Joe and Mellisa Gorga Happy Teresa Giudice Faces Serious Jail Time

Joe and Mellisa Gorga Happy Teresa Giudice Faces Serious Jail Time

Earlier this month Teresa Giudice pleaded guilty to 4 counts of fraud. It is unknown what sentence she will get, but we know where she could possibly do her time.

Radar Online is reporting Teresa will probably do her time behind bars at the FPC Alderson facility in West Virginia. This is a minimum security prison and only houses female inmates. Tre would have privileges inmates at other prisons would not have. This is good news for the New Jersey table flipper. Tre is all about appearances. She will have a lot of freedom to move around, too. Tre can wear make up but will have to give up her furs and designer clothes. Well, you can’t have everything. Despite the prison being nick named “Camp Cupcake” it’s still a prison.

Teresa will receive her sentence on July 8. It’s been reported she could get a 22-27 month sentence. Until then Teresa is going about her normal life. She was at her daughter’s cheer competition. Teresa is also fulfilling her business obligations. She filmed a commercial for her beverage Fabellini and will appear at the Posche spring fashion show on March 19.

Tre has gotten a lot of support from friends. Teresa’s best friend Kim De Paola told The Derek Z show “I think when she realized, when the papers came in, and her lawyer sat her down, she realized maybe she had done something wrong. And we’ve all done wrong things — fortunately for most people, it’s not against the law. And she stepped to the plate and she owned it — she’s owning it. Whatever comes to her, whatever happens because of this, she’s going to accept it.

Teresa’s daughter has her back. She tweeted “Everyone goes through one bump in the road, but while going through that bump in the road, you realize the people who support you the most.” I couldn’t find any tweets of support from her brother Poison Joe Gorga and his wife Melissa. I expected these two to turn their back on Teresa. They all made up after years of fighting, but it appears bad blood still remains.

Tre is looking for the good that can come out of this horrible situation. A source told In Touch “Teresa thinks that if she goes to jail, it’ll only make her more famous,” an insider close to the couple tells In Touch. “She thinks she’ll be redeemed — and then become even more popular and be able to make a fortune.” Teresa may be right. Former jail bird T.I. continued to be a successful rapper and actor after he did his time. TLC’s Lisa Lopes burned her fiancee’s house to the ground and went to rehab. T-Boz said on Behind the Music Lisa’s troubles helped sell their album. People are still lining up to see Teresa at her appearances. If her being indicted was going to after her fame it would have happened by now.