Teresa Giudice Turns on Juicy Joe – Serves Cheating Husband Up to the Feds

Teresa Giudice Turns on Juicy Joe - Serves Cheating Husband Up to the Feds

Teresa Giudice may finally be accepting the reality of the current state of her marriage! The table flipping cast member of Real Housewives of New Jersey may be changing her tune regarding her husband, Juicy Joe.

Per Radar Online Teresa is suggesting she may not stand by Joe during their fraud trial. A source told the website Teresa was talking to a friend, whose husband went to prison. The source revealed “She said, ‘You waited for him? And she goes, ‘Oh, you’re a better person than me.

Teresa has just cause to be angry with her husband. Joe has been taking Teresa for granted for years. Joe closed his last business without anything to fall back on. He has also been seen in public with other women. To add insult to injury Juicy called Tre the “C” word on camera when the family was in California. Joe has also yelled at Teresa and their girls on camera. Worst of all he dragged Teresa into this fraud mess. I’m sure when Teresa signed for the mortgages it was his idea and she was just following orders.

Teresa’s brother Joe Gorga confronted her about Joe’s behavior towards her and her daughters. She didn’t want to hear it. Teresa was in denial about being verbally abused and being taken for granted. Perhaps the news of Joe being caught a second time with another woman finally pushed her over the edge. After all, its Teresa’s money Joe is using to pay for their date.

Teresa finally has some leverage when it comes to Joe. When the Giudices posted bail Teresa paid for hers out of her own money. Joe borrowed the money for his bail from his parents. I hope she reflects on the events of this day as she is preparing herself for court. Hopefully she will realize that she can have a great life without Joe. We teach people how to treat us. By finally focusing on herself she will stop Joe from abusing her and force him to face the consequences of his choices.

Juicy better get his act together. Not only is he facing jail time for several different trials but he could get deported. If Joe goes back to Italy he will not have Teresa to take care of him. But I’m sure he will get by. Joe has had women take care of him all his life. His grandmother is still in Italy and she will surely take him in.

Do you think Teresa will turn on Joe?