Teen Wolf Recap 7/14/14: Season 4 Episode 4 “The Benefactor”

Teen Wolf Recap 7/14/14: Season 4 Episode 4 “The Benefactor”

Tonight on MTV, TEEN WOLF returns with the fourth episode in its fourth season called “The Benefactor.” On tonight’s episode, uninvited guests arrive at Lydia’s lake house.

On last week’s episode of Teen Wolf, a new Freshman player joined Scott’s Lacrosse team, though it caused him to worry since it jeopardized Scott’s position on the Lacrosse team; Stilinksi decided to do some investigating. Did you watch the last episode? If you missed it we have a full and detailed recap, right here for you.

On tonight’s episode while Lydia is at her guest house she gets unexpected visitors. Meanwhile, Derek is on his own and tracks down a killer.

Tonight’s episode is going to be really interesting. You’re not going to want to miss even a minute! We will be live blogging TEEN WOLF on MTV beginning at 11 PM EST. In the meantime, enjoy the sneak peek preview of tonight’s episode below.


The show opens up with the crime scene on top of the hospital. Derek arrives to help out Sheriff S. Derek says that he hasn’t heard of any wendigos in Beacon Hills for a while — they must’ve been well hidden. Derek says that there must’ve been another person on the roof, in addition to Scott, the wendigo, and the No-Mouthed Axe Murderer (who, as it appears, is a wendigo hunter). Derek is, of course, smelling Liam — the new lacrosse player bitten by Scott.

We see Scott and Stiles talking about Liam. Turns out that Scott has Liam tied up in his bathtub. They bring him out into Scott’s bedroom and set him on a chair; they try to tell him what’s happened to him. He puts on an act and starts crying. They untie him and then he makes a run for it. He runs out of the house.

Meanwhile, Peter is attacked by the No-Mouthed Axe Murderer. An axe is hurled into his chest.

The next day, Stiles is helping Malia prepare for the full moon by preparing some chains.

Liam runs to school and is visibly going through the change. Scott tries to tell him about this change — but he’s struggling with finding the correct words. Liam tells Scott and Stiles that nothing is happening to him, and he rips off his bandage (the one covering up the bite mark) and reveals perfect skin. No injury.

Everyone is preparing to go to Lydia’s lake house to prepare for the full moon, and the gang comes up with a plan to “invite” Liam to a “party” so as to hide him during his change. The gang decides that Kira will be used to “trick” Liam into coming to the “party.”

Derek helps Peter after he was attacked. The blade was laced with wolfsbane so Derek has to burn it out of his system. Peter reveals that the murderer was after him.

Kira is driving up to the lakehouse with Liam.

At the lakehouse, Stiles informs Scott about WHY Liam was kicked out of his last school: He has INTENSE anger issues.

In the car, Liam gets a glimpse of the full moon and begins to grow angrier.

Liam arrives at the lakehouse. Scott and everyone tells Liam about the supernatural. But just as Liam’s about to change, the entire school shows up at the lakehouse for a party. Liam texted his friend on the way over.

At the police station, Deputy Parrish reveals that the tomahawk used by the No-Mouthed Man is actually used in the military. He also reveals that he knows what the computer device is being used to communicated. He sort of hacks into the system (which was recovered by Peter after he fought for his life) and finds a dialogue. They discover that this guy isn’t just a murderer — he’s an assassin. He’s killing for money.

Liam is taken to the boathouse, away from the main house. He’s changing and he’s very strong. They chain him down but he’s breaking through. He fights Scott, pins him down, but Kira whacks him in the head with an oar.

Meanwhile, Stiles is working to secure Malia, who continues to struggle with the change.

Back in the house, someone’s ordered a keg of beer. Lydia notices someone going upstairs and follows him, telling the keg delivery man that she’s going to go get some money.

We see the keg delivery man go out to his car. His tires have been slashed. He begins turning into a werewolf but, just as he manages to subdue his change, a young high schooler — who goes by the name of Violet — from Beacon Hills comes up behind and decapitates him with a weird necklace she wears around her neck. She goes into the party and kisses the blond Lacross player, Garrett. He says, “I just got a text from my friend.” The text reads, “THE BENEFACTOR: Just transferred the money into account.” It seems as if the No-Mouthed Man, who received a similar message on his computer (which was hacked by Parrish), is working with these two young kids — or at least belongs to the same organization (which is run by this mysterious individual who goes by the name of The Benefactor).

Lydia follows Mason into a white-carpeted room. She has this weird interaction and spills two glasses of wine. We see the two characters’ mouths move, but we don’t hear any sound. Mason walks out of the room and into a dark closet. Lydia walks over to a turntable. She puts on the record and hears strange sounds. The room grows darker and in the wall in front of her, faces appear.

Meanwhile, in the boathouse, Kira and Scott talk about music and how they can hear it from the house. Kira says that she misses songs that people can slow dance to, so Scott puts on a slow song and they dance in the moonlight.

Kira asks Scott how he’s so good and controlling his wolf, and he says, it’s all about keeping his pulse low and not getting his heart rate up.

As they’re getting all comfortable, Liam starts to growl and he breaks free of his chains. He darts into the woods.

Next, Malia breaks free from her chains.

Meanwhile, Derek and Sheriff S head to the school — because that’s where the mysterious man’s WiFi connection was supposedly coming from.

They see blood pooled in the hallway. Derek says that’s strange because he would’ve picked up on the scent of blood prior to walking in. They open the door carefully — but not all the way. They see a wire attached to an explosive. A tomahawk is hurled through the air. Derek saves the Sheriff. They run away from the No-Mouthed Man.

Stiles helps Malia get her beast under control.

Liam runs through the woods. Scott chases after him. Liam is about to hurt Scott really bad when someone shoots an explosive into the air — strobe lights. This startles Liam and he runs away.

The hunter who saved Scott is Mr. Argent. “I got your text,” he says.

The fight continues in Beacon Hills HS. Derek fights the No-Mouthed Man. Soon, Derek has him contained. Sheriff S says he has the right to remain silent, but Peter walks in and totally kills the No-Mouthed Man.

Kira goes into the house to find Lydia. Lydia is still staring at the wall and says that she’s figured out how to crack the code she wrote out.

She fires up her laptop and inputs the password. The password is ALLISON. The code reveals a hit list of supernaturals living in Beacon Hills — and everyone is on it.

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