spencer told him Jefra wanted to flip on the alliance. He opens his bag and puts on his immunity idol. He says he’s not getting blindsided tonight. Jefra tells him she was upset about the LJ blindside and Kass tries to defend her.

Tony tells Jeff that you don’t advertise a blindside. Jeff says there is a lot of dissension. Spencer says chaos is great. He says he knows he’s the target and it can only help him. Kass says there could be a mistake made tonight because people are paranoid. Jefra is nodding and says it’s that times ten. She says if you’re on the bottom, you try and stir things up.

Jeff asks how the game would end for Spencer who says he played good and hard and can go home happy. But he says that there are opportunities tonight. He says people lose because they don’t make the move they should because they got too comfortable. Jeff calls for the vote and Kass goes first. She votes for Spencer and says she already saved him once and isn’t doing it again.

The others go vote and we see that Spencer voted for Jefra. Tony comes back last and Jeff goes to tally the votes. He comes back and calls for hidden immunity idols. No one moves and Jeff reads the votes. It’s Spencer, Jefra, Spencer, Jefra, Spencer, Jefra and that ties it 3-3. Jeff says the eleventh person voted out is Jefra. She tells them – good job guys – as she realizes she was the victim of a #Blindside.

Jefra wishes them luck, says it’s been fun and goes. Kass is not happy, neither is Trish. Jeff says there should be no doubts after tonight that this is an individual game. Jefra says clearly someone flipped on her and thanks it was Tony and then Woo with him. She says she should have jumped ship on the alliance sooner but that she’s proud of the way she played and has no regrets.