Teen Wolf Producer Jeff Davis Speaks Out On Allison Argent’s Death – Was Crystal Reed Fired?

Teen Wolf Producer Jeff Davis Speaks Out On Allison Argent's Death – Was Crystal Reed Fired?

The Teen Wolf Season 3 finale aired on MTV this week, sure there were some epic fight scenes, they conquered the ninjas, and killed “Evil Stiles,” but no one is even talking about the Season 3 Finale. Fans are still in shock over last week’s episode, when we all sat on our couches, our eyes as big as saucers, and watched Allison Argent (Crystal Reed) die in Scott McCall’s arms. Yes…that really happened. It still doesn’t even seem real.

Jeff Davis, the creator and mastermind behind Teen Wolf finally has spoken out about the decision he made to kill off the popular character Allison Argent. First and foremost, Crystal Reed was not killed off and fired, despite the rumors floating around the internet. According to Davis, Crystal approached him in the beginning of Season 3 and expressed that she was ready to move on and leave the series. She didn’t care how it happened, but she wanted to be written out of the storyline after Season 3.

So, why did Allison Argent have to die? Couldn’t she just go on a really long vacation or move to the other side of the country? Well, according to Jeff he killed off the character because Allison would never leave her friends willingly. Sadly, Jeff is right. Allison Argent is a loyal, badass warrior. She wouldn’t up and leave her friends and family in Beacon Hills. Jeff told TV Line he felt the only believable way to write her out of the story, would be to kill the character off, because death really is the only thing that could come between Allison and her friends in Beacon Hills.

As heart-wrenching and shocking as Allison Argent’s Teen Wolf death was, hopefully Jeff Davis’s explanation will give Teen Wolf fans some closure. And, on the bright side – Allison Argent may be gone, but he did bring Kate Argent back from the dead to ease some of the fan’s pain.

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