Teresa Giudice Fired From ‘Real Housewives of New Jersey’ After She Refuses To Film In Miami – Bravo Furious?

Teresa Giudice Fired From 'Real Housewives of New Jersey' After She Refuses To Film In Miami - Bravo Furious?

Teresa Giudice and Bravo are in the midst of a long, drawn-out feud, about The Real Housewives of New Jersey but the good news for Bravo executives is that they probably won’t have to deal with Teresa’s antics much longer. To be fair, they are clearly trying to take advantage of Teresa’s media scandal to bring in more viewers, and Teresa is obviously rebelling against that. According to recent reports from Radar, her latest beef with Bravo is over filming commitments.

Teresa initially refused to go to Miami to film the annual cast trip for the Real Housewives of New Jersey, and Bravo was furious with her refusal to participate. However, Teresa claimed her legal troubles were preventing her from traveling, which isn’t that far from the truth. While she probably could have gone on the trip if she really wanted, she’s dealing with a much more difficult situation at home. Plus, lawyers for Teresa reportedly advised against her showing off her wealth or engaging in any displays of privilege, especially since she was on trial for financial fraud. They know that this kind of thing tends to find its way to the judge and jury, and they were trying to protect Teresa from making a mistake.

However, Bravo was reportedly very upset with Teresa’s refusal to go, especially since she is the cast’s biggest name. She brings in most of the advertisement and viewers, and without her, the show is left without its biggest scandal and its biggest tabloid draw. As such, I can see why Bravo network execs are pissed, but I can also see why Teresa refused to go. I never thought I’d say this, but I actually don’t think Teresa’s in the wrong here.

But there’s also the fact that Bravo is paying Teresa a lot of money [supposedly a $700,000 salary], and they want to see results. With skydiving ratings and Teresa’s refusal to participate in any promotional appearances, they really have no obligation to keep her on. So what will come first, Teresa getting kicked off the show or going to jail?

What do you guys think? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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30 responses to “Teresa Giudice Fired From ‘Real Housewives of New Jersey’ After She Refuses To Film In Miami – Bravo Furious?”

  1. sondy says:

    About time. She thinks she is Sooooo high and mighty. Those two NEED to go to prison and get a dose of reality!!!!

  2. baby says:

    If I will be in her situation I don’t think that I still can go to miami . I’m sure her first priority now is her family and the charges that her and her husband are facing. It’s so sad for her children to be left by their parents with nobody to take care of them. Hoping that people out there will also have sympathy for the Guidice family. Nobody’s perfect in this world and we all commit mistakes. I’m pretty sure that they regret it and it won’t happen again. We just have to pray for the well being of the children and for their safety. If God can forgive , what more us as a human being?

    • msmcdonough@hotmail.com says:

      ur pretty sure they regret their actions? hell no, they regret they got caught! And yes, when the time is right they or other family memebers will start all over again, or get the money I’m sure they have stashed somewhere….Italy??????

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  5. Frankie UK says:

    Well! they have lost a loyal viewer!

  6. asd says:

    The show will be dead without Teresa

  7. Susabella says:

    Bravo has no choice but to fire Teresa, not because of filming commitments, but because the public is outraged at these crimminal’s , and it shows from the tanking ratings.
    We can’t stand watching her in that mansion , driving expensive cars, wearing furs, having a hair and make-up on staff ! These people owe millions ! How are they allowed to still live that lifestyle!

    It’s an insult

  8. Lanie says:

    I sure hope it’s going to jail !! Especially since she is GUILTY as sin

  9. MOTY says:

    Enough already of the bloated Guidice; (Gui -mooch) family. She –and he should go to jail. Dirtbag lying, scheming, phoney mooches!!! YAY to bringing Danielle back — then you’ll see upped ratings!!!

  10. MOTY says:

    Enough already of the bloated Guidice; (Gui -mooch) family. She –and he should go to jail. Dirtbag lying, scheming, phoney mooches!!! YAY to bringing Danielle back — then you’ll see upped ratings!!!

  11. janie says:

    I think the show and probably the entire franchise has run its course. There’s too many legal problems in several different shows. Is being a felon a requirement to get on the shows? It’s ridiculous and people are sick of the attitudes. She & Joe plus the other guy from Atlanta are lying, thieving felons! Fire them and stop rewarding them for breaking the law.

  12. lia says:

    There is no show without Teresa I love her she is a fighter, gets back up every time, I am excited about new cast this season thank goodness they got rid of Caroline and Jacqueline they had nothing left it was boring to watch those 2 bitter bitches…I also can not understand people being so harsh with Teresa people make mistakes and one mistake doesn’t define who you are. Love Teresa!!!

    • Dee kerr says:

      Maybe if it was your money they stole. Would you just turn your back and ignor it or would you call the police.

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  14. eryche says:

    Given the quality (or lack of) of character displayed on this show I’m not sure I’d be so quick to admit I was a Jersey housewife.

    • Dee kerr says:

      Me either. I eould not want to be any of the housewives. All they do on every show is bitch and stir crap

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  16. fran says:

    Moty !!!!!! Nobody is perfect not even you.I hope Bravo is helping the Guidice family in some way . .My family and I are praying for Teresa and her family. Everybody makes mistakes and Bravo don’t fire Teresa she’s the reason we watch the show.

    • Dee kerr says:

      Chech again. She s hknna be fired.

    • msmcdonough@hotmail.com says:

      they’re are’t all bravo is doing,(there words) they are working on stopping taping until the sentencing happens, which is Oct.2. That way they are hoping it will bring badly needed ratings. How sad all the way around. and fran, Teresa is NOT the reason why I watch..she can’t talk intelligently enough, she doesn’t understand why her life is what it is, really? come on, she has to know something or she wouldn’t be holding Joe’s hand as they walk into they court rm. Pray for them, that is very nice, I mean that, but they are felons. when I screw up, it’s a mistake, but i’m not going to jail. I feel sick to my stomach for the girls, melania is so out of control I don’t know if she’ll ever be okay, Gia is traumatized, u can see it written all over her lovely innocent face. and the younger ones, well they’re young..we’ll see. I hope justice is served. Gia wants to be a criminal lawyer, amazing for her to say that, she’ll probably will and turn out to be a top notch attn. at law with honors. I wish I could hug her. My daughter is a lawyer and I am deeply proud of her many, many yrs. she put in to be where she is in life. I love her. My other daughter is a speech/pathologist, and as her sister, she too spent yrs to be where she is, and I love her.

  17. Jackie says:

    I can’t stand Teresa can’t wait till she’s fired so I’ll never have to hear that bratty kid Milania scream again!

  18. Jennifer says:

    Giudice make the show!!! I use to watch all the housewives!!! This is the only one still worth watching. No Teresa no show!!!! The new ones suck!!! Especially Ember and her Hobbit husband!!!!

  19. Dee kerr says:

    I have had it with teresa and her antics. Her kids have no manners and needva switch on their butts. Someone else should raise them. It seems to me they have alresdy learned the basic s from thier parents. Teresa is psid 700,000.00 now she needs tovhonor her contract. Oh wait we are tslking about thieves here. Grab the money snd run. Teresa while you are running take your friens with you. We dont need her. Bring back Jacquelyn and Caroline for a fun evening of cooking and challenges.

  20. Dee kerr says:

    Tre is not the show. 1 person does not make a dhow.

  21. Dee kerr says:

    I so sgree with uou. The kids might have a chance with out parents.

  22. Jerry Sanders says:

    Get rid of them both, they defrauded our government and need to spend years in prison!!!

  23. Jean Marie says:

    They ran their fraud for over 10years?? People!! Wtf?? They are both guilty!! They should have thought about their 4girls before they started committing fraud an stealing from tax payers??? They both should be in jail!! And their children should be raised with a family that has a moral compass!!!

  24. Tt says:

    Teresa is the show. Get rid of twins. And I don’t think think Teresa did anything wrong to the twins.