Teen Wolf Recap 7/7/14: Season 4 Episode 3 “Muted”

Teen Wolf Recap 7/7/14: Season 4 Episode 3 “Muted”

Tonight on MTV, TEEN WOLF returns with the third episode in its fourth season called “Muted″. On tonight’s episode, Scott’s position on the lacrosse team is threatened. Meanwhile, Stilinski investigates a murder.

On last week’s episode of Teen Wolf, anxious to put an end to Kate’s plan, Scott had to team up with an unlikely ally. But what exactly was Allison’s aunt up to? Was she still out to destroy the werewolves of Beacon Hills? Or had her supernatural transformation altered her plot of seeking vengeance? Did you watch the last episode? If you missed it we have a full and detailed recap, right here for you.

On tonight’s episode a new Freshman player jones Scott’s Lacrosse team, though it causes him to worry since it jeopardizes Scott’s position on the Lacrosse team; Stilinksi decides to do some investigating.

Tonight’s episode is going to be really interesting. You’re not going to want to miss even a minute! We will be live blogging WOLF WATCH on MTV beginning at 11 PM EST. In the meantime, enjoy the sneak peek preview of tonight’s episode below.

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Tonight’s episode of Teen Wolf begins with a guy outside in his pajamas calling for his cat “Willow.” He heads back inside and locks the door and calls out for his mom, who doesn’t answer him either. He turns off the lights and heads to bed, he notices footprints on his rug and finds Willow under his bed covered in blood. He hears screaming and runs back in to the hallway and there is an ax-wielding man in the hallway. He says, “Hello Shawn, I just killed your family. Do you want to die like them or do you want a chance. Wrap a towel around your hand and smash the mirror, use the glass shards to defend yourself. Are you ready? Here I come.” The creepy ax man with no mouth kicks in his bedroom door and realizes he has jumped out of his bedroom window and escaped.

Peter and Derek hire Braeden to track down Kate so that they can get their money back. She charges them a pretty penny to find Kate for them instead of for the Calaversas.

At the hospital Scott’s mom Melissa is finishing her shift when Shawn falls through the front door with his hands covered in blood. Shawn is in shock and isn’t speaking to anyone, Melissa heads to the morgue with Stiles’ Dad to check out his parents bodies. She is relieved the wounds are from an axe and not claws or fangs, and Scott and Stiles can have the day off. Stiles’ dad is sure the wounds aren’t from something supernatural.

Scott and Stiles head to lacross practice and find a new Freshman named Liam in the goal post. Stiles is schocked when he catches every single goal while playing goalie. Stiles corners him in the locker room and is sure that he isn’t human. He questions Liam about he got so good, and Liam insists he just practiced.

Kyra heads out the front door to go to school and finds a For Sale sign on her lawn, her Mom explains that they are moving back to New York, and she knew Beacon Hills was just temporary. She argues that she wants to stay with her friends, and her mom tells her that there will be plenty more boys in her life.

In Algebra Maliya gets called up to the board to do a sample project. Lucky for her Lydia is also called up to the board and helps her through it. Stiles, Scott, and Kira all receive texts about the ax murderer in Beacon Hills. Stiles wants to go check it out and doesn’t understand why his friends want to spend all day in school.

Braeden flashes a badge at the police station and say she is a U.S. Marshall, and asks for the case file on the ax murderer.

It’s time for Lacrosse try-outs. Coach Finstock makes an announcement in the locker room that “all positions are open.” As Stiles sweats through tryouts, he is still convinced that Liam is not human. Scott thinks he might just be good. Maliya and Kira watch from the stands, and Kira confesses to her that she wants to be with Scott.

Scott is having an “off day” and couldn’t get a single ball in to the net. Stiles wants him to use a tiny bit of wolf power so that the new freshman doesn’t come in and steal all of his glory. Kira is watching from the stands and is confused, because she thought that Scott was supposed to be good at lacrosse. It’s time for them to scrimmage, and Maliya bets the coach $10 that Scott and Stiles can take on Liam. Scott knocks Liam in to the air and he falls and his leg makes a crushing sound, Scott and Stiles rush him to the nurses’ office.

Coach Finstock flips out and throws a lacrosse ball in to the stands, Kira reaches up and catches it effortlessly. She throws it back to Coach and knocks the wind out of him. He croaks, “someone ask her if she has ever played lacrosse,” and drops to the ground.

Braeden reports back to Derek with the ax murderer file. She says the weapon used to kill Shawn’s family was an army issued tomahawk. Derek doesn’t think the axe murder had anything to do with Kate. Braeden tells him to trust her, and he says she has one week.

Kira waits outside the locker room for Scott, he finally comes out and says he has to take Liam to the hospital. He apologizes for kissing her in the hallway before, and says he never wanted to make things awkward or weird between them. He starts to leave, and then comes back and says he actually isn’t sorry, and kisses her again.

One of Stiles’ deputies finds Lydia in the house where the axe murders took place. He knows her reputation and tells her that if she is looking for dead bodies then she is “a little late.” She sees faces imprinted on a wall and presses on it, revealing a hidden door leading down a long passageway. The deputy draws his gun and heads down the tunnel, with Lydia behind him. He turns on the light and the room is full of frost, and plastic bags hanging from the ceiling. He thinks it is a “game bunker” full of deer meat. He unzips one of the bags and finds a dead woman.

At the hospital Scott’s mom Melissa is trying to get Shawn, the teen who’s parents were murdered with an axe, to eat something. She heads out to the lobby and finds Scott and Stiles with Liam. Stiles says he has to go help Maliya study, he reassures Scott that it isn’t his fault that Liam got hurt before he leaves.

Kira’s parents are furious when they realize no one came to their open house because she destroyed the sign in their front yard. Meanwhile, Maliya and Stiles are having more of make-out session than a study session. Maliya shows Stiles the notes that Lydia gave her, and Stiles realizes that it isn’t math, she’s been scribbling codes again that don’t make any sense.

Scott receives a phone call from Lydia, who is panicking, she says that he needs to “find Shawn McCoy.” Melissa heads in to the hospital room and finds Shawn on the floor eating the intestines of the guard that was left to protect him. His eyes are yellow and he growls, “I couldn’t help it I was just so hungry.” He stands up and says “I Think I am ready to talk now,” and starts grabbing Melissa. Scott arrives and saves her and Shawn gets away. Melissa tells him to “go get that son of a bitch.”

Shawn grabs Liam and takes him up to the roof of the building, Scott chases after them. Shawn tries to throw Liam over the roof and Scott grabs his hand. At the last minute Scott panicks while trying to fight Liam off and knows that he can’t hold on to Liam and he is going to fall to his death. So, Scott bites his arm to turn him in to a werewolf so when he hits the ground he won’t die. However, the axe killer with no mouth appears out of nowhere and kills Shawn, so Scott is able to pull Liam back up on the roof. The damage has been done though and Scott has already bit Liam.