Teresa Guidice Not Invited To Melissa Gorga’s Birthday Party – Hurt Feelings?

Teresa Guidice Not Invited To Melissa Gorga's Birthday Party - Hurt Feelings?

J-Lo wannabe Melissa Gorga is busy celebrating her birthday this week. The awful pop star and cast member of Real Housewives of New Jersey turned 35 on March 21. Being the princess that she is Mel had several parties to mark the occasion.

Miss Thing was surrounded by family and friends at all of her parties. However, there was one person missing from the festivities.

Babble is reporting Mel’s sister in law Teresa Giudice was not in attendance at her party on March 22. This doesn’t surprise me. The women made peace this time last year, but they have not always acted like friends. There was still a lot of hostility at the Real Housewives of New Jersey season 5 reunion. Also, Teresa’s husband Joe was very clear that if something happened to him and Teresa the Gorgas would not care for the Giudice girls.

Missy is an attention whore who resents Teresa’s popularity and success. She takes as many selfies as a Kardashian. Mel has a hot body but that’s all she has to offer. Keeping Teresa away from the celebrations means Melissa will get all the attention. Teresa and her high profile legal drama would distract the guests and leave needy Mel out in the cold. Also, the J-Lo wannabe is probably embarrassed to be related to a convicted felon. She may feel it reflects badly on her to associate with a criminal. Not for nothing but Melissa is no angel. She has been accused of cheating on her husband and being a stripper while she was in college.

I doubt Teresa turned down an invitation. She is all about family, even if she is not on the best of terms with some of them. Tre and Mel have been together with their kids. It’s not that they can’t get along but in this case Mel probably didn’t want to have to play nice. The joke is on her. When Teresa is released from jail and is more successful than ever Melissa will still be a wannabe pop star.