Real Housewives of New Jersey’s Teresa Giudice Exploited By Bravo Network Execs – Legal Woes Used To Increase Ratings

Real Housewives of New Jersey's Teresa Giudice Exploited By Bravo Network Execs - Legal Woes Used To Increase Ratings

This isn’t the first time that network executives have used a celebrity to increase their ratings, and it won’t be the last. However, new reports suggest that Teresa Giudice is disgusted with the way Bravo is using her legal troubles to increase ratings for the Real Housewives of New Jersey.

Uh, did she ever expect any different? I’m sure she physically signed a contract that allows the network to do that, even if she’s pretending as though she’s above all that.

A ‘source’ [cough, Teresa, cough] tells Radar Online, “Teresa believes the network is exploiting her legal trouble for ratings.” Honestly, the network executives don’t even have to do anything for that – Teresa’s legal troubles are doing all the work without any attention being drawn to them. For example, the Real Housewives of New Jersey premiere was held on Sunday night, and the main topic of discussion was Teresa’s legal troubles.

And since Teresa is the most well-known member of the show, she’s also been forced to conduct interviews and work the press junket for the show. Even though that’s part of her job description, Teresa is reportedly angry about it. Another source explains that Teresa got extremely upset after an interview with the New York Post ended up being an ‘absolute hatchet job.’

The source adds, “During the interview, Teresa felt the direction of it was negative, but the Bravo publicist did nothing to stop it, or get it back on track…. She was beyond upset about the way she was portrayed in the story, is disgusted by Bravo, and feels exploited by the network.” 

Exploited, my foot. She is contractually obligated to make appearances for the show, even if she’s trying to keep a ‘lower profile’ due to her impending sentencing hearing. A contract is a contract, and it’s binding. Whether Teresa likes it or not, she has to do these interviews and she has to promote the show. That’s not called exploitation, that’s called being forced to do her job.

Yes, the New York Post interview was terribly unflattering, mostly because they portrayed Teresa as an extremely superficial famewhore who was obsessed with wearing the right fashion and getting the right wine, instead of being worried ABOUT GOING TO JAIL. Of course the Post isn’t going to skip over that, and what exactly was the Bravo PR person supposed to do? Tell Teresa to stop acting like a spoiled brat? They can prevent the interviewer from asking certain questions, but they can’t make Teresa stop whining. In the end, it’s her own fault that she might end up going to prison, and she should stop taking it out on the network or other people.

Image Credit to Teresa Giudice Twitter