Switched at Birth Recap: Finale Season 3 “And Life Begins Right Away”

Switched at Birth Recap: Finale Season 3 “And Life Begins Right Away”

SWITCHED AT BIRTH returns to ABC Family tonight with a brand new their season 3 finale episode called “And Life Begins Right Away.” On tonight’s episode, in the third-season finale, Bay and Daphne’s graduation day arrives, and surprising news about Carlton is revealed. Meanwhile, Daphne fears mistakes from her past will affect her future; and Bay’s plans for life after high school displease her parents.

On the last episode Regina, Kathryn and John were shocked when Bay told them about the extent of Daphne’s self-destructive behavior, prompting the parents to set some ground rules. Bay reconsidered attending the prom when the school board implemented a new rule regarding dance dress code. Daphne continued her downward spiral when a bad decision put her job at the clinic in jeopardy. Did you watch last week’s episode? If you missed it we have a full and detailed recap, right here for you.

On tonight’s episode, everyone is looking forward to commencement until shocking news about Carlton threatens to overshadow their special day. Daphne fears her future is in jeopardy when her past catches up with her. John and Kathryn are not happy when they learn about Bay’s non-traditional post-graduation plans. Meanwhile, Mary Beth is pleased when Travis’s wish comes true.

Tune in to ABC Family at 8PM EST to watch “And Life Begins Right Away” we’ll also be recapping it all live for you right here. In the meantime head to our comments section and tell us your thoughts on season two so far and enjoy a sneak peek of tonight’s episode below.

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It’s the end of an era. The kids are all graduating and they were enjoying their last day in class when Travis suddenly came in carrying grave news. It looks like after months (possibly years) of trying to find a solution to fight their money problems – Carlton has given up. They’re closing their doors the moment the last senior class graduates.

The group tried to not let that news affect them, but Carlton closing was just one too many for someone like Daphne. She’s been through a lot of changes as it is so she went to Melody hoping the older woman would know what to do. And Melody didn’t have the answer. She fought a good fight to keep the school open as long as she did. So she’s now willing to throw in her hat and she advised Daphne to do the same.

It was time to let go!

And Daphne was actually doing her best. She was focusing on school next year and she thought Regina had cleared up any leftover problems with Wes over her small act of vandalism. Yet the cops still came to the house and arrested her for it. No one knows how they found out, but the moment the DA learned her father was a senator – he decided to make an example of Daphne.

Daphne is looking at three years max in prison. And Regina was so furious that she blamed Wes. She thought he went behind her back out of spite. Seeing as he tried to kiss her and she told him it was too soon. So she accused him of turning Daphne in when he didn’t get what he wanted.

When what really happened is that Daphne was once again careless. Her fingerprints were all over the scene and she was already in the system because of her old blackmailing days.

Her prints are at the scene and Nacho is in the wind. So taking down Daphne is the DA’s sole mission in life. However John and Kathryn want to fight the charges. They believe, despite all the evidence, that they can get Daphne off without prison time. She on the other hand is more realistic. Daphne decided on her own that she was going to take the plea bargain. She figured it was time to accept the consequences.

And the nest continues to get emptier. Bay is moving to California with Emmett. Her parents didn’t want to let her go and to their surprise they learned they can’t in fact stop her.

John and Kathryn found out about her MRI and that she’s predisposed to developing an aneurysm so they think she’s still immature because she was going to hide that type of information from them. Yet they can’t stop a legally aged adult from moving out. And that’s what Bay is. They wanted her to have a plan post-graduation and what do you know she created one just like any adult.

Bay had found a job in Cali and she had enough money of her own thanks to Angelo to cover start up cost so she’s going and her parents are essentially stuck with her decision. Growing up is what they wanted her to do!

So they’re losing one daughter in a way they had always expected (to life and college) and they’re losing another to prison. Daphne going to go away for a while due to the plea bargain and when she gets out – Med school will unfortunately no longer be an option for her. She can’t become a doctor with a record.

Daphne destroyed her own life and in order to not ruin anyone else’s day – she didn’t tell any of her friends that she was turning herself in. They’re all under the illusion she’s going off to school like they are and the truth is she’s not. So she waited until their graduation ceremony was over then she and Bay drove to the police department together.

After the graduation, Regina went to Wes and formally apologized. She wanted to make it right between them and he told her that she could always come to Hawaii with him. Wes chose in the end to drop the Riverside project – it was just too much for him. But he likes Hawaii for his next project and Regina won’t have any kids at home so it’s an offer she had to seriously consider.

When the girls arrived at the precinct, Bay abruptly flipped the script on Daphne. She told the policewoman that she was the one that tagged the construction site and that Daphne was only there to stop her. That’s why her prints were at the scene.

Daphne was the one with a record and Bay wasn’t breaking anyone’s parole by making a startling confession. So she went with taking one for the team.

Bay is an artist and getting arrested won’t affect her chance at getting into art school the same way it would hurt Daphne’s chance at Medical school. It might actually increase her street cred so she lied and after a good minute – Daphne went along with the lie. Her sister gave her a second chance and she took it!