Survivor: Cagayan RECAP 5/14/14: Season 28 Episode 12

Survivor: Cagayan RECAP 5/14/14: Season 28 Episode 12 “Straw That Broke the Camel's Back”

Tonight on CBS their Emmy Award-winning series SURVIVOR returns with a new episode called, “Straw That Broke the Camel’s Back.” On tonight’s episode, the castaways scale new heights to earn a spot in the final four. Meanwhile, friends become enemies when one player overhears plans for her eviction; and Tony devises a strategy to use his special immunity idol.

On last week’s episode during an intense challenge, castaways attempted to crack the code and earn a spot in the final five. Additionally, one castaway’s paranoia threatened another’s stake in the game, and Tony’s closest confidant was wooed by another alliance. At tribal council, Kass said there might be a blindside and Tasha said that is what she was hoping for. Jeff called for the vote. Tony voted for Tasha. Spencer voted Tony.

Tasha voted Trish and said better her than Tasha. We don’t see any other votes.  Jeff went to tally the votes. He came back and called for immunity idols. Tony didn’t play his. Jeff read the votes – Tasha, Tony, Trish, Tasha, Tasha. Tasha was voted out!  Tasha said to make it as far as she had was amazing considering the rocky start. She said she knew she got voted out because she’s strong in immunity challenges. She said they were smart to vote her out.  Did you watch last week’s episode?  If you missed it we have a full and detailed recap, right here for you.

On tonight’s episode castaways scale new heights as they battle for a guaranteed spot in the final four. Tony thinks he is in control but with just two episodes to go he is losing control when something he told Kassandra in secrecy gets blown out of the water. Old allies are now enemies and new alliances are formed while Kass has a renewed confidence in the game. Meanwhile, Woo has a lot of power being the swing vote this week.

Tonight’s episode looks like it is going to be great and you won’t want to miss it, so be sure to tune in for our coverage of CBS’s Survivor: Brawn vs. Brains vs. Beauty at 8:00 PM EST! While you wait for our recap hit the comments.

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It’s time for #Survivor. Back at camp, Spencer discusses that he was confused about them voting Tasha out and asks why they just can’t tell him. Kass tells him everyone lies in this game. Kass thinks she may be best served by taking Tony to the end because he has so many enemies. Spencer thinks the ones sticking with Tony are foolish and thinks his best asset is that he’s playing with people that don’t seem to understand the game. It’s Day 34 and Woo and Tony row out in the canoe and discuss strategy.

Tony asks Woo about final three. He says Kass is perfect for final three because he doesn’t think she would get any votes. Woo thinks sitting next to Tony would be good since they started the game together. He thinks he will do well to stick with him. Woo tells Tony that Spencer suggested blindsiding him and that Kass was totally in on it.

Tony thinks Woo is genuine but also knows he needs to blindside him because he would get too many votes in the end. He says before he came to Survivor his wife told him not to be stupid and taking Woo to the end would be a stupid move.

It’s time for the reward challenge. Jeff welcomes the Survivors and tells them they will dive into a mud pit and coat themselves in it and then run back and scrape it off into a bucket. The person with the most weight in mud in their bucket wins. The reward is comfort food delivered. Pizza will be delivered to the winner at camp so they can sit and eat. They draw for spots.

The Survivors hop the fence and dive into the mud. All but Kass run right back to dump their mud. She takes her time and gets a thorough coating of the mucky stuff. Trish rolls in the mud and coats herself. Jeff says it’s a combination of getting a lot on your body and then getting it off and into the bucket. Tony has his arms coated and Woo is using his hair to transport mud. Now the girls are getting in on the hair act too.

There is one minute left in the challenge. Tony, Woo and Spencer are in the lead. The Survivors go for one last run to maximize their mud. Woo rolls in it like a pig. Tony’s bucket is overflowing. Jeff counts down from five. All the Survivors laugh at each other. Tony’s bucket is the fullest by far. Jeff asks Spencer if they even need to weigh the buckets. The Survivors agree that Tony was the clear winner and he goes to stand by Jeff.

Jeff tells him he’ll get pizza delivered to camp and tells him to pick one other Survivor to enjoy the eats. Tony says “anorexia come over” and points to Trish. He says he picked her based on her need. Jeff tells the other three they will get to watch them eat and sends the muddy Survivors back to camp. Back at camp, the mud is drying and cracking and they discuss how much some people pay for mud baths.

Kass thinks it’s revealing that Tony picked Trish and says they are attached at the hip. She says they’re like baboons and is surprised she’s not picking fleas off him and grooming him. The pizza comes and Spencer says it’s like a metaphor for the game. Tony starts scarfing and Trish tells him to slow down before he barfs. Trish tells him with four days left they have to get rid of Spencer now.

Tony says that he is going to lie to the other Survivors and tell them the special powers idol can be used up until final three. Tony wants to keep Kass and Trish until the end because he thinks he’ll stand a better chance against them. He tells Trish it was cool to get pizza delivered by helicopter.

Tony finds Kass the next day and tells her he wants to go top three with her and Trish even though he knows she was plotting against him. He says Woo told her and no hard feelings. Kass thinks it was stupid for Woo to tell him and even stupider for Tony to tell her. They shake on it but Kass says she needs to show everyone how unlikeable Tony is. She says #ChaosKass is back.

First Kass goes to Woo and tells him that Tony told her what he said on the boat. Woo lies and says he didn’t tell Tony. Tony comes walking by and Kass asks him again in front of Woo. Tony yells at her for talking about things that were told in secret. He tells her that he’s done with her and she says other people besides him are allowed to investigate things.

He storms away. Kass tells Woo that Tony swore on his wife and kid that he would take her, not Woo to the top three. Woo is shocked that Tony told her everything he said but doesn’t admit to anything. Tony comes back ranting and tells Kass that he’s done with her. He said it’s one thing to backstab and lie but another to tell secrets that were told in confidence. He’s pissed. Kass is pleased that she set him off.

Day 36. Kass tells Tony that what she did was strategic because she can’t trust him and says now one of his people now knows he’s not one of his people. Tony asks what she’s digging for. Tony goes to look for coconuts and Trish follows. They go and Kass tells Woo he needed to know those things because Tony is playing both sides. Kass knows she can’t get rid of Tony because of his idols and she thinks he’s best for the end.

She works on Spencer and Woo. She asks Woo if Tony swore on his wife and baby. Woo says he didn’t and Spencer asks what his thoughts are. Woo says he knows that he doesn’t have a bad rap with the jury and Spencer says that’s why Tony doesn’t want to take him to the end. Woo thinks that Tony was definitely going to blindside him. Spencer says if he goes out, Tony and Trish get to decide who goes to final three – Kass or Woo.

Spencer says they need to go after Trish if they want to be certain of final three. Trish overhears Kass call her a goat. Trish says she’ll be sorry she did that. Spencer says immunity is important and Kass and Woo agree the three of them all really need to go for immunity. Spencer is excited to see the cracks in the alliance but says he’s still going to fight his ass off for immunity.

[8:48:42 PM] Rachel Rowan: It’s time for the #ImmunityChallenge. Jeff greets the Survivors as they stroll in and asks if they’re ready. He takes back the necklace from Spencer. Jeff says it’s back up for grabs and says they will race to untangle a braided rope to release a key then unlock rungs to build a ladder and planks to build a staircase. They go to the top of a platform and then have to solve a slide puzzle. They draw for spots.

They face off and go. First is unbraiding a rope made of three strands with circles at the bottom you have to slide around. Tony is the first to get his key and he runs to unlock his rungs. He has his chest open and starts to work on his ladder. Trish and Kass get theirs next. Spencer has his as well. Trish is working on her ladder as Woo finally gets his key.

Jeff tells them not to panic because it’s a long challenge. Everyone is working on their ladders. Spencer has caught up to Tony and each have two rungs in their ladders. Each piece fits uniquely into one slot and you have to build from the bottom up. Tony is trying to force a rung that doesn’t fit and gets frustrated. Jeff tells him it probably doesn’t belong there. Tony has his third and fourth pieces in and then his fifth.

Spencer is still on his third and Tony gets his sixth. Kass is on her first and Woo is behind. Tony has his last one and climbs the ladder to build his staircase. Spencer is the closest to him. Trish, Woo and Kass are falling out of it. Spencer has too left as Tony is getting his stairs built. Tony and Spencer are the only ones on the second level. Tony is headed to the top to work on the slide puzzle.

Spencer is halfway done and Tony is madly sliding the puzzle around and Jeff wonders if he knows how to do slide puzzles. Woo and Kass get their ladder finished and Trish is far, far behind. Jeff wonders if Tony knows what he’s doing or if he’s lost his mind after all these days. Spencer gets his last plank in the stairs and is on the slide puzzle.

Spencer goes to work on the puzzle and Spencer is taking a very different approach going methodical and slow while Tony is slapping things around madly. Spencer thinks he has it and Jeff checks it. Spencer wins it in a massive comeback and shakes Tony’s hand. Tony is mad. Jeff calls him over and gives him the necklace and says Spencer is guaranteed a spot in final four.

Tony says it’s the worst thing that Spencer won and they have to start cutting from their alliance which is going to be very, very hard.

The Survivors march back to camp. Spencer tells everyone good job and Tony says he’s never done a puzzle in his life. He says he could have been there for an hour and wouldn’t have got it. Spencer says he’s in nirvana and says he gets to sit back and enjoy the show as they cannibalize each other. Trish asks Kass if she thinks she’s stupid. Kass says she knew she was there and was listening.

Trish says that Kass is trying to play the victim and she’s not having it. Trish thinks Kass is an instigator. Trish trashes Kass and Tony tells her to stop it. Trish calls her ugly and says she won’t win anything. Kass says Trish went off on her and looked like ranting Skeletor. Kass says everyone there sees Kass for who she is. Tony tells Trish they should take a walk and Woo goes with them.

Kass says things got out of hand today and says it could cost her. Spencer tells Kass she needs to get Woo. Tony asks Woo if he has any questions for him. Woo asks if he promised Kass on his wife and child and says he knew she would back stab him and tell Woo (he’s lying). Tony says he never made Woo a final three promise. Woo says he’s concerned. Trish says the three of them need to vote Kass.

Tony thinks that Kass is a horrible person in Survivor even if she’s nice in the outside world. He thinks Kass is looking to blindside him. Tony swears to Trish and Woo that he is done with Kass and swears on his wife, child, mom and dead father. Woo thinks Tony will save Trish over him and thinks it’s time to make his big move, but will he?

Woo comes to Kass and tells her that he wants to vote out Trish. He says it’s abundantly clear to him what’s going on. Kass is skeptical because he has committed before and then backed out. Spencer walks up and Woo says he’s looking out for himself. He says he knows Tony wanted to blindside him. Spencer tells Woo that Trish and Tony are inseperable and if either of them have a shot, they will have to get rid of Tony next time.

In private, Woo is still weighing his options for voting Kass versus Trish. Tony grabs Woo and pulls him aside and says it would be an injustice to bring Kass to the end. Tony says if he can’t trust Woo he may have to change his plans again.

The Survivors come and sit down for #TribalCouncil. The jury members come in – Sarah, Morgan, LJ, Jeremiah, Jefra and Tasha. Jeff says it’s interesting tonight since Spencer has immunity. He says one of the alliance has to go home tonight. Tony calls Spencer a challenge beast. Kass tells Jeff that Trish laid in to her like a skeletal banshee as soon as they got back to camp and says Trish was showing her capacity for hatred.

Jeff focuses on this last phrase and Trish says she’s an agitator that likes to play victim. Trish says Kass has a fight with every single person every day. Spencer admits this is great for him. He says it was a crazy day and him winning immunity sped up the process of them turning on each other. Woo says there are hidden vendettas and animosity that are coming up. He says it’s like three brawn versus two brain. He says Kass is in a vulnerable position.

Kass says she didn’t predict psycho bitch would come out and says that Tony was caught lying to him and Kass and promising them both final three. Tony tells a big fat lie to try and cover up his lying. Kass says it’s worked out just as she wanted. She says that he made it obvious to Woo that he was double dealing him by blowing up.

Tony says Kass has no emotions and she tells him he’s making an ass of himself. The jury is openly laughing at this back and forth. Spencer says it’s funny but it feels like he’s in One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest. Woo says he feels like he’s in the worst family ever – Tony is the dad, Trish is the mom, Spencer and Kass are the siblings and he’s the exchange student.

Tony says he’s not going home tonight and he pulls out both his idols. Spencer says he would normally point out that Tony is the biggest threat but he’s shown they can’t vote for him. Jeff calls for the vote and sends Kass off first. Spencer votes for Trish. Trish votes for Kass and says she thinks she should get a book on self-awareness. We don’t see the other three votes.

Jeff goes to tally them and then comes back. He calls for immunity idols. Tony stands and says he has no use for the second idol and plays it. Jeff confirms that no votes against Tony will count. Votes are: Trish, Kass, Trish and then announces that Trish is the next person out. Trish wishes them luck and waves and Kass flips her off. Jeff tells Woo, Kass, Tony and Spencer that they are final four.

Trish says she may be too nice to play the game but from Kass’ perspective she’s mean. She says it’s stressful to have to back stab. She says she’s grateful for what she has and will be happy to get back to her life. She says she’s hungry and asks if anyone has peanut M & Ms. They show Tony’s vote and we see he voted for Trish as well. What the heck was he thinking? I think he just made a million dollar mistake. Interesting. Next week’s two hour finale should be gripping. See you then!